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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Why Is The Rest of the World Angry?

By Anna Von Reitz

Basically, it's because the [Territorial] United States went stark raving bonkers and attempted to absolutely control and dictate the financial and business affairs of all the other countries in the world.
They were dictating who could do business with whom, what currencies they could use to conduct business, how much they could spend with trading partners--- you name it, and the [Territorial] United States was trying to control everyone else's markets and micro-managing business affairs of the entire world.
So they forced all these other countries to band together in opposition to this oppression and suppression in restraint of trade and to form new alliances and new banks and new banking systems.
And what else would we expect them to do?

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  1. Eternal vigilance is the cost of freedom.we were lulled to sleep by the glowing blue tube and slick Madison Ave marketing .
    Now we have to play catch up .

  2. The rest of the world knows Barry Soetoro is a foreign born enemy of peace and prosperity. The rest of the world was ass raped by Clinton's
    global charity fraud. The rest of the world wants to lock up crooked Hillary, drain the swamp, and seal the U.S.A. borders (then fumigate).

  3. Problem is, the FED RESERVE is owned and controlled by the Chosenites, Queen ann's favorite people group and it is THESE people that are the cause of the problems stemming from the Bretton Woods agreement. The FEDs get 17% cut of ALL international trading as US dollars had to be used in order to trade outside of your borders with other countries. Saw a recent report that the FED is now trying to get counties in the US to pass property taxes that will go into the FEDs pocket because they at losing that 17% due to greed by sanctioning all the countries that won't kiss their butts!!! If your house is under $500,000 you will be hit with a 1% FED tax, if over that amount, 2.5 % and if it is one million dollars or more in value, you will be hit with a 5% property tax just for the Federal Reserve Board!!! But hey, all of this is for "God's Chosen People" who you folks worship so enjoy the tax!!!

    1. I thought that was only in Chicago, who is said to be the most corrupt city in America...But I can easily see how it could expand into every State, especially Calif. who instead of raising property taxes has opted for another has tax.....and another and another...!!

  4. why is everybody so afraid of mentioning the glaringly obvious truth? Zionist Jew Rothschilds own all central banks except Iran's (family net worth of 600 trillion, they also own all regular banks. They are responsible for the dollar collapse, the housing meltdown, the coming market crash, and sooo much more. GROW UP!!!!

    1. Georgia,there are a whole lot of things they are afraid to talk about in here; it goes to show they are afraid to totally shed that 'political correctness'' bullshit, for fear of losing their personal popularity.
      Our gov. knows exactly who all the culprits are, and where they live so where are all the snipers when we need them. This is worse than a football game with 20 overtimes in zero temperatures and still no Score, LOL.
      Stupid is as stupid does, while gullible people sit in the bleachers expecting to Win.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Jack, so are you claiming that the Holocaust never occurred?

    4. It depends on you to do your own research to come up with your own opinion.
      Who did the reporting? was there any agenda behind there investigations of reporting as evidence? Was there evidence true? Evidence done properly? Mostly the background of the people who did the investigations Who are they? What are they?
      We've been fooled so many times and truly full disclosure in this cyst em is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack.
      Boils down to who do you want to believe. I for one do not believe in the story lines of the money exchangers/bankers/government/liars.

    5. Another thing, just in the past week I saw a plea from some organization, showing the same old pictures from years ago, of ''holocaust survivors' needing help, they don't have enough to eat, live in squalor, etc, and to please send donations.
      Now who believes that stuff. Today, we even know that Charity Orgs are full of corruption.

    6. No Abby, you and the Holocaust deniers are dead wrong. Facts are not dependent upon who reports them, though I will cite two sources as reliable sources with whom I would trust my life. The first was a very, very good man who I had the honor to know personally for he was my Father in Law. He served as a tank commander in the European Theater in WWII losing 4 tanks in the process, surviving from the landing on Normandy, followed by continuous fighting through the Battle of the Bulge. Subsequent to that he personally took part in the liberation of one concentration camp where hundreds of thousands of Jews were brutally starved and murdered, the results of which he personally witnessed during the liberation. From his statements alone I know for a 100% FACT that the Holocaust did occur as he was a committed Christian who took no side on the disagreement between the many political factions in the Zionist/Jew movement. He just witnessed what the Nazi's did to the Jews and many others including Poles, Czechs, and Gypsies.

      The other source is also reliable though was not known personally to me. I refer to President Eisenhour who personally visited a camp where he was so utterly appalled he demanded that photographers and videographers take as many images as possible, for he believed some idiots in the future would try to deny the whole thing happened. And here we are today.

      We know for a FACT that over 6,000 feet of movie film was produced of camps were Jews were systematically murdered so if you don't call that a holocaust then God help you for you are a sick person.

      Since what I have relayed here are historical facts any honest person without an agenda will admit, don't bother spewing your nonsense in a puny attempt to spread your hate. Take it somewhere else.

    7. Mike, first of all, I did not say what I said out of hatred, but from what I have seen and had access to. In fact by now you ought to know I have spoken out strongly against atrocities of any kind.
      I do believe there were some vicious murders of ''jews'' but I don't believer there were 6 million. I should have iterated that point. We all know there has been reporting on both sides of that atrocity, none of us were there, and if you notice I said IMO. I never gave it as absolute fact.

      One question though Mike, do you know what happened to all those bodies? It is a legitimate question.
      You could also try reading my Comments without a jaundiced eye and stick with what I said, instead of trying to read into them, what is not even there. I don't do nonsense nor do I attempt to spread anything nor do I have any agenda. If you don't agree with what I say, that is fine with me....but your last 3 lines were totally uncalled for and very much out of line.

    8. "The other source is also reliable though was not known personally to me. I refer to President Eisenhower"
      Well Eisenhower in my opinion is another CEO of corporate America and they also get there orders from you know who.
      As your other witness I cannot disagree or agree as I do not know him.
      But there is also many other stories which I cannot be certain and I know my parents and there parents went thru hell living in this hell of a mess that the ___ may have started because of greed and power and $$$ and thats why they want them to leave there homeland .
      Very few comment on the Dresden massacre which was done by the allied forces on innocent women and children which also had nothing to do with the conflict. And thousands have died which i believe ,as very little comes from it,and it should be treated as a crime against humanity. But nothing was done about it,as they/those that created these wars and are the judges and jurors on what is to be exposed. Just like our no full disclosure on the name fraud and many people are thrown in camps call animal cages for laws that are made by them.the unholy trinity
      I personally just hate all the lies, these people I personal know are good at that and treat us a useless eaters\goy. Who hates who?.

  5. Dig deeper into who or what people run and operate the worlds top banks. Those are the parasites that have damaged murdered and controlled the cyst ems in place into what and how they want there world to look like. Very very clever indeed. Those who control the banking control the world and the big news stations and his-story/info.

  6. CJ, this is old worn out news, part of the ad nauseum I spoke of.
    NONE of this matters any more.
    There are no next generations; you are looking at the Last Generation right now.
    Time to incorporate the WHOLE picture, instead of leaving out the parts that you try to throw out so as to not offend people and affect your approval rating here.

  7. C.johnson Is a troll. This lady is the type of person who will get you thrown in jail if your common sense is lacking and If you have revenge as the motivator in your heart. She has zero Knowledge. Its very evident in my dealing with her on the Postal Fraud article. C. Johnson you are a TROLL.

  8. Abby, what makes you think this is the final generation? Might it be the parable of the fig tree?

    1. Anything is possible, except this unbearable debt...!! At some point whatever can't be paid, won t be paid and we are all getting to that point...but people making exact predictions of the day and hour are just putting God's timeline that much longer because he will never come back on a day predicted by man, any man no matter how religious or good he is...!!

    2. Mark 13:28 the fig tree. 29 so in like manner when ye shall see these things come to pass, know that it is nigh, even the door 30 verily, verily I say unto you, this generation shall not pass till all these things be done.

      Also other passages, which I cannot readily find at the moment, but all the signs of the Times are now here. No man knows the exact day or hour, and I've never given any. But by these signs we will know that it is nigh, even at the door.
      By all descriptions, and by the events and by how things are in the world, the sick condition of the so-called 'churches' of today, by the moral condition of our country and the world, how apostasy has crept in and now sold as being 'christianity'....that is 'the great falling away' (frm the truth). 2 Timothy 3 describes the attitude of people now. Everything now points to the Time being 'ripe' and 1 Thess. 4:13-18 can happen at any time. I do not see anything else that needs to happen.
      Even Anna and Team are fulfilling the exposing of all these things that have been done in secret, now exposing them all openly. We have all these earthquakes and volcanos and the weather signs everywhere.
      The generation that sees all these things, is the last generation, as is stated in scripture. Now its just a matter of time till things pop. I do not focus on this 24/7 but we are not to ignore this stuff (Mark 13:37 and what I say unto you I say unto all. Watch.)
      For those who think they would like to extend this time out further, you don't know what you are in for; if you did, you would not wish for such a thing. I trust God to know when the Time is right, so I just leave it in his hands. I don't think he has decided that yet..IMO.

    3. Fruit Inspector, in addition to all that, as I think about it, He said 'by the time I come, will I even find any FAITH left on the earth'.
      So that seems to be a major point in this End Time. 30 yrs ago I can remember going to the grocery store, big store, and people standing in the aisle talking with friends, and openly talking about God or their church or other such things.
      20 yrs. ago that happened a lot less. And now today, it is something that people want to clobber you for even mentioning, LOL. (look how it is treated with disdain right in here, by some)
      And we know we are already at the place where scripture tells us ''in the last days they will not listen to Sound Doctrine, but turn to fables'. THAT is where we are NOW.
      So I think THIS is the tipping point, of all those 'signs'.

    4. Abby, and team
      Anna and team also seem to be mixing Truth with falsities.imo

    5. afollower, it seems anna does not believe what the bible says about the end times, and is getting some of her information from unwitting sources which she ought not be giving heed to, but needs to 'test the spirits'.
      But as far as exposing the evil deeds that have been perpetrated on mankind, that part is true IMO. That we the People can do anything about it, is highly questionable IMO.
      What parts do you see as falsities?

    6. Yes, Abby i can see elements of truth. Yet is she and team exposing the true perpetrators and the True savior?
      Some people here seem so gullible and just take everything as gospel without question. And here recently Anna has posted many, many self defense articles and prideful statements and direction, not to question her etc. etc. etc.
      i find all these things, concerning?
      i some times wonder how she has time for anything else when so much material is being posted.
      Also some of the material at connecting sights and groups are more than concerning.

  9. Abby; as usual, you have nothing constructive to add...NOTHING! You must have a very miserable life and want to make everyone else miserable. If you know so much, let's hear from you about all you've done to cure the problems we face and tell us all what we need to do because you seem to think you know much more than Anna and anyone else here who comments. Really, I think I can speak for everyone else in saying you are a bore and a complainer, nothing more!

  10. Brandi....Thanks for your insipid update on C.J. How is your 'get something for nothing' trailer issue because u r a sovereign land holder coming along?

  11. See the last response I posted to Penny. I will let you know if anything adverse happens. I explained the situation a little better there. It's the post where I say "Others may have missed the beauty of the situation"

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. C johnson....its not just the debt, it's the interest on more and more debt that causes "inflation" and the entire reason while eventually the debt gets so bad that it becomes impossible to pay the interest on the debt, let alone the debt itself....!!


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