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Monday, September 24, 2018

Karen Hudes Tries Selling Another Big, Fat One

By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday I issued a warning in the form of an Alert about Disinformation coming from (via Legal Registry, LLC, an organization in Washington, DC, that makes its living by registering (and stealing an undisclosed interest in) everything in sight.  

While giving them credit for accurately describing the corruption of the banks, I drew your attention to the fact that they are incorrectly assuming (and teaching you to assume) that the debts of the Territorial United States are our debts.  

Instead, all that debt of the Territorial United States is owed to us, the American States and People.  

Instead of being the Debtors responsible for their debts (the Queen of the UK is actually responsible for them and their debts) we are their Priority Creditors. 

The banks pretending to be the Creditors are "Secondaries" standing in a Middleman position, pretending to "represent" us in one capacity, while trying to stiff us for debts we don't owe in another. 

Well, here's another one --- Karen Hudes' latest "offering" on the Alter of Deception.  

She claims to have found a "secret" Constitution written in 1871, revealing "trillions of dollars" of debt purportedly left over from The Revolutionary War.  

[Hahahahahahah!  Good one, Karen.  How did you keep a straight face?]

I have news for her.  

The British Territorial United States usurped upon our lawful Federal Government in 1868.  The only Federal "Government" operating in 1871 was the Territorial United States Government and all that debt left over from the Revolution?  That was owed by the Territorial United States -----that is, The United Kingdom and their pals, the Templars.  

How can I be sure?  Because Andrew Jackson paid off all our debts from the Revolution during his Administration before the Civil War, and because of the dates.  Our actual Federal Government ceased functioning in 1860.  

I have some additional comments to make.  Our contract with the vermin allows them to charge us for expenses related to our States' mutual "defense"---- not for illegal commercial mercenary conflicts perpetuated on our shores by undisclosed Territorial United States Agents. 

Abraham Lincoln was a Bar Association Member strictly prohibited from holding any Public Office related to our States or Government.  Likewise, Ms. Hudes is prohibited (since 1819, no less) from claiming or occupying any office or agency or position of trust related to our States and Government.  

No matter what gratuitous and ignorant and corrupt claims the World Bank may make, she does NOT speak for us in any capacity and is denied any such position by our Public Law.  

The secretive actions in Breach of Trust by the British King and Parliament in 1860 seeking to pull a commodity rigging scheme and bolster their own investments in Egyptian Cotton do not amount to any defense of our States and the resulting expenses of the Civil War are not our problem. 

Likewise their losses in the Revolution are the problem of the Territorial United States, not ours, and that is what is being discussed in the "secret" 1871 "Constitution" discovered by Ms. Hudes: the rats discussing how they were going to pawn off more debt on us when we didn't have a thing to do with any of this gross malfeasance and criminal mis-administration and when they don't have a leg to stand on for any of their actions.  

I am sorry.  If the Queen won't ante up and honor the debts of the UK and the Territorial United States, they can ask for our forgiveness of the debt, but we are not going to stand here and allow them to "assume" debts against us.  

It's time for the United States Army to wake up and get up off their dead fat *rumps* and deal with the fact that they hired our Enemies as their providers of justice and the end result has been the pillaging and plundering of millions of innocent Americans, endless racketeering, and gross criminality in Breach of Trust and commercial contract on our shores----and all on their Watch.  

The Officers of the United States Army are liable for this entire debacle and if they don't want to be held responsible for gross dereliction duty resulting in genocide, pillaging, plundering, unlawful conversion of assets, kidnapping, inland piracy, conspiracy against the Constitution, treason and press-ganging, it behooves them to correct all the deliberately falsified public records and bring these banks and the members of the Bar Associations to justice. 

Now the Queen has decided not to pay their debts and we are not going to forgive them absent being asked to do so, and they are all between a rock and a hard place trying to figure out what to do.  

They have tried to use their usual means of making money --- starting a war and using our young people and resources to win it --- but that hasn't worked.  

They have planned to do various kinds of False Flags to "get something started" here in the US, tried to touch off race riots, tried to get a foot in the door with geo-engineered weather disasters, any excuse to kill off their Priority Creditors or charge them more money for "services".  

But that hasn't worked either, primarily because the rest of the world is now aware of who and what they are--- and the fact that they are British Flunkies and Templar Flunkies that don't represent the American States and People at all.   

The Territorial United States and the Municipal United States are both cornered at last --- stuck between a "Rock" made of outraged Americans and a "Hard Place" represented by the Sino-Russian Alliance.  

Professional liars like Karen Hudes may be amusing, but ultimately we stop laughing when faced with the facts. Millions of people have died and millions more have suffered and been robbed because of these purveyors of deceit. 

What the world needs is a clearing of the air, truth, and practical measures, not more Shinola.


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    1. One can only hope...and I will build the gallows.

    2. This is an excerpt from Donald Trump‘s executive order.

      “(ii) any foreign person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General:”

      Now, I just read that whole thing. It doesn’t specifically target people or individuals that are trying to leave the status of US citizen and become noncitizen nationals, however, you know how government types are.

      Because we have reconveyed our trade names back to the soil and state wherin we were born, we are now foreign to the United States.

      What would stop them from using this law against us? We were already under martial law, and now this document reinforces that fact! Do you really think that if somebody wants to go after you that they won’t?
      This has me just a little bit concerned.

    3. And for those of you that have read this document did it not stand out to you that everything is going through the secretary of the treasury?
      I thought Mnuchin was the secretary of the treasury?
      And if one of our instructions is to make him our fiduciary, would that not be a red flag to him to look at us?

    4. Yes Robert I have seen all those post too....but where's the "beef"...!! How long can it take the entire military complex of America to carry that all out if they really wanted to.....overnight..!! And yet we see these constant shirades by Congress everyday on the fox news channel...its a comical circus that anyone with two brain cells to rub together can plainly see....!! And yet no arrest....!! I'll believe it when I see it...otherwise it's just another LIE...!! AS far as the royals are concerned, they to have been snubbed by the global "elite"and left with no way to pay...which is why some sites have indicated that QE2 has switched sides and joined Trump....!! But who really knows....!! She should be in prison, not joining us for anything .....!!!

    5. Fruit, I have thought much the same thing. What if 'they' decide they want to retaliate on folks changing their Status, and label them as foreigners or enemies or even to deport them. What is to stop them from making some sort of nefarious 'new rules or laws'.
      This is why I wait to see what it looks like after the dust begins to settle, lol. The picture is not yet looking clear to me.

  2. Number one priority for our grand jury in washington state should be to stop them from killing us because we are priority creditors.
    Hastening Death is Murder

  3. Fake News goes far beyond the mainstream media, it is the appearance of being a good lawful person, but in reality is just used that appearance for gaining access to the vault for the heist.

  4. Reposted Anna's entire post ^ here in Benjamin Fulford's latest report comment section☇๐ŸŽถ

  5. I just upvoted the previous comment by emovius on Anna there in before my reposting the above by Anna๐ŸŽถ

    emovius #409918
    Thank you, Benjamin! Great report.
    From what Judge Anna posts in this article:
    there are big things going down at the Vatican.
    You can check out all her posts here:
    Let us all pray that this massive effort to rid our planet of this horrible evil is carried out swiftly and without serious disruption.
    I think this following affirmation is a great way to enhance the exposure of dark practices occurring on Planet Earth. My life partner and I say this every day.
    We connect to the higher consciousness of light warriors around Gaia, and our Universe and that collaboration enhance the energy grid to shine white light on all the dark practices ongoing everywhere.
    Hugs and love to all.


    1. I love it when humans know why their on Earth;).

    2. Gaia is from the dark side.

    3. Abby FAR, FAR more from 'dark side' than Gaia๐Ÿ˜…

  6. Karen Hudes sent me a message and asked that I not write to her again...she claims to be a whistleblower but went on to work again for the World Bank...Hawaiian gold, monies were spoken about in the videos also she said the 'statutes of limitations on fraud passed'... a liar for more info see: and see ...Pirates of the World

  7. Karen Hudes is an attorney. If her lips are moving, she is lying. Need I say more.


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