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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Thank You, 333 Club!

By Anna Von Reitz

I was amazed by your generosity and insight. Above and beyond being a "Favorite Number", and the number of dollars you each donated to the cause, the number 333 has a very special relationship to the concept of Justice, which you may or may not have known, but which makes it especially aligned with my work and me.

Allow my mathematician self a brief moment on stage....

The number 111 is known as "the prime Trinity".

The number 333 is known as "the Triune Trinity".

There are two "Harmonic Trinities" --- 666 and 999.

When numerically reduced, 333 and 666 and 999 all add up to 9, which is the last single digit in the Base 10 Number System, and the numerical symbol of "completion".

3 + 3 + 3 = 9
6 + 6 + 6 = 18 and 1 + 8 = 9
9 + 9 + 9 = 27 and 2 + 7 = 9

So, 333, 666, and 999 all mean "completion" or "fulfillment" numerically.

Long before The Bible was a gleam in Abraham's eye, 333 had a special connection to Justice.

In the Days of Noah, there were three Justices for each of the three jurisdictions --- air, land, and sea, a total of nine.

And even today, it takes 3 + 3 +3 = 9 Justices to create a Supreme Court.

Nothing much has changed in all these many thousands of years. Underlying the entire Justice system structure is the humble number 333, guaranteeing that the concerns of air, land, and sea will all be heard, and that Justice will be complete.

I certainly hope in the days to come that more and more people will step forward as you all have and put their desire for Justice in motion and carry it forward from the abstract world into the concrete.
Organizing American Common Law Courts, training people to run them competently, and making their services available to millions of people is a very daunting task. Simply doing the research necessary to implement Jural Assemblies is difficult.

I have a t-shirt that says, "World Champion Cat Herder" that one of my cohorts gave me. It's only half a joke, as many of the current group debates prove. Resolving all the questions takes hard research and often requires travel and other expenses that now depend on volunteers to do and to fund.
Because of you all, the job just got a little bit easier for them and for me and we were reminded of the goal: complete justice for everyone, everywhere. Thank you!!!


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  1. Replies
    1. I did the numerology on Anna's full name and her "Expression" number is "4" = order, service and trustworthiness. The challenge with this number could possibly be some inability to create a stable foundation. That makes up about 30% of her energy in this regards.

      Then another 45% is her numbers for when she was born which add up to a "33"/6! Her "Soul Urge" is also a "6". This means 65% of her life force energy is about "domestic" things, love - and this gravitates to Law and helping others with their problems.

      2 Keywords are Responsibility and Justice. A prime "Challenge" is around "Us vs Them".

    2. That does explain much about her,finger ptint so to speak.Mine is 7 life path.I try to share numerology with people as another tool to better understand ourseleves.Great stuff!

  2. Not surprising since legal law and religion are bed partners of the same cloth.

  3. Anna is always the ray of sunshine and the compass for my day

  4. The Fiction known as UNKNOWN will soon chime in with typical tirade. UNKNOWN...where are you? 51 minutes, you are way behind schedule...

    1. UNKNOWN- is confused, 1 plus 1 = 2/two which is 2/two half units of 1/one. Polarity is always a division of 1/one. Lets see, 8 plus 1 =9, 7 plus 2 =9, 6 plus 3 =9, wow, a recurring theme! 13 moons/months in a year of 28 days each. Is someone having fun with the people on plan-et Earth/Heart. umm

    2. If you are not the annoying UNKNOWN, would you mind changing you user name by adding a digit for the rest of us in the forum. I am sure everyone would be greatful? You could just type Unknown 7 then your comment. Easy peasy😉

  5. That is similar to the encryption going on with Trumps tweets...!! His tweets are well thought out to give numerical codes he is basically sending to the "Cabal"....!!!We may not get it but they do...!!

    1. james, well I would be doing good if I could remember my password to get into my gmail. I started the day by doing some computer cleanup and updating and then to me email, and it says,sign in. Bing ! Yeah, what's my password. Not right, you changed it 3 months ago. I went, Really? Yeah. Well we'll get back to you in 3-5 days, and I bet they mean business days, Lol.

  6. Very much like when Debby Wasserman (sp) wanted a plea deal and while on Tv, Trump and Pence set there water bottles on the floor at the same time. (Wasserman means water in German.) They were saying the any plea bargain was no longer on the table.

  7. Dont yet know for sure whats happening, but our american spy satellites are said to be going down. ? And some communication ones also. ?
    Also AT&T cellphone power is down across the country? All just before midnite EST. Wondering if things are being moved around, outage so as not to be seen. ?

  8. You know, I am relatively new to this group, but you guys seem to "GET" it. I've wasted y ears trying to "splain" it to people. I'll have to apply for a higher IQ. Darn it.

  9. Bible is missing decent descriptive naratives of Ancient Lemuria & Atlantis in general, but hey 333, 111, 999, 555, 777, 888, 222, 444, 666 ALL fascinating cool numbers imo💓


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