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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

They Raped Me

By Anna Von Reitz


I am not sure exactly when it happened or where or who was there, but I have proof in the form of legislation they signed, actions they took, and actions they failed to take --- hard evidence, if you get what I mean. 

And that is far more proof than Ms. Ford or her Hispanic clone can offer of any impropriety by Brent Kavanaugh.  

Let's start the prosecution. 

The fact is that they are not bringing any evidence or accusation against Brent Kavanaugh the actual man, and because they aren't accusing the actual man, they can say whatever crazy fool thing they want, and that is enough for the Municipal Courts in this country to presume him guilty and convict him.  Whoever and whatever "BRENT KAVANAUGH" may be.....he is guilty by definition. 

Paper people have paper penises, too.  

Seems pretty unlikely that "BRENT" did any damage to Ms. Ford, but who knows?  

Maybe her feelings were hurt when the actual Brent Kavanaugh totally ignored her at a party, and she sulked and made do with "BRENT KAVANAUGH".  After all, he's a make-believe man.  What harm is there in making up all sorts of stories about him?  

And if people take all this seriously and "accept the charges" as being actual and factual, so much the better. 

Women of this ilk using this "System" have absolutely no responsibility for bearing false witness or causing the man damage, because when you look at the paperwork --- lo and behold!  All those charges are against who?  Or more exactly, what?  ---A THING named "BRENT KAVANAUGH", not a man, and according to the 14th Amendment, THINGS are always guilty. Always. No questions asked. 

"BRENT KAVANAUGH" is dead.  He has no family.  No reputation. He's just a THING created out of thin air as a "proxy" to accept debt and sins of all kinds.  That this is a form of personage and impersonation and has been illegal for over two hundred years doesn't matter to the perpetrators.   

This witch hunt against Brent Kavanaugh is being orchestrated and affirmed by members of the Municipal "CONGRESS" promoting it and they all know its bogus. They all know that there is no credible evidence.  They all know the attack is politically motivated.  

And they all know how "the System" works and that they can make any ridiculous claim that they want to make and nobody can or will hold them accountable for it.  


Because JOHN MARK DOE is always guilty.  And he can't defend himself, either,  If he does, he is in automatic Dishonor.  Read the 14th Amendment.  Read it and then read it again.  Read it with your eyes crossed.  Read it until it's twisted diabolical nonsense makes sense. 

As long as Judge Kavanaugh puts up with this nonsense, he's the goat.  He can't even lift his voice and must go like Jesus to the cross and pay the price of making sacrifice to Ba'al.  

So, I am going to reply by example and accuse all these men of raping me.  Seriously.  THEY did it.  While I am at it, I think I'll accuse Hillary Clinton and Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi of raping me, too.  THEY are a gang of lesbians that use date rape drugs to incapacitate their victims. 

Nobody in their right mind would consider having sex with them any other way. 

Oh, well, since all these THINGS are fictitious, its fictitious rape, too, right?  Makes sense, in a weird way.  Legal fiction men and legal fiction women and legal fiction crimes. 

After all, as Bill Clinton demonstrated, it's not the words, its what the words mean in every case.  How do you define "sex", much less "rape"?  

And as the Accuser, I bear no responsibility for my accusations anyway. So let's all have at it:  The PLAINTIFF is always right. 

"Rape!  Rape!  Rape!"  (I mean, in the rhetorical sense, but what the hey?  I don't have to explain.  I'm a woman, right?  I have no responsibility and if I say I've been "raped" everyone assumes that it's physical and that I know what I am talking about, too, whether I mean "rape" exactly, or not.) 

"Rape! Rape! Rape!" (Oh, and I have no respect or compassion for actual physical rape victims.  I don't care if I marginalize all the violence done to them.  That doesn't matter --- only my political agenda matters.)  

Yes, I think that it's time that I brought forward my rape complaints against Ms. FORD, too.  She is a violent character and shows no remorse for her crimes.  After all, we met at a drunken brawl years ago and she, being fifty sheets to the wind, spilled beer all over me ----I mean, head to toe, drenched.  

I felt so "violated". I remember sitting in the back of the car, hunched over, cold and damp, so "raped" and "violated", certain that everyone had seen the "shameful incident" and that I would never be able to wear my favorite sweater again.... 

See how this works in the Land of Oz?  

The rest of us know what we mean by rape, but these Satanists just take advantage of us and "redefine" the words to mean whatever they wish.  And then, they apply all this fiction to fictitious characters, too, and try to ignore the fact that actual people are being damaged. 

And Justice is being dis-served.


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  1. Oh for crying out loud ! Stop with this capital letter vs. small letters spellcraft ! Dr. Ford is talking about that Man whose face has been all over TV who is trying to be next SC judge, and we all know it. He is NOT dead because we all can hear him TALKING.
    We are all adults, why are you all playing the part you are told to play in all this, instead of LYAO ! When are you all gonna wake up and see just what nonsense this Game is ? Here we have a bunch of idiots who decided to tell you ''we are going to spell your name with all CAPS and from now on that is going to mean you are not a real person''.

    If you all cant see just how stupid that is, then you are an even bigger Idiot than those who decided to make that their Game, because YOU are playing along, LOL.

    1. Jack, you still dont get it do you, lol. You are still falling for the CAP letters game, and idiotic documents that some nefarious people made up like CQV says we are all dead or missing.

      Surely you are smart enough to know that you are quite alive and typing and that it doesn't take a whole lot of education to know that, right? So why are you being so nasty here, lol. THINK.

    2. So why does the Government spell your name wrong then? Try and change it. They won't. Because they are the ones who believe this shit. You have no rights under their system.

    3. You, UCADIA, are a TROLL. Don't you have anything better to do than to claim you 'don't even read' Anna's posts at the same time you slam her and her friends? Oh... perhaps you get PAID for your negativity!!?

    4. Trolls actually do get paid for their negativity


    6. "In a secret recording published by Los Angeles-based political activist Currie Dobson, “Resistance” hero Brian Krassenstein admits to being paid for his excessive anti-Trump tweets.

      The purpose of this is, he admits, is to spam the president’s feed and prevent positive commentary from being visible at the top when people scroll through the responses.

      When asked if being a member of the “Resistance” is a job for him, Krassenstein begins by stating that he has several businesses and that it’s just what he enjoys spending his time doing. He quickly goes on to admit that he also happens to get paid for it." Ibid

    7. Sounds like the programmed "gaslighters" are upset because their evil tools/toys ("money") has been cut off completely!! Yes, this Dark Beast IS "HANGRY" indeed!!! Music to my soul, So grateful!!

      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace Be Now

    8. Lol, just came across this timely article. Deeper consideration and true discernment within is always suggested and advised for clarity;


    9. Oops, sorry. You can find the fascinating article here:


    10. If you go to a major university and ask the head of the English Department, "What does it mean when a name is spelled in all capital letters?" you will be told that it is a fictional entity.

    11. I have to agree with Abby on this one! The Cestui Qui Vie Act of 1666 was an early piece of legislation which made provision for the declaring of someone to be dead if they had been overseas and not heard from again for seven years. We are not declared lost or dead at sea once we are born. I do not understand why people have to take things out of context and make a problem out of something where there is no problem in the first place.

    12. Being dead or alive has nothing to do with spelling. It has nothing to do with, what they have done to you.
      If you are a perpetual victim you may well be dead.
      Many people are dead in the (Spirit) and still walk and talk and lead their lives.
      Stop listening to their rules and fables.
      Stop looking for earthly government for correction.

    13. Dog latin is a very real weapon being used against all of us, including Abby, regardless of whether Abby recognizes it as such.

      As altgenesis has pointed out, when you correct the mis-writing of [what you believe is] your name to officers, agents, and employees of these government corporations, and insist that they write your name in proper English, they will not do it. Their recalcitrance in the face of standard rules of written English and numerous notorious protests can only be construed as a determined and deliberate attempt to identify me, a living man, as something I am not.

    14. Joseph, by now we ALL know how 'they' have twisted everything by going into some dark corner and spelling our Names with CAPS. So what? Just pond that for a little while, and you will see how ludicrous that really is LOL.

      We all know too, how they use it as a weapon against us all; that is not any new news. My whole point is.....I dont care what stupid game they play with our Names; I am pointing out how laughable of a plot it really is.
      How can some nefarious OTHER PEOPLE who mishandle OUR Names that way, do ANYTHING to me? I am saying I just find it downright stupid of grown 'elite' adults to make up such a childish Game.

      Why sit around and just accept it? We should ALL be exposing this Game of theirs and tell the World, and then all laugh at such childishness. At least serve them up some humiliation, LOL.
      And then people like Anna come along and give us ''our part to play'' in their childish scheme, by trying to tell us ''now you guys have to file paper work'' to show them you are 'divorcing' yourself from 'this marriage they rooked you into without your knowledge''.

      Don't you see the stupidity in all of that? What they have done is right up there in the ''STupid List'' ......with telling people to run over to the catholic church and have some (pedofile) priest springle some water on your baby's forehead and 'that will make sure that God lets them past the pearly gates'. LOL. AS IF God has to honor what some mere Men have decided gives people a Free Pass? Do you see how nutty that is?

      Now do you see what nonsense is prevailing? And Im just here to tell you that I am NOT PLAYING this Game at all. Im too busy laughing. But for those that want to, then go right ahead.

      And for those trying to call me a troll, wake up. I am a Watchman on the Wall. Get used to it. Paul has been gracious enough to allow some critical thinking around here. If you want a Forum where everybody agrees with errors and plays kissy face all day long, I'm sure you have plenty of access to those kinds of Forums too.

    15. a follower, you are exactly right. How they try to spell our Names has nothing to do with anything. It is just about the most flimsy excuse for trying to take ownership of us. If people would stop and think about it, how does that take ownership of us.
      In fact, IF the massive profits they have made by turning our Names into Stocks on the Market or on their sleezy Platforms, were to ever be miraculously released, they would have to rightfully be released to us, the People.
      I say miraculously, cause that is what it would take, for that to ever happen.
      But just when I typed that , a long forgotten scripture popped into my mind; I will have to look it up for the verbatim....
      ''in the last days the wealth of the wicked is stored up FOR the Righteous''.

      So now once again, I am beginning to wonder about that. Hmmmm.
      So I wonder just how that could ever happen, seriously, but the Time seems to be now appropriate. ?

    16. If nothing else, the good Judge is getting a taste of what International Law of Admirlty is from the other side of the bench. You are presumed guilty until you can prove your innocence. This is what the bankers have created. Maybe now, we can get rid of the Fed and have all our debts to them forgiven and replace them with National Banks, get rid of the UCC, and deal with all real human beings instead of corporate fictions.

    17. Why are you so angry if this is just a game oh great watchman ?

  2. the living man's name is Brett not Brent.
    his dead corporate identity is BRETT not BRENT.

    1. From Anna earlier today:

      PS --- the actual name of the Supreme Court Nominee is Brett Kavanaugh, but as this Article -- "They Raped Me." is
      a parody and expose , I didn't use his actual name.

    2. OMG I am dying! Too funny and sadly correct! You forgot Maxine Waters!!Oh and Abby, I used to have respect for you are showing how angry you are because no one has held you hand and done all this for you and handed you a million dollars! You should take a good look at yourself. What happened to your inquiring mind? Turned against your teacher.. now that you know so much! So sad for you!

    3. doonstr, 'because I tell you the truth, have I now become your enemy'? Thats what the Apostle Paul told the people who turned against him simply because he told them the nitty gritty truth and they didnt like it. So they turned on him like snakes, lol.

      So anyhow, doonstr, whats yer problem here? First let me set you straight: I am probably the only one on this Forum who is not angry. In fact if you could be a fly on the wall in our home, you would find we laugh a lot, joke around a lot, we uplift each other a lot, we help each other out a lot, we treat each other like we would treat company. And in fact back in July we had a visitor I met on the Internet come visit us twice, in fact.

      She spent hours here, and we thoroughly enjoyed those hours. We have emailed and talked on the phone numerous times, even today. Why would anyone drive from the Carolinas to Ohio to visit Abby....if she fit into ''your paint job' you stinker, lol.

      Now let me set you straight on something else: I don't need anyone to hold my hand or do anything for me to make a place for me in this world, because I am no longer 'of this world' and it really doesn't make any difference to me what happens with this world.
      You see, I know that is not My Call, and I know it is not Your Call either. Neither is it Anna's call to make. Actually I am 'just passing through' because this is not my Home. So you see, I have no need to ''establish myself here at all''.

      Now,doonstr, lets get to the your 'because nobody has handed me a million dollars'' and that I'm supposed to be angry about that, according to you, right?

      So let me quote word for word for you, the very words that Anna posted to us just about 3 days ago, ok?

      ''the fact that when you are proven to be alive the actual Public Law DEMANDS the release of the BENEFIT of YOUR ACCOUNT to you''.

      Doonstr, remember that? Do you digest what she is saying there? Do you realize that means MONEY? And remember how way back in the past, how she told us that those Accounts are OURS, and contained millions in them?

      So Doonstr, dear, why then do you come in here and try to chide me with 'wanting to be handed a million dollars''....when I am simply holding Anna's feet to the FIRE.

      You see, whenever I say something in here, I can always backup what I say, or else I would not say it. Or at best, if I dont have available backup for it, then I will simply say it is IMO.
      Even then, my IMO comes as a result of some very logical reason for even having that Opinion about what I'm saying. I don't just pull shit out of the air about anything.

      Now, you also notice Anna NEVER responds to anyone who tries to hold her accountable for her words; probably because she hopes we will then get tired of pressing her to be responsible, that we will stop doing so.

      BUT I am here to tell you, No I will not stop holding her feet to the fire, so she can forget that little scheme she has going on. However, doostr, if you are satisfied to keep on pouring your donations to 'work that never produces, that you never see any results from'' ......then by all means, its your money to do with as you please.

      See, I do not resort to slamming you or calling you names or hurling nasty words to you. You wanna know why that is?

      Because I have grown up and know how to allow you to have a difference of opinion and to do as you so choose to do, and because I am not in here to dictate to anyone or to try to Control people.

      So if you 'dont have any respect for any of that'' then that too is your prerogative.

      P.S. Anna has never been my Teacher, and I haven't agreed with her for most of this year, simply because I have seen all talk and no progress and not one flicker of Remedy to anything. And because she has had absolutely no progress or any advancement on anything in all this time.

    4. Well that must have touched a nerve. You can have your say too. I do not hold grudges. I don't mind paying for my education. If I have to do homework no problem.I wasn't trying to hurt your feelings, just want the old Abby back. Not the Need Expectation Hurt Anger cycle I see now.In the end it doesn't matter, But for now being critical is one thing, being sarcastic and caustic is another. Bring back the old Abby.

    5. doonstr, I have no idea where you come up with this, but I can see your discernment is off on vacation. I am the same now as I've always been. But if you don't expect anything for your money, and have no reasonable expectations of progress or forward movement, then what are you living for?? Lol

    6. You don't listen. Forget it Abby

    7. "Many years ago, a friend I worked with came to my office near the end of the day to talk. He had recently joined the Mormon Church after his marriage to a Mormon woman, and he found the religion helping him focus his life. He could see that he had been w/o direction before and now found a sense of purpose and meaning. However, being an engineer, he was having problems dealing with the Mormon doctrine.

      "I listened as he explained the parts he found contradictory. He tried to reason through his concerns, but was clearly troubled by some of the teachings. I offered a few thoughts to help him, but I could see that although my words were answering an inner part of his unconscious, his conscious mind was still struggling with the conflict. That night he had a dream.

      "As he told me the next morning, during his dream he was still wrangling with the logical contradictions of his teachings when he saw someone approaching. As he looked closer he realised it was Jesus walking towards him. Standing before Jesus, who was glowing radiently, all my friend's concerns and anguish pored out. He found himself asking Jesus for help. Jesus smiled and very quietly said, 'It's all poetry.'

      "My friend stood there in his dream trying to understand what this meant, when Jesus waived his hands in a huge sweeping circle and repeated, 'It's all poetry.'

      "All at once my friend understood. Something beyond words had been communicated to him. Not only was the written doctrine poetry, but of life, all existence- it was all poetry.

      "In other words, religious doctrines should not be read literally because life is not literal. Everything spoken, everything that happens is a expression of Spirit. My friend was suddenly seeing the world through the eyes of Soul."

    8. doonstr, well tell us all, just what have you really gotten for your money?? You cant seem to understand plain english? Why don't you try responding to the comment instead of avoiding it with your glib nothing remarks like 'forget it'.
      And tell us just what Update or Progress Reports you've gotten in return? Why does asking for Progress Reports warrant your nasty retort?

    9. No Leland, thats all bullschit; let me to get my wading boots on, LOL You were just 'two fools walking in the ditch together' Lol.
      Morons, oops I mean mormons are just another Club that collects dues every sunday.

    10. Abby...when it comes to end timers mythology ~ u 'lovingly' & laughingly lead the pack of loons....🎶

      Ps I love loons, too🔔


  4. Actually, I find this ARticle to be in the low class trash category. It serves no purpose and is of no importance to any of us. If you just gotta talk about trash, then you could have just sent it to your local Newspaper.

  5. "Rape! Rape! Rape!" (I mean, in the rhetorical sense, but what the hey? I don't have to explain. I'm a woman, right? I have no responsibility and if I say I've been "raped" everyone assumes that it's physical and that I know what I am talking about, too, whether I mean "rape" exactly, or not.) "

    Hilarious😅 Thanks for serious, but funny post Anna☇♩

    Read this

    1. Holy Clark I've read that awhile back, it's a well reasurched topic and written one! I don't believe Abby will read it, I believe she is either a Troll or crazy, lazy and stupid!


  7. "An Account of “Grammatical Crimes” of Corporate Governance, courts and enforcement agencies by the use of DOG-LATIN: a “debased” criminal immoral foreign written language that renders all such DOG-LATIN documents, tendered by such corporate private governments, as “counterfeit”. DOG-LATIN is unhyphenated all uppercase Latin symbolic text that follows the grammatical rules of English and not the grammatical rules of Latin. It is the language of the Illiterate, (Blacks Law Dictionary 4th Edition) it looks just like English, “IT LOOKS JUST LIKE THIS” but grammatically, it is the deception right under your nose… It is the poison in the text, it is the corruption in the contract. If you hold any part of this debased criminal all uppercase text of the dead corporations, such as your Driver License, you are claiming membership to the Underworld, criminal counterfeit, corrupt, corporate world of the Dead Corporations. You become a criminal." Excerpt from

    1. "Look" at the "WORD", and then its easy to "See" the intention. Pay attention or pay/suffer the consequences;"IT IS THE POISON IN THE TEXT"
      Start at the beginning...much to finally See clearly that has been there all along.

      Much Gratitude, Love and Peaceful awareness for All Now

    2. Thank you Holly for sharing this link!

    3. Finally! This is the end game. All Fraud.

  8. Somehow, this woman Dr Ford is being used....i don't know if she is being forced or blackmailed but I doubt she is doing it voluntarily...her father is ex CIA MK ULTRA, and could possibly really be hypnotized into believing what she is saying.....something stinks...!! What I don't get is that this is not a formal charge lodged in an actual court, but lodged in the court of public opinion where Congress gets to ask the questions.....but how much more obvious can it get before people realize that the whole justice system.created this mess ...bevause when the the system is set up to profit from any controversy , real or not, you have automatically defiled the TRUTH for the sake of making a buck....!! When the motivation for charges becomes the motivation to create an account for monitary purposes , this is its logical conclusion....!! I told everyone we don't need to break free of anything...We just need to get rid of all BAR attorneys....and this is the perfect case to start a lawsuit against the BAR once and for all....that is our real enemy from within.....ive never seen so many scoundrels in my life....tjey get you to pay them upfront for something they haven't even done yet....and a lot of them never will....!! It's a criminal syndicate....get rid of it and say goodbye to all the fraud, because it's starts and ends with THEM...!!!

    1. James, we are now living among a mass population that is no longer able to think straight. They have no ability to see the whole picture. They have no ability for critical thinking any more. They cannot analyze anything because it requires real brain work, which putty is no longer able to do. This is why very very few ever ''get it'' about anything.
      Between all the meds they willingly ingest, and their brains having gone of a long vacation, common sense has become a scarcity.
      And so, we are mostly talking to the wall. Even the Word tells us that 'in the last days, right will be taken for wrong, and wrong will be taken for being right'.

      We are now ''there''. Looney tunes and merry melodies, la la la la la.

    2. James, yep, I think the demorats played her like a fiddle.

  9. Just looking over 10 year old common law court ruling about driver of a car was arrested .
    court charged criminal justice system of illegal conversion for spelling the defendent name in all capitol letters.
    a crime under common law.

    1. bubbapatric: Would you please provide the citation for this court ruling? Thank you.

    2. Bubba, very very interesting. And it even sounds logical. I agree with genevieve, if you can provide more documentation,maybe some can use it for their Defense in court sometime.
      ALSO, bubba, if you can tell us which Court it was that ruled that way?

  10. Rainford, who heads the National Catholic School of Social Service, the university's social work school, pointed to Swetnick's age—she is two years older than Kavanaugh—to both cast doubt on her assertion and paint her as an adult preying on underage boys.
    "Since when do senior girls hang with freshman boys?" he asked in a tweet on Wednesday. "If it happened when Kavanaugh was a senior, Swetnick was an adult drinking with &by her admission, having sex with underage boys. In another universe, he would be the victim & she the perp!"


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