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Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Big Switch

By Anna Von Reitz

So how did your nationality get combined with citizenship?  A friend from Australia recently sent me a nicely summarized list of legislative acts from the 1920 through the late 60's, and what it very neatly summarizes is a fundamental change that happened in the 1940's and which has never been corrected.

At the beginning of the legislative history there were numerous "Nationality Acts" in the 1920's and 30's.  Then, beginning in the 1940's all of these became "Nationality and Citizenship Acts".  This is where your nationality got confused and "lumped together" with your political status as a "citizen" or not. 

The organizations passing all these "Nationality and Citizenship Acts" were all functioning in Territorial jurisdictions, so it was no big leap for them to include "citizenship" presumptions with the topic of "nationality".  For them, the two are synonymous. 

If you live your life as a "resident" (temporary sojourner) in the "State of Wyoming" (a Territorial State of State) you are a federal "citizen" by definition, so that your nationality and citizenship are tied together.

If you live your life at home in Wyoming, you may or may not be a "citizen". It is entirely possible to live your entire life and never be employed by any "federally connected" employer and to never hold any office related to any federal corporation.

And that is the fundamental difference between "us" and "THEM". 

We have no natural obligation to serve and obey the government.  The government has a natural obligation to serve and obey us.  Our nationality is not tied to any obligatory citizenship, but theirs is.  And therein lies the rub and the misunderstanding.

People presume that you must be a citizen, because they are, but in fact this is merely a self-interested and unconscionable presumption on the part of the Territorial United States Government that began in the 1940's and which deserves to be soundly rebutted and refused now.

When you are born on the land of a sovereign State, say, New York -- you are under no obligation to act or serve as a Federal Citizen of any kind.  They merely "presume" on the basis of a long-vanished war that you are a volunteer willing to assume "Territorial political status".

So that's how your nationality got balled up with the issue of citizenship, which is by nature entirely different. 

We now know that the same thing happened worldwide during the Second World War and that "Nationality Acts" in places as diverse as Italy and Australia and the United States underwent the same kind of change to "Nationality and Citizenship Acts" at the same time. This implies in turn at that the participants were acting in Territorial capacity and that people were never returned to their natural birthright political status as non-citizen nationals after the Second World War.

This parallels what went on with the so-called Victory Tax. Prior to the Second World War, only Federal Citizens and federal corporations (like the big railroad corporations) were subject to pay "federal income taxes".  During the war the Territorial United States Congress passed the "Victory Tax" which allowed average non-Federal citizen Americans to "voluntarily" contribute an amount equal to that paid by Federal Employees as part of the war effort. 

The sunset clause on this legislation stated "the end of hostilities" which by most reckoning means September 1945, but instead, the Territorial United States Congress just left everything in place as if the Second World War was still going on and people were still "volunteering" to pay federal income taxes as part of the effort to win it. 

Eighty years later and millions upon millions of Americans have been deprived of their natural birthright nationality which does not include any obligations of citizenship and have paid trillions of dollars worth of federal income taxes they never owed. 

It's easy enough to see why the Territorial United States Government wanted everyone to be in "citizenship" status so as to be able to control and commandeer the labor force during the Second World War.  It is also easy to see why they wanted the extra income from American workers and why they acted in simple greed and continued on with both these false presumptions after the War---- both Territorial "citizenship" and "voluntary federal income tax" have been foisted off and presumed upon millions of Americans without their knowledge or consent.

And now has come the objection from the lawful government and from the people to this situation and the need to: (1) cease and desist these false presumptions and (2) make amends for them.

It is within our power as individual Americans to reclaim our "reversionary trust interest" in our own birthright prior to when the Territorial Government agents changed our fundamental nationality and citizenship status.  We can revert back to being Americans standing on the firm foundation of our land and soil without any citizenship obligations and without any Territorial attachments to our earnings. 

And this is why when we talk about Jural Assemblies it is so important for people to grasp what has been done to them in terms of damage to their natural capacities and political status, and why it is necessary for everyone involved in the Jural Assembly process to recoup their natural birthright political status which does not include any obligations of Territorial citizenship.

You were born in Vermont, not Puerto Rico.  Say so and inherit the land and soil of your birth, your guaranteed exemptions and immunities, your Natural and Unalienable Rights, and be set free from the obligations of Territorial citizenship. 

Run, don't walk, to the Recorder's Office and establish your claim. And if anyone tells you that it isn't "necessary" for you to make this change, tell them it isn't necessary to wipe your butt, either, but the consequences of not doing so have obvious drawbacks.


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  1. Could someone better matriculated on this stuff answer me this?:

    I was born in the State of Ohio, 63 years ago, and have never been there for 52 years now. What good is it for me, or even how feasible is it for me, to establish myself as a native-born sovereign of the State of Ohio? (I live and work, regrettably, in California, and don't even know any surviving persons in Ohio).
    Thanks and may God bless!


    2. Ok judge Anna...lets take this to its logical front of a court and a judge for some crime....amd let's start by the judge calling your name to the podium.....what are you going to do next...step by step with the judge to get him to agree with you...if you want, I can even be the judge who ask the questions, since I know their motus operidi, into tricking people into jurisdiction...and I will act just like them to see how you will handle his responses...look at it it as a kind of "class" where we can all learn, including you without the chance of going to jail....then you will know what all the rest of us face when we go to court....!! And all your paperwork..!!...Did you know that Calif and Hawaii have been sold completely to China...!! I wonder how the Chinese feel about your paperwork...!! They want the rest of America too...!!

      It's time you started to talk about courtroom procedure and what and how to file things in court, or if we should even file anything and just show up And tell the judge "I do not wish to contract with you...!!! It would be interesting to see if you can handle a judge that hates patriots and pro se....!!!

    3. Eric, your Birth Certificate is from Ohio. That's where the fraud was begun against you. Doesn't mean you have to live there. Just go back to the beginning of where they created your Cestui Que Vi estate and begin correcting from there.

    4. Eric,
      Ohio gave you a Citizen-ship to use, however, the State does not say how to operate that vessel which is acting in bad faith to steal your property, EXPILATIO. This is about the land of your soul and who has claim to the zygote, everything else associated with this land/after birth belongs to the heir. Their words, they do not honor it.

    5. STATE OF OHIO posted a NOTICE of abandoned property. Obviously the father did not claim his property. It is abandoned, they are using it. Claim it back. The ESTATE would not exist without your footprints and blood. A man is free to travel the earth. A UNITED STATES CITIZEN is not free to shit his pants.

    6. Here is your so called abandoned property/AKA-easment, certificated person.
      3705.11 Report of foundling child.

      Whoever finds a living infant of unknown parentage shall immediately report such finding to the local registrar of vital statistics of the registration district in which the child is found, on a prescribed form which shall state:

      (A) Date of finding;

      (B) Place of finding;

      (C) Sex of child;

      (D) Race of the child;

      (E) Approximate age of the child;

      (F) Name and address of the person or institution with whom the child has been placed for care. The place where the child was found shall be known as the place of birth, and the date of birth shall be determined by approximation.

      The person, superintendent, or manager of the institution with whom a foundling child is placed for care shall give such child a name within ten days and shall promptly report the name given to the local registrar of the registration district in which the child was found. The foundling report shall constitute the birth certificate for such foundling child and sections 3705.01 to 3705.29 of the Revised Code, relating to birth certificates or records, shall apply in the same manner and with the same effect to such report. If a foundling child is later identified and an original birth record is found or obtained, the foundling report shall cease to be a public record. Such foundling report shall be placed in an envelope which shall be sealed by the department and shall not be open to inspection or copy unless so ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction. All copies of the foundling report in the possession of the local registrar or the probate court as well as any and all index references thereto shall be destroyed.

    7. For those that need further confirmation where jurisdiction is established. Hospitals are under the National emergency Act, "sign, sign everywhere a sign"

      U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have made available Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to supplement existing guidance concerning enforcement actions at or focused on sensitive locations and clarify what types of locations are covered by these policies. ICE and CBP conduct their enforcement actions consistent with the Department of Homeland Security’s November 2014 memorandum prioritizing the removal of national security, border security, and public safety threats.

      The ICE and CBP sensitive locations policies, which remain in effect, provide that enforcement actions at sensitive locations should generally be avoided, and require either prior approval from an appropriate supervisory official or exigent circumstances necessitating immediate action. DHS is committed to ensuring that people seeking to participate in activities or utilize services provided at any sensitive location are free to do so without fear or hesitation.

      Do the Department of Homeland Security’s policies concerning enforcement actions at or focused on sensitive locations remain in effect?
      U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have each issued and implemented policies concerning enforcement actions at or focused on sensitive locations. The ICE Sensitive Locations Policy and the CBP Sensitive Locations Policy ( remain in effect, and these FAQs are intended to clarify what types of locations are covered by those policies. ICE and CBP conduct their enforcement actions consistent with the Department of Homeland Security’s November 2014 memorandum, which prioritizes the removal of national security, border security, and public safety threats.

      What do the Department of Homeland Security policies require for enforcement actions to be carried out at sensitive locations?
      The policies provide that enforcement actions at or focused on sensitive locations such as schools, places of worship, and hospitals should generally be avoided, and that such actions may only take place when (a) prior approval is obtained from an appropriate supervisory official, or (b) there are exigent circumstances necessitating immediate action without supervisor approval. The policies are meant to ensure that ICE and CBP officers and agents exercise sound judgment when enforcing federal law at or focused on sensitive locations, to enhance the public understanding and trust, and to ensure that people seeking to participate in activities or utilize services provided at any sensitive location are free to do so, without fear or hesitation.

    8. What does the Department of Homeland Security mean by the term “sensitive location”?
      Locations covered by these policies would include, but not be limited to:

      Schools, such as known and licensed daycares, pre-schools and other early learning programs; primary schools; secondary schools; post-secondary schools up to and including colleges and universities; as well as scholastic or education-related activities or events, and school bus stops that are marked and/or known to the officer, during periods when school children are present at the stop;
      Medical treatment and health care facilities, such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, accredited health clinics, and emergent or urgent care facilities;
      Places of worship, such as churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples;
      Religious or civil ceremonies or observances, such as funerals and weddings; and
      During public demonstration, such as a march, rally, or parade.
      What is an enforcement action?
      An enforcement action covered by this policy is any action taken by ICE or CBP to apprehend, arrest, interview, or search an individual, or to surveil an individual for enforcement purposes.

      Actions not covered by this policy include activities such as obtaining records, documents, and similar materials from officials or employees, providing notice to officials or employees, serving subpoenas, engaging in Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) compliance and certification visits, guarding or securing detainees, or participating in official functions or community meetings.

      Will enforcement actions ever occur at sensitive locations?
      Enforcement actions may occur at sensitive locations in limited circumstances, but will generally be avoided. ICE or CBP officers and agents may conduct an enforcement action at a sensitive location with prior approval from an appropriate supervisory official, or if the enforcement action involves exigent circumstances.

    9. These actions fall under the military, only office holders are required to follow the mandate. "The bomb factory"

    10. The word "hospital" comes from the Latin hospes, signifying a stranger or foreigner, hence a guest.

    11. J. Gary, spill the beans please, lol.

    12. cube, oh gee that just makes my day.

    13. Abby,

      This is for those with eyes to see, and...... not my words...go back to sleep.

  2. Be creative, cash my friend can buy you love or witnesses .

  3. IF you were born in Wyoming you are a U.S. citizen and U.S. national.

    If you were born in the Samoan Islands, then you are only a U.S. national.

    U.S. citizens that are registered to vote may vote.

    U.S. nationals may not register to vote.

    If you were born in Wyoming, then you cannot claim to be a U.S. National and not a U.S. citizen because you weren't born in the Samoan Island.

    Therefore, none of you who were born in the 50 states can remain U.S. Nationals if you renounce your U.S. citizenship because U.S. citizens are by default considered U.S. Nationals and only folks that were born abroad to U.S. National parents or people born in the Samoan Islands can be considered U.S. nationals.

  4. Unknown, why are you here? Why are you being abusive towards the people on this blog who clearly have a different view than you? If we are wrong we will suffer the consequences and don't require anyone else to save us from those consequences. A lot of what is talked about on this site is the interpretation of words.Is that a bad thing? Imagine if we lived in a world where no one EVER read proposed legislation and just trusted another to do it for them. Laws cannot compel performance (fact), so in light of that there must be remedy, even in their Admiralty system. Now be nice and answer with courtesy.

  5. I suspect that "unknown" is a paid troll of the "deep state"...

    1. Maybe u sgould called up Clinton Foundation since u voted from her to see if they have some leftover Haiti $ donations to help u out of your dire straits:D

    2. That's the beauty of it Leland. They've got Unknown doing their work for them for free and he doesn't even know it. If he ever realizes it he might understand that is indentured servitude. But he's still clutching his Boy Scout manual so tightly in his hand as he bows to lick their boots, that I fear he will never be able to stand as a man and realize for himself, "they fooled me".

  6. Federal and State Statutes only apply to U.S. Corporate SLAVES like you, I've proved in court I'm NOT in their jurisdiction and walk out with NO CHARGES or record.!!! Go do just a little RESEARCH, you night get SMARTER !!!

  7. I did you prove that to the judge and was it civil or criminal...!! Give us a little more info so we can take advantage of it if it works..!! And what State was this in...!!

  8. Unknown...I told you why this mission is so important to us....we consider this our last and only hope of breaking these chains around our angels once and for all....then we can all come out of hiding...!!Give us 3 months , then you can start in on us again...!! I might even join you...!!

  9. Unknown, you show a lack of character. A man or woman, with character, would not talk like that nor would they hide behind: "unknown."

  10. unknown: depends on which "State" you mean.

    and if they dont let native or naturalized state citizens and/or nationals even "vote" in so-called "State elections" at all levels, and your "State" hasnt even been admitted to the "union of several states" yet, and the "State" ignores the lieber code, and they do nazi-like pledges, and the "city council" brags about how if people are dumb enough to give them power they deserve what they get...then no, the "state" broke any "Allegiance"

    if you ask people if they are doing "martial law" and they dont answer, that should be treason right there.

    martial "law" is no "law" at all.

    also, american common law is the native law of the realm (several states) and land. the "king" (any we the people) can "in council" overturn/invalidate any "corporate by laws". that includes "body corporates/politics" like the state legislature.

    "the king is not above the law (of the realm, that predates him, unwritten"

    that inclues "We the people" and anything delegated. thus, includes everything.

    if they dont like it, all they can do is "secede". noone is obligated to join them.

    forced "pledegs" werent even mandatoy in medieval times. just what "poor" people did for "protection". you pledge to the landlord all you stuff, you serve in his "knights", and he lets you stay on his land, "use" your stuff, and construct a little hovel/shack.

    and, if he didnt protect you, "contract" broken.

    the fake "pledge" to the "military flag" is the root of (mostly) all evil.

    "civil power" is supposed to be commanding the "military"

    that is all treason.

    "the colonies can be influenced to anything but dragooned to nothing"

  11. landlords/nobility possibly had some "independence" from "king". may have "voluntarily" chipped in on "Taxes"

    point is, they had their own knights. and sometimes foreigners.

    and canaanites/knights, contrary to myth, could be "mercenaries" for hire to, "who needs protection?" with no loyalty whatsoever.

    when french were "hired", the "king" passed a law that if he went to war with france, they had to fight for england, even if they werent "citizens" (or equivalent).

    so, that is where "pledges" come from. medieval serfs and mercenary knights and poor people wanting "protection"

    it was never "mandatory" even then. depending on the king, not even to the "king"

    "a mans home is his castle"
    "the king is not above the law"

  12. james belcher already declared the bogus bylaws null and void, in the name of "we the people". so there you go.

    i still dont trust the "military flag" under any circumstance, but "We the people" have spoken on this manner.

    cant we just vote the knight seal be used as a flag in the meantime?

    you can "Secede" ("withdraw, or "Take back" as virginia took back portions of dc they previously "Ceded"), but american common law is the "native law of the land/realm". ALL laws must be in conformance.

    in case of "tie", american common law wins.

    counterfeiting the coin of the realm == misprision of treason == no accessories, only principals == off with their head.

    id love to see someone find that was "unwritten" otherwise they will argue that was "ancient statute that has been overturned"

    according to thomas jefferson autobiography, he tells you why they didnt start from scratch (one person would be best for consistency, THEN a group verifies/tweaks things, but would take too long, they didnt have time/money). so they took english common law, changed a few things (we the people are "king" now, got rid of "corruption of blood" and similar "blood"-related restrictions on inheritance.

    it was literally 2-3 people, each poring over a type of "law" and deciding what to keep from england.

    IIRC at that time, all the law for all the country fit in ~96 pages. going back to 16xx or so. and possibly "unwritten" before that.

    read tj autobiography also to see how we got an "Executive". and queen of france was nuts, tj was fine with france keeping a king (just his opinion, he was just visiting).

    and, contrary to slander, he submitted a bill so "slaves" could be "emancipated" (with owner consent) even beforer "independence". the king/england turned it down. note that was "voluntary" on owners part, unsure if it gave the freed slave "citizenship" or theyd just ship them back.

    and ENGLAND turned it down. even though "any negro who sets foot on english soil is a freeman" (justice black, IIRC. it was already against english common law!!!!!)

    so, england is too good for slaves, but import them over here to do the dirty work. classy.

    and tj takes the blame.

    thank the "military socialist" schools for slandering jefferson.

    also, look up heraldy in a dictionary, that was needed for "Right to bear arms". so presumably normal folks had to be "knights" to even be "armed". "well regulated" means you had to have "knight" training.

    so any normal yahoo, is not even common law county-level waupentake "militia" unless he has been trained/has a seal. the "actual state" is supposed to be training them. thats what "Well regulated" means. bouviers 1856 "militia"

    i dont even own a gun. can you smell the treason?

    they are deliberately lying what "Well regulated" means. it means the state trains state militia and has state court martials if they act up or dont show up when called to rendezvous.

    at some point, you have to wake up and realize the "congress" and politicians and bar attorneys cant be trusted to tell people what color the sky is.

    tj also wanted jury even for "civil" trials. MANDATORY UNLESS YOU OPT OUT. can you smell the treason?

  13. also, according to 70 year old thomas jefferson in his autobiography, even aftetr war of 1812, we toughened "press gnaging" "pirracy" laws ... an we made "peace" for second time .... but the king never agreed to stop press-ganging on the seas.

    so, we toughened our laws in our courts, and even made "peace", but king wouldnt agree to stop kidnapping american vessels on the seas if england had an "emergency" as late as 1812.

  14. thats another reason the "pledge" is bogus. where can i construct my little hovel/shack without being harassed?

    if they want all my stuff, i want free rent and land for my hovel.

  15. they are doing "pledges" and "Drafts" but still charging "rent" and not letting people construct hovels.

    military service is supposed to cover the "rent".

    either "draft" and no rent, or rent and "no draft" is how pledges are supposed to work.

    likewise, that is another reason you cant just fine pepole for not being "militia" anna.

    i want my hovel and free rent if you are going to "Dragoon" me.

  16. also, the "jews" started "Foreclosing" and taking land of bankrupts. so that was "merged" into english common law.

    normally, a "Bankrupt" still had his hovel on his landlords land to return to. the bankers couldnt touch it. didnt belong to the serf/knight anyway, it was his "lords"

    so, the bogus "pledge" doesnt honour that either. and the "foreclosures" are violating that too.

    if they want "pledges" then "no forceclosures" is the original law. the "landlord (feds, state)" can "pay" any delinquent "rent".

    again, that is the deal for "drafts" and "pledges". the landlord pays the rent.

    "pledge" and "draft" and no foreclosure, or "no pledge" and "no draft" and "foreclosure" is the original "law" of "pledges"

  17. the "landlord" we "pledge" to is also supposed to send "maiden(s)" my way, calculated based on potential profit, and if i dont like them, i can pay a fee to get out of "arranged marriage", depending on how much our potential marriage was "worth" to the landlord

    so, whether that is good or bad, they are not following that either.

    if they are going to do "Ancient system of pledging" then hold them to it. if they want "knight" service? i havent seen any "maidens"

  18. the bar attorney "esquires" have not brought me my horse nor shield.

    they have not provided a spot for my hovel, and i dont see any stables or hay.

    "assuming a coat of arms, or any other mark of distinction proper to another" -- injury, bouviers 1856

    they ran off with my seal/flag/shield.

    if they dont know our names, the "esquires" are supposed to call us "sir knight"

    it is true "titles" by blood and such are normally outlawed/void, but non-hereditary undelegated "powers" any "we the people" can assume.

    the "knight of the shire" power has to go somewhere.

    if they think we are british, they should be maintaining/feeding my "mustang". she likes unleaded premium. she needs new plates/vehicle registration/etc.

    the "esquire" and my "lord" should be paying these "horsepower fees". there is supposed to be a "stable" to park my "mustang" to keep it out of rough weather, and the "esquires" are supposed to "feed" it gasoline and bring it around for me on request.

    synonyms: "valet de chambre", personal attendant, "manservant"

    you say "Cattle rustling" i say the "esquires" are horse thieves. my horseshoes/tires need replaced.

  19. I am sorry to be the bringer of bad news in the instant statement, but Anna is missing some VERY important info on the citizenship issue. The issue has nothing whatsoever to do with where we live, the "resident" issue or anything else which Anna believes wrongfully is the problem. The real problem is that no one, and I repeat no one has become a lawful state citizen since 1891 due to the fact that the Naturalization process being originally done in the judicial branch of government up and until 1891 was moved to the Treasury Dept. which was in the executive branch of government The original Naturalization law said in the Act that the process was to done under that law and "not otherwise" The process was moved again in 1903 to the Dept. of Commerce and Labor which is in the Legislative branch of government and then again back to the executice branch to the Dept of Homeland Security in 2003. This my friends is the problem with our citizenship!! It can be remedied by going back to the judicial branch and reaffirming state citizenship following the original procedures in the "organic" law. Some will have to naturalize and others will just need a Decree from a judge of their state citizenship status.
    Almost without exception our so-called patriots who try to tell us why we have this problem have no clue or are just lying to us.

    1. A question for you Edward. If what you are saying is true, then why does the Secretary of State, ( States and Federal) authenticate our Birth Certificates and issue to us American National State Citizen passports? Why would someone born here have to naturalize?

  20. The stuff Anna talks about in here is only good for political effects. I mean if you all follow her advice and renounce your citizenships and there is a significant number of you that do this, then democrats will win the congress this fall.

    1. Mullins:.] Don't forget, the 14th amendment said, "It's illegal to challenge the national debt!"

      TOM VALENTINE: Is that right!? The 14th amendment actually makes that statement? I gotta read that again.

      EUSTACE MULLINS: Oh yes. It says that it's a violation to question the validity of the national debt! In other words, you say, Tom Valentine says, "Well, they create this money out of nothing!" Well you've just committed a violation of the 14th amendment by saying that!

      Why we love the original 13th amendment Unknow♩

    2. Incidentally unknown....and for the record, we are not National State citizens....
      Our real title is "American non- citizen Nationals.
      Not Soverign citizens, or citizens of anything...a state, a country, or anything else concerning a "citizen" of anything...We have stopped using that term "citizen" or CITIZEN, or for that matter "sovereign "...!! Those are all Corp. state terms...!!

    3. On my computer this site is listing my as unknown while my mobile displays my profile, Annie McShane. The DEMOCRATS win anyway. Delaware is a Blue State. The largest County voted republican in the last fake election, so Please inform me why removing one LEGAL CORPORATE FICTION from the fake VOTING roster will make any difference at all. Happily unregistered.

    4. I guess you all made up your minds. Good luck with everything.

  21. Xerces....ive often said, that in order to have a gun, if we have to buy it, then it's the duty of the govt. , expenses, bullets for target practice, and a full class on how to care for your weapon , and how to keep it safe from kids in the house......they should have to train us just like they do with fact, we should all be training together so they get used to the fact that we are becoming a "well- trained militia....and that in many cases we are the first line of defense, not them....!!


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