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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Fake States

By Anna Von Reitz

Regarding Tim Alan and his group pretending to represent Pennsylvania and Robert in Michigan and his group pretending to represent Michigan: 

Unfortunately for them, no matter what their "theories" are, they don't have proper standing without everyone in their Assembly doing the paperwork and reclaiming their singular allegiance to their State.  

I have explained this until I am blue in the face and I am not explaining it anymore: no United States Citizen and no Citizens of the United States may partake in any action affecting our States of the Union.  Period.   

Tim and Robert and their respective tainted versions of "State" Assemblies will be dropped from The American States Assembly roster, they will not be listed as Coordinators, and they will not be allowed to return or be associated with us or our States of the Union until they correct their Mistake and come back in line with their obligations under the Constitutions. 

I disavow and alienate them from everything and anything that The American States Assembly is doing, and I refuse any responsibility for any arrests or other unpleasantness that they or the members of their groups suffer as a result of their stubborn refusal to read what is in front of their faces. 

You can't build a brick house with straw or with sticks.  And they can't call any valid "Continental Congress" either. 


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  1. The people who try to convince you you can mix apples and oranges ARE INFILTRATORS positioned to DECEIVE great numbers of people so the system can CONFUSE people into BELIEVING a falsehood much like if you put a broken night crawler in the can with all the rest and you do not take it out quickly it will Destroy ALL THE REST ....There is no FENCE RIDING folks

  2. Annie thank you you are spot on .. If people do not follow the instructions to a T the outcome wont be the same .Anna has said THERE ARE COURTS that give the presumption that they do not want to hear ANY OF THIS . This tells me the APPEAL is VERY strong because when your recorded documents have BEEN PRODUCED you now TRULY you have proven the INFERIOR COURT has WILLFULLY caused Constitutional damages to your property..If your paperwork is not recorded the Constitution Does not apply to you