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Sunday, January 27, 2019


By Anna Von Reitz

Now the same people who are urging you to "register" everything including your land-- and unwittingly give it away to foreign powers---and who believe in and promote a great many fairy-tales themselves are accusing me of telling people "fairy-tales". 

That is, in true Cabal Satanist fashion, they are accusing me of doing what they have done. 

You want fairy-tales? I will give you examples of the fairy-tales they have promoted that have defrauded you out of the country and the wealth you are owed: 

That a Federal Reserve (Promissory) Note--- an I.O.U. -- actually pays anyone for anything.

That the "Federal Reserve" has anything to do with the American Federation of States or the actual Federal Government, either one.

That a group of British Territorial Citizens acting under conditions of deceit and calling themselves the "Congress" of "the" United States of America has acted with "Good Faith" or has any "Credit". 

That a piece of paper promising to pay you "something" undefined and deceitfully described as a "US DOLLAR" sometime in the future is an equitable exchange for your goods and services now.

That a "Statement" is a "Bill". 

That a placenta is a "human person". 

That the word "person" means "corporation".

That the words "state, State, or United States" mean"Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia". 

That a "Notice of Levy" is a "Levy". 

That an "Officer" employed by a corporation is a public "Official". 

That we all knowingly and voluntarily donated our birthright and estate as Americans to the British Crown and the Roman Catholic Church.

That we all volunteered to pay large  percentages of our earnings --redefined as "income" ---as Class 5 Gift and Estate Taxes collected as Excise Taxes.  (Read that-- they are taxing us for the privilege of donating everything we are and everything we own to them.)  

That we agreed to be enslaved in exchange for "benefits" that we pay for ourselves. 

That our Mothers are all Unwed Mothers acting as "informants" against their own babies and that they knowingly donating their babies as "wards" of the Territorial United States franchises operating as States of States, like the "State of Ohio". 

That any foreign incorporated entity has any right to claim any material interest in or ownership of the flag of The United States of America---including the Title IV Flag. 

That use of our flag and other emblems and capacities under Delegated Powers creates any valid material interest in those powers on the part of those entrusted to exercise them. 

That we all volunteered to mortgage our homes and land for the benefit of foreign corporations. 

That we volunteered to pay property taxes for the privilege of living on our "donated" estates. 

That any "license" is required to get married, have a dog, drive a car, practice law or practice medicine. 

That the Federal Government is composed of three branches consisting of Executive, Legislative and Judicial functions, when in fact it is composed of three actual and separate  branches:--Federal, Territorial, and Municipal. 

That a Scottish commercial corporation franchise doing business as "the" State of Ohio is the same as an American Company doing business as The State of Ohio. 

That our actual government is supposed to be run by political lobbyists. 

That we voluntarily abandon any part of ownership or control of our DNA in the process of being born, living, or dying. 

(Hint-- they claim to own you and your DNA. That's why when you bring Proof of your Claim of Life you have to seal it in blood and the DNA has to match the DNA of the placenta these crooks seized upon and claimed was an "abandoned" "human person" and -- and was the actual owner of your Good Name and estate.  After the placenta dies they create an "infant decedent estate" for it, claim that "You" died at the hospital, and that big chain of gross lies and "fairy-tales" alienates you from your Name and identity.  From then on, you are working for your own dead placenta's ESTATE and the perpetrators of all these "fairy-tales" are claiming to be the beneficiaries of your Name and Estate. Still want to talk about "fairy-tales"???) 

That the "American Civil War" was a war. 

That the "American Civil War" was a "War Between the States". 

(It was actually a Mercenary Conflict between Federal States of States and didn't actually involve the States at all.) 

That the Territorial Government is the Federal Government.

 (It's actually a part of the Federal Government and can be called "Federal" as a result-- but it is not the Federal Branch of the Federal Government- which has other powers that the Territorial Government was never authorized to exercise) 

That the "Reconstruction" of the Federal States of States was ever completed. 

That the American People were ever given any full disclosure about any of this. 

That a "National Debt" of $21 Trillion Dollars can exist in a Debt-Credit Currency System.

(Every transaction in such a system is self-cancelling with a net zero result.) 

That a "U.S. Citizen" is the same as an "American Citizen". 

That such entities as "Sovereign citizens" and "private citizens" can exist. 

(Both descriptions are oxymorons-- nobody can be in sovereign or private capacity and act as a citizen at the same time.  These concepts are more fanciful than unicorns -- still want to talk about telling us "fairy-tales"? 

That Peacekeeping Officials and Peacekeeping Officers are the same as Law Enforcement Officers. 

That American railroads  are American anymore. 

(The French-run "Grand Army of the Republic" took over de facto control of the American Railroads beginning in 1863 -- and they and their successors have run the American Railroads into the ground and mismanaged them ever since.  The same players have repeatedly bankrupted the "United States Postal Service"). 

That "American Media" is American. 

(All the major media sources and outlets are owned by foreign conglomerates who censor and limit what passes as "news" in this country by making sure that every news story gets fed through one of two (also foreign owned) wire services-- the AP and Reuters. And all this is overseen by foreigners, too.) 

That the U.S. Military is equivalent to the American Armed Forces and that either one of them are American--- though they are largely staffed by Americans.

(The Department of Defense is a subcontractor of the British Territorial Government and the DOD is a subcontractor of the Municipal Government run by the Holy See and neither one are American or necessarily loyal to American interests.) 

That the Department of Justice is the same as the DOJ and that either one of them are American. 

(Same story as above.) 

That such a thing as a "United States Treasury" exists. 

(No such thing since 1924. The Federal Reserve has served that function--- basically as a giant securities fraud and racketeering and money laundering and kick back operation imported by the usual suspects--- the British Territorial United States (Britain) and the Municipal United States (Holy See). The United States of America Treasury exists as a giant slush fund account, part of which is used for commodity and currency price fixing and rigging of markets under the control of the Municipal Office of "The President of the United States" and the United States Secretary of the Treasury-- who isn't functioning as an American nor as a "U.S. Citizen"--- Steven T. Mnuchin is an Interpol Officer and had to relinquish his citizenship in favor of what?  Chances are he is a "World Citizen", and a French or Belgian or Israeli Dual Citizen in private life -- but one thing is sure, he has nothing to do with us, beyond being one of two men in charge of our accounts, their use, investment, and yes, abuse.) 

That Americans can just stay asleep and do nothing about this situation and "trust" these charlatans on our shores and it will all be fine. 

(Nothing could be farther from the truth.) 

I could go on for probably 2-3 hours revisiting the lies and "fairy-tales" these con artists have told us, but what really matters is the truth. 

We have been misrepresented, mischaracterized, duped and defrauded by our own employees, lied to by pros, betrayed by purported Allies, sold down the river by political lobbyists pretending to occupy public offices, propagandized by foreign media, fed half-truths and horse hooey as Civics and History, been robbed blind, suffered identity theft, indebted under false pretenses, and horrifically deceived and abused by people and institutions that in fact owe us "Good Faith Service". 

And that, unfortunately, is no fairy-tale


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  1. Seems to me anna has told us many of the things in her above List, which she is now telling us ''are cabal fairytales'. Now which is it? Looks like double minded stuff from you anna; and thus,you create more confusion than any genuine clarity.

    1. giggling.... Abby, Abby, Abby, you are so silly.

    2. I wish i could just block some people that never have anything helpful or encouraging or hopeful to say they have no right to waste my time here.

  2. Absolutely the Truth!!!! What Anna has stated. Nothing double minded about it, it is absolutely clear!!! No confusion. Abby it appears that you are the one confused, your words have no power here, cabal secret agent. Go back to the rock you crawled out from under. We Support Anna Von Reitz, We support the Truth!!! God Bless Anna, God Bless America!

    1. Oh of course we should expect the little goblins and witches are out again tonight, LOL.

  3. Anna, you left out that the U.S. Passport actually is a passport. It is nothing more than a corporate personnel photo ID card not fit to use for travel through a war zone (its original purpose) and that the federal (=contracted) government uses to scan and track the movement of its presumed withholding agents throughout the world at every TSA and Interpol "Wo sind deine papieren?" checkpoint. Sure glad I got my State Citizen passport & card. Just saved me from getting a speeding ticket!

    1. 1FreeMan:

      Would you please do us the favor of explaining once again step by step what you did to obtain your State Citizen passport, and is that recognized as the same as an American National, non US Citizen Passport?

    2. 1FreeMan, "Sure glad I got my State Citizen passport & card".

      Are you claiming you where issued a passport/card by your Birth state, Not the Department of State?

      Is the name you use, in upper and lower case?

      Does it declare you are a American national, under nationality. i.e. Texan

      How many stars did you receive on your passport card if I may ask.

      juan jose

    3. Sure, Paul. I'll answer your last question first. Yes, it is a non-US citizen state national passport but is issued as a State Citizen passport by the US DOS. They only issue 4 types of passports: 1) US citizen, 2) Diplomat US citizen, 3) non-citizen national of the US and 4) State Citizen. All but #4 are subject to the US. They do not issue American state national passports. When I got the certified copy of my DS-11 passport application, someone scribbled in the official area: "Claims to be a New Jersey State Citizen." Then they issued the passport as such. However, if you hold the old and new passports side by side, you cannot see any difference between the two. It is all in the coding to hide it in plain site. Only they can see the difference on their screens. I used the process at to secure my passport and 5 star card. I took their 2 classes for $400 to learn exactly how to complete the application and include an explanatory statement. They can also do the whole process for you for $1,050. LLF can now also do this process for a lot less than that. It is important to do it right or they will simply refuse to issue the passport and keep you application fees.

    4. Juan Jose, only the US DOS can issue passports although it should be the states doing this. The name is all upper case. No, it shows printed as Nationality UNITED STATES OF AMERICA but displays New Jersey State Citizen on their screen when scanned. More importantly it displays "WARNING! DO NOT STOP - DO NOT DETAIN - DO NOT INTERROGATE - LIFETIME CONCEALED WEAPONS PERMIT". An unmarked cop trailed me as I was speeding 65-70 in a 50 zone. He then pulled alongside to get a good look at me, most likely to compare me to my passport photo that popped up on his NCIC database when he ran my tags (it's all connected). Then he fell back and trailed me some more, probably awaiting instructions what to do, and finally veered off and took an exit as I waived him goodbye. That was a nice feeling! I believe I got 5 stars because I included a COLB authenticated at the state level with my application.

    5. Just a word of testimony. I followed 1Freeman's advice. Went to and took the classes. Did the paperwork myself and got the passports for myself and wife. It's not that hard if you follow instructions. We recently traveled outside the US and it hadn't dawned on me until we returned, but I looked to see, and they DID NOT STAMP our passports as they usually do when we went through customs. Not sure of the significance of that, but they always stamped our regular US passports. As far as the stars go, I got 3 my wife got 4. I also used authenticated COLB's for both. I looked it up online and it said the stars are simply a means of protecting against counterfeiting passports....can't say for sure. But folks, do not delay in getting one of these by whichever means you choose. I feel they are invaluable for proving your status to these "authorities".

    6. PS: This also works for naturalized US citizens. You will need to submit your US citizenship certificate which will be returned to you with your new passport. No need to submit your COLB. Once you get it back you really won't need it anymore since you are no longer a US citizen but a NCSN and State Citizen of your state of domicile. You can then endorse it over to the treasury to surrender your fed person and retire from being presumed to be an IRS withholding agent to discharge all your (their) taxes.

    7. 1FreeMan, I Was born in Canada and have lived in the States for over 40 years. I have been seeking how to naturalize without becoming a corporate Federal citizen. Are you saying I can apply for citizenship and then naturalize as a state citizen national and then get this passport? Could you email me with more info on that? I have been really stuck on how to do this properly. And thank you so very much for the essential information you are sharing.

    8. 1FreeMan, or anyone:

      What does the acronym NCSN stand for? This Canadian doesn't remember seeing that before.

    9. giggling, Juan, Juan, Juan, you are so silly. LOL. (its from the State Dept, dumbo, as in Sec'y of State (Clinton) .....previously. Ya know? Since her day, its been like a revolving door, who knows who is sitting in that chair today. Pompeo? Who keeps up with that nonsense anymore lol.

    10. Shonagh, that is exactly how you would do it. Just sent you an email.

    11. 1Freeman, I am assuming you mean NON Citizen State National.
      Yes? That I have read before but didn't put it together.

    12. 1Freeman, can you share more info about the passport? I got mine about 5 months ago, I thought I had done the process correctly to get the American National version but when I traveled to Europe in Nov I didn't feel like anyone noticed it as being anything other that a regular pp. If you can help-

    13. Tommy, the best way to find out it get into a traffic ticket situation. If they run your plates or your pp card and let you go, you will know that you did it correct. If not, then reapply. Same with my pp when I travelled to Europe. No big deal. It just confirms that it works just fine. They will never let you know any different. Sent you an email if you want talk further offline.

  4. Anna, I enjoyed this article. Good info that can be used, but first, anyone who tries to use this information, should make sure that they understand it, and use it in the appropriate manner.

    I would like to know more about the "State Citizen passport."

    1. Calvino, go to and take their classes and you will be up to speed.

  5. The magnitude of what has gone on and the degree of indoctrination is what is at play. So many are not capable of digesting so much deceit that has played out that it scares them half to death to hear the truth. Any sign of authority real or not, we have all been taught to respect and obey.

    Standing up with the truth is not always easy, right, but not easy. In my case explaining the truth has caused estrangement with one child (self employed) and cautioned dialog with the other (an employee of regional government) and they are both in mid to late 40's. This whole scam has cornered people not knowing where there food, shelter, clothing etc will come from if they don't conform. There is no 'over there' as a choice right now.

    Whether we like it or not, the financial system we have been coerced into needs a viable realistic alternative presented to even the awakened as well as those half awake. Currently both parents working to keep house and home means usually 2 vehicles, day care/babysitters in urban centres. Not enough land to be self sustained, tied to a corrupt electrical grid, corrupted water and the works. Most can't afford to move to rural areas if they wanted to and if they do, they don't have the knowledge to become self sustaining.

    So when someone comes along with what appears to be the solution to it all you can't blame them for wanting it. It low hanging fruit and the people are hungry.

    Where are we. We found out the scam, we know how to disengage peacefully, but where do we go from here, what's the plan?

    I have a question. How many people are working at jobs that are producing or related to things we don't need?

    1. Dan,
      Until enough people correct their status, form the jural assemblies and start self giverning it will be a diffivult road. Many are not up to it because of the cognative dissonance and they are weak and comfortable in their servitude.I am not.
      Come join our group. We had a meeting last night just to feel out where the few of us were...thankfully on the same page.
      I invite all to discuss how they are doing with the process , their sucesses and failures. We can do this with each others help. Many of you have no idea who I am or how I got here..I am not unknown . Anna has personally and publically answered some of my questions over the past few years in articles she has written. " For Kevin.." go back and read them...yes its taken me some time to get here and here I am.
      I promised to help others when asked with what little I have . I will do my best. We need to get on with it and stop discussing it.
      Anyone with knowledge or experience is urged to come and help us all get it done...urgency is the word . I am going out on a limb here and will publically leave contact info . Be respectful and this is not an invitation to any government agency or employee to mine data or permission to use my name or information for surviellance. Notice to agent isnotice to principal, notice to principle is notice to agent. I reserve my rights in entirety.

      You will need to download " Zoom" , its encrypted and allegedly " safe and secure".

      CM Kevin Cote'

    2. Yes, Leland, Mary and Joseph wanted a room but there was no room in the inn. I think it would be fair to also have legitimate brothels too, it may reduce rape crimes.

      Lets see, don't need 800,000 on furlough, how many at IRS?, licence offices for drivers, cars, fishing,electricians, beauticians, plumbers,carpenters,meter maids, lawyers, accountants, 5G staff, NASA, Monsanto, Bayer, most Military Industrial Complex Arms Mfg, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, MSM, Universities, Public Schools, Law Enforcement Officers, 90% of prison staff, 50% automotive related by removing planned obsolescence, 50% oil industry, 50% forest products industry, 50% tool mfg removing planned obsolescence, 50% smart phones(kids won't need them)90% of laundry products 50% clothing industry, and more.

      Lets re-train them, but in what? Free energy device mfg & installers, gardening, animal husbandry, healthy water purification systems, community woodworking training and shops, community metal working training and shops, community tool libraries, holistic medical centres and staff, farming, soil rehab, sport injury centres, firearm training centres to name a few.

      Now there's an idea for a website. Re-defining lifestyles.

    3. πŸ˜…πŸ”₯♭♯πŸ‘€

  6. 1 freeman, i would like to know about the passport that you are referring to, and how to go about getting that one. email--
    I would very mush appreciate you guidance and knowledge. Thank you in advance.

  7. That passport is invaluable...You do need to turn in your Regular US passport if you have one, because you are only allowed one passport, and that one is different...
    But it couldn't be better timing with employees being pissed at the "shutdown" and no checks...!!
    Just remember to pay extra for the "expidited" return....all said I think it cost around $300- $400...!! But it's worth it and our govt and its employees are trained to recognize this passport as almost "diplomatic"...!! And it protects you abroad as well in an any U.S. embassy...!! I've seen testimonies from all kinds of different sites praising the power of this passport...!!

    You can go here that explains it fairly well, but read the comments because they are helpful...!!

    That will at least get you started...!!

    The only reason to deny it is because it has to be filled out properly....youll know what I'm talking about when you read the site...!!

  8. The cost of my passport was $251.79

    Pasport book and Card $140 Expiditing fee $60 First time application fee $35 Fee to send everything back priority mail $15.59 Postal Money Order $1.20

    Application date 12/26/18. Book in hand 1/4/19 Card in hand 1/6/19.

    Each box US CITIZEN mark No. Don't use Zip codes.

    Listen to YouTube video "How to get on the Do not detain list" YousefL, also, which is referenced in this video. This video brought together 2 years of research for me and for those of us who are financially unable to take citizenship classes for $400 or the cost of over $1000 for somebody else to to it for you. US CITIZENSHIP comes with a huge amount of obligations. The majority of us were never US CITIZENS. Correct the record. Passport does tie into all their systems.

    Anna is correct, we run a DECEDENT ESTATE for them our whole lives and they walk away with everything because we gave it to them. Stop running their DECEDENT ESTATE and be Re-born Alive. Let them know an error has occured, and fix it. No matter what you believe in [Religion] and it would be great for some Messiah to come fix it for us, but bottom line People it comes right down to us knowing who we are. LEGAL FICTIONLAND is a creation of the mind. So how can someone's creation tell Creators how to live their lives? Stop playing in LEGAL FICTIONLAND. DEAD ENTITIES, US CITIZENS have no rights. If we had never given them our stuff and energy by "registration" from birth to the grave we wouldn't have this problem. It is not easy to get out and get your stuff back but to me I don't want to expend one more bit of energy to allow them to hurt others. Here is where your freedom of religion comes in. Be morally opposed!

    1. Annie, I checked out coppermoonshinestills and the video which is the based on the same, and though it is great background information, the one item that is glaringly missing from his process is the ES (Explanatory Statement). The ES is your opportunity to document your declaration and determination of your NCSN status, a copy of which will then be included in your certified copy. The DS-11 alone does not declare any NCSN status and could be argued against in court where the ES leaves no doubt.

    2. annie and 1freeman you are always breaths of fresh air when i see your posts. thank you for giving these people some accurate, formal advice and i say formal is very different from informal processes which dont work contrary to what most imply on this site and others; and yes, the explanatory statement is imperative not only for the passport but ALL things that you for thought for ALL contracts that you did improperly. peace & love

    3. 1FreeMan.... Can you email me a copy of your "Explanatory Statement" to ??? Thank you!

    4. Hey Native American, you will need more than that. You need to know exactly how to complete the DS-11, what items to strike through and what items to add to the app, what support docs to include, how to handle the interview at the post office when they question you on why you are including an ES, why you are not just renewing your passport, demand that you take their oath and not yours (just happened to someone today), try to cross out information on your app, how to overcome their demand to sign in black ink only, how to handle the follow up demand for SSN, etc. In short you either need to study or get some guidance. With all I know, I was ready to submit my DS-11 with 12 attachments which would have just totally muddied the waters and completely messed up my application. Before they started doing passport assistance, my LLF lawyer recommended I use the process at and I made the investment and am so glad I did. I would recommend you do it right. You only get one shot at this to do it right. Someone I loaned my ES to last year (which is out of date now), complained to me that they refused to issue his passport and would not refund his money. I have no clue what he did wrong but he would not listen and thought he knew it better. He was pennywise and pound foolish and is now stuck w/o a passport and still refuses to spend a dime on education or guidance. I will send you an email if you would like to discuss further offline and LLF contact info if you would like some professional guidance.

    5. Here is an example of the letter you could receive if you do not do the process correct:

  9. Earth Catastrophe Cycle | The Oceans prt.12
    Earths cycle. Could it be that it is not manmade, that it is simply Yah's Cycle, the way He designed the world and the universe?
    Interesting logo of Appollo (sun god) mission to the moon at the end of video.
    Stop fearing man, including the man behind the curtain.

  10. So let me get this straight your're paying out your hard earned monopoly money to record and or get issued things when Anna herself says
    "That a Federal Reserve (Promissory) Note--- an I.O.U. -- actually doesn't pay anyone for anything."
    Until we boot up our own treasury and start printing our own money then we are still playing in their playground
    Just my opinion
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  11. 1Freeman... Again thank you for past information. I am submitting my "new" passport application with explanatory statement. Destinationfreedom is sending it to me (fees after class was $950.00 even though advertisement is $1500. Also, thanks for your info on blog on authenticated birth certificate with submission... did not know that.....

    Question... Who is LLF you mention will do it for less...

    Also, can you point me in any direction on land research is giving me mixed information regarding effectiveness regarding payment of property taxes and subsequent foreclosure actions for non-payment. Thank you.

    1. Hey Richard. LLF is Anna's Living Law Firm. If you post your email, I will send you contact info. Didn't realize they upped the price to $1500 for personal service. Rates for the classes apparently have not changed. I know LLF rates are much less for personal service. Re: Land patents, LLF can help you with that too but I would not put all my hopes in them by themselves since no foreclosure court wants to recognize them. Combine it with your NCSN passport and now you've got something to go talk to the sheriff about. When the sheriff swipes your card and is told by the FBI/NCIC database to leave you alone, then how can he evict you?

    2. Richard, just seems to me like a hell of a lot of money for a Passport, I don't care what it does for a person; there is not $950 work or expense involved in it, for them. Also IMO $400 to learn how to fill out papers seems outrageous. But then, Im a real cheapskate and very aware that everybody is so money hungry and greedy, they 'steal' every chance they get.

    3. Abby, someone wants to retire early. It is a service and people can opt in or not.

    4. Abby, that's nothing. Do you realize how much people are spending on getting an offshore passport? This is an investment and a very inexpensive one at that. I already made my money back by not getting a speeding ticket.

    5. 1Freeman..... I was not aware Anna's Living Law Firm was doing private work for individuals. I do remember Anna talking about use of your authenticated birth certificate with proper postage stamp as a passport.

      DF advertises $1500.00 but in his last two introductory classes December and January, right after the class completion, he offered the discount to $950.00. Maybe, it is a marketing method to make you feel better. I wanted to see the process and he has changed it to 1 step not a 2 step process.

      Regarding the land patent, it was my impression the real estate could be listed as Private Property, therefore off the public rolls for taxation purposes. However, there have been court cases where foreclosure proceeded to take the property. But you do not know how well the parties did the land patent process. Thanks for info.

      My email is

    6. Abby.... I agree $950 or $800 is a lot to pay for paperwork, if it is only paperwork. However, once a piano repairman told me he was paid serious money for 5 minutes of work not because of time, but because he knew where to strike the problem to fix the piano.

      If you have been in business for yourself, as a professional as I have been and create a work product based upon education, time and experience for the public it is not greed. Every consumer makes there own decision to pay or walk. In my case with the passport it was the only source i knew of when I made the decision. Also, it is what the political status obtains for you which is the value for me, especially regarding future taxation and I am of the thought, I don't like being bilked by the "governments" for all my past years. As stated in another of my posts, filling out Anna's paperwork and obtaining this Passport should make you "Bullet Proof" without all the talking regarding status.

    7. Richard, yes they do for almost 2 years now. He is probably discounting it because you also paid for the classes. Unfortunately we are dealing with criminals who do not recognize the LP. Same problem with foreclosures where they simply do not recognize the fraud even when you rub their nose in it.

    8. The FBI NCIC database includes 21 files (seven property files and 14 person files).
      Article File: Records on stolen articles and lost public safety, homeland security, and critical infrastructure identification.
      Gun File: Records on stolen, lost, and recovered weapons and weapons used in the commission of crimes that are designated to expel a projectile by air, carbon dioxide, or explosive action.
      Boat File: Records on stolen boats.
      Securities File: Records on serially numbered stolen, embezzled, used for ransom, or counterfeit securities.
      Vehicle File: Records on stolen vehicles, vehicles involved in the commission of crimes, or vehicles that may be seized based on federally issued court order.
      Vehicle and Boat Parts File: Records on serially numbered stolen vehicle or boat parts.
      License Plate File: Records on stolen license plates.
      Missing Persons File: Records on individuals, including children, who have been reported missing to law enforcement and there is a reasonable concern for their safety.
      Foreign Fugitive File: Records on persons wanted by another country for a crime that would be a felony if it were committed in the United States.
      Identity Theft File: Records containing descriptive and other information that law enforcement personnel can use to determine if an individual is a victim of identity theft of if the individual might be using a false identity.
      Immigration Violator File: Records on criminal aliens whom immigration authorities have deported and aliens with outstanding administrative warrants of removal.
      Protection Order File: Records on individuals against whom protection orders have been issued.
      Supervised Release File: Records on individuals on probation, parole, or supervised release or released on their own recognizance or during pre-trial sentencing.
      Unidentified Persons File: Records on unidentified deceased persons, living persons who are unable to verify their identities, unidentified victims of catastrophes, and recovered body parts. The file cross-references unidentified bodies against records in the Missing Persons File.
      Protective Interest: Records on individuals who might pose a threat to the physical safety of protectees or their immediate families. Expands on the the U.S. Secret Service Protective File, originally created in 1983.
      Gang File: Records on violent gangs and their members.
      Known or Appropriately Suspected Terrorist File: Records on known or appropriately suspected terrorists in accordance with HSPD-6.
      Wanted Persons File: Records on individuals (including juveniles who will be tried as adults) for whom a federal warrant or a felony or misdemeanor warrant is outstanding.
      National Sex Offender Registry File: Records on individuals who are required to register in a jurisdiction’s sex offender registry.
      National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) Denied Transaction File: Records on individuals who have been determined to be “prohibited persons” according to the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act and were denied as a result of a NICS background check. (As of August 2012, records include last six months of denied transactions; in the future, records will include all denials.)
      Violent Person File: Once fully populated with data from our users, this file will contain records of persons with a violent criminal history and persons who have previously threatened law enforcement.

    9. 1FreeMan, to You it is nothing; to me its a hell of a lot of money, and I call it gouging. I believe one should charge a fair price, but not make one customer make their Rolls Royce payment for the month !

    10. Abby, how much have paid in traffic violations, taxes and other items you would not have had to pay If you had had this passport? Also didn't realize you had a Rolls Royce! Just kidding.

  12. Not sure if this means anything but on one of the episodes of the Kardashians the mother brought the placenta home from the hospital and cooked it up for her and her family to eat? Again it is tell lie vision so take it for what it's worth
    On a another note I know of someone who was put in jail and before she could be released from jail they required that she present her birth certificate? Have a look at this video about the court system and the scam they have running there making billions of dollars doing it to
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  13. While we are on the subject of fairy tales.....Here's mine:
    When I was child I believed in Santa Claus...and, when I died, I would go to heaven to live along side God. Then a few years later My belief in Santa Claus vanished into thin air ( it's impossible for Santa Claus to deliver all those presents all over the world in just one night))....and my belief in God was shattered by my atheist friend in high school. Now that I have a child, she turns 16 tomorrow, I found out that I am Santa Claus and I now believe I've buried all those myths and fairy tales AND I'm living in Heaven along side God now.

  14. And from what I understand the prisons are for profit corporations too and they are using the people they have falsely put there for prison slave labor - last I read over 6 million people in prison system across The United States
    Just my thoughts but I think maybe they consider themselves illuminated because they are the so called blood line families and they know about the birth certificate/placenta stealing and they are not part of the matrix from the start because of that knowledge?
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  15. Anne Mcshane.... Thank you for your information. So... you received your passport and card as state Citizen in under 2 weeks.... unbelievable !!

    Question.... did you file an "Explanatory Statement" with this application?? If so, where did you obtain the detailed information for it... the reason I ask is, I reviewed the website, "coppermoonshinestills" a long time ago and it mentioned the statement, but I do not remember any instructions on details.

    Thank in advance for your response...

    1. Richard, I just checked the site again and he does not even talk about an ES.
      PS: He also states to just put your SSN on the application. DON'T! You should simply put dashes and have them follow up with you for it. When they send you a follow up letter that you forgot to provide your SSN, type "Provided in the attached Explanatory Statement" on their form and add another ES on which you place the SSN in a red box stating "SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER FOR JOHN HENRY DOE: 123-45-6789" which disclaimers that you are not required to provide it and that it is not your number but belongs to SSA, etc. This way you are providing what they are asking for but since it is in a box, it does not legally appear on the page. If you are in a real hurry to get your passport, then place the SSN in brackets on the DS-11 if you must, like this: [123-45-6789] and make sure the brackets are in the white boxes and not outside on the gold color.

    2. 1Freeman....Well it must have been on another site, I have looked at many.
      DestinationFreedom is sending me my paperwork to submit to the postal authorities. Attached, is a very comprehensive statement with legal citations (10 pages) containing the Social Security Number with disclaimers regarding the number. We are doing it in a one step process, foregoing a letter from them, Gronski's suggestion.

      However, thanks for the info because I will be submitting an application for my sister and possibly other interested parties. BTW, did you submit only a very brief explanatory statement as stated above ??

      Do you have any information regarding a title patent ??


    3. Richard, if you are going to add the SSN, do it in brackets like this: [123-45-6789] and make sure the brackets are on the white spaces. Should shave a week off of your processing time. I did the full ES Christopher uses and the 2 step process. If you post your email I will send you info on the Land Patent.

    4. Update & correction: just got word from the source that the process at is not adding the SSN on the DS-11 (as I suggested above) but rather including it in the ES for the reason that it will make sure the Explanatory Statement gets into the record because they have to write on the DS-11 where they got the SSN from. When added to the ES, you put it in a box on the page so it does not appear legally.

    5. 1Freeman.... see my response above. Yes, that is the process I used and it is a 10 page explanatory statement with legal citations on much authority.

      Again, my email is

    6. Richard, just sent you an email on the Land Patent.

  16. 1FreeMan - I have just recently corrected my political status, still waiting for the green cards from Steven Mnuching and both Internal Revenues. I am very interested in all the info above and this is something I need to do. However, right now my clients are wanting me to fill out W9's and I have to resubmit W9's and in some cases W2's and I can't find anything specific to these forms on Anna's site. I was going to put my SS # without hyphens and asterisks on both sides, but now I am thinking maybe use the brackets? Idk, I was wondering if you are willing and able to help me with this. They are pressing me to submit these but I want to do it right and not get sucked back into this system. I didn't dare check the box individual, sole proprietor for fear that might mean something I am not aware of. I checked "other" and put - Not a withholding agent, not a federal employee, not a federal citizen. ?? Not sure about that. Anyway, if you or anyone on this thread is willing to help me I would so appreciate it. My email is Thank you in advance! ;)

    All comments made without prejudice, all rights reserved.

    1. *are willing to help me - correction.

    2. Mobrien, so give them what they want but just don't sign it. Check in box 3 Other and write: non-resident alien. If you read the W-9 carefully, it says "...generally, payments other than interest and dividends, you are not required to sign the certification". It they balk and say that you have to sign it, ask them to show you where it says that on the form.

    3. The alternative to W-2 is W-8.

  17. One of my sons the doctor was agreeable to a natural child birth, back in the 70s, a small town. Nice private room and left us alone with midwives two of us and myself. We also took the placenta home planning to eat it but not sure we did. Does not mean that the hospital even at that time was not taking a sample or dab of the placenta. Trying to recall about when military took all or DNA and put a dab on a paper to file away. Right around 1997 or so it seems. Anyone got a good source for doctor rules and laws, practices and the stuff they use to fill out the forms like the birth ones? I used to have a "Federal" judge bench book. Things like how to get people to give up their rights was an entire section of techniques for instance..