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Saturday, May 18, 2019

In Our Names -- Prayer, Order, and Demand

By Anna Von Reitz

We have all heard the expression in Church services and other contexts throughout our lives:

"In the name of Jesus Christ......"

"In the name of the King......"

"In the name of God....."

In each such instance, a servant or official acting in some capacity for Jesus Christ, the King, or God, is "invoking" the name of his Lord as his authority to perform an act or give a command or ask for a service:

"I baptize thee in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost....."

"Open this door, in the name of the King!"

"In the name of God, deliver me...."

This is not an entirely foreign concept for any of us, anywhere in the world.

So why is it so hard to understand that organizations operating under our Delegated Powers would operate "in our names" in the same way?

We have a British-controlled Territorial Government doing business as "the United States of America". They are operating under our Delegated Powers which were delegated to them under a service contract known as The Constitution of the United States of America. They are operating "in the name of" The United States of America [Unincorporated].

We have a Papist-controlled Municipal Government doing business as "the United States". They are operating under our Delegated Powers which were delegated to them under a service contract known as The Constitution of the United States. They are operating "in the name of" The United States.

We should have an American State-controlled Federal Government doing business as "the States of America" operating under our Delegated Powers bequeathed to them under a service contract known as The Constitution for the united States of America ---- but we don't.

Now you can see the cause of so much fraud and confusion --- the fact that these foreign governments operating "in our names" and abusing our Delegated Powers have been confused with and mistaken for our actual American Government.

How many people would see the big difference between "The United States of America" an unincorporated Federation of States, and "the United States of America" --- a British Territorial Commercial Corporation operating "in our name" and exercising our delegated powers--- when the only visual difference is the difference between "The" and "the"?

The same situation applies with the Municipal Government, operating as "the United States". It is operating "in the name of" our Union of republican states -- The United States.

You can also finally see the huge gaping hole left in our Federal Government structure by the Civil War and clearly perceive the fact that the Reconstruction was never completed.

This, then, solves the mystery of the "Missing Thirteenth Amendment" and the "Missing Constitution" ---- The Constitution for the united States of America and the whole business of Congress adjourning sine die in March of 1861 and convening under a different name ever since.

As a veteran of the Wisconsin Public School System in the 1960's and 1970's, I can confirm from first-hand experience that:

(1) We were never taught about the actual "Three Branches" of the Federal Government --- Federal, Territorial, and Municipal.

Instead, we were misdirected and subjected to a Lie by Omission --- and told that the Federal Government had three branches --- executive, legislative, and judicial.

(2) We were given the impression that The Reconstruction was an old, musty, finished-long-ago mop up activity that came in the wake of The American Civil War. We were never told that the reconstruction was still pending and still needed to be done---- much less that we were the ones that needed to do the job.

(3) We were given the impression that the Civil War was a real war, not a mercenary conflict; nobody ever bothered to explain the implications of the word "Civil" in Civil War, the lack of an official Congressional Declaration of War, or the lack of a Peace Treaty.

(4) We were left with the idea that The American Civil War ended with the surrender of Lee's Army at Appomattox, Virginia, in 1865. Period. Any notion that the conflict was never officially resolved and that it could be interpreted to be "ongoing" a hundred and fifty years later would have been ridiculous in our view. We would have laughed all the way to lunchtime.

Yet, here we are, waking up and smelling the dog poo, all these years after.

Clearly, both the Territorial and Municipal Government failed their actual duty to us and failed to operate in Good Faith. These organizations have pillaged and plundered our National Trust, which they are hired and under contract to protect and defend. They deliberately left us uninformed, omitted crucial information, and misappropriated our resources to profit themselves.

So, America, time to dust off your britches, stand up, and get to work.

The only parties that can reconstruct the Federal States of States are the same States and People who are Parties to the Constitutions.

Our dishonest and disloyal Territorial and Municipal Employees have undermined our ability to get the job done by deliberately mis-characterizing each and every one of us as Dual Federal Citizens --- that is, by falsely claiming that we are both Territorial United States Citizens and Municipal Citizens of the United States.

This is all nothing but gross criminality under international law, including the Law of War, the Geneva Conventions, the Law of Peace that we are owed, and every United Nations Declaration oozing about world peace and brotherhood that these hypocrites ever signed.

In fact, we are born as state nationals and become eligible to act as State Citizens at the age of 21. Any claim otherwise is a False Claim which needs to be rebutted on the Public Record.

It's time to tell them ---and the rest of the world--- the truth about all this, and also time to accept the burden that self-governance places upon us. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

We are the only ones who can reclaim our birthright political status, assemble our States of the Union, and finish the Reconstruction of the Federal States of States.

We, acting as the People of our States, are the only ones who can enforce the Constitutions.

Nobody comes "in our names" when we come in our own Names.

So it is that every employee of every State of State and every STATE OF STATE and every incorporated "Agency" working as subcontractors. are put on Notice of the Facts:

1. You have no right to administrate our estates "in our names" or to assume that we are infant decedents, incompetents, or otherwise encumbered by any Federal citizenship obligation;

2. Continued confiscation of American property assets under false legal presumptions is a capital crime punishable under the Geneva Conventions;

3. It is the duty and contract owed by every Territorial Government Employee and every member of the Armed Forces including the Commander-in-Chief to protect and defend our civilian government --- not the "civil" government;

4. It is the duty of the Roman Curia and the Roman Pontiff to liquidate all the Municipal Corporations and Municipal OFFICES that have been proliferated upon our shores as usurping criminal enterprises acting in contravention of The Constitution of the United States.

Fictio cedit veritati; fictio juris non est, ubi veritatis.

5. It is also the duty of the Roman Curia and the Roman Pontiff to immediately correct the operations of all Municipal COURT organizations and Municipal Agencies including the FBI and the IRS.

Fictio cedit veritati; fictio juris non est, ubi veritatis.

6. It is also the duty of the Roman Curia and the Roman Pontiff to immediately order the correction of the Municipal Government of the United States to bring it back into accord with its constitutional limitations and forbid any continuance of its shameful abuse of our delegated powers and of our credit and of our identities.

Fictio cedit veritati; fictio juris non est, ubi veritatis.



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  1. I also can attest to this fact that, we were never taught this information in our public school system of the 40's and 50's; and I would be surprised if my parents and grandparents were.

  2. I encourage everyone to go here and read read read
    The school systems were set up by the Rockefeller Foundation - they were never meant to teach anyone the truth nor are they today
    Read the link Story on Drugs and see just how embedded the Rockefeller clan are
    Today I can bet that the school kids are being indoctrinated with climate change, sex preversion and anything else other than getting a real education because if you read the New World Order link they have no use for any one of us, ever, that includes here or anywhere else in the world
    All people on this planet are being manipulated at every level and these psychopaths will destroy this entire planet to get to their end goal no ands ifs or butts about it
    Just my opinion
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  3. s/Roman Curia/Illuminist Curia/g
    s/Roman Pontiff/Masonic Pontiff/g

    "fixed that for you" (no sarcasm/snarkiness intended, but why push the deceptions further? why aid and abet masonry and illuminism?) -- 1777 congregation of rites was switch to holy spirit aka novus ordo seclorum, the one who is coming (a.k.a. christ was a fake)

    "memoirs illustrating the history of jacobonism" author knew there were "fake priests" already back then.

    see also "the union jack" book -- it is a known british fabian socialist tactic to set up a fake 2nd coming. john ruskin/cecil rhodes crew/et. al. adopted similar tactics.

    it should surprise exactly noone the "new secular order" masquerades as "god" "the lord" "jesus" etc.

    all the better to deceive you.

    according to eustace mullins, the world order (free on, leibniz was a major force in bringing freemasonry/rosicrucianism to england.

    according to e.g. voltaire on wikipedia, candide was a parody/satire of leibniz ideas (although perhaps both shared the same goal)

    see devils dictionary "monad" "molecule" etc.

    see "secret doctrine of the rosicrucians" and the "germ in the egg" is almost identical.

    what you see today is simply the masonic/illuminist/rosicrucian dreamworld, utopia.

    some may be skeptical changing spirits in a baptism would do anything, perhaps over time, but if nothing else it certainly gets people looking "ahead" instead of back to "christ". "new age" is really "old age" but they see it as "progress"

    really, even if people dont believe in "spirits" "baptisms" it means there is noone defending "christ", and everyone gets tricked into waiting for the next "messiah"

  4. that is 3 parts/articles "freemasons love pope francis" BTW.

    MANY MANY statements/sources.

  5. freemasonry + novus ordo vatican II at "peace" at least, they waited patiently for their "alta vendita"

    this is their idea of "love" and "peace" anna.

    "satan" has been unjustly persecuted all this time.

    kay eye ess ess aye en gee.

    first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes lucifer dressed up as alpha and omega "son of david" fake jesus, making funny hand signals.

    this also explains mormons celebrating with vatican II, being proud of "all they have accomplished".

    this is their idea of "law of love" "world peace" etc. no more "war on satanism". we are all "brothers" now, "satanists" and "non-satanists" alike.

    one giant family, under "our father in heaven" aka "the lord" (instead of "our lord" aka christ/holy ghost).

    they even got a vatican II priest to do a "mass" at a masonic temple. (see "freemasons love pope francis" 3 parts/articles)

    christ: noone goes to the father except through me
    "the lord": i am the lord thy god, thou shalt have no gods before me.
    that is what this all boils down to. holy ghost is "father", or pre-christ imposter wannabe "the lord" is "father".

    that is why it is easiest just to go through "our lady" notre dame, to get to holy ghost and actual jesus.

    this "the lord" guy doesn't seem to have a spouse. and he wants anyone "unaffiliated". and he is a jealous father. so he will basically snatch up anyone not going through christ/holy ghost.

  6. Please, 2 questions to Anna

    In your article Nr. 872 you have been writing this:

    "...On June 12th, 2011, the Romanus Pontifex was officially collapsed and terminated, via Ritus
    Mandamus and Ritus Probatum (Public Register Number 983210-331235-01004).
    As a result, all claims to own the land and land assets were released by the Crown and the door opened
    for remedy and reclamation and restoration of the usurped national governments and the people's
    private property rights. ..."

    If the office of the Roman Pontiff is terminated,
    why still ask him to immediately correct the operations of
    all Municipal COURT organizations and Municipal Agencies ???

    and second

    why do you finish your writings with "Amen" when you
    had been writing in another article,that "Amen" pertains
    to an Egyptian God ?

    Greetings from German soil



  7. Patriot You are starting to show signs of disrespect toward Anna are you insinuating Anna is not performing in some way because it sure sounds like you are talking that east coast crap out of the west side of your mouth.Or should we be listening to you ? No disrespect =your comment EATING A BOATLOAD OF CROW