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Monday, January 28, 2019

What Have You Done For Your State?

By Anna Von Reitz

From RS:

Anna said, to give huge thanks to all those Americans who are taking the time and making the effort to reclaim their own birthright political status and who are booting up their State and County Jural Assemblies all across the country. 

What she is not telling you is they are leaving her delusional thinking that has put so many in jail. Then always saying they didn't do exactly what she told them. All of a sudden they are all stupid people.

What has she done for the people in her own state after how many years of claiming she knows all.. 


I have done it all for everyone in this country, even ingrates like you.

The core members of The Living Law Firm served Notice and left U.S. Citizen and Taxpayer status in 1998. 

We did not "re-contract" into the Successor "implied" contract and so preserved the absolute standing of our claims to our own assets and the claims we put in place in behalf of the individual States and The United States of America as a whole. 

Each one of us chose a position to ensure that there were living people securing the rights of each kind of state interest-- the original States (13) are in a different status than the States created under the Northwest Ordinance up to 1860, which are in a different status from those created but not enrolled in the Federation after the Civil War and finally, those States Trusts that contain the remaining assets of the Federal States of States.  

Our small group was able to cover all these different status States. 

I am one of those covering both the Alaska State Trust and the group of States formed under the Northwest Ordinance which keeps me plenty busy. 

If you want to know what I have done specifically for Alaska -- I have pretty much single-handedly prevented the Queen from selling off her "Tribute Gold" interests in Alaska to the Chinese, which bulwarks our country's ability to secure its own mineral resources and our access to gold-- which may be very important if the rest of the world goes to a gold standard. 

I have also pretty much alone and unaided successfully rebutted Russian claims that the Alaskan Land Jurisdiction was vacated except for the holdings of the Russian Orthodox Church, and so, according to them, Alaska should revert to Russian ownership.  They couldn't fly that unrebutted because of me and the fact that my  Land claims were already recorded and cured with standing favoring the Alaska State and People.  Because of me and also Michael Young and others and the agreements we have in place between us there is no way for the weasels to claim that Alaska's land jurisdiction is "vacated". 

I also claimed the assets of the Alaska Permanent Fund for Alaska and Alaskans. Strange but true, if you take the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend offered by the "State of Alaska" each year, you give up your claim to the fund assets in presumed "equitable exchange" for a small kickback of interest from the fund's earnings.

So I and my family have foregone the several thousands of dollars we would otherwise receive as "Dividends" each year in order to secure the Alaska Permanent Fund and its assets in behalf of our state and its People. 

I am sure that if I thought about it I could come up with "more" that I have done for Alaska --and the rest of the country, which would have suffered real losses if Alaska's minerals were sold off to the Chinese or the Russians had succeeded in their claims--- but all things considered, I think I have done my share. 

How about you, Richard? 

What have you done for your State?


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  1. Richard must be related to Abby, Ucadia and some " unknowns". They are chronic complainers and fun suckers. They are always negative and generally full of crap.
    I suppose they are necessary , someone will have to be the garbage man , the porta potty cleaner and the toxic waste remediation guy.
    Sorry Anna , me being a guy again .

    1. ๐ŸŽฏ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ’ฅ♬

    2. some of the time these 'negative commenters' are paid shills out to 'try' to discredit truthers no matter where/what/who it is !!!

    3. Thank you Patriot - The fiction known as ABBY is textbook did-info agent. UCADIA clearly the same...Frank O'Collins started collecting and working on the ideas that eventually became UCADIA. Not sure who UCADIA is on this blog but it is not Frank.

    4. I turned on my local noon day news, and boy are they ever NEGATIVE. Those ole Shills were saying some real negative stuff, and they were being PAID to say it, even ! How dare they. What were they saying? Well they were saying we are beginning a deep freeze, and temps going down to 30 below, even 40 below in some spots.
      Geesh, what ''negative PAID SHILLS'' talking that crap. They are probably from some 'agency''just sent out here to talk smack and spill 'garbage all over the place'' even across the country.

      And whats really 'funny' is all the area schools took all their ''NEGATIVE garbage'' as a WARNING and alerted all the public and the little kiddies that its too cold for them to go to school the next couple of days, and to stay home where its warm.
      Geesh, some took it so SERIOUSLY that they listed all the Warming Centers that will be opened, for those that may not have heat.

      Geesh, so much for NEGATIVITY, huh.

  2. Hopefully somebody from the national website is reading these comments. I sent out a message for a password reset last week. Nobody has responded. I’m sorry to say but the last Jural call I was on was a joke.
    That was the most unorganized, informal bantering of nonsense and interruption for two hours, so far. Individuals on their phones making noise, the head of the call not muting noisy phones, rude callers, etc.

    That was also before Destry was arrested.

    Maybe it is better now, I don’t really know.

    I was trying to access the forums and post but I cannot because I do not remember my password and nobody has responded to reset my password.

    1. You can read the forum post without registering.

      Did you try to re-register with a password you can remember or document on a note pad?

      I screenshot my logins and annotate the passwords and save as a picture in a login folder. I have too many email addresses and logins to remember them all. Some sites want 6digits, others 8, others more and the mix of characters changes. I backup the folder regularly to a thumb drive/memory stick in case the computer crashes.

  3. This work is good no doubt however addressing patriot58 do you know what a neocon is? Are you aware of who runs this country ? Then who did 9/11? Love to know your answer .

    1. Hey Bubbapatric, for more info on that, check out "Abel"...Field McConnell.

  4. Ya Ricky -- complaining like a baby who dropped his pacifier! You don't deserve the attention you are getting here numb nuts!@ " You can Lead a Man to Knowledge Wisdom and Truth but you cannot make him Think".

  5. I'll bet you 3 guys also cried a lot on your grade school playground, and just never stopped. You're worse than sissy little girls always imagining people are picking on you.
    Grow up, little boys.

  6. Good ideas. I did try to re-register but it says my email is already in use. I am waiting on a reset, but no response to my email I sent, since Thursday.

    I also have many multiple passwords and sites to remember.

  7. Dick and Abby are unable to inform by way of learning. They only know the way they grew up and live and that's a contentious lifestyle. Basically they are robotic idiots. Neither understand the illusion they are in. That's why u leave them standing right where they are standing in their own muck. Amen

    1. i have an idea Sean 'deal,
      Let us have a look at you.
      Sean dealJanuary 26, 2019 at 4:26 AM
      Abby, u must be some block head that has nothing better to do than be retarded. I don't know why Paul allows u too be on his site. For one u obviously know nothing about we're Christianity came from! Any debate with you would make me an oxymoron. I usually don't entertain idiots but say something and give me your address. I'm one them guys that knock on your door trust me. Go away stay away chump. I can be anywhere don't forget it.

    2. Yep, follower, the little boy named Sean deal even threatened my life in his post before this one, which Paul so wisely deleted. Sean not only caused the FBI to be invited into his life by doing that, plus he proves himself to be dangerous to society in general, and simultaneously digs himself a hotter place in the lake of fire. That is where his 'ultimate anywhere'' IS.

  8. Well I am VERY GRATEFUL for everything you have done for America Anna please pardon the Glossa. I am feeling very happy I canceled my voters registration first thing this morning!! I have sent off the FISA to Lamar county. Now to get the authenticated BC done.
    Looking forward to some help with it please. I just need a little guidance. Peace and Love most of all Truth sherry elizabeth

    1. Great start Skully, guidance is going to be reading 928 on Anna's sight:
      Study it and follow instructions till it is all done. Find your state Juarl Assembly and join while you are doing this. Others will be able to help as you helping them will give everyone more confidence. That was harder to come by a few years ago. We all have to be all in and helping each other as we go.Just keep up the good work. Learn who you are is the most important part that can not be stated enough. Start reading current post going back to the beginnings is best.

    2. I don't know why it publishes me as unknown i have signed in.

    3. Must be doing something wrong

    4. Unknown - Read in the comment section Comment as There is an arrow at the right of the name. click and it should give you options

    5. Again thanks for the help

  9. When anyone makes off point or inane comments in a serious discussion setting they are saying "Look at me...aren't I important to be insulting and slurring the host and serious guests."

    If someone has evidence to contradict what Anna is teaching they either offer it with an on point comment or hold their peace in respect to the forum. No one needs to give attention to people who disrespect the hosts efforts to teach a rather complicated and long overlooked subject.

    It is true there are many who offer shallow solutions for a profit called "Patriots for Profit", usually demanding hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy the scammers inside scoop, but the fact they charge high numbers up front gives them away as the scammers are.

    It seems to me that anyone with their heart in the right place in doing the hard work of re-constructing our lawful States will be offering their information freely, and asking for those who can donate to do so. Anna does this, making her work far more available and influential that someone charging a fee to enter their forum.

    Recovering the lost freedom Americans have been tricked into relinguishing is not a paying "job", it is a calling that rests by inspired appointment on the shoulders of a very rare few. And remember, it is very hazardous work to bring the truth forward in a world of Satan lovers, who do not even realize they carry on his evil works of darkness and destruction of peoples lives.

    Going as far as we can with Anna"s discoveries and remedies will soon enough demonstrate her degree of mastery and astuteness in knowing the subject matter.

    I say ignore the rude and impertinent voices who thoughtlessly butt themselves into a dialog with voices of criticism without solid evidence to support their dissenting voice. Otherwise their personality feeds off the dissention and negativism and students responding to that negative spirit.

    We need to promote harmony, assistance to one another, and to accomodate cooperation in getting organized into Jural Assemblies and assisting committed people to get themselves as knowledgeable and well prepared for what is ahead as we can.

    Respect and care in communicating underlie the likelihood of success. Rudeness and dissenters are spoilers of the accord we need to learn to govern ourselves without armed enforcers of foreign law at out elbows as things now are. Love and brotherhood with mutual respect for all earnest learners are critical to making steady progress to freedom.

    1. Good points. Make your case, knock of the childish antics. Some of you are still going to have to accept All of what Anna is spewing is not correct, and some of us are going to point this out.
      Can you take it?
      Anna, has told us repeatedly She is the One.
      God has set her on this mission, and yet we see who she gives credit too repeatedly."""" Answer:
      "I have done it all for everyone in this country, even ingrates like you."

      Do you see a problem? Do you see who gets the Credit" Do you see her use of words, her non stop name calling, all used to affect her and how she looks to her followers?
      Those who have been blessed by and with and 'hold on too the Holy Spirit of Mashiak (Christ) can not help but to see and call out problems as needed.
      Because of love, because of mission, because of Truth.

    2. From Anna:

      I was sent to straighten this mess out. Literally.

      It happened just as I stated.

      I was minding my own business, just counting all my blessings one afternoon and realized how truly blessed I have been.

      Looking back on it all I realized that there must have been a reason for it all, so in gratitude, I just said, okay, Lord, here I am. Whatever it is you want me to do, I will do.

      Three days later all this began and has been ongoing ever since.

      To date, I am the only living being on record to sue the Holy See to turn over Satan's kingdom (international jurisdiction of the sea) and present the Bill of Lading for it. You think that action was because I am arrogant and conceited? Or because my Master is OWED Satan's kingdom along with everything else?

      Looks to me like you are you looking in your own mirror and judging others by yourself.

      Satan still hasn't paid up for the bet he lost at Golgotha and his followers thought that nobody would catch on to that fact, but yes, we, The Kingdom of Heaven, have come to collect from The Kingdom of God.

      I also gave them instructions how to convert the debt system to a credit system in three days without hurting anyone-- even the bankers. But they would not listen, just like they would not listen to my Master.

      Instead, this is what you are supporting and involved in:

      The bankers stole all the Special Deposits --huge private asset accounts of actual gold, silver, etc., falsely claimed that all these assets were "abandoned", set up a separate accounting system for all this, dubbed it "Manna World Holdings Trust" and handed the keys to Kim Goguen.

      It was all premeditated fraud, theft, and crime aimed at the banks washing their hands by handing the loot over to an innocent Third Party and paying off their debts to society using someone else's money.

      So Trump is in a bind and Kim goes to him and offers to help and he takes the bait.

      There is just one little problem with all this-- it's primarily stolen money she is distributing.

    3. Continued:

      Notice-- banks steal from depositors.

      Banks try to launder their theft by handing the loot to a Third Party-- "Manna World Holding Trust".

      Kim starts giving away money and causes a stir, taking heat off the banks--- which is what they want.

      Trump accepts money from Kim and thereby becomes an accessory to the crime-- which is also what they want.

      And at the end of the day, people (like you) think--oh, boy, this is great! Free money!

      But it's not free money. It was not "abandoned" either. It belongs to Depositors who were robbed and cheated by the same white collar thieves who have been running this crime scene for generations.

      Now, all you former government employees think I should just fall in line behind your Commander in Chief and give the green light to all this finagling and you attack me because I won't approve of it.

      So let's look at why?

      Theft like fraud taints everything it touches.

      And it does not actually change the ownership of anything.

      The only way that Trump can now wash his hands is by going to the actual Depositors and Trustees who are owed those Special Deposit Accounts, and asking for them to agree to help by paying off government debts and funding his operations.

      They would do that so long as his heart is in the right place for the American People.

      I know quite a number of these actual Depositors, and they would help Trump--- but just taking without asking because you have the naked power to do so, is theft.
      And the rather childish attempt to launder theft through Kiim Goguen won't work.


      Nice kettle of fish you experts --all you former high ranking government officials and subcontractors and priests at the Vatican and World Bank officials have gotten us into, just because you are so arrogant and such know-it-alls that even now you won't listen.

      It's not going to wash.

      Just study those words.

      Laundering it through "Manna" isn't working now and it won't work later. The banks stole the Depositors money-- actual gold, silver, etc. -- and that theft doesn't end just because it passes hands.

      And as for "fairytales" who is going to believe that this nice lady who never had a pot for herself just showed up out of nowhere with all this "endless" supply of money to shower on everyone?

      Right? Hello? This is just an American version of the old "Wolfgang Struck, Philanthropist" scam and if you had been wrestling with these issues as long as I have, you would have no trouble seeing that fact.

      Finally, your suggestion that I did all this out of some selfish motive or for purposes of self-aggrandizement is a Flat Tire, too.

      Powers far beyond this Earth sent me and I agreed to go out of love for the Earth and for the people on it, and out of personal gratitude to the One who created it all.

      That may not be something that motivates you and your Buddies, but it is the only reason I am here.

    4. She said, she she says. I doubt there is anyone on this earth still alive that knows what belongs to who, anymore.

      But one thing I will never believe, is that ''some power' far beyond earth sent you, anna, to do what you are doing. If 'some power'' it wasnt the Right Power. This world already has what is akin to Stage 5 Cancer, which is incurable.

  10. Thank you Joel!
    I underscore every point you make pertaining to the recovery the lost freedom. Also agree on what all needs to be totally and completely ignored. Certain restraint on every front "in respect to the forum" will be greatly appreciated!

  11. However, "restraint" according to the "Gene Keys" is a "Gift" that comes by way of embracing stress.

  12. Joel, Anna is not the Host here, Paul Stramer is.