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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Bingo, Crime and Politics

By Anna Von Reitz

My article the other day mentioned the fact that political parties are lobbying organizations and need to be regulated the same way that other lobbyists are scrutinized and limited.  Color that a timely end to all the shenanigans, the Diebold Machines, and the Clinton Foundation.

For some reason, that idea came as a huge surprise to many people who had never thought of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party as political lobbies.

And the next thought that arose like a lightning bolt was: "OMG! They are supposed to be lobbying Congress, not running it!"


In the lawful American Government structure, there are no political parties per se. There are opinions and there are those who support those opinions in an organized fashion for purposes of debate --- the Federalists vs. the Anti-Federalists, for example, but there are no permanent, organized, fund-raising political parties. 

Political parties and the billions of dollars of graft and criminality that go with them are the creatures of the Territorial United States Government and its brand of Territorial "United States" Congress.  They are part of the Territorial "democracy" that somehow never achieves a mandate, not part of the actual government owed to the States and People of this country.

So why do we put up with political parties at all?  They have come ashore on our land and soil and had a "party" all right --- 150 years worth of "partying" at our expense. 

These obnoxious lobbyists pushing their "agendas" back and forth on Capitol Hill have no reason to be there, and should be offshore in some place like the Virgin Islands or at their new IRS Headquarters on the Mariana Islands, plotting how best to convince our Congress to spend our money.

Instead, they have been masquerading as our Congress and passing themselves off as our "representatives" and the only limits to their bad behavior and deceits have been what they thought they could get away with and whatever curbs the demands of their differing agendas have applied.

The Democrats, if you look at their voting history, have a long tradition of stealing our money and assets to provide bribes and pay-offs to their constituents, and then, an equally long history of stabbing those same constituents in the back.  This is so marked, so predictable, that I think of Democrats in terms of passive-aggressive psychosis.

The Republicans, if you look at their voting history, have a long tradition of promoting big business, manipulating commodities, services, stock markets, and currencies, and all aimed at control and profit, profit, profit.  But they suffer from their own brand of mental illness and can't tell when enough is a enough; gluttony and compulsive hedonistic tendencies take over and they consistently squander the Greater Good for the sake of petty profits and short term goals.

But what do you expect from lobbyists?  Leadership?  Morals? 

That's like expecting a hired cheerleader to earn a Nobel Prize in Physics.

No, the "Missing Piece" is you and your Congress, and that has been the missing piece for a long, long time.

These Territorial Yahoos are not supposed to be encamped on Capitol Hill running rampant and spending your money.  They are supposed to be lobbying your Congress to spend your money.  And you?  You are supposed to be sending your own Deputies-- accountable fiduciary officers of your respective States-- to conduct your business in Washington, DC. 

Until you wake up and take back your own birthright nationality and non-citizen political status, and until you attend to your own business, boot up your own Jural Assemblies, reconstitute the Federal States of States, and call your own Continental Congress into Session, this is the Mad House scenario we've got, where unaccountable lobbyists pretend to "represent" you and also pretend to have your authority and your permission to do whatever they want, which is only limited by what they can get away with.

Here is an example of what happens when people get fed up enough with lawlessness and idiots "representing" them:

We have a good system of Law and Governance provided for us by our ancestors.  All we have to do is  operate in our natural capacity and take the responsibility for exercising our rights and running the lawful government we are heir to.  No insurrections.  No arguments.  No way for your employees, including "your" hired lobbyists, to say one word about it.


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  1. Like the Irish in 1920's.boycott british courts in favor of thair own.

  2. Anna you understand the nature of this over fed, no pun intended corporate beast. You understand the grand level of thier deceit. Please explain what happens when you become a royal ,also no pun intended, pain in their Ass. You may be able to play the sovereign game for a time. But what if they decide to use their technology and abduct you as they have other humans, or worse. You seem to think they will follow their own rules. They have proven over 70 years the lengths to which they can go, and have refined their techniques of treachery, and compartmentelization so much that even the CIA and the President
    are not allowed into the inner circle 21 levels higher then his clearence. Thier is already a war going on behind the scenes to take down their out of control system. They are being slowly taken apart to face a military tribunal at Gitmo( mainly the Rothchilds, the clinton machine,the billdenbergs, the corperate entities that are merely minions who are all lower level elites, the Bankers etc.But even that doesn't take down the bigger Military Industrial Complex that actually runs the system. The system that has money laundered trillions of dollars for their black fascists project that are have scaler technologies that can take down alien dimensional technologies capable of speeds faster than the speed of consciousness and light. Helmets they had in the 40's that when worn can convince a person that they are talking to their own inner God, that if that person were to take a polygraph test would be so convince of what ever experience they choose to put in that person's head, that the test would be passed. The level of treachery and lacks of moral character is so beyond belief that you appear incredibly naieve to even consider that you can use their laws against them.I am not saying we should give up but only to trust the people we now have in charge, in place to handle this. It is going to get ugly before it gets better, but we are far better off than we were 5 years ago.

    1. Mr. Allen,how doyou come by this information? Do you have links to sites I can check? I have long thought the PTB exist in the 22nd century while we citizens/nationals putter along in the 21st thinking this is the best it gets. Thanks in advance.

      I hope your assessment is correct about being better off than 5 years ago. I know under Hildebeast certain plans would be moving forward instead of backwards.
      It seems the MIC is managing this takedown so as to steer away from any areas they wish to keep intact.

    2. Mustang if you like reading books (seems like most prefer internet nowadays) I would suggest reading Dr. Joseph Farrell. His research is incredible. He traces the history of those who control things way back in history, ancient Egypt, Babylon, Far East, all the way through the middle ages, Roman empire, Venice, Amsterdam, London. Shows their control of ( actually creation of) the worldwide money system, Bullion Brokers since ancient times, their affiliations with temples and priesthoods for centuries as a control mechanism. (The Rothschilds actually trace their lineage back to Nimrod, who built Babylon). All the way up to what he calls Breakaway civilizations, who control technology and governments and only release to the public "crumbs from their table" so to speak. I've read nearly all his books. It's a great way to get the long view of history that they've kept hidden away from the common folk since early ages. So many on this site have studied this type of info for many years and that's what attracts them to this site. We're not just a bunch of toadies jumping to the newest thing, blindly following Anna ( like Unknown seems to think). Rather there are so many highly informed people here, and many seeking the truth about why our world is in the mess it's in. This is finally an answer to being overwhelmed by all this wondering "But what can we do about it?" Thanks for being one who wants to seek out good sources for this info, bc there is a whole lot of crappola out there. Godspeed to you !

    3. Well stated E.T. and agreed. Thank you for this valuable source!

      Much Love, gratitude and Peace be Now

    4. ETT, great post. I have not read any of this type of books, but as I read your post I'm being ''shown'' that I have already been 'informed' of what they say; if you know what I'm referring to.
      And thats why I keep saying 'this rabbit hole is far deeper than most people seem to realize'. And it is so deep there is no way humanly possible to ever unravel it.

      So all in all, I have to say that I am here to either confirm what I seem to already ''know'.......or else dispel it. And what I am getting from this site is confirmation of the impossibility of Mankind ever turning things right side up again.

      And in reference to what Robert has said, here above, I too have wondered ''if Anna is making real progress, then why are 'they' allowing her to still roam free as she does'.
      I have also thought to myself 'if or when she gets too close to real active solution(s), they will put a stop to her' as they will only let 'active people' get just so far, and when they get to the door to open it, that is when they will put a final stop to them.
      I agree with Robert that Anna seems naive about such realities; but if we knew the whole story behind the long trail of dead bodies, it would all be very obvious. (some of those backstories have been told here and there on the net; and in every case that is how they operate)

      So with all that, then how is Kim allowed to function; and if she is, then my guess is that she is being limited on what she can do with all that we can pretty much guess that we pions will not see a dime of it in our checkbooks.

    5. After hanging out in (& actually am $300 ahead from once being a member in good standing there a few years back, but not intentionally°) I then seriously realised what u get, too, ABBY IN YOUR LAST POST imo

      That being said ~ does NOT mean we along with Anna should give up the "good fight" for like u said Abby:

      "And what I am getting from this site is confirmation of the impossibility of Mankind ever turning things right side up again."

      This is probably a fundamental truth @ some level here & it is a spiritual truth as well perhaps.

      Earth wasn't designed to be perfect, but a training ground for purification of ALL Souls here.

      Yes, it is EXTREMELY important to attempt to expose the 'bad actors', but to think heaven on earth is ever possible is misnomer.

      It wasn't designed for that purpose.

    6. Thank You Kelli, been missing you around here, as well as C Johnson. You've both been quiet lately and we miss your input.

      Thank You Abby, and yes it is so true, they've taken out presidents, and that means they could take out anyone they wanted, but for Divine protection. That's the only explanation. I get the feeling that we are going to be in for quite a show here real soon as Babylon falls.

    7. I just heard from a high ranking person with high security clearances on KFI "coast to coadt" radio explaining the whole cover up at Antartica....Appearantly Robert is right more than he even knows...!! There are 3 spaceships down below the ice, 3mi down that are saucer shaped and 30 miles in diameter each, that carry hundreds of smaller craft...and these 3 crafts are the smaller ones that reached earth....all the seemingly impossible but incredibly ingeniously conceived illusions that Hollywood comes up with like those flying "Air Craft Carriers" on Captain America and the justice league, arent illusions...
      They actually exsist and so much more...!! It looks like we created militaries for the purpose of finding all these things just to keep all that knowledge to themselves without ever sharing it with the rest of us or the world....In fact, that seems to be the mission of all military's across the globe...There needs to be a "civilian pressence" on every single ship , sub, and planes on every military vehicle so their can never be any more secrets from the people....i don't care if it scares the shit out of people...!! Either they wind up having heart attacks, or they are going to have to grow up...!! But militaries of the earth have been dealing with these so called aliens (even he referred to them as "fallen angels), for years now, ever since Roswell...!!
      Trump must have gained access to these technologies because there has been at least 3 attempts on his life now, and he is openly challenging anyone to try and kill him....!! The last one was a missile shot from that island where that crazy guy (as we are lead to believe from the fake media) flew a twin turbo prop highly sophisticated airplane into that island where he crashed it, just before doing "LOOPS" with it (which people with 6000 hours of flight time couldn't even do let alone even get it off the ground). Because that's the island where the missiles were shot from. So Trump sent a message right back using a remote drone (that twin prop plane) that was marked Q 400 on the side and a big Q on the tail) letting our military CIA operatives know that there are no more secrets, and I'm coming after you...!! No wonder why Brennenn is so upset with Trump calling him a traitor and calling for the death penality...!! These people are going down real soon as the rhetoric intensifies against Trump...!!

    8. That island that the Q400 was guided to hit wasTrumps F____ u to the cabal. It is own by Bill Gates and Besos, somebody. The are tunnels under it and 12 people living on it. Much like Epsos pedo island. Richard B. Russell is the name of the kid who"supposedly hijacked the plane, is also the name of a decommissioned sub from 1964 that fired that missle somewhere north of Ketron island. Kreton Island also has a place where kids with mental issues are sent. And north of Ketron Island is a prison facility for convicted pedofiles. There is also some water ways the in the shape of a rabbit head. A lot more going on there than meets the eye.

    9. James the Antarctica point is also true. What do you know about Admiral Byrd from the 1940's? More of the story.

    10. Robert, are you referring to "Operation Highjump" or another event?

    11. Which past show James did u listen to?

    12. Leland, glad you saw my point(s). This is what being honest about things brings about, hopefully. As you can now more clearly see, even when things are 'negative' it has to be said; those things are just part of the whole. I also agree with you, that we as people cannot just throw in the towel and give up....we still have to do what we can to stall off the rascals.

      But I will also say, all that stuff is not the Problem. They are just the Symptom OF The Problem. It is noteworthy to separate one from the other, and cause us to go after the Problem, rather than the Symptoms.
      By that I mean, if a person has consistent headaches, we are told to take an aspirin (and forget it, just move on). But that headache is just a symptom, it is not The Problem. The Problem may well be a serious head injury, bleeding, a serious brain disease, or ?
      I'm saying there is too much attention to symptoms and no focus on the real problem which is causing the symptoms. This world is always highlighting symptoms and never seems to deal directly with the problem. And it drives me bonkers, lol.

      Here we are claiming to fight terrorism, while we continue to allow terrorists and criminals into our country. Idiots do not want a wall to keep them out, yet the same idiots call 911 for their drug OD's which came in thru their beloved open borders.
      Insanity reigns here !

      So here too, that which is the Focal Point of this Forum, crooked sleezy gov. and the sly overtaking of our Freedoms over the centuries, is again focused on the Symptom that resulted from The Problem.
      So what is The Problem? Well, get ready to laugh all you want, but The Problem all along has been Sin and it still is, even moreso than ever before. Sin is the lying and deceit and hoodwinking and dishonesty of mankind whom these so called Leaders presented themselves as upright and trustworthy. True wolves in sheeps clothing who have actually despised mankind all along.
      I don't need to expound on that; we all know what they have done, and far worse (trafficking of both adults and children).

      Point is, IF all mankind would not be sinful, and instead do what is honest and right.........we would not even have The Problem to begin with and of course there would be no symptoms TO deal with.

      So its really very simple; Sin is The Problem; everything Anna and Team are dealing with in here, are The Symptoms OF that Problem.

      (this is not about religion. its about honesty and integrity, which is sorely lacking in the very fabric of our society which = Sinfulness)

    13. And so Anna and Team have shined a huge light on what the Problem is and who caused it, and shows us why we have all these Symptoms. However, they have also shown us the enormity of the Problem. The worst part is we are seeing how it is so ingrained into the fabric of our society, that its like trying to get wine stains out of your new white carpet.

    14. Robert....Its my understanding that admiral Byrd took a small plane in order to make a flight all the way across Antartica..!! But as he came to the end of it, he actually saw land with mountains and streams and was warm....and the military put a gag order on his findings....!!

    15. Lealand....i can't remember the exact date because I was half asleep..!! But it was recent...within the last week sometime I believe...i want to say within the last 4 days, but I can't seem to find it on the KFI site..!!
      But he was in a classified project and was allowed by his position to only talk about certain things. The host that night wasn't George was extremely interesting...!!

    16. Most of what you say is true, but the organization is not as spread out as you make it sound. It is one organization and orders come from up top. No organization operates independently. They do have advanced technologies, mostly weaponized and/or used for themselves and their agenda, but so what? There is also an alien agenda. None of them have the courage to come into the light and proclaim themselves. They are too afraid for that because they are ugly and few and they live in fear of the truth.
      Looked at in terms of armies, aircraft destroyers and financial monopolies they seem formidable, but the simple act of taking our country back is all we need to do and the suffering of whatever power and pressure they can bring to bear, if of any consequence, is highly preferable to an enslaved planet, because that is what is at stake, a chance for freedom or a likely total and very long term enslavement.
      Anyway, they're nothing. Just a bunch of cowardly criminals with no power except what they can steal, usurp and lie about. They're nothing. Nothing.
      They aren't even human, by definition.

    17. yes, yes we get the Q drops robert haha thank you

  3. Mustang 1969,
    Operation Disclosure has info globally,get on thier email list for email updates of current events, they even posts Anna's has info in thier archives concerning Kim and the shenaigans she has had to endure, even from Anna.Truth Honor and Integrity by Thomas Williams discloses detail on Intel, it will be work going back through his audios over the last year. The history of the1920's though present day of the MIC is all on Dr. Greers link below.

    robert allenAugust 15, 2018 at 4:06 PM

    Disclosure by Dr.Steven Greer.
    This is a long detailed video. His is legit, over 27 years with detailed documents. Enjoy! Thank you for asking!

    1. Thank you Robert, I will be glad to check this out. I am sure I will enjoy and share what I find.

  4. There is somebody very wealthy that has very very top clearance that asked Trump to become President. He must be a white hat with extremely high clearance above the President that is aware of the powers that be and what they have been doing to take over our country. This is what people don't get about Trump due to the overwhelming negative propaganda and distractions.

    1. I believe that somebody is Jesus Christ!

    2. robert allen; I have wondered if, perhaps, the military higher-ups approached Trump, especially after the purging of many Generals by Obama. Trump anticipated assassination attempts, and I've read that 12 or so attempts have been made. I also understand that he invoked his right to use the Marines as his proprietary protection, rather than the Secret Service who, we know, assisted, at least in "stand down" mode, in the JFK coup. I wonder if we will ever know the truth of these matters?

    3. How about St. Germain? is up far higher on the physical/spiritual survial scale than perhaps JC some say:D

      This commodity guru indirectly pushed that p.o.v. years ago $

    4. St. Germain (if there ever was such a person) is from ancient times and is as dead as a doornail. However, his SG Trust may still be in tact; who knows, since we can hardly get any real facts about much of anything nowadays.

    5. Thank you for that insight Robert. I was told by some foilks that Trump was the choice because EVERYBODY in DC was either a CROOK or owned by one. I received reports saying Trump would be the next President proving once again what FDR is credited with: "Presidents are Selected, never elected". And a week before the election a friend sent me the report from a company that compiles info for all the major networks. they had the Hildebeast winning!! MSM going to scam us again. So with all that there was some uncertainty.
      I didn't know there was somebody with that much higher clearnace than POTUS. Glad this person could see that.
      I will say this, IF Trump plans to Make America Great Again he has to Make America White Again. The same goes for Europe. If that is misunderstood as "racist" all one has to do is look at the decay and destruction that unchallenged Illegal Immigration/Invasion has done to the USA and Europe.
      A Robber Baron who no longer wants to be a Robber Baron? That is the worst enemy the enemy could have.

    6. Robert...according to Trump, the military has been bugging him for years now to be President...!! They must have convinced him that either you run for president this time or this country won't be worth anything....there won t be a next time....!!!

    7. My understanding is St. Germain is over 300 years old, but that would CONTRADICT EVERYTHING u think u know Abby, so sleep well since u ALREADY know everything anyway♩

    8. ohh my gosh cmon people jesus christ best case scenario is a title and is less than 500 years old, the letter j didnt even exist in the hebrew language let alone 2000 years ago as well as most/all of the consonants, more convoluted thought with no critical thinking, oh smae with G too. closest name would be YHWH

  5. Let us not forget every regime returns to the dirt. Never give the enemy the power of authority. One thing u must understand is, it's business. Business is good when the customer knows nothing about it. We (live people) are the only ones that can create the debt. If we chose to stop creating the debt for their benefit and they chose to come against us then what your saying is u would bow down which is treason in my book. Stand for something or fall for anything. The Americans believe the lie and that's complete for them. Wake up and claim your live birthright today grow a pair. Be a real American and not a store bought cowered. Amen

  6. Somebody is touchy.Ain't nobody stopping you Sean Deal.You are a fool,people are not going to stop creating the debt for for their benefit, many have families to care for, most of which are not awake even if they knew, and too many are still under the propaganda spell.Name five people you know that can put their lives on hold to stand up against anything at this moment that is actually effective or solutionary.I don't see many that even know of Anna besides myself in this city, And what she is doing is very dangerous to believe that the system that has controlled since Eisenhower and before is just going to your land title birthright, name change or whatever Anna thinks they believe the rub to be when it comes right down to it. Most I have spoken to about returning to sovereignty think I am nuts, even when told who Anna is look at me like I am in another world. That's what I thought.
    Just the retraining, learning alone would take another generation if we were lucky.People at this stage can't even decide what is worth fighting for or over.Even after knowing the truth fall back into routine. Not to say there isn't a time to fight, And there are all kinds of ways to fight when your hand is forced. Undercover, straight up fighting, in organized groups, none of which we are part of yet.Even the true heroes fighting now are not out in the open about it. Treason is a hefty word to throw around for unknowing citizens by someone who thinks they can control anything at this stage of the game. Or the few that do know, Mr. Black and white one solution fits all.

    1. Good point Robert..!! That's 90% of our problem...there are simply too many people married with kids, completely oblivious to want is going on, because they either don't have the time or are too scared to take a chance about doing anything, especially with a family...!! But boy, those same people seem to have tons of time and money to protest for LBGT rights, Black lives matter rights, woman's rights, religious rights for muslims (those poor Muslims with 5 kids that really need help), and just about every other civil right you can think of....!! But no rallies for "Freedom ".....Where are all the Daniels...!!

  7. And you are missing the larger point after you, let's say you do get your name back to the land how long do you think these maniacal psychos are gonna respect you sovereignty rule, these people have been sending children to their deaths as soldiers,for generations fighting for causes that were no more then their own agendas.Why do you think they call them grunts,(pigs sent to slaughter)because these psychos don't care about anyone and only pretend too once they are dead, for their own image.

    1. robert allen; sadly, your perspective has much merit and is well-grounded in history and reality.

    2. Robert, it is good to hear your POV. We have far too many people on this forum who are still afraid to even look at the reality of things, and speak frankly. They are still under that evil spell of 'be politically correct, and say nothing negative'. But that is exactly how we landed in this mess to begin with; nobody telling the truth.
      Our world is bulging with all kinds of negative things, and it wont go away by shutting the eyes and pretending it will just go away. How long will it take these foolish 'positive thinkers' to see where that has gotten anyone.

      Anyhow, I have thought much the same things all along, and have been hugely trashed and bashed in here for it. It requires pondering and actual thinking, and so I must wonder too, even if one reclaims and records, do I really think 'they' will follow that Law and give me all the benefits due? What real incentive do 'they' have to obey the Law? Why would they, and if they don't who is going to punish them for that? What enforcement do we have behind us.

      I also agree, and have said so several times in here, this is at least a 50-year long plan; more like a century to ever accomplish and that's only because these old folks doing this, will be dead by then. Only hope they haven't raised their children to be like themselves.
      But truth is, there is no way this world can endure for that long under these present environs.

  8. JUNE 28, 2018
    28 June, 2018 09:15

    Our project application form scheduled to post today will require an additional five days before we can officially post it.

    Funding is currently available. However, the safe transfer to the people is an obstacle that we are currently securing so that there are no issues once funds arrive in their accounts.

    We expect this to be resolved within the next few days if not sooner. When this issue clears we will post the project funding applications at:

    I do apologize for the inconvenience but the added security measures are necessary for everyone’s safety.

    Best Regards,

    Steffen Rowe

    1. Is TANK in any way related to Kim..i see a lot of his post on utube..!!

    2. No, but he works with her and knows her personally.

    3. kre8change seems to have all forms disabled. Operation disclosure seems to be rumors or from channelers, neither of which are reliable sources of information.

    4. You know at this point I would be happy to at least get a vehicle of my choice to replace this 1997 van...the have massive car lots for new cars that are just sitting there because they are way overstocked and can't sell them all...I guess it's more advantages just to destroy them....!! In fact it would make tons of people happy just to have a new car all paid for , including tax and license, registration and everything for the life of the vechicle....just give everyone a "voucher" that will be accepted by any dealership...!!

    5. Abby, from my view point there is value in OD's variety of perspectives.It is not for everybody. Remote viewing ,channelling are valid methods proven through scientic methods.Just because you don't believe in those methods, you limit yourself. But that is your choice. But pls don't discourage others who might benefit from what comes from it. I have personal experience with channeled information. It is not all evil as you seem to believe. You also don't believe that there are other human like entities in space, your choice, but the facts and gov't documents far outway that belief, 1920, 1964, etc.

    6. Abby, there is an old story about Navy guys who would drink too much. It goes like this...when you get snot slinging drunk you pass out usually, and during that time your free will is not functioning, so Gins(spirits are able to enter those bodies through the area of the skull that use to be a hole as babies. Then the Gin would use the Navy guys body to wreak havoc. So, don't get me wrong people of weak will can be possessed so to speak. And even sober people that are not strong willed can be possesed in varying degrees... These are the dimensional spirits you speak of. They do exist. But the course in Miracles is nothing more then spiritual teachings without the religious dogma that has caused so much confusion.there were steps taken to protect the occupant. Most people who channel without protection can develop illness from too much channeling if the space that channeler is in is not blessed or protected. As an artist(me) who used acid to wonder the ether, I was able to bring back some of my best works.I sanctified my space before hand. I don't condone the use of LSD or Acid to others. As it is a tasking method and you have to know what you are dealing with. Aowaska, also is tasking and should be used in The presence of an experienced shaman.The books of RA were also channelled under scientific method with serious protection. And not the RA of Egypt. The higher plane conciousness chose to use that name for simpleness.You as you know are responsible for the words you choose to use to help guide people, so pls, know that your knowledge is very undeniable, but your skill in delivering it is not. And that will be your karma, if you believe in karma. Be good to people's drama. In short what you project on another's energy,which is made up of water, which has consciousness remembers and you are made of the same element.what you project comes back as karma. People who yell at children, drivers etc. Blacken their drama energy. This is where turn the other cheek comes from. Peace out.

  9. Thanks for AWESOME video Anna...I sent it to my young Peruvian buddy last nite who graduated from one the top high schools in the country of America & it ELECTRIFIED HIM.

    Our grandkids will get it!

    1. Agree Leland, awesome video. This is what they fear most! People waking up and standing up. Have you ever seen ants on the attack. They can overrun anything. No one wants violent revolution, they just want to throw off the shackles. So interesting they wanted to get rid of criminals, so they threw out the politicians and police.

    2. Well we can make good endroads to this result if people took advantage of the "open carry" laws that just passed, even if you have to use a fake gun to do long as no one knows, it's still a deterrent when thousands of us are "open carrying"...!!

  10. Wow here is verification from Thomas Williams of what I have been discussing here in this forum.

  11. Anna religion, Hildabeast, the white hats the dark hat(clowns)the Mana World Trust.

    Here is a fun link!

  12. Fun too!

  13. The Video Anna has posted:
    Al Jazeera is funded in whole or in part by the Qatari government Wikipedia

  14. May 25, 2018

    By Scott Brennan
    Although these towns are not utopias by any means, there is a palpable pride among the communities.
    In the courtyard of their local school in La Ticla, Ostula, students salute the Mexican flag in their daily flag ceremony. Although they do not belong to the institutionalized Mexican political system, residents of Santa Maria de Ostula still identify themselves as Mexicans; they are constitutionally granted the right to govern themselves under the “usos y costumbres” article of the Mexican Constitution.
    The local schools in Ostula are still subsidized by the federal government, but Ostula is incorporating indigenous cultural and social-political histories into the classrooms. Most recently, they have been attempting to teach bilingual Nahuatl classes. This is a challenge for most Mexican schools that wish to keep their native languages alive.

  15. By Nathan Leal

    (Note – you can also download this devotional in PDF format for offline viewing. Enjoy

    God’s Timing is Always Perfect

    The title sounds cool doesn’t it? That’s because it’s true. But unfortunately, at times, it can be a challenge to believe. Have you ever been there my friend?

    Have you ever faced a crisis, or were worried about an outcome, and you needed God to show up, but for some reason, it seemed like the answer from Heaven was in, “delay mode”

    “Delay mode Nathan?”

    Yes, delay mode. It’s the part of the trial where you’re supposed to hold onto your sanity and not freak out while you wait for the rescue. That’s not always easy is it? Especially, when it seems like your ship is sinking!

    So what do you do? Well, as a grown-up, you do have a few choices:

    1. You can panic, and stress out over it.
    2. You can blame God, or your friends and loved ones.
    3. You can lash out and pick a fight with an innocent bystander on social media. (This seems to be one of the popular methods that we see on Facebook everyday.)
    4. You can behave like the folks who do not know God and self-destruct.
    5. …. You can use a combination of the above.

    OR, you could try something different, like try to place your trust in God.

    1. a follower, before one can'put their trust in God'' they must first HAVE God, which means they would have to Repent and go and sin no more; be changed by God to go the ways of God, and give up living the ways of the world. Otherwise, they are just cheap words that blow off into the wind; meaningless.

      1 Cor 10:21 Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, AND the cup of devils; ye cannot be PARTAKERS of the Lord's table AND of the table of devils.

      2 Cor 6:17 and 18 Come out from among 'then' and be ye separate saith the Lord.........and (then) I will be a Father unto you, and (then) ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.

      (thats the Condition for being able to 'put yer trust in God', and that's just how it IS.)

    2. * from among them (not then)

    3. Abby r u really rready to repent & sin no more by STOPPING the pushing of your brand of Christian Biblical fanaticism everyday here?

      I doubt it because u know everything already!

  16. It seems the answer to our problems was actually answered by of all places, a small village or city in Mexico...!!

    You know how they solved their problem of dayly crimes....
    Listen up guys and Anna....

    They just got feed up and without even a plan started to rally in the streets and finally got rid of the political system and both paties, as well as ALL law enforcement, and the mayor....elections are "FORBIDDEN ". Each small community has a sponsor for his small area which meets with a "General assembly" to talk about issues in there own small communities..!!

    The result.....there is virtually no crime anymore,except for minor things which people are ordered to do community jails...!!

    The only way these political parties can stay afloat is to deal in "illegal activities" which just corrupts everything all the way down to our local communities...!!
    We don't need them, or law enforcement, or jails...!! This city proved everyone wrong..!! They just decided to do things the way their ancestors did...!!
    They do take responsibility by hiring or volunteering their time to protect their communities, by placing armed guards at the entrance of the cities and within them...!!
    Now everyone walks around safely...!!
    Like I said before, each small section of a community has to run itself, without elected officials (politicians) and corrupt law enforcement...!!

    Here's the utube on it:

  17. Robert, No one is going to do anything to queen ann here, not to worry because if she was ever to get the whole Truth out there and DO something with it, she would have already been gone!!! But when she publishes her crazy personal definitions, like HUMAN=Hue Man=Monster-still waiting for the moderator to tell which dictionary that came out of, or her very crazy personal history stories that are total frauds: like her hubby is the perpetual "Hereditary, now LEGAL Secretary of State" still waiting on that spineless moderator to make her/him show PROOF of this claim, well, as you can see, things like this proves the fraud on what she states. Also, that touted Michigan Jural Assembly that she/they tout on this site: WHY haven't they done anything about anything if THAT is what we are supposed to model our Jural assemblies after!!!??? I have asked these questions on this site time after time and no proof from the frauds or any of their toads on this site are ever forthcoming!!! And we are led to believe that Jesus is not going to save us but queen ann and her crazy husband are!!! Noy going to happen and THAT is why the PTB let her keep babbling away!!!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Unknown where is all of your intenseness coming from. Obviously some of us have figured some of this out some have not. It is what is. Different perspectives allow for better perspectives on things. People have freewill to believe what ever they choose. You need to look inside yourself and find out why this bothers you so.Anna has her role to play. A role she chose for herself.Abby as well has her role to play, as do I.It shouldn't eat at you as it does, find peace in yourself

  20. This is exciting info....
    Yes Follower, and James Pansini, Sott Brennan article is enlightening as it is inspiring. I see a change in this forum that it is becoming more of a forum for understanding than it use to be. Hope it continues.
    Interesting new post by Operation Diclosure

    On Sat, Aug 18, 2018, 12:03 AM Operation Disclosure

  21. Continued-

    On Sat, Aug 18, 2018, 12:03 AM Operation Disclosure

  22. Operation High Jump was one that the fleet was attacked by flying ships that can traverse the poles at speeds unfathomable, that came from under the water and kicked their ass,so they abandoned that mission, I believe if I remember correctly, they were going to deal with some Germans from ww2 that were believed to have some under ice facilities. James that flight was true to as Admiral Byrd spoke of seeing continents bigger than the USA and resources that would supply the globe for centuries to come on a tv show you can find on you tube. He also entered the North pole in a flight lost navigation control and the story goes was brought into hollow Earth by two anti gravity craft.Another story.

  23. I want to thank anyone who has made an efort to speak to me. I am aware that I can be,intense or out there. But, that is me. I will always do my best to listen to anyone's perspect as we all are valuable. Your perspectives though they may or may not be mine are enlightening and educational, some even soul touching. Thank you. If I missed a response it is because it is alot of work to read and keep track as well as communicate, requires a great deal of focus. I hope that you broaden your personal perspective and know that the true God loves us all, faults and all. Namaste.

  24. Added note I do all of this on my cellphone am near sighted and require two pairs of glasses and have one eye, lol .

  25. I also think this forum has a great deal to share,after all isn't sharing what brings fulfillment, joy. Knowing you may have brightened someone's day or given them a new less stressful perspective. Also this Darma thing I mention is a spiritual movement that was taking on speed in China. China felt it to be so threatening they killed 1 million people, because it was helping communites, food for thought. I read the book,it was most enlighting and short but consice.It was one finger thick.deep but readable. I cannot remember the name right at the moment. I passed the book on.I also had and passed on the whole three books of the course in miracles. And still have the RA material which can be downloaded off the internet for those I interested. There were five in all. The odd' s are free unless you want to donate.


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