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Monday, January 28, 2019

A Big Thank You!

By Anna Von Reitz

I just want to say a huge thank you to all those Americans who are taking the time and making the effort to reclaim their own birthright political status and who are booting up their State and County Jural Assemblies all across the country. 

It appears that just seeing the sample Mission Statement kicked off a lot of worthwhile discussion and inspired thinking. 

It's true that the State Jural Assemblies have a lot to do and a lot to organize, but with a clear view of what needs to be done and an equally clear view of both the blessings to be secured and the losses if we fail, I am confident that the ranks will continue to swell as more and more Americans "come home". 

One of the greatest and earliest achievements you can all claim with your fledgling efforts is that with the establishment of State Jural Assemblies in every State, the Public and Organic Law of this country can be accessed again. 

Very soon you will see the cracks and chinks appearing in the corporate tribunals masquerading as our Courts and a change in the attitude of all the politicians ---why? 

Because of you. 

The American Public is hoving into view for the first time in many decades. We are well-armed with a correct knowledge of our country's history and the pathway is clear before us. 

Form up our Jural Assemblies and hold our elections, continue the education and outreach, reconstruct our Federal State of States, and when we are ready, call a Continental Congress of the Land Jurisdiction States to take care of our long overdue business. 

Of course,  we will face scorn from clueless people and from those who have benefited from our purported "absence"--- but even now, the back of the Beast is breaking as a result of your efforts. 

No longer can the politicians pretend to "represent" us. No longer can the private courts ignore the Public Law. 

At last the outrageous practices and lies that have kept this "System" going are exposed and a fresh breeze is blowing. 

Wise as serpents, gentle as doves, and if I may, grouchy as bears and stubborn as oxen, the Americans are coming home and viewing the wreck our unfaithful employees have made of things. 

It will take a little time for the word to spread and the walls of corruption to tumble, but you are shining a very bright light in the darkness, by realizing who you are as an American and taking back the powers and assets owed to you and your State.

I am deeply grateful to all of you and for all of you, because your support for your State Jural Assembly and your action to reclaim your own Good Name and estate spells the doom of the evils that have dominated our country and our world for generations.  

You are the housecleaning crew, the proof that we can and will set our house in order, that we will sail our Ship of State, and we will do this peacefully, intelligently, and with resolve. 

I have had a couple important questions. 

How does the fact that many of the Western States were never actually enrolled in the Federation of States affect them? 

The moment your State Jural Assembly starts to operate the doors start to swing open-- prison doors and other doors of all kinds. The "State of State" can no longer claim control of your State Trust; in fact, the State Trust must be dissolved and all the land and resources including all the land titles must be returned to the people of your State. Please be aware that although those "titles" are now useless as old broken hand-cuffs, their release sets you free. 

Open up your Recorder's Office so that people have a trustworthy place to record their ownership interests. Charge a reasonable fee for the service and you are on your way.

When you hold your State Jural Assembly Elections include a Ballot Question and approve proxy representation by The United States of America (the actual unincorporated version) so that the full weight and power of your sister States supports your efforts to organize and protects your claims internationally. 

Work hard at organizing and running your State Jural Assembly and educating yourselves ---and hasten the day when a true Continental Congress of State Deputies graces our soil again and your State is finally enrolled as a full member of the Federation of States, no longer in any way subject to Territorial United States interference. 

Until that day expect that the Territorial Branch of the Federal Government will continue to insist on managing so-called "Federal Lands" on a care-taking basis, howbeit, with a much greater respect for local people and their needs and a more circumspect view of their actual role as caretakers instead of landlords. 

What is the status of American Indians in all of this? 

In 2015, we established a Declaration of Joint Sovereignty that allows everyone equal access to the land and soil they are born on, so Native Americans can "come home" too, just like all the rest of us.  They can choose to live as State Nationals or serve as State Citizens like anyone else, too. And of course, they retain their Tribal identity and rights and assets, also. 

What about African Americans? 

We have been researching hard on this topic and found evidence that all "Negro, Mulatto, and Colored People" actually were set free after the Civil War and for a brief time enjoyed the same rights and political status as everyone else before being entrapped by the "conferred U.S. Citizenship" scheme that was eventually expanded and mechanized to enslave practically everyone as Public instead of private property. 

That is, we all started out as free men and women in 1865, and Colored People were simply the first victims of this outrageous fraud scheme seeking to redefine us all as "U.S. Citizens". 

That being so and as you all value your own freedom and stand as victims of the same crimes, I would suggest that the State Jural Assemblies simply add a Ballot Question to officially welcome people of all colors, races, ethnicity, and religions as State Jural Assembly Members. 

We need to stand together on this and we need the help of every able-bodied American. As we have all suffered together it's high time we all learned to help and support each other and claim back the rights and property of all Americans. 

Can people born in one of the Western States that were never enrolled claim their basic State National status through a parent, like children born to Americans abroad? 

Yes!  And the access to the State Trust goes back three generations -- so if, for example, your family has been living in Nevada for three generations, you can establish your American nationality through even one Great-Grandparent who was born or Naturalized in one of the States that were States prior to 1860.  This is called being "grandfathered in."   

In a few rare cases it may be necessary to wait until your State is formally enrolled and declare your permanent domicile as all our immigrant ancestors did--by having established a home for at least a year and living "peaceably" without committing any felonies and independently without Public Assistance -- and running three small ads in the local paper declaring your intention to make -- for example, Nevada, your permanent home. 

There are still some sneering Federales swaggering around and there are still some terribly ignorant people who haven't heard the news or understood the message, but what you are doing with your State Jural Assembly is restoring our country and our rightful government. 

The Public and Organic Law is back in effect because of you. God bless every single one of you for making that happen. 


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  1. And God Bless you Anna and your Husband Anna for making the way possible for all of us. Through all you selfless efforts to save the real America and for the people--- you have been in the eye of the hurricane , attacked by unimaginable forces unseen- but through it all you stayed the course when many would have given up. On behalf of myself and if I may speak for "the people" of this great Country we send out a Major Thank You to You dear lady. WE Are behind you 100% and together we shall continue to be Triumphant..... We will not stand down EVER until The Mission Is Accomplished! God Bless You and Thank you again. Tiffany

  2. Even though we are changing our political status and over time we accumulate more numbers to establish the County and State Jural Assemblies, Anna could you please explain the relationship between purpose of state militias and the territorial united states military.

    Since we have read about all the corruption in the military, what was the founding father's intentions on state nationals defending themselves, their property against aggression (bad actors) of the territorial military on our own land and soil?? In other words, the message seems to be... it will work itself out over time..

    Also, as was just suggested by a poster in most recent comment in your blog post, can the Jural Assemblies take legal action en masse either at the county level or state level against the "crooks", judges, prosecuting attorneys, clerk of court etc to expedite the cleansing of the system. Just listened to Mark Levin discussing the corruption in their own federal system by Wiseman, one of Muellers attack dogs and their inability to obtain their own rule of law from their own federal judges to reign him in... NO ACCOUNTABILITY...

    Also, I would like Anna to discuss the most recent youtube videos of "Tank" and his attorney from "Project Speak" discussing the monetary reset. From this information Trump and their organization is ready to begin handing funds to worthy groups and causes... ???????????

    1. Richard I agree with your final statement I have commented elsewhere recently about this development. Anna has spoken about the Manna World Holding Trust previously, and I too would be interested in what she might know about this recent release of information from Tank??? What is a Tank and why do we need one? You mentioned Trump, they are saying that the Kim the purported trustee of the MWHT has or will release around $800M in bridge financing to the government. So knowing what we know and if it is true, the government that Trump is the CEO of is a bankrupt former government services corporation according to Anna. No reason to dispute that thus far she has been saying that for years and so are others. So if the Jural Assemblies which are the legitimate dejure form of unincorporated government are not receiving this financing then MWHT is complicit in attempting to finance a reboot of the corporation? This MWHT with this Tank fellow sending out videos from his car, or an undisclosed apartment somewhere is looking mighty sketchy. I noticed that they are publishing more frequently and with more apparent insider information than Anna typically does. Anna tends to blog about responses to certain situations that come across her table without actually providing any contextual background for where the info she is responding to came from, which does annoy many people, it's like being told the punchline but not the joke.

    2. BTW good post overall Richard, one more thing. Winston Shrout used to scoff at the idea of the "rule of law" that we toss around all the time. His argument is that since everything is in commerce and contract, the only rule of law is that which provides remedy for breach of contract. The rule of law therefore can only be some of the 80 Million statutes from the defacto government. In the real world Neo, there can only be one law. Do whatever you want on this earth and if there is no injured party or property damage then nothing happened, so move along folks nothing to see here. We can see that it is devastatingly simple. But that doesn't make money thus commerce with its millions of statutes is more likely to find a rule-breaker somewhere. And no...a statute cannot be an injured party as some retarded cops are stupid enough to try to promote, that is a legal fiction, there must be a real flesh and blood man or woman, maybe some assorted animals.

    3. Will Smith, Anna's site has the contextual background information supporting her posts. She shouldn't have to repeat it every time or she would never get a post done.

      Try researching harder instead of bickering.

    4. Dan, easy there tiger not bickering NOR was I intending to be critical where it is unwarranted. I am new to posting here after lurking for a LONG time. I find Anna's information very easy to understand and this blog is my go-to source every day for her historical insight and information with regard to the truth. I am a big fan of Anna so if you will relax and put your gun down I also recognize your input here is very high quality and responsive. We are all in this together man. I just didn't explain what I meant very well, however no disrespect to Anna or the community. Having said that I am also not a blushing bride and will speak my mind fiercely with regard to issues that I feel strongly about that speak to the issues surrounding the cause of the trouble that mankind is currently experiencing. I just want the truth and the whole truth and I am sure you do too. That said, this isn't a popularity contest either, you don't have to like me or what I have to say. It is easy to say things that don't turn out in writing quite as intended. But it will be respectful and I am certainly not about to shoot the messenger.

    5. Actually, Anna leaves out a lot of necessary details; such as, encouraging the People then to elect their own Officials, such as Sheriff etc. but nothing said about how any of these people are to be paid, no job description, and job requirements, and nothing mentioned about any of that. Just ''go do it''. And that is very insufficient to say such a thing. Yet, notice that nobody asks questions.
      Another important aspect has been omitted, and that is - - set up your own Systems, such as Courts, but nothing mentioned about what happens to what is already in existence? And what about traffic tickets handed out, which say ''you are to appear in xyz court at 9 a.m. thursday morning''. And its THEIR court system which is not going to go away. Then just how do you ignore that, and utilize ''the peoples own new courts''?
      See, sorry , but there are just a lot of gaps, and those are not addressed.

  3. There are many "movements" and people with opinions on how to gain their "freedom".....I have read all of Anna's explanations on those parties who found themselves opposite the territorial federal authorities.... it seems to me, they did not follow completely the advice given..... some people are unwilling or are unable to follow instructions, you see this everyday. Unless Anna is blogging from a prison cell.... her guidance seems to be working.

    I, myself believe if you obtain a proper State Citizen passport and file all the documents and guidance this blog has suggested, your individual "problems" will be in the past. The Passport and Card issued by the Corporate State Department of United States is their "governments" highest authority stating and classifying WHO YOU ARE.... if this is not your cup of tea.... don't do it !!

    1. How does one obtain a State Citizen passport? I can't find that info anywhere.

    2. Buzzy, check the comments on this post:

  4. I want to know exactly what qualifications the "jural assembles " are going to use as a requirement to be Sherriff, because the one thing we don't want are for people in the Corp endoctromented system to be hired as the new Sherriffs...!! I think I more than qualify and I want the position...the first thing I'm going to do is arrest the Sheriff here in my town for not talking a report on a fraud case....hes going to jail as an example to what will happen to all law enforcement that FRAUD is never is always criminal, no two ways about it, and they damn well better arrest anyone I say to arrest or all of them are going to wind up in jail...we are ready to fill the jails with people we thought we could TRUST....!!
    Tell you "jural assembles" that we want normal people who have no Corp training to be other words all the requirement should be is that he understands the constitution and the history of what happened to our "continental congress"...!! And that's all...!! The only thing the Sheriff has to know is if there is a real man or woman that has been injured...but if not, then there is no crime....period...!! Furthermore, if people complain about someone with the intent of police arresting them, then the person who called has to be arrested for trying to commit fraud on the victim....its no longer going to be a free pass to use 911 on people..the persoperson calling has to identify himself completely, with an address and told that if you complain about someone, you too have to be arrested until things can be settled out in court about what really happened....!! Let's see how many people want to call 911 then...!!

    1. While there may be a national guideline, it is my understanding that each Jural Assembly will determine their own qualifications. Anna has stated that a U.S. Citizen is not eligible to become a member of any Jural Assembly, so that will eliminate the current corp sheriffs unless they re-claim their status. The National Assembly should have the Common law articles that will provide the Public Law. Go there.

  5. Thanks Anna, you're awesome. Do you have a list state by state of good people we can connect with and join with in this effort?
    Thanks Scott and Tammy

    1. Paul Stramer has left a new comment on the post "Dear Mr. Trump - January 27, 2019":


      The National Assembly Thursday night conference call is at nine o'clock p.m., EST, 1-712-770-4160, access code 226823#. First hour is assembly roll call and business. The second hour is general chat and education.

      For those who have not participated in your county and state assembly but want to participate please send an email to with your state in the subject line. You will be connected with your state coordinator.

      The national assembly has a full website and forums packed with history and information. You are welcome to register and participate.

      National Assembly Website:
      National Assembly Forums:
      DeFacto to DeJure handbook:

      The old website and the hotline phone number are now obsolete and no longer used. The Michigan General Jural Assembly created and supported the national level assembly website and conference call for the people to return to self governing.

      Post a comment.

      Unsubscribe to comments on this post.

      Posted by Paul Stramer to Paul Stramer - Lincoln County Watch at January 28, 2019 at 10:32 AM

    2. Paul, perhaps the following as part of a sub-header on Anna's posts would prove helpful instead of repeating this every time someone asks. i haven't toyed with blogspot enough yet, you might need two themes. I know they are on Anna's site.

      National Assembly Website:
      National Assembly Forums:
      DeFacto to DeJure handbook:

      send an email to with your state in the subject line to be connected with your state coordinator.

      Reclaim your status forms are here:

      #928. Basic Package of Editable Forms

  6. So, Richard, and what exactly have you done for anyone?

  7. From Anna:

    I have done it all for everyone in this country, even ingrates like you.

    The core members of The Living Law Firm served Notice and left U.S. Citizen and Taxpayer status in 1998.

    We did not "re-contract" into the Successor "implied" contract and so preserved the absolute standing of our claims to our own assets and the claims we put in place in behalf of the individual States and The United States of America as a whole.

    Each one of us chose a position to ensure that there were living people securing the rights of each kind of state interest-- the original States (13) are in a different status than the States created under the Northwest Ordinance up to 1860, which are in a different status from those created but not enrolled in the Federation after the Civil War and finally, those States Trusts that contain the remaining assets of the Federal States of States.

    Our small group was able to cover all these different status States.

    I am one of those covering both the Alaska State Trust and the group of States formed under the Northwest Ordinance which keeps me plenty busy.

    If you want to know what I have done specifically for Alaska -- I have pretty much single-handedly prevented the Queen from selling off her "Tribute Gold" interests in Alaska to the Chinese, which bulwarks our country's ability to secure its own mineral resources and our access to gold-- which may be very important if the rest of the world goes to a gold standard.

    I have also pretty much alone and unaided successfully rebutted Russian claims that the Alaskan Land Jurisdiction was vacated except for the holdings of the Russian Orthodox Church, and so, according to them, Alaska should revert to Russian ownership. They couldn't fly that unrebutted because of me and the fact that my Land claims were already recorded and cured with standing favoring the Alaska State and People. Because of me and also Michael Young and others and the agreements we have in place between us there is no way for the weasels to claim that Alaska's land jurisdiction is "vacated".

    I also claimed the assets of the Alaska Permanent Fund for Alaska and Alaskans. Strange but true, if you take the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend offered by the "State of Alaska" each year, you give up your claim to the fund assets in presumed "equitable exchange" for a small kickback of interest from the fund's earnings.

    So I and my family have foregone the several thousands of dollars we would otherwise receive as "Dividends" each year in order to secure the Alaska Permanent Fund and its assets in behalf of our state and its People.

    I am sure that if I thought about it I could come up with "more" that I have done for Alaska --and the rest of the country, which would have suffered real losses if Alaska's minerals were sold off to the Chinese or the Russians had succeeded in their claims--- but all things considered, I think I have done my share.

    How about you, Richard?

    What have you done for your State?