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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Helpful Analogies for President Trump and the General Staff

By Anna Von Reitz

Imagine a checkerboard.  Everyone knows it is called a "checkerboard" and that a game called "Checkers" is played on it, but, the same board can also be used to play another game, called "Chess". 

Now imagine that for some reason, you have been confused all your life about which game is which, and when someone wants to play "Checkers" you bring out the Chess pieces, and when someone wants to play "Chess" you bring out the Checkers pieces. 

That's the kind of confusion that has had our government running amok for 150 years. It's the same game board, but.....

Now imagine that there is a 30 story office building, and the first eighteen floors are serviced by one set of elevators, and the floors 19 through 30 are serviced by another set of elevators. 

If you work on any of the floors numbered 1-18 you always use the elevators on the left, and if you work on the floors numbered 19-30, you always use the elevators on the right.  Now pretend that for some reason nobody ever crosses over, the people from floors 1-18 never visit floors 19-30, and vice versa. 

That's the way the Office of the President is.  Mr. Trump can function on Floors 1-18 or he can put on another hat and function on Floors 19-30.  But, if he wants to, if he is wise, he can access all 30 floors simply by using both sets of elevators.

This is the kind of barrier that has kept generations of American Presidents from accessing and exercising the full range of powers available to them. 

Now imagine that all your employer's actual physical assets are on Special Deposit in Bank A and all your paper debts and loans are lodged with Bank B. 

Now pretend that Bank A decides to steal your employer's assets by deceit and colludes with Bank B in this endeavor, so that Bank B calls in your loans while Bank A makes up excuses for not giving your employers access to their own assets-- rendering your employers unable to pay you, and you unable to pay your debt to Bank B.

This situation then gives the false appearance that both you and your employers are  insolvent debtors and forces your company into bankruptcy, whereupon "Bankruptcy Trustees" assigned by Bank B take over control of your operations and further pillage and control your operations for the benefit of Bank B while Bank A gleefully sits on the sidelines and makes use of your employers' gold, silver, and other actual assets to benefit itself.

This is, of course, criminal activity on the part of both banks and they should both be addressed as crime syndicates, placed under new management or liquidated. 

However, bringing them to justice at your current level of operations is impossible, because you are operating as an incorporated entity--- and as a bankrupt corporation at that. 

Even if you boot up a new corporation, it has no new assets to operate upon, so has to borrow from Bank C to get a foothold and is in debt from Day One.  And the leadership of the new corporation is still stuck dealing with the bankruptcy of the old corporation and its trustees.

Sound familiar?

So why are you operating as incorporated entities at all?

By working with the actual States and People that you are supposed to be working for instead of dealing with crooked bankers who are playing both ends against the middle, you can operate in unincorporated (sovereign) capacity, and solve the problem.

Arrest the criminals at Bank A and either liquidate their corporation or place it under new management, and thereby expedite your employer's access to their own assets. 

Your employer's assets--- which are actual gold and silver and gems, not airy-fairy stuff made of paper, are now accessible ---or to use banker jargon, are "recallable" as a result.

Your actual employers then pay off any actual and valid debts owed to the criminals at Bank B, and send their odious bankruptcy trustees packing.   

We, the unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America, have the absolute right under international law to regulate and control all foreign banks operating on our shores and also any banks that are chartered or asset-backed under our delegated authority. 

That means just about all of them are at our mercy and either belong to us outright or are subject to us when we put on our Come to Jesus hat. 

With the return of the Delegated Powers, The United States of America [Unincorporated] is in direct control of commercial banks and corporations on our shores.  And we have the right to liquidate any bank, any corporation, any agency run as a corporation, that is being operated in any unlawful or criminal manner at all.

This means the Federal Reserve, this means the IRS, this means the BLM, this means Target, this means General Electric--- all corporations are subject to us and if they are operated by criminals for criminal purposes, it does not matter how large, how old, how necessary or how powerful they may be.

All these corporations are nothing but a group of people, assets, and some paper organized to provide a lawful product or service.  

If they are being misdirected by criminals and operating in a criminal or harmful fashion detrimental to the States and People of this country, the criminals need to be removed and new managers put in place.  If a corporation continues a pattern of criminal mismanagement it needs to be liquidated, its assets sold off to satisfy its victims and its stockholders --- in that order.

When corporations harm our States and our People, we pull their charters, arrest their officers, and seize their assets. 

This is as true of the banks as it is for any other corporation.

There may be fears that this is "bad for business", but in the end --- as Iceland proves -- it is far better for business when people know that they can depend on the banks to be run honestly and depend on the government of this country to protect their assets against criminals in suits.

So, come on up to the 19th Floor, Mr. Trump.  Bring Joe Dunford with you. 


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  1. Hello Anna, I really need to talk to you about how the courts took everything from me & I use denied my rights. I really need help with this Please. Thanks, Mike

  2. Mike MacDonald, contact me and I'll tell you how to handle you situation.

    1. Calvino, what is your contact address? I may have a question for you. Thanks. (And I hope you can truly help out Mike.)

  3. Anna,

    Thanks for your graphic metaphors making clear the deceptions of banks and corporations which are by law created for the benefit of ALL people in America, not only those who are its employees and stockholders. All corporations exist only to serve the needs of all the people who allow them the privilege of existing to provide goods and services which benefit all people, or they need immediate liquidation. Any corporation, even one providing government services with an official sounding name like "the United States of America", or "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA", (appearing on the Title page of all federal legal prosecution against the unwitting defendant), is worthy of liquidation when operating outside authority delegated by the living people. It is not living people who enable today's corporations to exist, rather it is "legal" "persons" who themselves are acting as corporations by the presumptions of a corporate "court" calling itself "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA". These twisted corporate mutations need to be eliminated because they do not operate, and were not created, to serve the living people or the sovereign independent organic states. They serve only those who are considered dead corporate persons and dead fictional paper entities. They should be eliminated and replaced with closely accountable legitimate service providers subject to the American people who own by living thereon The united States of America: California, Wisconsin, Idaho, etc. We as living men and women are the living "organs" of such organic states and we possess full right to establish and now to re establish and operate the country through the independent sovereign perpetual states which wrote the Articles of Confederation.

    Read and closely compare the Constitution of 1787
    Article II Oath of the office of POTUS to the Article VI oath which the POTUS and all other officers of the United States are directed to take, but which (Art II oath) does not comport with what they do take for oaths. It only takes one letter of a piece of legal process to change the meaning it serves, and the current system is filled with these missing words, new mysteriously defined words, semantic deceits and huge discrepancies between what was laid out by founders and what is practiced by government service providers today. Yes its time for a thorough house cleaning.

    1. Thanks "Anonymous"! (Glad this comment survived the official scrutiny and not deleted because of the use of "Anonymous" as a handle!)
      I've quoted some of your message in: "The Methods Used to Deceive The Nations" at: Blog: "Son of Truth of Self":

    2. Semantic deceit. That is the entirety of this fraud that you guys are correcting with paper work. That is what makes no sense to me - all their play on words, labeling things with a conundrum of numerous words to create havoc and confusion - then go file a bunch of papers to ''correct all that'.

      It should be noted that the rich and powerful are of such a messed up mind, that they resort to some very nonsensical games, such as all this playing with words and they decide to tell us what those words suddenly mean, and then they sit on the sidelines and watch all the minions scramble and bang their heads against the wall, trying to figure out how to untangle themselves from their stupid web-of-words. And thats all it is..a web of words.

      This makes about as much sense as.........if you got a puncture in a tire, and you decide to get a tire pump to carry with you and just stop every few miles and pump it up. And you think that is the Remedy.
      But the real Remedy is ...throw out that tire and go get a New One.

  4. From Bix:

    One of the biggest monetary mysteries EVER is WHY the Federal Reserve System was originally formed and WHY it's been allowed to run independently for over 100 years.

    Those who say "It was a banker takeover of the people of planet Earth" are missing a key piece of evidence...


    Billions and billions of ounces....millions of tons...DOZENS of "Olympic Sized Swimming Pools!"

    Those who have followed the Road to Roota bread crumbs have concluded the same as I have about the supply of gold in the world...

    We've been lied to!

    I have posted more evidence of the Grand Canyon gold for Private Road Members here:

    Grand Canyon Gold is REAL!! (Bix Weir)

    Very soon the truth will come out and when that happens...we won't need the Federal Reserve anymore!!

    May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

    Bix Weir

    PO Box 10626, Oakland, CA 94610, USA

    1. Good post Leland. I heard Bix Weir on a few youtube shows and the story of Grand Canyon Gold. Appreciate the guy adding that link.

    2. If the true amount of gold was ever exposed, it would make gold worth far far less than its 1200 per oz. or whatever it is.

      The same would apply to diamonds. There are far more diamonds available that is every told; and the truth is there is no shortage at all, but the amount put out each year is deliberately limited just to ''justify' their high price. (Unless its you wanting to sell your diamonds, then they are suddenly not worth much, lol)

      Advice: Never buy real diamonds; they are way overpriced. There are many 'fakes' out there that actually look better than real diamonds anyhow. (give me picasso, keep the diamonds, lol)

  5. I found this published FOIA assessment very interesting!

    Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness and Peace Be Now


    1. For Kelli💙 5 minute video from Dr. Bruce Lipton🎺


    2. Awesome Video, thank you Leland!!! Very relevant for those of us choosing to become consciously aware of their programmed behaviors/struggles and to recreate/re-train their subconscious To overcome/change these self destructive behaviors into INspired, empowering, abundant lives and results!! Amazing what happens when we choose to be aware and make necessary changes to change our outcomes!! Its All Good😎
      Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness and Peace Be for All Now

  6. Hey UCADIA - Watch your mouth!! I don't appreciate you speaking like that to the Judge or anyone else here. Grow Up or Get Out !!!

    Btw, Nice letter. Great analogy that makes it much easier to explain and understand to folks who are unaware and some like me who are aware.

  7. came across this which makes Anna right again to any doubters..............If those in positions of public trust abdicate their duty and obligation (by solemn Oath)
    to eradicate these "official" color of law acts of insurrection and rebellion against the body
    sovereign, then such power reverts, by Operation of Law, back to the Preamble body sovereign
    for its exercise.

  8. DARPA Insider Warns: The ‘Voice Of God Weapon’ Is Real: Can ‘Talk’ To You From Nearly A Mile Away, Blind You, Or Melt Your Skin Off

  9. I wonder when, if ever, DJT will heed Anna's advice?

  10. I wonder when, if ever, DJT will heed Anna's advice?

  11. Years ago I learned of those Khazarian bankers. Since Christianity is dying old obsolete religion....those 'evil' bankersters will use that to their advantage if possible.

    Trump knows that. Which is why Qanon always say,"Israel is last."

    1. Lol, oh how funny is that. It just so happens the next government is going to be a totally christian theocracy with the King ruling. How ya like that, LOL.

      That is, AFTER satan has his measly 7 yrs of great tribulation so those who love evil so much, and hate godliness, can have their full portion of it like they've never seen before.

      Only the foolish think they can just ''wish away Jesus'' and christianity, LOL.

    2. Ah, the so MANY 'foolish' like u Abby r high consciousnes & ethical behavior in general in so many of the DIVINE ways of GOD, but ultimately so lost in the ancient cult of onlybegottenism🕇

      But that of course is okay, because Jesus will help those so lost like u, too, continuously life after life until his karma...if u will...of allowing his followers back in ancient times to deify him will eventually be worked off if it hasn't been already 💥

    3. YOU would know all about 'lost souls'; you are one of them,so lost you don't know you are lost,but R lost, oh funny dude. Its called 'being totally messed up' oh lost dude. But please stay just like you R cause I love knowing you will be totally absent from my Future.

    4. Funny smart as u can be @ times, u can be so utterly obtuse of God's love for ALL Souls life after life💥

    5. Anyone think it is a mere coincidence that at the same time that so many consider, The constitution is an "old obsolete document written by a bunch of old rich white guys, also consider christianity along with the Bible are largely considered the exact same?
      Do you also think it is a coincidence that so many 'churches" have a constitution that they can circumvent at the whim of men?
      These are the same mockers who have never known the Truth.
      Have never been followers, they all wish instead to be gods.
      What "christianity" has become is no where close to what Jesus had in mind and heart.
      Yet, He warned us of all this.

    6. Jesus is always doing his very best in usually a very loving way, of course, to help his usually beautiful, but yet wonderfully deluded not always sane followers to get over their subliminal dependency & understandable childhood beliefs of Jesus himself being the onlybegotten son of GOD EVER since time began💙


  13. On to more important news of the day, ft. bragg 82nd airborne en route to the southern border. Ft. Bliss on Alert to transport hardware. This Invasion is an act of war by nicaragua and mexico, by all legal description. This is shear desperation of the commy demorats.

    In case you wonder why the Army instead of the National Guard - its so the state governors cannot interfere.
    Now my own personal guess is that we will smoke bomb them, and if that doesnt send them back south, then bullets will just have to fly. Nic is burning the american flag today; they deserve no sympathy and total withdrawal of our Foreign Aid money. Never feed snakes.

    1. ? Do u trust Pence?

    2. To me pence is a phoney POS, sleezeball.

  14. Thanks Leland. I was checking back for more comments and saw those links about Bayer and VP Pence. Monsanto has been around for many, many years. Thik their family owned slaves back in the 1600,1700's around Louisiana. Followed that verdict and then heard it was overturned. Hope this means that Mr. Johnson will get his money while he is still alive. No need for cancer-causing chemicals in RoundUp. Just there to attack the user of the product. That lawsuit opens the gate to many others. Monsanto sold Agent Orange to the Govt too. They love poison.

    Also getting ready to read some info on this caravan so that link will be one I check. How can Venezuela finance anything when their people are starving? Eating flamingos and ants from what I heard.
    The country is an inantimate object. It's the people in charge doing this. Who would that be? My guess is Jesuits and Jews.

  15. 10-27 8:08 AM (Very recent comment from Ben Fulford blog of 10/22/18)
    merek #411570
    Lakewinds Aloha,
    Aloha Merek … Again I am vastly amused by your supposition that I’m some sort of Democratic activist or left-wing operative.

    Thanks Lakewind glad you have revealed your sex I really have been cutting you some slack, Trump won fairly even with massive vote stealing via Soros computers. For 6 decades and
    a little more in my memory we have survived both Demoncrats and Repugs and after each election the losers settled down and tried to rebuild their defeated party. Since Kennedy was killed.I have watched your Uniparty faction use every means ,911, Vietnam, central America revolutions, Iraq and so many more
    murders of military Generals and Admirals, 17 years of war for profit of your Globalists and their never to be initiated, their propagandized go fores.
    your Clinton’s and Bushes and Obama’s and their FED and Wall street banking
    despots are guilty as hell and Hell is where they place their misguided aspirations, sex drugs and slaves and their Scrooge McDuck McCain Hillary off shore money bins..
    Presently your back the losers almost unendingly,
    PLEASE do your research, read Trumps 200 some major reforms via the Presidential pen and you will be embarrassed. In the Last 11/3 years he has done more reforming of out of control globalist
    policies and awakened a world wide Populist /Constitutional
    movement breaking out across the invaded EU. America has
    a sleeping eagle now awakened, it’s not afraid of the Russian eagle, nor the Chinese dragons nor the sick Zionist oppressors.
    who regard the rest of the planet as sub human cattle (Goys or Cattle and I love the Q millions and walkaways who have figured it out, Destruction through treachery will be repaid. in full!
    , Hey buddy, wake up, dump your sad party lines and offerings and blog irrationality and join us, put your misguided ego away, and understand you have joined a world gathering of Patriots, American Constitutionals and potential sages of the reformation., Both former democrats and republicans who offer news and opinions and the most peaceful cafe refuge from the MSM , Isn’t the 90+% of false news we pick apart every day just wonderful. you are still a believer ……..We for the most part………. KNOW …….BIG DIFFERENCE,…… DO YOUR HISTORICAL HOMEWORK.


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