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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Impersonation -- The Cause of World War I

By Anna Von Reitz

Obviously, someone with a Given Name like "Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hanna Sophia Riezinger - von Reitzenstein von Lettow-Vorbeck"  is not (and is not claiming to be) Jane Smith. 

My ancestry is what it is, and for the most part, I am proud of it.  The story of our family weaves back and forth across the Atlantic for centuries.  I can easily prove ancestors in America prior to the Revolution.  Also, obviously, I grew up in America and love this country and consider myself an American.

So did George Washington, who was a cousin of King George.

Just because we have familial relationships that span oceans and continents does not mean that we are disloyal to the land that bears us, nor does having "royal" or "noble" blood suggest that we are part of the problem. 

Not all of the Royals failed humanity.  Not all of them sold their souls for the Rothschild's profits.  Not all of them were deceived by the fornication of the Church.  Notably, the Prussians and the Russians, stood firm. 

It may have escaped everyone's notice, but Kaiser Wilhelm II was a Protestant King and Czar Nicholas was Russian Orthodox. 

They opposed the British return to Babylon and Queen Victoria's "adultery of Mankind" -- the enfranchisement (meaning incorporation) of living men so as to render them mere "things" and also opposed the "securitization" of living flesh-- on religious grounds.

There are many scriptural references in primarily the Old Testament, but also in the New Testament, warning us against the use of "persons", telling us that God does not "respect" them, condemning "personhood" and in James 2:9 flatly telling us that we cannot be part of these practices without sin:

"But if ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors."

Please note that to this day, when pirates come ashore they are said to be "trespassing" upon us, but when the opposite happens, and landsmen invade the ships dry docked in port or at sea, it is called "transgression". 

As a result of this scriptural indictment and those numerous examples in the Old Testament, truly Christian Kings could not support any British scheme to profit from impersonating living people and were and are still obligated to protect against it. 

For all those who felt (as I did) that the assassination of one Archduke was a petty provocation to start World War I, or that even jealousy over the Kaiser's navy was insufficient to explain what happened --- look again.

Queen Victoria succumbed to the lure of the profit to be made from impersonating living men in the 1860's--- and profit she did.  She used the credit gained from enslaving the English population by "enfranchising" them to enslave the Indian Subcontinent. 

Encouraged by this, Queen Victoria and her Ministers and her Successors rapidly expanded this practice of impersonating living men as corporate franchises and "securitizing" their assets as chattel backing the Royal Credit throughout the Commonwealth and imposed --- totally illegally and immorally --- the same scheme in America.

Her chief opponents in this rampant criminality serving to enslave and profit from her own subjects in a devious and diabolical way, were the German Kaiser and the Russian Czar, both of whom raised religious and moral objections.

That is what led to World War I: the stubborn refusal of the Germans and the Russians to take part in the identity theft-impersonation and credit fraud scam promoted by the British and the Holy Roman Empire, on moral and scriptural grounds.

Put bluntly, the Roman Catholic Church did "fornicate" with the bankers and the renegade royals by getting involved in the whole business of defining and managing and promoting corporations -- that is, "persons" and then allowing these practices to be grossly abused to seize the assets of living men and women for use as chattel property, thereby enslaving the population of the entire Earth. 

The Roman Catholic Church, or to be more specific, its "Secular Office" running the Holy Roman Empire side of things, is revealed to be The Great Whore, and cannot be anything else: they have promoted and facilitated and failed to object to this entire abuse --- and the Biblical injunctions and the Treaties and the high-sounding United Nations Declarations have been standing against them the whole time.

It is as wrong now and as forbidden in scripture now as it was in the 1840's when all of this began to gain traction.

And all of the Sons of Abraham of all three major western religions -- Judaism, Islam, and Christianity -- are obligated to stand against it.

My relatives, the Archdukes of Mecklenburg-von Strelitz and the House of Romanov, did stand against it. 

Not all the Royals failed, but just like the startling news that you are not all "United States Citizens" nor "Citizens of the United States" --- comes the equally startling news that America backed the wrong horse in 1917.  We should have come in and finished the job that the Kaiser and Czar Nicholas started. 

Had the Czar lived, we could have been living in a much different and better world.  Instead, we all had to suffer through World War II and the Communist Era and now this. 

We could have saved ourselves and everyone else the trouble of World War II and the entire Mess that the world is in right now, simply by cleaning out the Church and exposing the villains and the "Holy Roman Empire" for what it is.

So here we have a phony Queen, who in proven fact abdicated her Throne within three days of taking her Coronation Vow, and a British Parliament without the guts to enforce the actual law they are always enshrining and prattling about.

And who are they all appealing to for protection?  Donald J. Trump.

And who is Donald J. Trump?   He is President of the United States.

And what is the United States with a small "t" on the "the"? 

The Municipal United States Government--- the independent international City State of Washington DC's government, the franchise of the Holy Roman Empire, the one that is supposed to limit its activities to the ten miles square of the District of Columbia, just like the Vatican Government is supposed to limit its activities to the one square mile of Vatican City. LOL.

And who are they blaming for this debacle?  The Lord Mayor of London.
Bar Members worldwide, did you hear that?  You and the bankers are being fingered for all this rot. Claiming that you were just "following orders" per the Nuremburg Defense is not likely to work, so you had all better take counsel and correct your operations to bring them into accord with the actual Public Law.

It's time for the rest of us, the Silent Majority, to take our Silent Notice of the situation.  That, and alert Donald Trump and the Joint Chiefs of Staff and NATO, so that they are all fully informed and aware that their actions are being scrutinized to within a gnat's eye-lash.

The Roman Curia is on the Hot Seat before God and all Mankind, to repent and take corrective action.  The British Parliament, which is secondarily responsible for this Mess, is also called to account. 

Both are desperately seeking some way out, because they know that they are condemned under the Law of God and the Law of Man; both are resisting the only Law that will allow them to live --- The Law of the Kingdom of Heaven, which has come at last.   

"So oftentimes it happens, that we live our lives in chains, and never even know we have the key....."  --- The Eagles, "Already Gone". 

Special Call Out to my German Readers: my German language skills are pretty rudimentary.  Would some of you undertake the challenge to translate the German Declaration of War in World War I into English for us? 


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  1. Economic more than religious Germany was trained to work by the benedictinend monks.
    Becoming the economic leader of the world .
    Globalist have world domination plans and have to keep the (balance of power) or crushing any potential threat to thair global enslavement .

  2. WOW! Anna you just pierced the corporate, political and historical veil of WW-1 and added a new chapter to "Nothing Is What It Appears To Be!" YES, I agree... America 'should' have allied with Russia and Germany in WW-1! Hindsight is 20/20... Thank you for this piercing legal and historical analysis. And the bottom-line for me here is: The Law of the Kingdom of Heaven, has come at last. Hey, People! Can I get an Amen?

    1. the problem is america is based on going to "the creator" "god" "the lord" what have you outside of christ. (declaration of independence; hell jefferson had his own bible; at best, he later is said to have turned away from illuminism)

      without that declaration of independence, america has no claim to anything (guns i guess). a house of cards, just like the vatican. wrong spirit. to go outside of holy ghost/christ is to deny christ.

      noone goes to the father except through me -- bible christ

      what we have is:

      americans always denying christ from the get-go
      vatican doing 2nd coming since 1777
      british fabian socialists promoting 2nd coming for a century or so

      catholics are forbidden to put their names on any list of masonic organizations, like "America". they really should not be running for office (like william barr) and claiming they will "Render unto caesar"

      america does not do "kingdom of heaven" anyways. that was a vatican/king thing, no separation of church and state.

      america is more along luther's 2 kingdoms, which is said to have inspired james madison. a "secular" gov. and private "conscience"

      of course, nothing is secular, whether we are doing first or 2nd coming. there is satan and christ. that's it. everything else is eventually one side or the other.

      the 2nd coming people merely state anyone against the 2nd coming is on the side of the devil. (See mormonism)

      which is what is implied by this "kingdom of heaven" thing. you are just falling right into their trap.

      the sevel seals of apocalypse were opened in 1777. see

      contrary to anna's delusions, the "roman catholic church" was overthrown about the same time as 1776. its just been gnosticism and "masonic light" (2nd coming) all that time.

      1000 years of antichrist is what is in the pipeline.

      but people will call it "kingdom of heaven" aka "jewish millenialism". antichrist says he is of the stock and root of david (instead of holy ghost and our lady).

      common law/mosaic law/old testament is not kingdom of heaven. christ says he precedes [the gods of] abraham [and moses].

      i suppose it is heaven for jews (some, the illuminists have formed variants), gnostics, various deniers of christ.

      for anyone who follows christ/holy ghost, it looks like time to "flee judea" and the phony 2nd coming "kingdom of heaven"

    2. check albert pike "book of the words" check transcendental magic (quotes on re: johns apocalypse.

      alpha and omega is the lost word of gnosticism. thats what all this kingdom of heaven on earth/2nd coming/etc. hullabuloo is about.

      we are all god's children. no separation between saved and unsaved. no need for christ, or baptisms.

      that is satan/antichrist talking of course. he takes jesus "new commandment" "love" and twists it around. in satan's eyes, christ is the bad guy, for requiring people go through him to be saved. no original sin. no need for christ. we are all brothers.

      "Satan" just wants us to all hold hands and sing kumbayah. so long as you deny christ he is very "peaceful" i suppose. he just wants your soul.

      according to satan, christ is just a party pooper/grumpy cat/baby/whiner. satan just wants to have a good time.

      crush the wretch, crush the wretch, oh crush the wretch -- voltaire, referring to christ.

    3. Hey Marcus, I have read in many places that saying "AMEN" after praying ends the prayer. Being brought up Roman Catholic with the pristine Family B.I.B.L.E. still in the China Hutch and leaving that nonsense behind in 1976 because the best answer I could get from family members when asking any question about Catholicism was "It's what we believe".

      Since I want every prayer for my brothers and sisters to go out and be in full force and never end, I no longer add "AMEN". What is your take on this concept?

      We need all the Positive Energy we can muster to live on in this negative world.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

  3. Dear Anna
    The German Kaiser did Not declare a war.The Germans had to help the austria and hungarian Monarch against the Serbs.

    1. I don't take kindly as TRUTH to those who post as "unknown". If you cannot show your self here then your words are false.

    2. My Name is udo lantzsch fromm Germany and i know about so many lies they told us in school and every day in tv,Radio and newspaper.

    3. Danika,

      Sometimes this system replies as UNKNOWN or ANONYMOUS when we aren't signed in. It has done it to me in the past. People replying in the positive, not as TROLL DISRUPTERS using those handles on purpose, are not the Problem here.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

  4. Executive Order No.13037 UCC that humans are capital - I UV
    copy and past this above clinton ucc fillings bank rup usa
    14,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo credit back to the people

    1. Repeat and remember to breathe this time. I don't understand your post.

  5. Rogue corporations and the aftermath of hurricane Andrew - a first hand account
    Absolutely disgusting what is going on onthis planet and nothing is stopping these lunatics
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  6. The real power, not the Pope or the Queen
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  7. Some videos on this page that might interest
    The first video describes how Switzerland remains neutral to this day
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  8. First,
    Happy Birthday Anna and a big thank you for your
    tireless efforts to help the People.

    to the article:
    Prussia and Russia were, if my informations are correctly,
    cosignatories to the " Secret Treaty of Verona" 1822.

    and third:
    the German Declaration of War in World War I is resting
    by misunderstandings between the German Kaiser Wilhelm II
    and the Russia Czar.
    (well, I am in a possession of an old book "Staatsrecht" 1927.
    There is the history of the war briefly outlined, but I am not
    sure if my English skills are enough, because I never had any
    feedbacks of mistakes I have made)

  9. So... if czar and kaiser were on the same side of the fence, why did the Russian Empire fight alongside the British Empire and against the German Empire in WW1?

  10. Tony, I hope HOPE HOPE ANNA will have her team review this UCC Filing in MD as of July 2011 and good for 30 years. This unequivocally states that the debtors, e-pluribus unum, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, THE FEDERAL RESERVE, the US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, THE NORTH AMERICAN WATER AND POWER ALLIANCE ( our weather manipulation experts),The PENTAGON and others have all made. Now observe it is filed as a "fixture filing, [sic], [As all real-men, with hands and legs, and all real-land in the United States of America 14,000 000 000 000 000 WITH TRUST IN GOD this real-estate is with the PUBLIC-] the additional collateral description is [sic], OUT OF MANY ( all 50 states,all cities, counties-properties) ONE-real estate in-THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA-,this FIRST NAME EVERTON LAST NAME ROCHA MIDDLE NAME DEOLIVEIRA,M -be as-extracted, with prejudice,in-to the United States of America State of California on this 15th day of July 2011.- This CA representative is the Trustee acting with respect to the "property held in Trust.
    So we with "arms and legs" are the "goods" ( along with all property) with which current and future fixtures are pledged?
    The Secured Partys name is; THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY 1789. ( the founding of the Treasury Dept under Hamilton).
    It appears they ( FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM) created this "note" and just "made" it legal tender for all debts. public AND private.

  11. The above link in the actual filing. In San Jose CA and Maryland

  12. "And who are they all appealing to for protection? Donald J. Trump.
    And who is Donald J. Trump? He is President of the United States."

    A Strong man?

    1. few days ago c.johnson spelled it out correctly your attitude; you are a total time waster for folks on this page that want to learn something !

    2. lut,
      To each their own.
      Just pointing out that problem arise associated with a "Strong man."


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