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Friday, July 19, 2019

Loose Ends and Ties that Bind

By Anna Von Reitz

As you can all perhaps begin to appreciate, there are things to be built up and things to be torn down, and all of it in concert.  

This poses tremendous logistical challenges, especially when not everyone is aware of the need for change, the reasons for the change, nor aware of the authority backing the change.  

Everyone clamoring for immediate relief and restitution must remember that this System has functioned on a "need to know" basis, often falsely claiming that these criminal activities were issues of "National Security" --- without, however, explaining which "nation" and whose actual "security" was the cause of concern. 

The workers implementing this vast web of lies and deceits are for the most part Useful Idiots, who have lived their entire lives within the confines of a highly compartmentalized "box"--- doing what they are told, according to whatever assumptions they can derive.  

My Readers know that when the banks advertise "Home Loans" they are soliciting us to loan them the use of our homes and other property assets so that they can make a profit ---- not offering to loan us anything of theirs. 

My Readers know that they don't have a mortgage --- the State of State organizations have mortgages that we are being enslaved to pay off for them, while they retain "title" to homes and lands that are ours, not theirs.  

Just this morning I received a letter from an IRS Agent who has attempted to assume a "normal course of business" and that collecting taxes is a necessary evil and that the entire change that FDR implemented never happened.  In her mind, home loans are cash loans made to people who are borrowers, who are then obligated to pay these "home loans" back.  In her mind, taxes are collected to pay for government services.  

She is operating in a mental state and under a system of assumptions that are almost a hundred years out of date.  

She's a Useful Idiot.  

And there are millions of people like this, who are good enough people --- they just don't have a clue.  They all have to be contacted and re-educated and the rights, remedies, and reliefs have to be booted up and exemptions exercised ....and so much other work has to be done.... and guess who gets to do it? 

You and me, Brother.  

So don't worry or let your hearts be troubled.  Just rise up every morning and do your best.  We are the change we want to see in the world, every single one of us.  Awaken the millions and the slumbering Giant will make quick work of turning all these lemons into lemonade. 

I am here, working double-time, and we are all making progress.  The DOD is responsible for issuing the proper ID's and Kurt Kallenbach has nailed them, if not to a cross to something solid enough to bear their weight in gold.  All this takes time and effort, folks.  Be patient.  Keep working.  Go Forward.  Work on the issues that you know about in your own lives and work together. 

A small group of dedicated people focused upon exercising and retaining exemptions and rights that are already guaranteed to them, is more than sufficient to move any mountain in sight.  


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  1. re: And there are millions of people like this, who are good enough people --- they just don't have a clue.
    without a wholesale change of what constitutes acceptable "business practices" and "banking" the idea of "gov. reform" and educating people is meaningless.

    what needs to happen is a definition of "capital" that doesnt mean "counterfeit make-believe credit stolen from everyone at birth, when they fill out "loan" papers, etc." nor human capital

    the IRS are near the end line of stooges. the "first line" people deal with is an "employer" vast majority of people are not running their own "business" of any kind.

    vast swarth of useful idiot real estate people, bank employees, "employers" of all kinds, and general "business people" (and the "schools" these people run, "public" or "private" it is all "private" people pushing their idea of "serving the public" to justify all their looting and pillaging) that enforces the "IRS" policies and does the dirty work.

    who goes to the IRS building or website, reads through some things, and then likes what they see and signs a contract with the "IRS" ? noone. "IRS" garbage comes bundled as a "rider" on any "employment" which is supposedly "voluntary"

    of course, if you don't want to "Work" then you are a "communist". loitering. preventing the flow of foreign law merchnant traitors. subject to arrest.

    if you don't submit to business licensing, also a "communist".

    if you don't like fractional reserve slavery, also a "communist" and "hater" of the imposter-corporate-psychopaths-posing-as "america" who run the "courts"

    IRS employees are low on the totem pole of treason.

    many psychopathic pseudo "private" "business people" pointing the fingers at everyone else, to draw attention away.

    it is a layer of private parasites, sitting on top of all "public" institutions, "IRS" is just one "host" they use on top of secondary "hosts" we the people.

    same as IBM and hitler. same as federal reserve and GE and ford and 1917 "soviet russia".

    whenever there is a "socialist" "communist" country, there is a fake "capitalist" sitting on top, milking the gov.-guaranteed monopoly dry. feiging opposition all the while, denouncing everyone else as leeches.

    pseudo "charter schools" and private-public "partnerships" are just another incarnation of the same evil spirit. "private" people suckling at the "public "trough" tha want the "public" "money" but none of the responsibilities of a "public" institution.

    the IRS and "cops" are just errand boys and girls.

    too many private phony "capitalists" that are merely "communists" in disguise, putting on "business people" masks, is what "enables" much of the fraud. 99% of the time "human resource" is a "business" "corporate" term as much as a "gov." term. they are one and the same.

    all the "landlords" add another layer of parisitism.

    also a reason trump won't solve anything. he is part and parcel of the parasitic eternal fractional reserve usury-slavery real estate/wall street crowd.

    for every parasitic bureaucrat in "gov" there is a parasitic "business person" cutting a deal with his "representative" to sell everyone else out.

    paraphrase of quote attributed to rothschild: there will be no opposition from those [business people] too dependent on its favors (re: federal reserve)

    1. if masonry/rosicrucianism is the "art" of training upstanding luciferians [posing as pillars of the community] (paraphrase of

      then it is the harvard business schools, MBAs, that teach the business community "how to parasitically leech off of everyone, refer to them as human capital" etc.

      this is what needs to go for any "change" to mean anything.

      when a banker argues in favor of fractional reserves, "america" needs to grow a pair and tell this psychopath GET A JOB YOU BUM.

      when a private entity wants to "partner" and parasitically enslave the public, the "public" needs to grow a pair and tell them GET A JOB YOU BUMS.

      without a serious attitude adjustment, the parasitic "business class" will just find new IRS lackeys/etc. to carry out their corporate communism/usury creditism/monopoly "business plans" masuerading as "capitalism"

      gov. "brainwashing" is really just a manifestation/outlet/branch of crooked business people trying to "Brainwash" everyone to be their eternal slaves and calling it "capitalism" when it is anything but.

    2. trump says "Best economy ever" anna. so that is a giant problem right there. imagine millions of illuminized useful idiots posing as "republicans" for "perestroika"

      "communists" to your "left" "communists" to your "right". gee, i wonder who will "win" ?

      joe average worker has no chance. brainwashed 24/7 by gov. brainwashed 24/7 by "private" "business" people who feign opposition to "big gov." while doing everything they can to "merge" with "gov"

    3. "total quality management" and "mastery learning" brainwashing is loved by "business" people and "churches" just as much as the "socialist" pseudo-public "schools".

      they are joined together nowadays, all working in conjunction for total mastery of consciousness.

      "scientific socialism" in action. real live rosicrucian "soul science"/illuminism pushed on an oblivious public right before your eyes.

      they see everyone as "human capital" "spiritual capital" as well. a greater force for the building of illuminism is really what is going on.

      the most useful thing you can tell people is "ignore everything the "leaders" say, ignore how people dress and talk, watch their hands"

      "all the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands" -- arnold toynbee, re: british fabian "socialism", ripping the "false idol" of sovereignty of nations out of the hands of the little people.

      "left wing communism, an infantile disorder" by vladimir lenin -- that is the "key" to modern-day "republicanism" circa post-reagan/bushes "perestroika" . that is they key to modern day "business world". that is the key to "law merchant". that is they key to most "churches".

      people who dont understand this "merging" will escape one trap and jump right into another

    4. te IRS is just applied leninism in action. a "merger" "transplant" "importation" of plan of taxing all income without regard to source. see eustace mullins "the world order"

      "leninism" "marxism" and "communism" themselve are just a manifestation of illuminism. one false "side" while the other false side of "capitalism" plays "enemy" when actuality they are working in conjunction, post and pillar. see "red symphony" also digital library re: papal bull denouncing "Atheistic communism" (illuminism is really just a fancy word for luciferianism, see also william bill cooper mystery babylon 40 or so broadcasts,

      "communism" and the "IRS" is merely applied "illuminism" and luciferianism in action. egyptian alchemy used in an attempt to master the consciousness of all the little worker bees to serve their idea of masonic worldwide utopia.

      the IRS is just the modern day "golem" (see "under the sign of the scorpion" juri lina)

    5. the modern business "philosophies" are just eastern "soul science" -- illuminism disguised as "secularism" pushed on the worker bees.

      this also needs recognized for what it is, not defended as "the american way" (in true 1984 doublespeak fashion, it is simultaneously justified as a "modern" "global economy" -- america is marketed as indistinguishable from the "global economy" you see -- interdependence).

      if they think you are a "liberal" they will sell it as "global economy" "modern". if they think you are a "conservative" they will call it the "american way". "capitalism".

      really, they will say anything to try to get people on board.

      "if the customer wants a purple UFO, tell them we have it" -- car salesman to friend who applied


      " can conclude that GST is an esoteric belief system based on a merger of Darwinism and eastern mysticism—much like what one would now term 'New Age'.

      that describes the modern "business world" perfectly.

    7. xerces....our problem is we are trying to get REMEDY , because we have been brainwashed to believe we live in a "free society", when the realireality is we live under a "DICTATORSHIP " and trying to use a useless document called The Contitution for The United States America, which is old history and an outdated one at that...!!
      Until we learn how to deal with a communistic dictatatorship, we are never going to get REMEDY...!!
      What exactly is our REMEDY when dealing with an authoritarian monopoly....!!
      It sure isn't paperwork...!!

    8. Take a look at John McAfee and his wife. They are on a boat being pursued by the CIA due to failure to pay income taxes.
      John McAfee
      ‏Verified account @officialmcafee
      Jul 19
      "I Am a presidential candidate with 1.2 mil followers. My crime is not filing tax returns - not a crime. The rest is propaganda by the U.S. government to silence me. My voice is the voice of dissent. If I am silenced, dissent itself will be next. The CIA has attempted to collect us. We are at sea now and will report more soon. I will continue to be dark for the next few days."

  2. Still do not see how you can cross that road of not paying off a loan that YOU have accepted and agreed too. It does not matter what "they have done." in that regard.
    You agreed, you borrowed, you pay!!!!
    Someone somewhere is truly owed for goods and services received, and do not tell me that you did not receive! The house you live in Anna, the cars , trucks that are in your drive, the roads the electricity.
    Did it all appear simply by magic? Or was there your fellow human beings sweat involved???
    Does your husband receive monies for His labor of painting? Why???

    1. It isn't so much that one receives money for their efforts, it is the fact that that which you create is being stolen as you create it. We know that people build the roads and provide the services, but the cabal is claiming ownership of that which the blood sweat and tears have created. They claim your house, your car, your other assets that you worked for and leave you with nothing. That is the point and if you don't get it then do more research!

    2. a follower, I couldn't believe it either, but you asked!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.


    4. follower....everything that comes off the assembly line, like cars, has already been pre-payed as soon as it comes off the assembly line....all the workers got paid, all supervisors paid, and the CEO and the CFO were paid ridiculous amounts of money as principles for the Corporation that got their funding through us and our "birth certificates"...!!

      Yes, people should pay their debts when their isn't fraud involved in their contracts, which every bank is guilty of...!! And their attorneys...!!
      Otherwise contract law is simple...."Offer and Acceptance"..!! In a "fiat monitary system" , if you are the one giving "value" to something, then you are also the one that takes the chance of someone "accepting" your offer to "off- set " and settle the account in full, closing the account and surrendering the vehicle ...!!
      In contract law, it's always the "acceptor" that has all the power, if he knows contract law and "commercial instraments"...!!
      That's where your thinking is flawed follower...!! Under this system we can never "PAY" for anything, we can only "discharge " our debts at law with limited liability, meaning the courts are well aware that we arent paying for anything but they will forgive us because we have no money to pay with, so they won't arrest us for using counterfeit money of no real value...!!
      When I step into a car lot, with cars that already have a sticker on them purporting some arbitrary value to it, the only thing I need to ask the salesman is..."will you sell me that car"..!! If he says yes, you just completed a transaction that he or the dealership is now responsible for...unless you start arguing about the price, which represents a "counteroffer", in which then the dealership is now the acceptor of your "offer"...!! Then you are on the hook for making the payments on the car...!! Don't start controversies , stay in honor, and above all, always be the "acceptor" in any contract, which is hard to do since everyone wants to barter about the price...!! The banks already know this, so they frame all their loans to make it look like you are the one making them an "offer" while they retain the position of "acceptor"...!!
      That's why every contract has an underlying waiver of "power of attorney" and "power of sale" written right into the contract...!! And if your at a dealership, they will give you a copy of everything except that "POA" will never get a copy of that...!!That's what they use to surrender the good title to the car , "The MSO", the manufacturers statement of origin", and replace it with a "certificate of title"(The pink slip), giving you only the privilege of holding the vehicle until all payments are made...!! But that only leaves you with a beneficial interest in the vechicle,albeit, a priority interest in it, but never ownership which belongs to the state...!!
      Next time you walk into a dealership and you ask the salesman "will you sell me that car without arguing price and he says yes, unofficially , you own the keys to the car...!! Now all that is left is for the dealership to try and bargain with you...!! Before you sign the loan agreement, tell them that in order for you to buy this car I need a "FIRM OFFER" from you(FIRM meaning law firm who is taking "liability" for this transaction)...!! You know what they will say..."WE DON'T MAKE OFFERS"...!! Really, I didn't put that sales sticker on the window of that car, you did..or didn t you...!! If you arent the owner of that car, than why am I dealing with you..!!
      Your nothing but a middleman drug dealer, trying to make a profit for your drug manufacturer and I'm calling the cops....!! Too bad none of them know contract law either...!!

    5. However, that is only how things work in COMMERCE!!

      What you are describing, a follower, is simple exchange and trade principles....
      That is what we all *think* we are in... Simple exchange and trade...
      example: you give me a dozen eggs, and in exchange I will give you $2.00 or a pint of apple butter.

      But they SECRETLY pulled a switcharoo on us under Silent Judicial Notice and did not dare to tell us that they had human trafficked us INTO commerce and OUT of simple exchange and trade, IMO because they knew we would say "Hell, NO", just like we're doing now.

      And yet, they ACT, A.C.T., like we are still in the exchange and trade system.... Why??? That is how they charge us TWICE or more! They pretend like our debts AREN'T already paid!
      We sure the hell don't know it... How could we?? They took oaths among themselves to never tell us.... So that they could be one of the ones who could claim our property for their own.

      It's like what James said: they claimed all of your/my/everyone's property, rights and statuses when you/we were days old!!!! They *said*, (using HJR 192 and "Public Law") that the remedy for doing that CRIME (Louis T. McFadden, James Trafficant) against you/us would be that ALL of your/our debts for your entire life (French: Cestui que vie=For Your Life) were pre-paid using the Cestui Que Vie Trusts that the Birth Certificates show proof were "constructed"=fiction "for" our "benefit".

      But then, they would not allow any of us to access the " contents" those CQVTrusts!!!! And to make it even worse, they shift us out of the Beneficiary position in those trusts, claiming it for themselves by saying we abandoned our beneficiary position and stick us with THEIR Trustee position, the "liability" position-- having their "security guards/forces" beat the hell out of us at gunpoint if we object.

      Pure crime.

      Were suppised to be able to do similar to how james explained it.... Since 1933!!!!

      Why haven't we been able to?
      Because it is merely a fraud scheme and always has been... We were never supposed to find out what they have been doing. It's a secret..

      When they pledge their fealty to "the Queen, Pope/other" they ALL give up their fidelity to America and Americans. Every BAR attorney has renounced their naturalborn American status.
      They can't become an esquire unless they do.

      Even Stewart Rhodes, I presume, founder of Oathkeepers. "Why", I ask myself, "is a British subject/noble heading up an American Patriot group??"
      Well, perhaps I'm mistaken... I hope someone corrects me if I am.

      That is at least partly why Anna keeps driving home the fact that if you're an American, you're an American and if you are something else, then you can't be an American too.

      We, the true American people are now removing ourselves from the PRESUMPTION/FALSE CLAIM/ other that we and our property are or ever have been *in* COMMERCE *as* property, collateral, chattel for their foreign, thrice bankrupted, and therefore incompetent AND (in THEIR system):Criminal, debtor corps(-es).

    6. Remedy is a lie. They control any Remedy we could get anyway.
      Assembly that leads to self-governance is the only true and lawful cure.
      Lets start over and re-charter all corporations with new standards of operation.
      Documented Americans need to assemble, anything else is a mere distraction.

    7. Explains why they wanted everyone buying, selling and trading with the dollar now doesn't it and why everything is run through the SEC in New York where they all get assigned a DUNS #
      Their new ecofascism at work here, green new deal, UN agenda 21, brainwash the sheep
      Our Planet, Our BUSINESS
      Read the comments section in that video, lots of brainwashing

    8. G20 summits, meetings in Switzerland, BIS, shaped like a boot
      Things that make you go hmmm
      World bank in Washington DC
      This entire world is set up like a business/corporation
      Our Planet, Our BUSINESS
      The video was put out by the WWF which by the way was started by Rothchild
      They have rfid tagged everything on this planet including your pets
      What most don't know is that is why they came out with the cell phone is because they knew that we would not be chipped voluntarily so they sold us the product with the chips in them including your phones and cars, gave you a bank card with chips in them even named their child welfare programs CHIPS
      It's also why they came up with the Affordable Care Act - they gave the poor free cell phones and death insurance - depopulation agenda in plain sight
      Tax penalty if you do not have any - extortion
      Medicare Part D - drug our seniors - depopulation agenda in plain sight
      All calculated and pre meditated

  3. "Documented Americans need to assemble, anything else is a mere distraction."

    Extremely well-said Ramblin'TurtleMan.

  4. Americans state nationals are, actually, not subject to due process of law referred to in the Bill of Rights...

    Our rights actually PRECEDE the Bill of Rights, "Constitution", Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union: having ALREADY been locked down tightly by our grandfathers and others in the Declaration of Independence.

    All of our property, statuses and rights; our life; and our right to be here and be alive; our right to move around freely going where we wish when we wish without interference or harassment or obstruction or being stopped or bullied or robbed by the .... Well, by anyone; the right to pursue happiness anyway we wish if it doesn't infringe on others; and much much more! ...All precede processes and so forth.

    Our establishment "process" is:
    1. Intend it.
    2. Tell the people around you.
    3. Do it.

    Our claim "process" is:
    1. Make your claim publicly.
    2. Bring forward your proofs of your claim.
    3. Allow the other man or woman opportunity to publicly enter a superior claim, or to disprove your claim.
    If they don't, you have proven your claim.

    Its simple.

    We Americans do not have complicated "systems".

    We are straightforward, honest, clean.

  5. They claim your house, your car, your other assets that you worked for and leave you with nothing. That is the point and if you don't get it then do more research!

    When? When do they do this? When you renege? When you die and your assets are used to pay your debts and then distributed to your survivors?
    When you do not follow through there are consequences.
    And yes, sometimes we are told that in this life there will be tribulations and unfairness, suck it up and stop playing the poor woe is me victims.
    You are being baited into a Trap!

    1. "You are being baited into a Trap!"

      Oo spooky! Thank you for the warning, a follower.
      What Trap is that that you're warning us we're being baited into? (Please answer substantively [look it up] or we're gunna think yure a troll :).

  6. It looks like Trump has finally figured out that the courts are useless and finally starting to take my advice in order to clear this mess up....the MSM is calling him a dictator, because he says he doesn't care what the courts say anymore....!! I hope he means it, because no amount of diplomacy will correct anything...check it out..!!

    1. I'm tellin you don't fall for their BS he knows what's going on and he is not going to stop any of it
      This Epstein crap is about getting the government out of the way - declaring they are all incompetant to run anything and in steps the UN, World Bank, BIS, IMF
      They have it all set up - pre meditated
      They will say they all going to prison, executed whatever when in reality they all laughing and living it up on Bushs' 150,000 acre ranch down in Brazil
      Brazil leader at the time was a Bush herself
      Like I said 100-1 odds ole Bush Sr ain't dead and neither is Babs
      More fraud perpetrated on the people
      Now while all this fraud is going on we the people are working for their company script that isn't worth the paper it's printed on
      Read in some other video comments today they are using the same scenario to turn off power in Vegas now
      High fire danger so we will turn your power off
      High fire danger like we saw in Paradise
      Outsourcing new york infrastructure too because of course it's a green new deal for the crooks in on the game
      Outsourcing all of the technology setting up 5G and the IoT, Internet of Things, SMART city infrastructure while they're at it
      All pre meditated

  7. What information do I need to send to IRS to let them know I chose not to pay taxes on a house I just sold. I'm a widow and haven't worked in a while and chose not to pay taxes. If you can help me I appreciate it.
    Thanks Penny Schrader

    1. From Anna:

      It's just the opposite Becky of what you assume. They received goods and services from you-- actual commodities and labor -- in exchange for Promissory Notes-- IOU's.

      They have never paid you anything at all. Just hot air. They are the Debtors. You are the Creditor. You didn't get a home loan-- they did. Unknown to you, they borrowed your home and land as an asset for them to borrow and profit from.

      It's exactly the opposite of what people assume.