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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Dear Mr. Trump - January 27, 2019

From Anna Von Reitz

Dear Mr. Trump, 

All fifty States of the Union now have seated and qualified State Jural Assemblies in operation, as well as qualified lawful Inheritors with internationally recorded claims and agricultural liens in place.

This letter provides Due Notice of these facts; Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals and Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. 

All Principles of Land Law and Justice are also hereby invoked, emplaced, and settled upon all vessels of the United States and the United States of America. 

Any hare-brained Idea that any U.S. Citizen can register our land and thereby give it away to foreign interests needs to be quashed right now. 

The Public and Organic Law is now in effect and accessible in all States. 

The Territorial and Municipal Courts must be notified to reverse their presumptions and cease all prosecutions under the 1934 Amendment to the Trading With the Enemy Act. 

Also, former Municipal DOD and DOA employees are attempting a Disinformation Campaign. 

They are making false claims in commerce and encouraging people to re-register land titles that are now totally invalid anyway.  They are alleging that our Public Officials  are "fake" when in fact Territorial and Municipal Employees they have been impersonating our State Officials. 

Please promote the public understanding of these facts: 

Nobody has any authority to demand registration of any property right or interest --ever. 

Registration of anything gives away one's ownership interest in it. 

Purloining an asset via undisclosed contracts including via registration is a gross violation of the actual Public Law now in effect. 

Territorial and Municipal Government demands that their employees and dependents register their private cars and trucks as "motor vehicles" and their children as "human persons" must cease and desist under the Public Law and international law now in effect. 

Other corrections must be made regarding application and enforcement of statutory laws including the issuance by the Territorial and Municipal Governments of any licenses.

Those who are encouraging the registration of American land by "U.S. Citizens" are promoting an absurdity anyway, but we are sick and tired of dealing with these scams and confusions. 

I would also appreciate it if you would kindly inform the "Justice Department" that all Judges and Justices elected by our State Jural Assemblies are Public Officials, not Corporate Officers. 

The American People have "returned" despite all the gross fraud perpetuated against them by the British Territorial United States and the Municipal United States, acting in Breach of Trust and seeking to play upon our common ignorance. 

The Territorial and Municipal State Trusts are all terminated and the assets returned free and clear to the States and People by Operation of Law, which we acknowledge and hereby accept, except for those trusts naturally belonging to actual Federal, Territorial or Municipal employees during their employment offshore. In these cases their property interest both Public and private is retained by the actual States pending their retirement or leaving of Federal Government service. 

Thank you very much for all your efforts. 


Anna Maria Riezinger
The United States of America


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  1. now accountable Nuremberg defense don't work. Judges who don't have jurisdiction and proceeds is guilt of treason .

    1. You know they are all going to use it anyway and the people will be convinced that they were ignorant of the law like everyone else, and slowly everyone will hopefully forget...but I wont..!!

  2. You state "All fifty States of the Union now have seated and qualified State Jural Assemblies in operation". Do you have a list of contacts for each state? I am interested in Maine and Florida.

    1. Dennis - Contact by email at and ask to have the state coordinator from those two states contact you by leaving your contact info.

    2. Your email address came back "couldn't be found".

    3. LEAVE OFF THE www. It is an email address not a website.
      Put your State in the Subject line.

  3. I fwd this letter to Trump via text to: 88022

  4. Have a review of what is really going on behind the scenes - they are transferring all of our high technology out of here to the corporation I s r a e l and they have compromised all of our infrastructure by giving them access to all of our computer systems including the Pentagon
    I'm not sure what Trump will do with any of this?
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Israel has been doing this for a while now, maybe 10 yrs or more. They are literally training hackers into the systems and have plants worldwide. If not the Clinton/Bush era, definatly the Obama era. I am pretty sure Trump already knows.

  5. So we have all been registering our vehicles to DMV FOR Ever! If you don't, it you get pulled over and your car towed. What of that?
    Also, all of a sudden when paying my property taxes, I notice the address from Tax office has changed my address from St . to Ave, and from NE to SE. What's going on? An intentional takeover?

    1. Kathy, sounds to me like that calls for a 'face to face' with the ole tax office. That is not your address, why would you pay it, until it is corrected and good answer as to why such a huge 'blunder'.

  6. Please add the list of Public Notaries with their contact info now available in each organic State. Please provide the list of and contact info for each of the now organized Jural Assemblies now available in each organic State.

    This group of Anna's Students are a ready core of helpers to organize and disseminate this kind of information to all those interested in returning to our rightful home as State Nationals.

    How can you Paul or someone else begin this organizing process?

    It also looks like we are nearing the point where an educational and organizational website is ready to be constructed and needs to to become a reality, with contact info, basic lessons in many categories of American Common Law, some key tests of knowledge of our mastery of the subject of Jural Assembly government, "trade secrets" of the Birth Certificate frauds and thefts, Trade Name misuses, the core reference documents that this whole subject matter relies on like the Organic laws of The United States of America, the Constitution of both the Territorial and the Municipal United States who are posturing themselves as government but are in fact usurpers of our delegated authority, etc, etc.

    What about this getting organized, getting directories, Contact info for those ahead of the curve on returning to our State National status?

    1. Joel, I think you should pose those questions/ideas to the National Assembly Forum.

      National Assembly Forums:

      I should think starting more websites would draw more confusion than we already have. Think of it as a counterpart to


      The National Assembly Thursday night conference call is at nine o'clock p.m., EST, 1-712-770-4160, access code 226823#. First hour is assembly roll call and business. The second hour is general chat and education.

      For those who have not participated in your county and state assembly but want to participate please send an email to with your state in the subject line. You will be connected with your state coordinator.

      The national assembly has a full website and forums packed with history and information. You are welcome to register and participate.

      National Assembly Website:
      National Assembly Forums:
      DeFacto to DeJure handbook:

      The old website and the hotline phone number are now obsolete and no longer used. The Michigan General Jural Assembly created and supported the national level assembly website and conference call for the people to return to self governing.