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Saturday, May 18, 2019

What is SO Difficult About This Concept, Tim?

By Anna Von Reitz

What is SO Difficult About This Concept, Tim?
You can't build a brick house out of straw. (United States Citizens).
You can't build a brick house out of sticks. (Citizens of the United States).
You can't build a brick house with anything but bricks. (American State Citizens).
US Citizens of either kind cannot be members of our State Assemblies, because they are working for and owe allegiances to foreign governments --- Britain and the Holy Roman Empire, respectively.
Nothing that you or your fake "assembly" does will have any standing or validity at all. Ever.


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  1. I don't know what is going on between you and Tim, but you are way out of line. How dare you refer to us as a fake assembly. We have done all the paperwork to put us on the land and soil, most of it we got from you. We know very well that you can't hold dual citizenship. We have all done the act of expatriation, deed of reconveyance, certificate of assumed names, mandatory notice, surrendered the birth certificate to the Secretary of the Treasury, cancel voter registration, and notified both the IRS offices, and the Social Security Administration of our status, and the two Witness testimonial in the form of an affidavit. I'll have you know that Tim is a godsend. He is the most knowledgeable man that I have ever known. He is making sure that everything is done correctly.
    Chris from pennsylvania

    1. Anna's response:

      How dare I? The same way I dared to walk into the Pope's den and pull his beard.

      Just this afternoon I had your leader tell me that "I guess we will meet you in the Hague!" --- confirming my worst fears.

      Pardon me? The Hague has absolutely nothing to do with our States of the Union.

      The Hague is the hub for the Territorial Military Governments --- in our case, the British-controlled doppelganger doing business as "the United States of America" Incorporated, and its Territorial State of State franchises.

      Our States of the Union don't stand under the Hague Conventions, yet here are your leaders thinking that they do.

      If you are building a British-controlled State of State, you've got no business misrepresenting your activities as assembling an American State and I vehemently object to any such deceit. This is exactly the same cuckoo bird move the Brits pulled in the wake of the Civil War and it isn't happening again.

    2. i would ask,
      What are his intentions in the Hague? What is his business?
      Instead of leaping to unfounded ideas and notions. (worst fears)
      Perhaps Tim is on a slightly different course?
      Anna, did you? Did you pull the popes beard? Chuckle,
      ya i know, and yet what has any of this accomplished in the grand scheme of things?
      Seems like, Anna is always Jockeying for position, and should always be looked at as Top dog.
      My opinion is you enjoy the Bully pulpit far to much!

    3. And my opinion is that you are sounding more like a shill for the other side every day. Are you part of the solution or the problem?

      Just sayin...

    4. That's right anyone who has questions or doubt,even a concern and does not follow 'lockstep' in the put Anna on the pedestal movement, anyone who shows scripture that is being taken out of context or misused is branded a shill for the "other side."
      Many of us who elect to put Christ first ar done with taking our marching orders as blind men.

  2. So who's Tim? Who are we discussing here?

  3. the fake "federal citizens only new atlantis solomons temple 666 masonic/illuminist temple" version of the "USA" routinely calls themselves "Americans" "American people" etc.... but of course any time you read voter registration it is federal citizens only (us citizens only)

    they routinely call themseleves Oregonians/Californians/Utahns/Texans/New Yorkers/etc. again, anytime you read actual voter registration/etc. they are lying through their teeth.

    there is nothing difficult, just millions and millions of brainwashed "americans" and bankers/bar attorneys/media/politicians/"celebrities"/"churches"/"schools" constantly trying to brainwash everyone.

    doesnt help when trump says how great the law merchant private international "economy" he is in bed with is. best economy ever!

    for every one half-way knowledgeable person, there are a million brainwashed "americans".

    those who know they know
    those who know they don't know
    those who don't know they know
    those who don't know they don't know.
    i would put the numbers at 1%/5%/5%/89%.

    this last 89% is a giant echo chamber of lies/satanists. but if they are "brainwashed right" they tend to think satan is "God" and "the lord" is "Christ" etc. or if they are "brainwashed left" they think science/technology is "God". of course, these 2 "sides" are just 2 false sides of the lucifer coin. this would be the 1% that knows they know. they aint talking. they know they are satanic and routinely mislead people.

    it is up to the two 5% segments, IMO, to counter the 1% that is brainwashing the 89%. if/when the "giant" ever wakes up it won't be pretty. he will likely lash out at the two 5% segments, and the 1% of knowing intentional satanists will always find a way to escape to deceive another day.

    1. the two brainwashed "left" and "right" of course routinely lash out at eachother, pretending their "side" is not luciferian. luciferians can easily jump from side to side.

      the common denominator of the 1% of high-level masons/illuminists/satanists and 89% of deceived is "the lord" instead of christ. they all cut deals with "our father in heaven" instead of going through christ. (or, in the case of the "left" they deny "the lord", a good thing as he is obsolete, but also deny christ, so lucifer nabs them anyhow; the "right" tries to worship both at the same time, aka luciferianism)

      people always think "satan" has not usurped their "side" and they will be "spared".

      the worst thing luther did was the idea "two kingdoms" which some say james madison etc. adopted. it is identical to masonry/illuminism/all men are created equal. this allows you to put on your "conscience" hat and be "christlike" when convenient, and then take it off when you want to be "secular"/satanic. this is identical to luciferianism.

      this is how "the lord" became "satan" "god of this world". instead of going to christ, just follow your "conscience." ignore christ, go to "the father" directly, despite the "bible" telling you not to.

      the problem is satanists don't have "consciences." there is no "afterlife" or "consequences" just refined/purified satanism aged to perfection.

    2. i am led, to glean that we go to the Father through the Son. Not through the Sun, not 'through' the "church." Not through a mother. Not through 'men' calling themselves Rabbi or Father.
      As Individuals,Through His Son, only.
      With the indwelling Holy Spirit, One can see the divisions. We can speak out. Not all will listen, nor accept.

  4. This all is divide and conquer. It does not get the result that you, Anna have stated you desire.
    Perhaps it would be prudent for you to train and then allow others who can more diplomatically and with more finesse win over and correct all these " errant " students.

    I have no idea why it is so difficult for you to see that we are not fighting you, you are a crappy diplomat and do not answer questions, provide sources and delegate tasks to people with better people skills to help correct where you believe some have gone wrong.
    Do you actually want us to succeed ?

    1. This is a terrific response. I agree that if anyone is combative or ridiculing or not answering questions or not giving the source I'm not working with others and treating others with respect and honor as well, then these are tactics that are dividing. As my dad who was a historian said that divide and conquer is the way of all conquerors. Divide the US has been happening so much and we have no clue how to unite. It seems everyone's ego is always in the way. I have called many including on a over the years and try to speak to all what are the time of course about helping and about organizing and creating steps for all to be living in the private. But I have not had one man or woman who heads meetings or websites or calls who has been open to the idea. All have some lame excuse about not wanting my help. Why would anyone turn down help? Why would anyone not want to hear what my thoughts are about getting everyone into private first and foremost? What are we not United? Is it more than ego? I don't have the answers because I keep searching and striving to find those with whom to build. But I would love to hear from anyone who would like to build and treat each other with total respect and not put each other down. I do think that most every group who is out there thinks they are doing what is right. The problem is most of these groups are overseen by someone with such a big ego that there are many problems and people leave and answers aren't given and the way it's not clear etc etc etc. Life does not need to be this difficult or this complicated to be able to reorganize. But it does take time and effort and kindness and honor and respect and the ability to communicate & well but always in peace. Anna, you hung up on me twice when I called you and now my number is blocked. And Anna you blocked my email also. What does that say about you? I appreciate that you are doing many writings but I do not know what is true and what is not true. I do not see the sources for each article. I am one of many many many many who are striving to find the truth from someone who is kind yet humble yet focused yet disciplined yet giving and interested and uplifting rather than down trotting others anywhere. I do not think I am saying this very clearly because I also believe it takes great strength of character and such a strong commitment to truth that one must be very resilient and very strong in every single way.

    2. Hi, Annie, first I want to say that I do agree with you that there are so many and there are so many contradictions at the different groups giving information and that the groups doing the drill assemblies are all in contradiction. This is truly a shame that we are not able to work as men and women without our egos that prevent us from working as teams and uniting. I do agree with you if you are saying that we must be United. Absolutely. I do want to say something though and caution you about the way you interpreted what Anna said when she said that Tim said he would see her at the Hague. That was not a threat. That was simply his belief that he would end up seeing Anna in a place to determine what is true and what is not... at least that is my interpretation. But I suppose that whoever reads this could be having even other interpretations. One thing is true that when we hear or read something we make an interpretation of it. And then when someone reads our interpretation they make an interpretation and that's how it goes down a very negative Road. We must all of us be careful to speak as clearly and succinctly and precisely as possible and to correct ourselves when we have said something that we later find was not true. I do not have any clue who Tim is and I did try to look him up on the line but that did not work as the reply to you said look him up online. So why someone would call Tim just buy a first name does not make sense to me either. But we cannot assume that Tim is doing anything negative unless we speak to Tim first and get his side of the story. I'm not sure why we jump to conclusions or we jump to interpretations without exploring but since I have been a researcher for the majority of my life I would recommend everyone to take someone's words and then research them. If anyone else is ever brought into the picture by someone saying a name, make certain you explore that other man or woman in totality and even speak to them in real time before you make a determination what is true and what is not. To me these are the things that a mature sensible responsible adult does. It is time we stopped acting like children by being irresponsible, by assuming we comprehend what someone says, and we start keeping an agreement with ourselves to be one keeping our word, too not assuming, three never taking anything personally, for doing our best always and correcting ourselves when we find we have made a mistake. Happy to hear from anyone who chooses to befriend each other at secrets to use at with no spaces.

  5. Who is Tim and Why is he threatening Anna with action with the Hague?

    Hague is international and used by the Nation's of the world to solve international issues for Its members, example, "Child abduction" which I have first hand knowledge. Not all Nations are Members of the Hague as we use a non Hague member country to get authentication of the Certificate of live birth from the US SOS OFFICE. I did this process before I ever heard of Anna.

    If you look up the Hague members, Pennsylvania nor Alaska is listed as a member, or any of our other Organic states.

    There is two sides to this story and obviously all the facts are not presented to us all.

    I will continue to emphasize the importance of the paperwork for people to rebut the Presumptions of CITIZENSHIP but until they get this mess straightened out with the rules of the County Jural Assemblies and all are on the same page I am quite happy being a National. I have printed every article pertaining to the Jural Assemblies and study every day.

    People are the same all over and want to be the boss. Well I've had enough of the NANNY GOVERNMENT and will spend some time being my own boss while continuing to research every day. This looks like it's turning into a "Clusterf**k"! We have 7 different churches, all 501 (c)(3) subjects of the STATE OF STATE in a 2 1/2 square mile small town. People don't agree which is obvious.

    First priority is for people to wake up and learn the rules of the game and return to National Status.

    1. Annie...look him up on youtube... he is a self proclaimed law expert, Pennsylvania state coordinator and a bit of a women..I may have words with him im the very near future.I do not tolerate bullies.

  6. Jesus sent his disciples out 2 by 2 and ‘in front’ of him to announce the ‘Good News’ of ‘the truth shall set you free’. A good sheperd does not lead with his or her back to the herd. He drives the herd from behind so he can keep the sheep together in front of him and keep an eye on them to protect them. Disciples are often learning by doing, and hopefully making mistakes along the way, that they can learn from. Less than a month ago, we had 30 states with dedicated and committed leader/coordinators who were self-sacrificing and hard-working and devoted to getting their paperwork completed. Along with them, a large group of followers, who were also engaged in the extremely complex, costly and time-consuming process of claiming, exercising and defending our God given rights by re-contracting with the de-facto and clarifying our status.
    Now only according to, only 8 states have leaders?

    I don’t know about y’all, but…

    I would rather be tending and guarding my sheep, counting my blessings, pressing forward and learning from my mistakes than acting like I know it all. Why? Because life is so boring and frustrating when you know it all, from the simple fact that you have nothing to learn!