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Monday, November 12, 2018

Veteran's Day 2018

By Anna Von Reitz

Veteran's Day 2018

When my brothers came home
I was sixteen years old
And I didn't know why 
They looked so haunted. 

Now I know
The years have flown
I still see their faces
Etched with pain. 

The weeds and flowers
Ramble over their graves
And the flag still waves
Over their heads. 

I have to wonder what
Might have been
For all of us
For all of them.   


  1. Anna:

    I'd like to share this poem, but want to be sure to give correct attribution. Is this yours?


  2. War is stupid. Usually over stupid stuff. How many of the people know there is War brewing up as we speak, with Gaza/Hamas and Israel in a 'war' right now. Been going on for days now, brewing up for the past few weeks, if not longer. Now lots of bombs flying, israel has their people in bomb shelters, and lots of dead and or injured bodies. Looking pretty serious. Media hiding this news from americans.

  3. Stock markets often coincide with war news, banks used Greece for instance to create billions in money products, there are a number of ways to financially profit from the loss of others. Myself I do not see that as right. Isn't it a bit like two people together and one discovers a way to get rich by selling the other to a buyer. Just cause you do not call me your friend does not mean I lose my rights and the other way as well. Any violations are wrong no matter a large group like Greece or a big bank things fighting things pretending the people underwriting and providing the labor and suffering are non-existent or do not matter. The history going back a few thousand years shows that the founders used common law that is founded on principles of the Christian Bible. Here no such violations should exist amongst us or even need forgiven. The option is the Roman Civil, emperor divine rights kings or that men rule before the Divine energy consciousness of creation. Time to explore, get to know the conciousness around us in peace and goodwill. Destroying with bombs, death, very low almost off conciousness and totally hanging on to material ideas, physical needs only and ideas of wealth and great power over others. It is getting old and a great danger to people and the planet. Glad to see it shifting back toward the good side hopefully actual progress rather than just another click of the broken record repeat until tired and exhausted regimen of the elite.


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