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Saturday, May 26, 2018

And Once Again, Britain at the Bottom of the Dog Pile

By Anna Von Reitz

This is "Oldie But Goodie" information underscoring the secretive usurpation of our lawful government by the British-backed Territorial United States and the fraudulent means used to secure these deplorable results ---- again.  

The article I have linked to from the Daily Pen came across my desk again today and I was inspired to forward it on, because it so neatly summarizes the bulk of research that shows that Mr. Obama was in fact born in Kenya, a British Protectorate, and also shows where his actual birth records from the Protectorate are archived. 

The [Territorial] United States office of "President" does not require that the man occupying that foreign office be natural born in these states.  He is merely a corporate CEO elected by shareholders and could come from the moon.  He didn't directly commit any crime, because the "Office of President" he occupies, he was eligible to occupy. 

That isn't really the point, though, is it?  

This is basically the same dodge they used when Lincoln was elected.  Bar Attorneys have been ineligible to hold the actual American presidency since 1819, so how was Lincoln elected?  Simple.  He wasn't occupying the 'presidential office" everyone assumed he was occupying.  

As we have already appreciated (just yesterday) George Washington took two Oaths of Office.  One, a Supreme Political Oath of Office to the American States and specifically, the unincorporated Federation of States known as The United States of America, and the other, a business office, to act as the CEO -- also called "President" of the Federal United States --- a Confederation of National-Level States of States exercising the Delegated Powers in international jurisdiction. 

Mr. Obama, like Mr. Lincoln, occupied only the second office, "President of the United States".   In Obama's case, he didn't even bear the responsibility of the actual office that Lincoln occupied, because by the time he arrived on the scene, the actual States of States we are owed had been surreptitiously moth-balled for well-over a hundred years and all their assets had been unlawfully converted into the State-level trusts that the Territorial United States and its franchises also controlled.  

Thus, Lincoln didn't occupy the Presidential Office owed to The United States of America, only the Office of President of the United States --- the Federal United States exercising the delegated powers. 

And Obama didn't occupy either of the Offices that George Washington swore his Oaths to, but instead occupied the Office of President of the [Territorial] United States, a separate and foreign corporate office substituted for the both of the 
public offices we are owed, yet usurping upon and assuming the powers of our offices. 

Pretty good scam, eh?   Be President without being President?  Take your Oath of Office to a completely different government and organization and wreck havoc upon the States and people you are supposed to be serving?  

And we all believe that this went unknown and unnoticed by the entire federal infrastructure?  The Department of Homeland Security?  The FBI, DIA, CIA,  the Congress, all their "National Security" apparatus?   

Nah.  We don't believe that for a nano-second. 

They knew which office Obummer was really occupying and did nothing about it. 

Once again, the British usurpers acted in Gross Negligence and Gross Breach of Trust to promote a scam that was calculated to yield supreme benefit to themselves at the expense of the American States and people.  

First, they aimed to bankrupt both the Territorial and Municipal United States at the same time, and thereby completely vacate the Constitutional Agreements. (Remember that the actual Federal United States was bankrupted and pillaged and moth-balled under a similar scheme during Lincoln's Reign of Terror, so that Constitution has been gathering dust for 150 years.) 

Second, having bankrupted these incorporated "government" entities, they aimed to seize upon our land and our assets as "abandoned property" in the possession of the Territorial and Municipal corporations at the time of their bankruptcy--- all purportedly chattel property available to pay off their own creditors. 

Can anyone say, "Fraud!"  

And kindly remember that Fraud is a crime with no statute of limitations?  It truly doesn't matter if it is discovered the same day or a 150 years after-the-fact.  It vitiates everything tainted by it, including the most sacred contracts.  

The British Government is exposed before the entire world as a crime syndicate and the Holy See isn't a bit better, except that it has made some good faith efforts to correct.  It remains to be seen what the "US" Government intends to do, to clean its own dirty laundry. 

And as for us, the long-suffering victims of this criminality and self-interest by our supposed friends and allies?  It's time for all of us to wake up and get busy organizing our local county and state jural assemblies, so that a lawful government is re-established and there is no excuse for any "UN intervention".  

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  1. Local is a good as we we can get and that's a challenge because the lack of knowledge .

  2. What if ...
    Donald J. Trump sued Elizabeth Windsor for peace?
    It's that simple.

  3. She was already proved to be a fraud in their own courts by John Anthony Hill in a lawsuit named Regina v JAH (the name above)....he is a film maker, journalist, bible expert, and a top notch archeologist...the Queen was falsely coronated using a false stone of destiny (which they were in charge of, but think the Scots stole it back for themselves claiming they were the soverigns)... So Trump could conceivably sue her and win...!! But he won't do it, because she was duped also especially when she was only 18 when she was coronated...!! And she broke a solemn oath to the people in the bible that she would never make tons of legislative law, instead of only using God's laws...but she did and she signed it...!! We need a neutral court like the Hauge, so there is no conflict of interest on whether we are federal citizens, or American non-citizen Nationals...!! But maybe it's time to sue the main source that allows all this fraud to continue....the underwriters for "Lodyes of London"... We need to show that all insurance comp are being complicid in fraud and put them in bankruptcy, then no one can be insured...!!

    1. It seems that the case you rely upon is maybe a false flag as the true coronation oath ties the Monarch to the scriptures and as such that individual through the oath must be the guardian for the laws of England consistent with the scriptures through the Royal Signed Manual Royal Assent.

    2. james, QEII is a flat lie royal the most illegitimate woman on the planet according to Greg Hallet (worldoftruthnews,com) he is the author of 15 books and never been sued for slander; when the monarchy has been made illegitimate they are open to blackmail/corruption becoming a mafia ; her nickname is "the maid"...

    3. James, it just seems to me that trump is more and more playing the ''middle of the road' and this is one reason there doesn't seem to be much of anything, definitely being done. He also seems to be politically correct, and we all know that means nobody is ever pleased and much Truth never comes out into the open. No real honesty. Many in his Base are growing disappointed in him; he appears to have violated his own promise of tending to our own country, has not brought our own troops back home and stayed out of ''war''.

    4. Michael, not only that, it seems there is more going on behind the curtain at the Palace, than what the media wants to say. Now I see pictures of the Queen, of William and Kate, at the wedding and those looks tell the story: They are VERY upset with Harry bringing this woman into the family/dynasty.

      Personally, I would be interested in hearing just who it was that set up that 'blind date' to begin with. I tend to think the whole thing was a set-up by someone on her side of the fence, with an agenda.
      We shall watch and see, as things ''begin to float to the top'.

  4. Massive info here. The papacy has no intentions of any remedy. Lucifer is riding high in this world at the moment. Francis is the very first Jesuit pope and also the head of the Knights of Malta. Freemasonry is a vehicle for the Vatican. Identify the real enemy.

  5. The "Windsor's" are NOT "English" but GERMAN as they originally arrived from a small enclave England controlled in Germany and they changed their names in WW1 to not be associated directly with those big bad evil Germans. The historical ignorance on this site is astounding!!! I will paste a Wiki link here for proof but everyone ought to RESEARCH their FACTS before displaying their ignorance on this site but it is par for the course here, "historical Truth" is not posted on this site!!! And while we are discussing "Historical Truth" why doesn't the person who wrote this article get her "hereditary" Secretary of State to issue ANOTHER decree to stop the fraud!? Oh that's right, this "Secretary of State, he dropped the "hereditary part of his fake title, is a FRAUD too, so I guess he can be prosecuted for FRAUD too, eh!!!??? As I said, Historical Truth on this site is banished!!!

    1. Hey U!
      Your comments don't merit response but, something that most people (and quite obviously U) do not know or understand is worthy of mention.
      Criminal intent is easy to spot! Criminals instinctively & inherently accuse others of their own crimes!!! This is their 'back door' attempt to get honest & straight. They know they don't have the determinism left to get their own ethics in & so, seek to have others help by getting others to restrain them. It really speaks to the fundamental nature of the decency of men!
      We appreciate your publicly announcing your intent! Helps us keep the 'wheat separated from the chaff'! So, Thanks U!

    2. haha silly rabbits, even being British is a name change misnomer, Windsor is the name of their House, not an apellation, their bavarian illuminati background name was Saxe Coburg Goethe, anglo saxon/bavarian with some zionism sprinkled in for good measure.

    3. It is my understanding that this Head of State title means the top position of power in and for The United States of America. So naturally, I fail to understand why he does not step up and issue a few Decrees that actually make a startling impact....instead of that ungodly ''slap on the hands of all these evil people, and lets just all forgive and forget all this irreparable and reprehensible injury and misery they have caused The People for nearly 200 yrs now, and act like its no big deal'. I could not believe I read that; it was an outrage!
      It was even more outrageous to call them ''sins'. No. What they have done are Atrocities.....not 'sins'. Who in their right mind would go ''oh, well, boys will be boys'. So thank God that God himself has not forgiven them and they have yet to get served REAL Justice, by the Real Supreme Justice who says there are consequences for such evil conduct.....which is even continuing as we speak !
      We the People do not need such weak leadership. What is the one thing that has The People more upset now than almost anything else? The fact that our most harmful people like hillary, soros, bush family, comey, and all that bunch...have STILL not been brought to Justice.
      So, get a clue here.

    4. Penny, so what is Harry's full name? And does anyone know how he, or any of the so-called royal family, get money to spend; how they handle their transactions if they, say, stroll into Starbucks? I am just curious, lol.

    5. Wirkin, whew, you just showed us all that you are sure NO discerner of People, not by a long shot! I've heard that old sick accusation over and over and it is so full of holes, I'm surprised anyone is still using it.
      Secondly, its time for YOU and a few others around here, to STOP trying to dictate what people can and cannot say in here. YOU are not the Speech Police, and its high time you get cured of your controlling Political Correctness ! Enough already with this damned PC stuff !
      Now tell us Wirkin....just HOW did Unk's comment harm you or your personal life? Just what difference does it make to YOU, what he/she thinks about that mess across the pond?

      And speaking of wheat and chaff, in case you think you are part of the 'wheat'.......then you need more help than even I thought. And please stop thinking you know what makes anyone tick, cause you prove that you DONT.

    6. dear abby: the answer to your question about harry is; his father is the redhead soccer player (hewitt?) williams father is king juan carlos of spain(crown of aragon)prince philip aka the black prince is the supreme commander of the british navy and uses it as the world's most prolific heroin trafficker, greg hallet has all of the dirt on these criminals; they appear as whited sepulchres but inside they are full of filthyness/inequities...


  7. From ex NSA asset Jim Stone on Tommy Robinson's recent detainment:

    The manner in which it was done is why I am mentioning it, this proves Britain has gone full communist. Britain may have MANY MANY JOURNALISTS IN JAIL.
    Guess what??!! AS PART OF THIS JOURNALIST'S SENTENCING, I HAVE BEEN ORDERED NOT TO TELL ANYONE HE'S IN JAIL!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA, BITE ME QUEEN!!! PART OF THIS GUY'S SENTENCING INCLUDES NOT ALLOWING ANYONE FROM REPORTING HE'S BEEN JAILED. SO Breitbart and others, who reported this yesterday were (somehow) forced to take their reports down, and go dark on this topic. I don't know how that kind of control was exerted but Britain got it done."


    1. All 29 defendants in that pedo trial were listed by name in their newspaper. They were ALL muslims! That's what the UK was trying to hide from the public; how dangerous it is to let those 'refugees' infiltrate their own countries.

  8. The stuff they do does reveal their way for example George Bush Jr.,spoke of terrorists, and "You are either with us or against us" ( targets) and went on to report the nasty accomplishments, deaths, troops deaths, bombing successes, stuff coming out on the news of "the solution"
    So it reveals in their minds, solutions involve creating enemies out of someone, then attacking them, using torture, pulling out any rules that involve rights of people, "Smoking them out" referring to exposing "the terrorists" Yet it is obvious from the actions taken that they are the terrorists. Even making up further rules concerning the US Citizens and Nationals counting them as enemies due to more phony unconstitutional law making by CEO of government service businesses pretending to be serving the people for the peoples good.
    I do wonder if they came from elsewhere, look a lot like we do but are not the same. Many documents in existence indicate such visitors who since coming here have sought to create slaves for their own enjoyment as thought they could actually truly enjoy anything. Look to a child for true enjoyment and delight. Who among the adults can truly say they have not oppressed the openess and truthfulness they once had as a child? A man from Africa, who had a radio station hand made from dumpsters and used nails for drills, was brought to an American Technical Institute and was amazed at all the tools and cool projects yet returned home to his poor and ignored damaged home saying that at home everyone was friendly, caring for each other and that here in the cities of modern success he was crying, lonely, every time he went out no one seemed friendly, no one seemed to care about each other, enjoy anything and he became unhappy.
    So you see the effect of the system in place, the government manipulation and the results of a sad unhappy people that always are on time for work, pay their bills, are obedient, say little if anything to strangers and out of learned schooling view their neighbors as "on the other team" and are suspicious of them, thinking they only want to take or steal, rob so trust no one but the "official government" appearing live on many channels and recorded as well and as well the training facilities ( schools kids go to to learn how to be unhappy but pay bills mostly) seem to be what most people use for evidence of truth. Go figure. Almost anyone attacking here on this site cannot be one of these simple people thus must be the enemies of truth and life and only emit destructive comments and offer nothing, kinda folks that would give you wrong directions causing you to fall off a cliff and they are no where to be found, cons, fast circus shakers, stooges, specialists in phony stuff and lost.


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