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Monday, November 12, 2018

Securitization is Illegal and Unlawful

By Anna Von Reitz

Securitization is illegal and unlawful.  And it has been the backbone of the world economy since 1934.  Think about that.  

I have pointed out that securitization of a man's Good Name and Estate is completely illegal and unlawful because it is an act of personage and results in enslavement --- both of which are crimes. 

And here to discuss the point further is an excerpt from British researchers published in 2010, with more explicit detail of exactly why securitization, or, as the Brits write it, "securitisation" is illegal in the U.S. and throughout most the world:  


Securitisation is illegal under US legislation – primarily because it is fraudulent and causes specific violations of R.I.C.O., usury, Antitrust and bankruptcy laws. And it flies in the face of public policy in numerous ways, as is expounded in extensive detail in an analysis to be published in our journal 
Economic Intelligence Review 2009Q1 (7) with several pages of book, article and case references.

To begin with, securitisation violates US State usury legislation. Secondly, all ‘true-sale’, ‘disguised loan’ as well as ‘assignment’ securitisations are essentially tax evasion schemes, and the penalties for tax evasion in the United States are excessively severe.

Thirdly, in all ‘true-sale’, ‘disguised loan’ and ‘assignment’ securitisations, the conflict of interest inherent in the sponsor also serving as the servicer constitutes fraud and conversion. In the fourth place, in all ‘true-sale’, ‘disguised loan’ and ‘assignment’ securitisations where the Special Purpose Vehicle [SPV] is a trust, the declaration of trust is void, as it exists for an illegal purpose.

In the fifth place, off-balance sheet treatment of asset-backed securities (both for ‘true-sale’ and for assignment transactions) constitutes fraud.

Sixth, all ‘true-sale’, ‘disguised loan’ and ‘assignment’ securitisations involve blatant fraudulent conveyances. In the seventh place, securitisation usurps United States bankruptcy laws and is accordingly illegal, as well as being also demonstrably contrary to public policy.

In ‘true-sale’, ‘disguised loan’ and ‘assignment’ securitisations, there are fraudulent transactions which serve as ‘predicate acts’ under US Federal R.I.C.O. statutes.

The specific R.I.C.O. sections are: Section 1341 (mail fraud); Section 1343 (wire fraud); Section 1344 (financial institution fraud); Section 1957 (engaging in monetary transactions improperly derived from specified unlawful activity) [‘the money you make from the illegal exploitation of my money, is my money’]; and Section 1952 (racketeering).

Furthermore, securitisation constitutes violations of American antitrust statutes through market integration, syndicate collusion, price formation, vertical foreclosure, tying, price-fixing, predatory pricing, and the rigging of allocations.

Securitisation also involves void contracts, given the lack of consideration, illusory promises, the absence of any actual bargain, the absence of mutuality – and finally illegal subject matter and the contravention of public policy.

Securitisation is riddled with Fraudulent Transfer, Fraud in the Inducement, Fraud in Fact by Deceit, Theft by Deception (Fraudulent Concealment) and Fraudulent Conveyance: see the US securities regulations routinely breached in such activity, listed at the foot of this report and of most of these reports for THE PAST THREE YEARS, and other laws also routinely flouted in this context.


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  2. Again, I say to the publisher... Hip hip hooray for a very well written post and article. Kudos, Kudos, kudos

  3. I found out in their court of their laws that it is proven that Taxes are illegal.

  4. Yes, Thank you Anna!! We have all unknowingly been participating and perpetuating this criminality of unlawful securitization via USPS mailings. We are the ignorantly trained "voluntary" [criminals of U.S. mail fraud] daily. The United States Post Office IS the only real First court of record both on Land/Inter-national(Lawful) and SEA International(legal). The "Contracts" Are the Envelopes. The contents IN the envelopes are the "terms & conditions". The sender IS the claimant/plaintiff/petitioner. Always. The receiver IS the Respondent/defendant/debtor. Always. Who, What , where and Why IS ALL "Addressed" on the commercial "Contract" envelope. This determines whether the mailing IS Private or Public. Domestic or non domestic. "Subject Matter/Venue and Jurisdiction". Stamps are Lawful land Money, "private banker" Tax/PUBLIC USURY EXEMPT. Sending/Receiving Metered mail is legal tender/securitized and commercially registered "Cause" of Action and identifies the "Parties" and their acting " OFFICE and or CAPACITY" and the Jurisdiction "LOCATIONS" engaged in the criminal activity. How we learn to identify and correct How we use the USPO as private people living on the land conducting our private trade is ALL dependent on HOW "We" "address" our Envelopes correctly with private claimant/non domestic state national/employer/creditor/ bonded inter-nationally protected "person" without the U.S and TO properly addressed Public obligated Respondent "OFFICE Holder/AGENT/AGENCY" DBA "State of State for "STATE OF STATE" ref# [insert violation title or code of public policy] This IS the Subject Matter, and your lawful Claim and Cause. You ARE making a New Cause and Claim "Contract" and making no reference on this NEW envelope to any past "presentments" made or accepted via fraud or coercive threat & deceit, mis identifying You as a "PUBLIC OFFICE HOLDER", mischaracterizing your capacity/status, and incorrectly assuming your "location" as "domestic" under foreign Authority and Jurisdiction. No, No, No. We MUST Refuse For "CAUSE" and NOT ACCEPT these mailings in the First Place. "NAME AS ADDRESSED UNKNOWN- RETURN TO SENDER" Always, especially if they continue to USE metered mail, and they REFUSE to Address you properly after You have given them Notice to Correct their Fictitious Records!! Stop, look and learn at what you are being sent, and correct and be intentional and Lawful about what you responsibly Need to Claim and address AS Claimant, Now and Always. You, We are the Employer/Boss, we need to start behaving like it Now to completely STOP this criminality participation behavior NOW. Not "LEGAL ADVICE" for educational inspiration and intentions only. Have a Great Day!!

    Think, Be, and Do Now

    Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness and Peace Be for All Now

    1. in response to unknown "Hi Anna, everything that you are saying is 100% correct!!! But, the problem is that no one or law inforcement agent will go after any bank or person involved in RICO violation. I've filed with S.E.C., COMPTROLLER OF CURRENCY, F.B.I., SHERIFF, D.O.J. AND F.T.C. not one responded." Unknown

      1. explain "I've filed" please?
      2. who, what, where, how did you "file" your complaint by, as?

      its important to ask these questions to find our mistakes and to learn to do our administrative processes more effectively moving forward. We do need to start holding them accountable, but first we need to SEE what we are doing incorrectly to change our results into acceptance/acknowledgment and real remedy. Thank you for sharing your experience and making this contribution! Now lets learn how to change the outcomes..

      Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness and Peace Be for All Now