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Sunday, August 12, 2018

HOW Stupid Are We?

By Anna Von Reitz

After being taken in by British fraudsters for 150 years I don't think I can make an argument for American intelligence overall.    

I can make an argument for American honesty --- honesty that couldn't imagine the depths of depravity, bad faith, selfishness, and greed that our British "Allies" have displayed. 

I can make an argument for the open, trusting nature of Americans. 

I can make an argument for American generosity and bravery.  

But the Devil will take advantage of your virtues just as quick as he will take advantage of your vices, so I guess this is part of the lesson to be learned. 

Anyway, here we are after a hundred and fifty years of being screwed senseless by the Brits and the now-repentant Catholic Church.  

We now know -- for sure -- that our political status records have been deliberately falsified to identify us as British citizens and subjects of the Queen. 

We know that this fraud began in earnest under the treasonous administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and that every American baby's political status has been faked since the 1930's. 

This gigantic lie and attempted genocide-on-paper stands as one of the worst crimes in recorded history, a bunko operation of staggering proportions---- one that has adversely impacted the entire world.   

And we still have Americans standing around scratching their butts and arguing about whether or not they have to respond and how they should respond if they do.

Let's see.....your identity has been stolen.  Your credit has been stolen. Your land has been stolen.  You have been mis-identified as a British Citizen.  And you've been left to pay off trillions of dollars of THEIR debt. 

Can I suggest that, yes, you do have to do something about it?  

Otherwise, the rest of the world will assume that you secretly enjoy getting screwed sideways and robbed and left for dead. 

And if you like it, well, hey.... who is to say otherwise? 

I have just been informed that there are arguments raging through the National Assembly groups and even among members of the Michigan General Jural Assembly about doing or not doing the paperwork to reclaim your birthright political status.  

It seems that some people think it's okay for British citizens to take part in American Jural Assemblies.  Some people think its not necessary to declare your political status as an American. 

This, even after the whole situation has been blown open for all to see, even after they have been told --- "Hey, the record says you are a British citizen."

I am here to tell you that it's not okay for Brits to serve on an American Jural Assembly.  

If you find anyone in your Jural Assembly who hasn't recorded their political status, they are to do so immediately, and if they refuse they are to be kicked out without further ceremony.   

I am here to tell you that not only can you get into trouble -- as a British citizen--- for taking part in an American Jural Assembly, but the validity of the actions of  your Assemblies can be tainted and called into question if you allow any such wishy-washy.  

Its time to pledge your lives, your fortunes and your sacred honor--- or stay home and squat as a British tenant on your own land. 

Every single member of your Jural Assembly needs to do the paperwork to reclaim their Good Name and political birthright and if they don't, they have no business being involved.  

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  1. True you will be identified as a U.S. citizen (British ) inhabitant . resident by any court unless you stand up and vigorously prove your not with everything you got .

  2. Born in canada, naturalized in the states, if I put down my native state/province as Prince Edward Island then I'm a british subject, my scottish progenitors, who fought the bloody english for centuries, would roll over in their graves if they heard that, so is there answers to that somewhere, would appreciate, want to be upright on answering. One other thing, it's an experiment to see if we can generate interest on facebook, please go to Your comments and suggestions would be appreciated. bobby brown

    1. you naturalized, renounced your previous nationality/citizenship and took an oath to the U.S. dba District of are presumed/assumed to be a U.S./14th amendment citizen; now with that in mind you can either claim nationality as a Marylander or Virginian but you have to know where you were truly (geographically) naturalized...make the call

  3. "I am here to tell you that not only can you get into trouble -- as a British citizen--- for taking part in an American Jural Assembly, but the validity of the actions of your Assemblies can be tainted and called into question if you allow any such wishy-washy." Anna

    Exactly! Nothing but trouble and falling right into another HUGE Foreign sponsored, Government created "Sovereign Citizen" and "Domestic Terrorist" crap Trap to once again be USED for nefarious purposes and TO USE against us!!! Thank You Anna for Finally seeing and speaking out on this very important subject/mission!! We simply can't keep "trusting" peoples words or their "knowledge" at face value any longer and expect to succeed if we keep making these same mindless mistakes expecting different results. The stakes and consequences are much too high to risk and lose any more momentum or grounding at this point. Its time to take FULL responsibility and Assemble at our local county and State levels FIRST, face to face, with proper paperwork either recorded or ready to be recorded to fully commit and participate lawfully and have correct standing to serve in ANY capacity Period. NO more excuses accepted! While awareness and expansion of our lawful government and political status into THE majority IS our long term desired mission and outcome, it IS a Huge, insane mistake to "Recruit Members" just for the sake of gaining those numbers via some False, Scarce directive coming from an unknown source at the "National Assembly" level with NO Valid/Lawful Standing to "Lead" or "Direct" State Nationals in the first place! Please!!!! Stop RECRUITING "MEMBERS" for a Foreign Directive and objective and consciously Wake yourself to make the FULL commitment necessary at this point to get the Mission accomplished correctly this time around. Ground up IS FIRST, not second. It's Time Now! Stop this INSANITY once and for ALL!!

  4. Did you get that Rodger?
    You destry?
    Right on says we ARE doing a conference call dedicated to just this topic.
    N, PLEASE note, this applys to whether you are operating at the NATIONAL OR THE COUNTY JURAL ASSEMBLY LEVEL.
    My thoughts match this blog entry 100%
    Wendy said the same basic on n. conf. call thurs.just past.
    It's a bunch of slaves in rebellion or sovereigns self-governing.
    Please note there are hazards in leaving your stolen -AND UNREPORTED( kinda like "uncorrected", as in "get YOUR public record/political status corrected" .hint. hint.)credit card in the possession of z thief, verdad? Personally, seems to this newbie that this item needs mention ,SPECIFICALLY, at the beginning of each Out of respect for the Divine order which brings newbies in each week, .we need to direct, in specific, all attending 's attention to the basic requirements to get their/his/her public record corrected....n no less impt, n as impt as the " if you're a gov person..." Warning done at the beginning, or the prayer. Thank you.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Need pdf.downloadable.take to office Depot they can put a hard copy in your hand get witness to sign off pay them .everyone need paperwork under thair. convince them who you are.

  7. Re: "...the record says you are a British citizen." - If this is the crux of "our political status records" then it appears to me we have another option as follows: Write letters to the chief executive officers on every level (city, county, state, federal) asking whether they have or are aware of any records indicating that you are "a British citizen" (or anything other than an American "free inhabitant") and that if they do not reply in 30 days you'll conclude that there are no such records.

    1. What if they say that they have no knowlege of any records? Then what?

    2. And we might add, just where does 'the record say we are british citizens'? According to who? All we have here is Anna saying so, and sorry, but that is not how we are to conduct our lives - based on heresay of one person......who gives no proof.

      Isn't that exactly how we got into all this mess in the first place?

    3. And what about 'the now-repentant catholic church'? This is just another statement no different than rumor; when did that happen, and what exactly did they 'repent' OF? And where is all their undoing of all their wrong doing, and making it right with the people, then?

      Of course its only in their own self-proclaimed 'importance' that gives them any credence at all, anyhow; but in reality, and in Gods Eyes, they are totally insignificant. There is No relationship between Crooks and God.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. I have to agree with Abby! I do not think we are british citizens. This seems to be another conspiracy theory to me that can not be proven with concrete evidence. U.S citizens are citizens (public officers) of the federal corporation. They have thier domicile in washington dc aka the district of criminals even though they reside in one of the states of the union.

    6. you have to have formally done the proper process with recognition from their court/public record as in an ORDER that you are who you say you are and have proven it with a preponderance of evidence.

  8. Announcing a Conferenc call:
    Subject:correcting your public record/political standing to sovereign from slave
    To American national from British subject
    Day: every other Friday, beginning on August 17th, 2018.
    Time: 7-10 pm mountain st
    Dial in number:641-715-0856
    Participant access code#:573-428#

  9. Anna is giving you all a final ultimadum.

    "Every single member of your Jural Assembly needs to do the paperwork to reclaim their Good Name and political birthright and if they don't, they have no business being involved."

    So, basically, you better risk being profiled as a Sovereign Citizen Domestic terrorist.

    1. looks like ucadia doesnt understand the difference between domicile and residence, between "several states" and "one nation", between "native by blood requiring no naturalization" versus "naturalized citizen". (not that naturalized people cannot be state level, just that blood is irrevocable. at best i suppose you can be "deported" for "treason" or "barred" from holding any office)

      "sovereign citizen" just means you can take back power of attorney. thomas jefferson and declaration of independence says as much. tj claimed equivalent BEFORE declaring such, and even WHILE being a British subject.
      it is not just an "american" term, other "republics" have used it.

      thats why its "common law" -- the king is not above the law. neither are "we the people" (changing type of law of the realm, cannot be done by anyone. they can only "secede" and/or "start a new one". that whole "consent of the governed" thing. noone else is obligated to join them if they disobey the law of the land/realm).

      and neither is any brainwashed federal morons calling non-federal citizens "domestic" allowed to change the native law of the realm/land. at best, they can "Secede" into "one nation" and noone is obligated to "pledge" to them.

      "terror" is not a country/people/place, so such are bogus "wars".

      "if this be treason, make the most of it"

      i happen to disagree with anna about "americans" being honest, loyal, generous, "good people". i always find those people have the most skeletons in the closet.

      however, your attempt to paint anna as "dictator" when mostly all she is doing is trying to restore what "americans" are owed, which noone can do alone, is quite insane.

      from your website, in reality there are many fake "christs", even if you claim yours is the "genuine" one. illuminist fake masonic "jesus" is a thing. jewish jesus is a thing. theres hundreds of em. kaballistic witchcraft "jesus" who was created with magical druid-like letters is also a thing.

      if there was any such thing as "karma" then it looks like 99% of humanity was satanic psychopaths in past lives, and that is why we must suffer.

      sorry, that is not biblical. the rain falls on the just and unjust alike. andrew jackson said as much re: "the bank is trying to kill me, but i will kill it". if rich people would stop trying to get state-granted monopolies, "capitalism" might stand a chance. but their greed makes sure the blessings only falls on them.

      what did we do to earn your bright insights?

      "you need to come up with a new story"


      on an optimistic note, i found that review of "the shining" movie as metaphor for america and british takeover == genius. "mirroring"

      that brit/canadian knows what went down. lest people think he is picking on "americans" he dislikes england even more.
      --------- QUOTE-
      So in the costume of the woman in the Gold Room we have yet another piece of cross referencing between enlightenment and sun symbolism. In tongue in cheek fashion, Kubrick seems to be implying that the party guests think the sun shines out their arses. with Eyes Wide Shut he was calling the European nobility decadent perverts (notice how the paintings on the sets mirror the participants).

      Halloran also described the hotel occupants as “arseholes” in one of his phone calls, “We’ve got a very serious problem with the people taking care of the place. They turned out to be completely unreliable arseholes.”
      you want a one paragraph summary of current situation, thats the best ive seen.

    3. british occultist mirages/ghosts who "leave no shadows" try to convince american jack nicholson to murder his own family and that he too is british and "one of them" "enlightened"

      the "secret" is they built everything on the bones of native americans, and to them, we are just "furniture"

      "the shining" kubrick knew exactly what was going on. say what you want about "jews", that "jew" tried to warn us.

    4. you need to explain things in terms a hotel magnate can understand?

      just hand him a copy of "the shining"

    5. Is there a list of the form's I'll need to file to change my status so I may participate. I've haven't been here or on Anna's site in 6 months or so but I certainly look fwd. to catching up doing what's needed status wise and actively participating to assist others who may decide to come out of babylon.. once I know & understand the process needed and have personal status properly established... thank you... I appreciate any direction or advice you may have... have a great day... MCR

    6. WakeUpSaxons
      go to

      It will get you going.

    7. god, no wonder the general public is doomed, the arguments so convoluted, no rational thought or critical thinking involved, no wonder they feel they have to take care of the legally insane, of legal disability and unsound mind, we really are lunatics & minors, incapable of taking care of the republic...let alone ourselves.

      you really should thank your captors more for helping you out haha; ungrateful, useless feeders adding nothing to society but confusion and ignorance with an inane amount of consumption. it really is gross.


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