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Sunday, August 12, 2018

More Blind Staggers.....

By Anna Von Reitz

Today, I get a message from a reader asking about this: 

Yes, yet more "Blind Staggers" from people who are half-asleep and unaware of the past and unable, therefore, to deal with the present or chart the future. 

Here's my reply to this latest bit of nonsense from "reign of heaven" and Keith Livingway and his Band of Merry Men:  

We have been at peace since 1865 and we already have three Presidential Declarations of Peace guaranteeing our peace.  

The problem has been renegade employees failing to "recognize" us and failing to do their duty, and instead seeking to line their own pockets and trying to rob us of our birthrights ---both material and immaterial birthrights.   

We own the copyright to the name "The United States of America" --- unincorporated version -- under the 1790 Copyright Act. 

Anyone who doesn't know this already and who is suing President Trump for "peace" at this late date obviously doesn't have a clue and needs to be cut short with all their claims and actions.  

I have said it before and I say it again --- Keith Livingway is basing all his claims on false assumptions and information.  He is acting as a pirate stealing from other pirates who came before him and trying to make that into a valid claim to own our country.  

It's complete utter whackjob insanity and against the actual law on every continent.  The Maxim of Law is--- "Possession of property by pirates does not change ownership." 

The name "The United States of America" as it applies to any entity public or private, incorporated or unincorporated, belongs to us and has belonged to us since September 9, 1776 and no amount of commercial fraud, infringement, or deceit can change that. 

Run like an antelope away from anything to do with Keith Livingway and his groupees.  They may or may not have good intentions,  but they don't know the history and don't have a leg to stand on either lawfully or legally.  

And given the crazy things they have alleged and done in the past, and the fact that they are trying to "out-pirate pirates" it is not beyond the realm of possible that they will get themselves and their followers in real trouble.  

Piracy done in ignorance is still piracy, after all, and infringement against the copyright of a sovereign government is infringement of a very, very serious kind.  If you can get a $250,000 fine for copying a movie, imagine what can happen when you infringe on the copyrighted name of a sovereign nation?  

Red flag, folks.  And yes, these are the same numbnutz play actors who issued a "warrant" for my arrest and made up all sorts of bogus claims about me.  This should indicate again how irresponsible and basically out of touch they are.  

Anyone who wants to know about the three (3) Presidential Declarations of Peace with respect to the land and soil jurisdiction States and the People of this country, they are fully detailed with dates and references in our book, "You Know Something is Wrong American Affidavit of Probable Cause" ---- along with a lot of other useful information.  

When I was in college there were a lot of weird religious cults making the rounds.  Remember Reverend Moon?  And Eckankar?  And the Church of Slack?  Without an exception, the kids who were susceptible to this nonsense were the ones who didn't know their own scriptures or didn't know anything (or bother to find out) about the scriptures of others. 

It's the same thing with this situation now. 

We have all these gurus who know part of the story, like Hartford Van Dyke, who knows all about Federal Code, and we have all those with "deeply held beliefs" ---- like Keith Livingway---- who are simply ignorant of law and history and wrong. 

These people who have only part of the story or only their own "beliefs" to go on, are dangerous no matter what their intentions are, because they mislead others and get people to do things that are in fact harmful. 

This whole situation is outrageous enough all on its own.  We don't need to embellish it with any fantasy claims like Keith or add to the confusion by focusing on foreign governments and their affairs.  And we don't need any more good people going to jail because they followed Pied Pipers. 

Nobody who has followed my advice has gotten in trouble because of it. 

The Colorado Nine trespassed against the Federales in spite of my most earnest appeals and efforts to warn them.  

Destry Payne talked to me for months and had every opportunity to do his paperwork --- and didn't. 

People --- even my friends --- make wrong choices, don't do their homework, get confused, and suffer when they follow bad leaders. It doesn't matter if the Pied Piper is a Federal Agent or an ignorant Patriot. Either one is just as bad, and just as much to be avoided.  

See this article and over 1100 others on Anna's website here:

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  1. Amen....discussion at the natl assembly conf call just recently ...has hilighted my need to slog thru the cognitive dissonance anyway AND GET THE PAPERWORK DONE!!!! So, yesterday i once again picked up my file( papers , dear, not that f'ing electronic fryeyes), was besieged ONCE AGAIN! by massive confusion and dizzying yuck, but i just decided to pick up anywhere, read/feel to /til a meadow of sorts presented....actually got my and my granddaughter's certified/state SOS authenticated bc's off to U.S. SOS, voter revoke copyed n sent cert, n a letter to SS per it ain't no freebie, it's, glad, "phew. Feels really great to get done with ...I'll be --r- rather am , more competent now. Wow. Such, a good feedback .

    I must admit my shock back just a couple weeks ago at how terribly at risk i lived/was. It really hit home during a natl assembly conf call on this very subject of getting one's public record corrected : ...not a quote, but :...the moderator said he didn't think it was impt....another caller said not doing it left one " ...a slave in rebellion..."versus being a sovereign. That analogy, and my shock to "get"that some of those folks -who've bee
    n at , contrast to me newbie, don't!!!!!!!!have !!!!!!!this!!!!! political status correction done!!!!!!THAT was a shocker. Huge. I thot i gotta this brought fore, but soon no, wow, if these folks are-and not correcting one's political status does, indeed, leave one a "slave in rebellion"---if such is the case, and they are not going to get their status right/stay slaves rebelling, i im outta here!!!!!!!!! As for the jural assembly, I'll just start my own once i get my status right side up CAUSE I AM DEFINITELY! NOT INTO DOIN'THE SLAVE IN REBELLION THING, CONSCIOUSLY NOR UNCLNSCIOUSLY NOR ANY WAY. DONE THAT, BEEN THERE NOOOOOOOOOO THANKS, GOT THE SCARS, MUTILATIONS, WASTED TIME, WRECKED RELATIONSHIPS, HICCUPS, BERRAVEMENTS, TRAPPED EMOTIONS, CONSTIPATION, SORROW(S),COMPLICATIONS, ENERVATIONS, AND EMPTINESS THAT THAT IS.
    So big thanks , Anna, for persisting n getting these our each n every political statuses, public records corrected.
    Everybody, you could do it...slog on, focus on one anything that you could n do that one. Justice, a slave in rebellion ING dying n a sovereign a borning.

  2. OK, I'm confused. Again. I thought I read here that the so-called "Civil War" had never been officially ended?!?!? So now you're saying something different? You're about to see me run off to Gemstone University where maybe I can get some answers to my questions.

  3. So, I take it most you won't be voting this fall. Big win for the democrats.

    1. Their Corprate OFFICERS are chosen long before fake voting occurs. Republicans and Democrats are of the Corporation. They do nothing for the people.

      I was unregistered long before I found Anna's articles.

      The Democrats win when they want them to win. Doesn't mater if I waste my time. Has Trump made America great again? No!

  4. My favorite Church book to read in my "youth" was "The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You To Read" by Tim C. Leedom

    Tim C. Leedom
    The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You to Read
    Consider this book as a kind of consumer protection guide to religion, a big step forward toward religious literacy. Readers will explore myths, origins, fundamentalism, television ministries, the identical stories of Stellar/Pagan/Christian beliefs, unfounded doctrines, child abuse, and women's rights.
    It's entertaining and readable, with a sense of humor reflecting the absurdities of fundamental religion -- while being inoffensive. The approach is one of not hitting the reader over the head with "you're wrong", but rather "consider this".
    The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You To Read contains many interesting, unknown facts such as there being no mention of Jesus Christ in the Dead Sea Scrolls; the oldest story in the world (predating Christianity by millennia) being that of a virgin mother bearing a newborn baby; God finding out about the Trinity from the Catholic Church in 325 A. D. ; and Christmas being a pagan holiday with December 25th shared as a birthdate by many other crucified saviors.
    Contributors include Steve Allen, Dan Barker, Edd Doerr, Robert Eisenman, Annie Laurie Gaylor, Grace Halsell, Gerald Larue, Jordan Maxwell, and Arthur Melville.

    1. Leland you might find this author/translator even more revealing.

      Mauro Biglino is an Italian scholar of religious studies, for about thirty years he has been researching the so-called “sacred texts”, in the belief that only knowledge and direct analysis of the ancient writers’ message can lead to true and profound understanding of the religious thought expressed by humanity.

      The linguistic and philological knowledge acquired through the study of Hebrew Masoretic manuscripts, as well as his knowledge of Latin and Greek , allowed Biglino to work as a translator for Edizioni San Paolo, the Vatican publishing house that eventually published 17 books from the Ancient Testament including Biglino’s interlinear literal translations from the Stuttgartensia Bible.

      His one English book which can be downloaded as ebook:

  5. It is amazing how somebody can have access to the Masorah and still be blind as a bat. Strike up another deciption for the devil..

    Yes, in Ezekiel there were vehicles described as having the color of amber, which is to say correctly translated, highly polished bronze. It looked not where it went. It did not have a head to point it here or there, it was circular. It had portholes.
    Inside it was GOD’s throne.

    If God has access to these vehicles, do you not think Satan has access to these vehicles as well?

    Aliens in the Bible ...Really???

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I will repost a 2012 best selling excerpt from a now free pdf book by the deceased author since 2012 ~ downloadable & quite readable with easy pictures to understand, too, fruit inspector ~ if & when u might want to add some perhaps higher iq points to your resume♩

      The Ancient Alien Question: A New Inquiry Into the Existence, Evidence, and Influence of Ancient Visitors

      from ‘The Ancient Alien Question’ by Phillip Coppens

      page 115

      ‘A detailed study into the question of whether vimanas (ancient indian flying craft) and the related passages from the ancient Indian accounts are evidence of crafts with flight (if not spaceflight) capability was done by Richard L. Thompson, a scientist with a PhD in mathematics from Cornell University. He found that the numerous Indian texts gave accurate dimensions for the diameter of the Earth and even the plane of the ecliptic. The Puranas spoke of 400,000 humanlike races living on various planets and of 8 million other life-forms. Many of these races were said to possess siddhi, which humans could master, but were not born with. These siddhi were what in the West are labeled paranormal abilities, such as mental communication, but they also involved a number of techniques, such as changing the size or weight of objects, levitation, or moving objects through the ether without being impeded by physical obstacles, as well as entering another human being’s body and taking control of it

  6. Eckankar is another cult. All I had to do was read the information on their page for five minutes and figure that out. Anybody with discernment will see that for themselves.

    God this and God that.

    Sounds like Joel Osteen.

    Always talk about God but never mention Jesus.

    Smile big so we can get more donations.

    Just like this stupid new television show coming on called “God friended me,” really?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Eckankar, the Path to Spiritual Freedom, recognizes St. Paul, St. Francis of Assisi, Milarepa, Pythagoras, Socrates, Epititus - the famous Stoic teacher during ancient Roman times, Socrates, Plato & countless others in the bygone ages like Moses to be ECK Masters of the Light & Sound current ~ available to ALL Souls eventually in some lifetime if not this particular one♩

      Jesus may be now an unofficial ECK Master, but officially not yet recognized by the current 973rd Living ECK Master Sri Harold Klemp.

      One can send him an email or a letter of inquiry on this subject matter & who knows...a public updated response might be forthcoming ~ Fruit inspector ☇♩

      As far as finances go...Donations r always nice of course...ask Anna♩, but with the multitude of millionaires & billionaires that currently follow Eckankar's worldwide teachings with ECK Temples & ECK Centers all over the world & on Venus, too, if bored not a serious problem as of yet $☇

      May the Blessings Be ♩

    4. I spelled Epictetus name wrong:☇♩


      We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak
      It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.

      Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.

    5. Reading something for five minutes can not possibly relay any type of understanding. You made a judgement on a few words and walked away. I have not looked at their site, I don't have time to add any more into my studies.

      Example! I don't blindly follow Anna but I do make time to read the posts almost daily and especially the comments as many of you add information I can look up.

      Judgement allows man to stay in the shallow end of the pool and pretend he is spiritually deep or educated.

  7. Leland,
    this may help you to comprehend that the spirituality circuit has been infiltrated just as fully as fictitious government services, religious, false narrative/story media in all forms whether news/radio, books, magazines, un-holy-wood (false gods) movies,etc. All corp's of the dead, that have been busy secretly operating for millennia, now being exposed, revealed and disclosed.

    Light on dark makes transparent allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen: obvious, evident, self-evident, undisguised, unconcealed, conspicuous, patent, clear, crystal clear, (as) plain as the nose on your face, apparent, unmistakable, easily discerned, manifest, palpable, indisputable, unambiguous, unequivocal, "a transparent attempt to win favor"
    NO longer ambiguous or obscure.

    GAIA TV Imploding Part 1, 38:16 min's Sarah Westall with Laura Eisenhower and Patty Greer

    Part 2, 31:56 min's

    This may afford valuable insight, you can fast forward through the small ads and it will be less than the 71:12 min's total for the two videos.


    1. Thank you Ra, but I seldom do videos on these type of matters. Is there a transcript to read like in the David Wicock cosmic disclosure series? I am aware that for various reasons yet confirmed - David left Gaila recently.

      "Let's be clear, again, that I never thought I would have anything nice to say about Donald J. Trump in the past.

      That being said, his candidacy was supported by the Alliance, and the Alliance is calling the shots in the decisions that are being made -- not the Deep State.

      This is a mess for many people, who are not seeing anything positive come out of this, and in fact are terrified -- as the MSM has taught them to be.

      The briefings I have received have painted a very, very different picture, as we will again cover more in Section Two.

      There is clearly a civil war going on between Deep State elements, such as the CIA-controlled MSM, and this administration."

    2. Well aware for all my life years 60+ and in support 20+ yrs of David, et alia, just thought you might find a few keys from the these two above videos--well worth your time. Can only suggest or encourage and it is timely for you if you have an interest. Peace.

    3. No transcripts whatsoever Ra? I find that unusual for valuable information♩

    4. Leland, Transcripts? Very few videos do that. I checked Sarah Westall's website and she does not have transcripts. I checked for transcripts at both Patty Greer website and Laura Eisenhower's(under construction) website, nada. Even David doesn't do transcripts for his video/radio interviews unless it was for Corey @ Cosmic Disclosure. Peace.

    5. Thanks for checking. David does it for Emery Smith, too...Eisenhower is well known to me.

      Don't recall who Patty Greer is yet.

      I am an old Montauk Project sleuth. Was @ one time phone buddies with Peter Moon, Preston Nickels & once spent an evening hanging out with Al Bielek in mid '90s. Later I was going to finance a Montauk Project seminar in Minneapolis for them when suddenly $263k was stolen from me leading to even more serious financial surprises...

      But that was years ago & like Tiger Woods, I'm just happy to be pain free in general, healthy & perhaps soon wealthy again♩

      We will see. I am @ work @ the moment, but later will check your videos & probably give u a report back.

  8. Jesus was not "Christian".

    Christianity is based on a belief in "Jesus", but it was created by men to control other men, just like all other man made religions.

    Religion is a only practice of rituals. They didn't want the Bible written in English for the common man.

    Most still don't open the book. In my first hand knowledge the Catholic Bible is protected by the linens In the China cabinet and not to be touched let alone read and interpreted.

    Law libraries are filled with books trying to out do the bible.

    I don't believe God wants religions as a controling middle man between him and his creations. If we are created in his image we all have minds of our own and can self govern. I believe we have to come out of this beast in order to be right with God. This includes leaving churches set up as a 501 c(3) under the corporate veil.

    Setting up a "Church" UNDER the "IN GOD WE TRUST" is accepting a privledge for following the rules of the Corporation. We were created to live free with unlimited inherent rights, not selected priviledges doled out when we OBEY.

    Christian churches under the IN GOD WE TRUST are pawns just like the PERSON hijacked and trafficked on the Birth Certificate. Same Critter! We sink ourselves under their thumb every day. Freedom of religion is a Corporate Term. Belief in a Creator is a Private inherent right.

    IRS recognizes an Irrevocable Private Trust. There is a box for IT. It only has a tax liability for Income recieved. What is the IRS definition of "INCOME" and "GROSS INCOME"?

    Start with definitions. The IRS CODE is called Code for a reason. Do you self assess "INCOME TAX" on wages received for labor provided? The Code indicates only a tax liability is due on excess. Does your family have excess? Would benefit a peak at interpreting the code definitions to see if a tax liability exists. The Federal Government "Congress" does not have the authority to directly TAX the people, never did. They only have authority over the FICTION(s). So we voluntarily self assess and they are so grateful. They even supply a guideline for self assessment, It is the page that shows the graduated amounts due. If yourself and the wages received do not have a TAX LIABILITY in the first place how can this page apply?

    The Political Status chosen regulates the TAX LIABILITY.

  9. Reading the comments section alone exposes why do u suggest I waste an hour of my valuable time listening to bs when u Ra could tell me simply why it so important to watch?☇

  10. I think I 'comprehened' quite well what was going on with Gaia before wasting my time perusing those videos & comments on them Ra.

    Perhaps u in your great awareness could tell what u perceived I was missing Ra...interesting name

    1. Ra the sun...


    2. Leland, Part 1
      Simply the initials of my first and middle name, that's why I use lower case, and the rest is partial of my family name, no secret alignment or coding :-) Thanks for asking and allowing me to specify with clarity.
      Gaia set up to be the purveyor of spirituality and health in commercial goods, I smelled stench in the 1990's and cancelled my account with them. Gaia wanted to be the "community" of united, seeking people and the gifted artists became involved to help get their message out to the others. Gaia, through consent, took advantage and signed up many to control the flow of what information was released and suppressed. Many were deceived and received a small stipend for their original creative content--some "fame" but no fortune, only Gaia has made a fortune.
      Patty Greer who has been to, documented and made videos of the crop circles and phenomenon, also presented at the Gaia organized conferences and signed on with Gaia to help promote her videos which she paid money to them to do so. Her studies of the crop circles enable her to comprehend that the energy from the earth made the crop circle grounds and the surrounding land improved and it produced enhanced benefits to the crops and people who came into the crop circles.
      She identified that the particular energy could be duplicated for the benefit of mankind, but if the energy was reversed it would become an eliminator of mankind. Similar to Tesla's investigations regarding the death ray.
      Patty was one of the presenters that became ill after attending the conference and suspected the symptoms were from being "beamed" by directed energy weapons that were small, obscure and benign looking, like a cell phone.
      After her experience she was concerned enough to communicate to other presenters who had the same or similar health crises after attending the conferences and because of this she was cancelled from being involved as a presenter. The women who became targets of the satanic luciferians running the company (who were against the feminine (gaia) principles) and exposed through David Wilcock’s resignation letter, thanks to GEM (Gaia Employees Movement) forwarding the information to Laura Eisenhower who exposed it to universal light. Some names and practices are revealed.
      How better to get ahold of a movement and destroy it than to use its name/NAME…like The United States of America unincorporated vs The United States (Inc.), UNITED STATES (Inc.), United States of America (Inc.), etc., you all get the idea. The mirror image is a mirage/ghost image mirror looks like me the original or as read from paper phonetically sounds like me the original but is 2 dimensional and None are the original me that is a 3 dimensional being = We The People.

    3. Leland, Part 2
      Patty left her home because of the directed energy weapons used on her there. A friend had her stay at her home to heal and after she left the same friend called her 2 weeks later about new suicidal thoughts. Patty encouraged her to leave because Gaia found out that Patty had been staying there and directed the weaponry at her friend’s location. There are many details of interest in the 2 videos and how they kept locating Patty, she has now come to the point of being unsearchable through internet, ownership of things, etc..
      But the take home message is that Gaia has people sign up with their GPS coordinates for a small monthly fee so Gaia can send "healing" beams to any customers who sign up. Now they are going to send a box (like a Roku) to every customer to put in their own home and have the "direct energy stream (weapon)" access for FREE? Also, people who have signed up for the healing beams are becoming suicidal and not just the one person who ordered it but all who live at the GPS location--complaints are now surfacing. As I said there is more detail in the videos and well worth your effort to view.
      We are living in times, as Anna so clearly shows, that even the community of people you thought were worthy of aligning with, eventually the tiger's stripes become visible (Chief Fasthorse, for example):
      Trump’s difficulties are the same--as are all of us, it just depends on which we are willing to view, at what time/space.
      Peace means war? Health means death? Spirituality means unconsciousness? Parley means terms/Code means secrecy?
      What is your or my definitions of these words, all is here before our eyes where and what to individually or commonly want to take it to or make it mean? There are many roads that lead to Rome and Baby-lon, risky and treacherous. The way is narrow home is narrow. Be wise as the Serpent but do not act as the Serpent.
      Do no harm. Peace for All. Over and out.

    4. Awesome posts...R.A.♩

      Been there done that, though. If u recall a certain film director & family was most likely killed via Mossad hit job 10 miles away from me a few years back... (Written by Kevin Barnett - Muslim & a former frequent email friend years ago.)

      So am quite aware of certain possibilities whenever sticking my neck/voice out in public too much in the cabal's so called domain.

      But u got it!

      "There are many roads that lead to Rome and Baby-lon, risky and treacherous. The way is narrow home is narrow. Be wise as the Serpent but do not act as the Serpent.
      Do no harm. Peace for All."♩☇

  11. RA, and Leland, great info most of which I am awake to. Glad to see some well stated info here on the evil Gaia. I to thought the earth energy making the crop circles made sense. But I since have decided that it is transdimensional, dimensional craft. Much like what use to fly through war world two airplanes dubbed foo fighters, by the piolets.These craft were brought down in Dulce New Mexico with scaler tech before Rosewell. They travel through the Ether plane allowing them to be between dimensions till they choose to become solid in this dimesion.
    Do no harm, Peace to all


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