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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Backwash --- Initial Emergency Alert

By Anna Von Reitz

The people of North and South Carolina are facing a far more serious disaster than has been reported in the so-called National News and it is coming from a source most of us haven't even considered. 

We all braced for the impact of the tropical storms and survived that. 

What is proving more deadly is inter-tidal flooding of coastal rivers and estuaries overwhelmed as rainwater from the storms that fell in the mountainous areas finds its way back down the local rivers and into low-lying delta and estuary areas all along the coast. 

For people in those areas, the real disaster and result of the storms last week is just arriving.  

We don't have full details yet, but ask you to be aware and to keep these folks in your thoughts and prayers. 

As many of you know, I lived through a "National Disaster" here in Alaska -- a fire, not a flood -- but you can count on some things being the same. 

One of the things you can count on is
that FEMA won't respond for at least three weeks.  And when it does, the kinds of help it offers won't be what you expect.  

What FEMA did here was hand out checks of $13,000 to each landowner (to limit their own liability claims) --- renters and apartment dwellers got nothing, though they were just as devastated as everyone else. 

And FEMA also gave our names to the "US SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION" ---- another deliberately mis-named corporation actually owned by Lehman Brothers Bank --- and they offered us "Disaster Assistance Loans" at a lower rate than market interest to "help us rebuild".  

Only catch with that is that a couple years later, they sold off all those loans to one of their own subdivisions that appeared to be a different company, and that company contacted everyone with a "New Deal" -- 12% and new terms and deadlines and balloon payments and only the Devil Knows what else. 

And if people weren't sharp enough to say, "Hell no, no contract, non-assumpsit!" --- all those disaster victims got bilked and wound up paying far more than any normal loan.  Most of them lost their shirts and Lehman Brother's got all the new houses that these disaster victims labored so hard to build, plus their land.  

I notified the Alaska Congressional Delegation about the scam and [Territorial United States] House Representative Don Young stomped hard enough on Lehman Brothers so they backed off and honored the initial contract "for those that complained".  

Everyone else took it in the shorts. 

So much for "Disaster Relief" from FEMA.  


The only groups that mobilized and actually arrived timely and did help us were the Salvation Army, the LDS Church, and the Mennonite Church.  

Those guys came prepared to launch, knew what they were doing, and they just flat-out did it.  

So to those reading this, who have contacts with the Salvation Army, LDS, and Mennonite Churches, please let them know that their neighbors along the coast in North and South Carolina are hurting and will be facing a mammoth task of rescue and rebuilding.  

People can only expect help from other people --- certainly not from the bankrupt and self-interested "US Government".  Any expectation of help from "federal agencies" or thought on our part that these people and their communities "will be taken care of" and some of their tax dollars paid back---- give those naive suppositions up right now.  

The Queen has already spent all that money on war planes in Iraq. 


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  1. The Queen has already spent it all... Already. Its part of the scam

  2. One good thing thair was a congressman worth his salt .
    Thank good hillary and the rose law firm didn't set up the loan.miss a payment you loose your assets .

  3. This is the first I heard that FEMA didn't go in and help out. This should get news coverage. Thanks to the two groups you mentioned for helping out. I'll be donating to them.

    1. FEMA never arrives as the first fact they are usually the last responders, sometimes taking months to arrive...because they were never created for that purpose anyway...!! They were created to set up camps for U.S. resistors to the NWO...!!

  4. Thank you Paul and Anna for all of your due diligence. When I am able, I going to financially support this worthy cause...Knowledge and truth set people free....thank you does not adequately convey our gratitude...Blessings to you all...


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