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Monday, September 24, 2018

Why The Articles of Confederation Matter -- Today

By Anna Von Reitz

When I was in school the whole subject of The Articles of Confederation was glossed over.  I was told that The Articles of Confederation were used very early on in our history and then "replaced" by the Constitution.  

I would be willing to bet that 99% of the people reading this were given the same pat answer about The Articles of Confederation--- not because our teachers meant to lie to us, but because they were never taught the truth about this subject themselves. 

Still, even back then, reading both documents, I had a hard time seeing how The Articles of Confederation could be replaced by the Constitution?  That was Sixth Grade. 

We passed over the subject again in Eleventh Grade.  By then I had even more pesky questions in my mind.  

The Articles of Confederation proposed to create a "perpetual Union" so, logic dictates that for that Union to end, some official action would have to be taken by the States to end it.  Where, I asked, is that official action?  

There's no record of anything like that happening at the Constitutional Convention.  Nor is there anything like that in evidence anywhere at any time afterward.  

Like the missing Declaration of War and missing Peace Treaty ending the Civil War, it's what's not there --- that should be --- that exposes the lie we've been told. 

The Articles of Confederation were broken by Secession of the Southern States from the Confederation, but never by formal agreement.  

Under Law, you cannot force parties to remain in association once they have determined otherwise; pieces of paper have only so much ability to guarantee the future decisions of living men and so it was that the decision of the Southern States to withdraw from the original Confederation and form their own --- The Confederate States of America -- was what ended The Articles of Confederation as a viable instrument.  

They were not replaced by any Constitution. Self-evidently they were not replaced by the Founders at the Constitutional Convention, and were still in full effect in 1860 when The Great Schism occurred. 

Since then, I've been told, Keith Livingway went to a Navy auction and bought a copy of the original Articles of Confederation, which he claims gives him the power to resurrect the original Confederation of States. 

While it is an important artifact at this point and while it is worth wondering why the Navy had it in its possession and what possessed the Admirals to offer it for sale at an auction--- the legal eagles in charge of the British Territorial United States got one thing straight: once the original Confederation was broken, it would have to be "Reconstructed". 

That would require action by all the States to establish new Federal level States of States and then their agreement to create a new Confederation of States to operate the Federal level Government as intended by our Forefathers. 

Instead what happened is that the British Monarch operated in Gross Breach of Trust and the then-Pope sat by like a spider and did nothing to prevent Queen Victoria from creating Territorial level "States of States" and under conditions of semantic deceit, substituting her own proxy franchises for the Federal States of State that we are owed. 

Most people couldn't tell the substantial difference between "The State of Georgia" and the "State of Georgia" and the general populace of this country was certainly never told.  

The sudden appearance of entities called, for example, the "Georgia State" was never explained, either, but these are the vestiges of the Federal States of States--- so-called "land trusts" to hold the assets of the former Federal States of States in trust. 

But that is another deceit.  These are "land trusts" in the same sense that the Federal Constitution is called "the Law of the Land" --- that is, these are descriptions from the British Territorial perspective.  They are at sea and when they come to work here, they are obligated to obey what? The Law of the Land.   In the same way these "land trusts" are trusts that they have held "for" the land jurisdiction States, and don't actually hold any interest in the land owned by the States at all. 

Our States kept all right, title and interest in both the soil and the land, plus all non-delegated powers in the international jurisdiction of the sea, and they limited the interests of the delegated global air jurisdiction to the ten miles square of Washington, DC.  

Our States were never involved in the so-called "American Civil War" and our Federation was never directly affected by the dissolution of the Confederation.  

So we have been lied to in our schools for generations in order to cover up the British Breach of Trust and contract and usurpation against our lawful government.  

The Brits were also at the bottom of the dog pile giving rise to the Civil War conflict.  The Queen and the Parliament had invested heavily in Egyptian Cotton ventures, seeking a cheaper and closer alternative to American Cotton for their mills.  They felt the need to curtail American Cotton production to increase prices and stabilize the market for their own Egyptian Cotton.  And as they have done so often in other places in the world, they started a "mercenary conflict" on our shores. 

Abraham Lincoln was a Bar Association Member in Illinois, strictly prohibited from holding any public office in our Federal Government since 1819.  He couldn't hold the actual Office of President of The United States of America, but he could hold the Territorial Office of The President of the United States of America.  See the difference?  "The" versus "the" United States of America 

It would take a sharp and well-educated man with an appreciation for the deceitfulness of law and government to discern any difference at all between "The President of The United States of America" and "The President of the United States of America" ---- and Lincoln made full use of the deceit to embroil this country in a terrible and totally illegal commercial mercenary war, not that different from what went on in Vietnam a generation ago. 

It is now time that everyone concerned, including the Roman Curia, woke up and smelled the java.  

This great country was grossly abused and defrauded by international Trustees that owed us Good Faith Service and "perpetual amity", deliberately deceived by members of the Bar Associations engaged to act as Privateers by those same Trustees, and then misdirected and used as a source of mercenaries and materials to fight endless wars for profit. 

That is what actually happened here. 

And both the American People and the rest of the world have a vital stake and interest in seeing that this venal "set up" comes to an end in America and is not perpetuated again in any other part of the world via the abuse of any other people or foreign government. 

We, the living people and all the nations of the world, must recognize the sources of all the misery and deceit and the destruction that the corrupted Church officials and British Monarchs have wrought for the past two centuries. We must all join together with one accord to put the British Con Artists under our heels and drive Ba'al out of the Church, so that we can again enjoy our peace and prosperity worldwide. 

This is not just an American "problem".  It is a problem for the entire world and it has been for thousands of years.  The resurgence of this profane "religion" in the 1860's has already led to two World Wars.  Enough is enough.   

Solving this Mess on a worldwide basis requires outlawing and disbanding the Bar Associations and re-educating lawyers to obey and execute the actual Public Law.  They are acting as racketeers and most of them don't even realize that they are doing anything wrong. 

It also requires an adjustment of perceptions.  

The Roman Catholic Church's corruption is a principle cause of the problem, not a solution; apart from its sincere repentance, reform, and proven correction it cannot be relied upon to act as a Trustee for America or any other nation.

The British Throne has likewise been overthrown and those functioning as "Kings" and "Queens" have knowingly deceived the people of Britain by going through the Coronation process and then secretively abdicating the Throne and occupying the Chair of the Estates on the land and the office of "Britannic Majesty" on the sea.  

This overthrow and misrepresentation of the Christian nations of Britain, Ireland, Scotland and Wales by Satanists who pretend to be Christian Monarchs simply for the purpose of gaining access to power is yet another example of how the Satanists mirror everything in their efforts to confuse the issues and identities to their advantage. 

Are you dealing with the Pope or the Pontiff?  With Her Royal Majesty or Her Britannic (Satanic) Majesty?  With The President of The United States of America or The President of the United States of America?  

It is well past time for the Evil in High Places to be kicked in the rump, recognized for where and what it is, vanquished once and for all--- and not allowed to get started again anywhere on Earth.


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  1. What are they teaching the kids in school today?

    1. I never heard about the Articles of Confederation until a couple years ago. I'm almost 60. I certainly didn't learn about them in school. Common Core, now! Teaching them all to be robots unable to think for themselves. Most on medication.

    2. I agree with you 100%, just don't know exactly what to do about it. Life was meant to be lived and enjoyed. It is a waste of life to fret over what is out of my control. I can file and put everything on record, but will still be harassed, suppressed and oppressed till the day I die.

    3. Well, if 'THEY' r going to mess with us peons...might as well get rich๐Ÿ˜…

      From an Anna Von Reiz's friend Sara reference ๐ŸŽถ

  2. They just glossed over these back when i was in school I can't imagine what they are teaching the kids today in the schools

  3. Mirroring , semitic deceit . Totally different meaning .

  4. You re correct regarding the Articles of Confederation, i.e., it has NEVER been repealed. Ed Rivera taught this in his Organic Laws class and challenged students to find any proof of repeal. Representatives, Senators and BAR attorneys were contacted and asked for proof...only heard crickets! The Articles of Confederation stated that all people in America (not the US!), are SOVEREIGN! Once sovereign, always sovereign unless one VOLUNTARILY gives it up but, even then it must be with full knowledge/disclosure!

    1. Jack, that has been my thought all along; but nobody wants to listen, lol.

    2. Unfortunately my mother allowed them to register my NAME as a US FRANCHISE, DEAD CITIZEN. It is very good to know the Articles of Confederation has never been repealed and the American people are Sovereign. That means all the work, research and funds I spent in the last two years was well worth the effort. My paperwork is recorded and I'm in the process of sending notice to all the Corporate Officials. I am an American now on paper. No more presumptions. Waiting for the 30 days to pass and all will stand as Law in my Court. As Executrix of my ESTATE I am the highest Officer in their Courts. I am the only authority to administer my ESTATE.

  5. Anna, it is very naive to think getting rid of evil is as simple as ''kicking out folks in high places'. Evil is not just done by those People; Evil is a spirit and that spirit will always invade and use anyone who is in high places''.

    Decade after decade after decade I've watched and listened to folks talk about removing one b'tard from ''high places'' and electing a replacement. This has always gone on, and YET even a blind man can see the newly elected replacements never improve anything.

  6. There is no ARticle/topic for this, so I will insert it here: During this past week things are really heating up over Syria. Russia is protecting Syrian army who is simply defending their own country; they have a right to do that.
    The u.s. has long ago hired 'the rebels' to fight against the Syrian Army and against Assad, trying to get him removed. Russia believes Assad and the Army are Right, and so Russia is now setting things in place to defend Syria ''once and for all''. (my words)
    Russia is sending in lots of supplies/cargo, so it is beginning to look like a real show down of some sort.

    Israel would like to be rid of Syria altogether because they have been tossing bombs at each other for years. All of this puts the u.s. and Russia on opposite sides; it puts russia on the side of Syria, and the u.s. on the side of Israel. This puts the u.s. in the category of 'stupid'.
    There are some u.s. troops in a Base that the u.s. has in Syria and last week Russia surrounded that base; our men cannot get out without ''getting smacked'.

    Its very telling that our Media is not making this News, which is important to us americans; instead they are again wallowing in 'dirt they try to dig up from 35 years ago'.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. STEVE Munich is in TRUOUBLE!

    1. Mnuchin is a jew, how far does the apple ever fall from the tree.
      Now this is a thought: How many happily placed their BC's in his hands,lol.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Texas had a treaty with the U.S. a Republican form of government they breached the contract due to they are running an adminisrive.form or corporate board of directors .
    This is what we will take to international courts.
    to void treaty.

  10. Are you dealing with the Pope or the Pontiff? With Her Royal Majesty or Her Britannic (Satanic) Majesty? With The President of The United States of America or The President of the United States of America?

    Not sure i see a difference here:
    1.a Pope,- a Pontiff.
    2. Her Royal Majesty (Just who in the heck would this be?)- Her Britannic satanic Majesty.
    3.The President of The United States of America or The President of the United States of America? (ARE THESE NOT EXACTLY THE SAME?)
    What i see in all instances seems to be an unholy pyramid of alliance. Seems almost masonic in fact.

  11. Anna- "The Roman Catholic Church's corruption is a principle cause of the problem, not a solution; apart from its sincere repentance, reform, and proven correction it cannot be relied upon to act as a Trustee for America or any other nation."
    Why, WHY in the 'world' would we ever EVER NEED or desire the Roman Catholic Church to act as a Trustee for America or any other nation?

    1. a follower, Exactly ! Sounds like Anna wants to try to ''make that rotten apple 'good'' LOL. It goes to show she has no understanding about spiritual matters or just what Evil really is.

    2. The HOLY SEE is responsible for all corporations as that is where they originated. Whether we want it or not the law, Statutes and Codes governing fictions are all Canon Law from the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope at the Helm. As US FRANCHISES the DEAD CITIZEN is a Subject of this law. This is the point of correcting your status. if we operate in their system YOU have to follow all their rules. This has been going on for 2000 years.

      Evil is the opposite of Good, how hard does it have to be to understand the concept or explain the concept???

    3. Annie,
      So we are to make a deal with the devil? And then expect good results.

  12. Summary as of early morning Sept. 25 2018:

    1. BOOM: On Sat. Sept. 22. it was found that Secretary of the US Treasury Mnuchin had been bought out by Hungarian businessman George Soros and along with 16 Treasury agents, was indicted for blocking release of the USN.

    2. BOOM: As of early morning Sept. 24 IRS Servers in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Washington DC, San Pierre Canada, Alaska, Washington State, Belgium, France, Hong Kong and Switzerland had been taken down for blocking Trust transactions.

    3. BOOM: By early morning Sept. 24 NSA servers in Utah, Honduras, Panama, Calabasas, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico had also been taken down.

    4. BOOM: By early morning Sept. 24 the Federal Reserve License had been revoked. "Fed is Not Federal" - Lee Wanta Update 9-24-18 Lee Wanta: The Fed was not Federal, it was not a Reserve and it was not a Bank. It was an elite club and clearing house for money, fees and Derivatives. The Central Banks were rich Puppets controlled by the Non-Federal Reserve System.

    5. BOOM: On Sept. 24 US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein resigned (right before he was about to be fired by Trump). Rosenstein was overseeing Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russia and the 2016 US election. Former FBI assistant director McCabe had passed a story to the New York Times that Rosenstein suggested to DOJ officials that he be wired to elicit an outrageous comment from POTUS in order to use the 25th Amendment to take the POTUS down. McCabe was already going down, and it appeared that he was going to be taking others with him.

    6. BOOM: CIA Mind Control was suspected to be behind conservative Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s sex abuse accusers. With upcoming Congressional hearings set for Thurs. Sept. 27 the Satan worshipping Khazarian mafia was carrying out a widely derided smear campaign to derail the conservative’s appointment to the Supreme Court. Research into his accuser (referred to as Blaseygate) revealed she offered to declare that she was raped by former SCOTUS candidate Gorsich to keep him out of the court. Her prep school was emerging as a school where children were turned into sex slaves. She currently worked at Stanford University for a man who has been involved in mind control experiments with the CIA, and her father was also previously noted to be working for the CIA paymaster for mind control groups.

    7. BOOM Fulford: The Satan-worshipping Khazarian mafia was in a frenzy of fear as military tribunals loomed. They were offering the world (as if it were theirs to give) to China in exchange for protection, according to Gnostic Illuminati and Asian secret society sources. They were carrying out a foolish and widely derided smear campaign to derail the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, threatening to unleash pandemics, blow up the Yellowstone Caldera, set off a massive EMP attack, and cause other mayhem in a futile effort (as these attempts would be neutralized) to blackmail themselves out of the reach of long-delayed justice.

    1. Robert what are your sources for this info?


    3. Well, Rosenstein resigning anytime soon is apparently pure bs...๐Ÿ˜‚

  13. SECRETARY OF TREASURY is the Office. Steven Mnunchin is only the Current Officer. He is under Oath so he is liable. The B.C. Represents the FEDERAL CITIZEN. I surrendered the FEDERAL CITIZEN to the SECRETARY OF TREASURY. I have 8 certified copies of my B.C., I only sent one certified copy. I can get more certified copies. It is pay to the order of the US TREASURY not Steven Mnunchin. I made it clear in my correspondence that whoever occupies the office is appointed Fiduciary. I suppose if they replace Mnunchin it would be very easy to to another form 56.

    1. Annie, a thought: You say the BC represents 'the federal citizen'. But I have never been a federal citizen to begin with because I was not born within any federally owned property, nor within the 10 sq. mile district of the federal 'state' which is wash. d.c.
      So as far as I'm concerned 'they' can try to claim what you have said here, but that does not make it anywhere near the truth. I was born in and on Ohio which makes me a 'citizen of my state' which is far from being federal.

      To me, the BC is simply a document of my birth, and has nothing to do with my 'citizenship' - - so why does anyone surrender it to the federal?
      Not being facetious here, just trying to see where any of this makes any common sense at all. Seems we are just taking somebody's word for the BC = fed. citizen, and then that leading to 'handing it back to them'.

    2. The birth certificate creates the private human being under the common law and the ucc as a creditor. A private human being has the unlimited right to contract and unlimited liability. The problem is having contracts with the state and United states government that turns a private human being into a public officer aka a us citizen for government benefits including limited liability. This includes social security, drivers licenses etc etc!

    3. michael, IMO none of us has contracted with the gov. since we were never presented with any Contract openly, but was merely assumed by the gov. so it was without our knowledge, without full disclosure of ''this is a contract,do you wish to agree to it''. So I really dont see any of their stuff as a contract for that very reason.
      Of course we realize they considered it a contract and then proceed, but a legitimate contract must be with full disclosure and knowledge. This is why we are all just victims of their Fraud, which then makes all their 'contracts' null and Im sure you already know.
      Just sayin'

    4. Annie, who is to say the BC represents the ''federal citizen' when my BC was issued to me by Ohio? There was nothing federal about it. So, sorry, we should stop accepting everything that we are told, such as 'our BC makes us a federal citizen' when there is just no validity to that at all.
      ''Somebody'' deciding to tell us that, is very flimsy. And then proceeding to tell us that it is our responsibility to untie ourselves from the federal............where is there a lick of sense to any of this? I'm just sayin' just like it is, never mind the bullshit we are being told.
      Why are y'all playing this word game?

  14. Awesome reference Anna! That represents some amazing & vital production by the team!
    Many Thanks to all!

    1. Wirkin, can you please delineate the 'production' by the team?

  15. Robert Allen, do you give credence to what you are gathering from that website you posted? I am not being disrespectful, I am just wondering how true all that info is. Was Mnuchin really indicted? I have not heard anything anywhere else on this but I don't follow the lame stream media. Is there any other proof that Mnuchin was indicted? Thank you for your response.


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