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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Two Confederations of the Original National States of States

By Anna Von Reitz

Confusing, yes?  But necessary. 

The First Confederation formed by the States during the Revolution (1781) was composed of National-Level States of States:  The State of Georgia, The State of Maine, The State of Connecticut..... and these States of States were business entities owned by the States called Georgia, Maine, Connecticut..... 

The States own The States of States.   Maine owns The State of Maine.  

The States formed a Federation of States known as The United States of America to function as a Holding Company for all the assets and powers that they would agree to hold in common.  The States specifically and through their Holding Company retained control of the land and soil jurisdictions of this country.  

That is, the States never gave up a cubic centimeter of soil or land to The States of States. 

The States of States were created to function in the realm of international trade and commerce in behalf of the States and in the global jurisdiction of the air, also in behalf of the States. 

The States of States formed their original Confederation during the Revolution (1781).  When the Constitution was adopted in 1787 the Second Confederation was set up to exercise the Delegated Powers.  

Where the real confusion arises is the idea that the original Confederation disappeared or was "replaced" by the Second Confederation.  It wasn't.  All that happened was that the Second Confederation of The States of States operated the Delegated Powers under British control / influence, and the First Confederation continued to operate the Non-Delegated Powers. 

And in the background, the great Holding Company of the States, The United States of America (unincorporated) was the Source of all the Non-Delegated and Delegated Powers mutually extended by the States. 

So the delegation goes like this:  States combine to form a Federation of States dba The United States of America to hold their international and global powers in common.  They form a first Confederation of States of States to conduct their business in these realms.  They split the powers into "Non-Delegated" and "Delegated" subsets and create a second Confederation to exercise the Delegated powers in 1787.  

We've been hoodwinked into paying attention only to the Delegated Powers and the Federal United States government that was created to exercise these powers, and have "forgotten" about the source of all these "powers" ---- the actual government is not the Federal United States Government in any form. 

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  1. Can U.S. Code compile a legal case if our lives depended on it?
    If political action figures were JavaScript Monkeys, that would
    be an improvement over so-called "law makers" who're members of the notorious British Accreditation Registry" or BAR. BAR members
    drink free when a BAR member is appointed or elected to judge facts.

  2. When Lincoln was elected President, there was only 17 states in all, not 50..!! You can't make a contract called the constitution without all states being represented except postumusly which is unlawful... We needed all 50 states forming the entire continent of North America, before you can make a lawful contract like the constitution....and with only 17 states recognized at the time, all they needed was 13 states to have a majority vote for the original Constitution to pass the 13th amendment...that no titles of nobility from any crown, prnce, or foreign govt. could have anything to do with govt at all..!! And 12 states had already passed it, and they were just awaiting Lincoln's own state to pass it and assumed it would happen...But it took over 3 years for them to get it right , which by that time we were already in the "civil war"...Looks like Lincoln was planning this for some time...!! Funny since he was already in the position of President...who only had one oath at the protect our only De jure United states of America, and nothing to do with a territorial or municiple American govt that was the only thing in place at the time....!!

    1. U r mistaken James. The original 13th amendment was ratified in 1819 from my long time understanding.

    2. "March 12, 1819 the State of Virginia, with the enactment and publication of the laws of Virginia, became the 13th and FINAL state required to ratify the above article of amendment to the Constitution For The United States, thus making it the Law Of The Land. With the enactment of Act No. 280, March 12, 1819, which was Voted, En Bloc, and publication of the Revised Code, the State of Virginia notified the Department of State, the Congress, the Library of Congress, and the President of their action by issuing to each a copy of the Laws of Virginia. [See VA 1819 Images] . In fact, the Journal of the Virginia Senate; Tuesday, May 1st, 1810 (Pages 511-512 shows that the resolution to amend was properly enrolled and ratified on that date by the Virginia House and Senate, to be laid before the President of the United States, therefore the first state to ratify." Ibid

    3. well, there were not 50 states then anywho, there was only about 35 up to the civil war and of those, the southern states effectively left the union, about 11 and formed the confederacy, (an aside they may have been aboriginals?) they never re-entered (those states were then taken over by military tribunals, and turned into the State of States by FORCE, hence district and circuit courts) nothing was ratified lawfully since then, especially the 14th amendment, which is also actually unconstitutional nor ratified properly, null and void, it is repugnant to the Constitution.

    4. that is why once the 14th amendment ws organized those States became incorporated persons and entered into the Corporate Constitution/Organic Act of 1871, which still continues to this day, BUT they are trying with the UN dba United States dba District of Columbia to suersede and replace the Constitution and form something else. which is why everyone needs to get their booties outta dodge ASAP.

    5. and also keep in mind States were entering into this federal union up to 1950's when they eventually had 50 which is why anna has said that certain states need more work than out in the south/north west as they entered that union very late.

  3. The Bible does not say to obey government. Both the KJV and Douey-Rheims say the same thing.

    from KJV

    from Douey Rheims......

  4. Anna dear -
    Re: "...the States never gave up a cubic centimeter of soil or land to The States of States." Is the phrase "soil or land" an indication of a distinction between these two and if so what might that be?

  5. Chef-d if I remember correctly, and if this is the distinction you're referring to, Anna had mentioned the distinction before as "Land" is the top six inches of the surface in depth, and "soil" being ALL the depth below/greater than six inches.

    1. That makes perfect sense to me! Much appreciated Kelli!

    2. Kelli, I believe you have it reversed. Soil on top, land beneath soil.

    3. Joseph A, that wouldn't suprise me,lol thanks
      As above, so below

  6. Isn't it obvious now that even if someone else takes over those 19 delegations of authority, that language will still be a problem.....the semantic deceit knowns no bounds and will just continue because that's how attorneys make money, and close out just about any REMEDY available for "the people", which in this country will lead to a "civil war" ....But you can already see the names they want to call it...." The Republic States of America...!! Can't you already smell a rat...!! Our original constitution should have been called: The constitution for the independant nation states of America...!! That's a better title for it...However, it's just as easy to use intentional semantic deceit on that too..!! There is no way to correct this massive "semantic " deceit going on and will continue to go on as long as judges are allowed to sit on the bench...!! Unless they are forbidden to use that insidious doctrine of "Silent Judicial Notice". Frankly, I don't see how " Quantum Language, correct syntex" is uncorruptable...first of all no one understands it, especially judges who have consistently ruled against him....But from what we know about judges, that doesn't mean anything....!!!

    1. james james james james james you are really missing the point, it is about you and your God, you have unalienable, inherent Rights bestowed by your Creator from the Divine Estate, not the other way around, if you dont know who you are and able to prove that, then they will grant you benefits, opportunities and privileges all day long, granted by your man-god creator via the 14th amendment beast of the bible...get it brotha. that is for them, that is their trust indenture for themselves and their government employees. if you arent them or their employees, what are you worried about? walk into court and say this if FORCED to otherwise never go in there, paperwork should prevent that but,

      1. the style of the name that you have is inaccurate and styled as a 14th amendment person which i am not and as clerk of the court your job is to naturalize me by any means necessary which i do not consent to. i am a natural man.

      2. my law is the bible, which i have right here and show to the court. my mode is equitable and i do no harm to others.

      3. my flag i fly under is the civil peace flag and The California republic flag as an American state national.

      further affiant sayeth not. and remain silent. if anyone says a word about you, i object hearsay everytime, this person is not a competent witness or testifying under oath. done, motion to dismiss with prejudice for lack of subject matter jurisdiction and failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted (if judge doesnt do it for you or they will keep rescheduling you) once they cannot enter anything in the court record. NEVER argue which creates a controversy, in that you will most likely bear fruition to your concerns above. the semantics is our problem in feeling like we need to joust with them. DONT.

      man, know thyself in true proportion.

    2. I agree, I'm so tired of the arguments and the eye for an eye mentality. I believe the ego always gets you in the end. We have to have forgiveness in our hearts and we also have the knowledge now to make smart moves. But a lot of times our ego gets in the way and wants to make someone pay. We forget that we are all fallible. Great comment Penny.

    3. penny, 'they' don't even believe in God, so they don't care about our inalienable rights; thats probably a joke to them. We are dealing with flesh and blood bastards and they have no boundaries.

      Brandi, I don't know about anyone else, but I have no ego problem, so I don't know what you mean by that, exactly. Whatever I say, I have already done my homework on it, and I don't need applause or popularity. Besides, it is not ego that causes us to want criminals to pay; its about Justice.
      Who says we ''have to have forgiveness' for all these folks who have done so much harm to so much of the population? Why would we do such a stupid thing? Justice means paying the consequences of harmful actions; otherwise there is no justice at all.
      My actions have no bearing on crooked banksters ripping people off, or treasonists ruining our homeland or any of these other injustices they have done - - I am not one of them and I have not done what they have done. So to say ''oh we are all fallible'' is just a poor excuse for perhaps wanting to get off the hook yourself. ?
      My view of Justice is in no way about vengeance and in no way do I have a ''get even' agenda. Justice means there are consequences to wrong actions, and people don't stop until they have to serve those consequences.
      For those who don't think people should pay for their crimes and all this treason, there is something amiss in your makeup.

    4. Abby, are you sure you are dealing with flesh and blood? The Bible says the rulers of this world are not flesh and blood. "For we wrestle not againsts flesh and blood..."

    5. Joseph, Yup I am sure! When a cop threatens to put me in his cruiser if I dont go back in the house, just for standing on my own sidewalk watching what they are doing - a 2 cops against 1 lone driver. Then I am pretty sure that was flesh and blood threatening me, so my 'flesh and blood' mouth is what told him he better not lay a hand on me, and his flesh and blood backed off, Lol.
      But yeah I know that verse, but I never see any of those invisible ones.....they are always visible and carry a gun and wear funny uniforms and they talk bossy.

      That verse just means that what is behind these People with the guns etc, or just a big mouth, or some lying politician or sleezy judge - is the spirit of evil because this spirit is in the world. That spirit uses PEOPLE to set up those 'wrestling matches' with us, then sits back and watches us get slammed around. You know this, I'm sure.

      So yeah they are being led by a wrong spirit, but ultimately the Man/woman is the one who is standing there in front of us and thats who we are dealing with, ultimately. I am not going to say, oh well, its just 'the devil made him do it' lol.
      The verse is telling us that that is WHY Man does what he does against us. But we live in this real flesh and blood world and so we have to deal with living people.....who are turds at times, lol.

    6. Abby I have zero interest in trying to get you to offer forgiveness. It's not for everyone. Its okay. I see you talk loads about the bible. Forgiveness is throughout it also what I've learned from the bible is this, you can not put your trust in man only in God. Trust me I have went back and forth with the bible and religion. You see I was once a Jehovah's Witness. From age 3 until I was 27. I was exposed to the bible in a different way, it was taught. However going through history and seeing how man has perverted the bible its hard to decipher what is useful and what is not. So I look inside myself, in my heart I don't have the fight in me as some do, I have forgiveness in it. I try to find a way to get through this mess without putting my family in Jeopardy. I'm not sure how this will play out, but I have a clear conscience in how I handled my current situation. I had no malice. Even on here when some try to bait me into the most obvious of insults, I immediately think of forgiveness because my heart can't take it and I know if I were to meet these people face to face and extend them the type of respect that I would want(regardless if I don't like what they believe) we would have no problems being cordial and not hurting another man.

    7. Also, if you would, think about what it was about my comment that resonated with you? Was it the forgiveness part or was it that little voice in your head "ego", that prompted you to defend it's agenda. I've had no dealings with you at all. What made you relate that comment to yourself? Maybe God is trying to tell you something? Could this be a time where you sit and reflect on self?

    8. Penny...if you have been reading all my comments, I'm the one that always says not to start a far after being in this battle for truth for over 35 years, the closest I've seen to a silver bullet is "subrogation"..everyone that uses it in court , if he doesn't get the case dropped, the court wants to settle it any way they can without losing face...usually that means taking a very reduced plea bargin, which gives no jail time and 3 years probation....But God forbid if you break those rules of probation, which are very easy to break if you talk to anyone in one wants to go to court, including me, but there are times you just can't prevent it...!!It's my firm opinion that you hope for the best, but plan for the worst..!! That means knowing how procedural law works, so you can use it to your advantage....its just common sense...I once passed off a guy in high school because he thought I hit his dog with my car on purpose...but I was hardly moving because it was a residential street that my friend lived on...the dog came out of no where, and I stopped immediately, but the dog still hit my bumber..I tried to get out and see if it was hurt, but the dog already started to run. And no one was around but me..I figured that the dog was just in shock, because it never died, but someone must have seen it and the owner was an idiot who only wanted to kick my ass...!! We had 2500 students at that high school, but he was looking for me all over.. But the first one he found was my identical twin brother, who had no trouble telling him it wasn't him....pathetic twin loser his whole life....his answer to everything is just to run...eventually he did find me , but I was with a friend who actually lived on the same steet with him and said he is indeed an asshole....So as he started to threaten me, my friend knowing his tactics merely said I'll take you on no problem...and that was the end Of point being is that you can't run from your problems and he would have never recognized paperwork if I filed it...we were all meant to stand up for the freedoms we take so lightly...running just makes it worse...ask anyone that has ever run from a dog or wild CAT, like a cougar...two bikers were recently on a trail in the mountains when they were attacked by a cougar..the first one he attacked had his entire head in the cougar mouth and shaking it....but his buddy seeing that, instead of coming to his rescue, just wanted to live and started running away.....well, that proved to be the wrong thing to do...the cougar released the guy he already had and went after the guy running, because it's a sign of weakness and an easier kill...which is exactly what happened...!! Moral of the story...never run and never be afraid to face a judge or even jail, or you shouldn't be in this fight....period..!!

  7. Stick with holding companies to act as one.(the united states of America ) then (the United states)
    Two distinct entity's . Less confusion.The fedralies had Thai turf tobacco,acohol,firearms , armories,and land the purchased or (stold) territories . They call non federalies non resident aliens.

    1. They turned our congress into Thai congress ,congressman were supposed to wear two hats bills concerning nation states were prefixed H-1234. Switch hats HR-1234 is federalies . I belive.throw in corporate and it gets screwer.


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