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Sunday, April 1, 2018

To President Trump and UN Inspector General on Easter Sunday 2018

By Anna Von Reitz

 April 1, 2018

President Donald J. Trump
c/o Office of the Chief of Protocol
2201 C Street NW, Room 1238
Washington, DC 20520

Office of the United Nations Inspector General
Attention: UNIG
CP 2500 1211 Geneva

Dear Sirs, 

My wife and I both come from the ancient race of the Coriosolites of Armorica, our homeland is in Northwestern France and our presence there was recorded by Julius Caesar prior to the Roman Conquest of England. Many artifacts and coins and records of our people still survive.  Our ancestors, the Kings--both Bors and Ban of Gaul and Benoic (Benwick)-- held large portions of both France and England for many generations--- it it because of these facts that William the Conqueror had a valid claim which Edward the Confessor recognized. 

That is the hidden history of the claim of William the Conqueror---hidden only because the British Government has hidden it in hopes of profiting themselves by chicanery and unjust enrichment then as now.  

We have been free sovereigns in our own right in England since 1087 A.D.   Our kinsmen wrote and enforced the Magna Carta a little more than a hundred years later.  

In 1609 we came to America and by 1630 our direct progenitors were here, building Boston.  It takes no great understanding of the world to grasp the fact that "America" is not a namesake of Amerigo Vespucci.  It is the namesake of our ancient homeland, Armorica.  

Nor does it take any sophistication to see the blazon of the Belle Chers  (anglicized to Belcher) firmly established as The Great Seal of The United States of America and The Great Seal of The United States.  

Take a look at those seals and comprehend what they mean. 
The Great Seal of The United States of America is open.  No border.  No limit.  Not a dependent sovereignty.  The Great Seal of the United States is closed.  Always encircled. Dependent on delegated power.  

Nor does it require any great grasp of history to recognize that the British Empire has been the source of all the lies and misery that has infested the world for many generations.  The present despots of the world think we have forgotten and that they are free to make whatever ridiculous lies and claims they please, but we are here and we know who we are and we do remember. 

I am Hereditary Head of State of The United States of America (Unincorporated) standing on the land and soil of this country in full sovereign capacity.  I am not now and have not acted in any foreign Territorial or Municipal capacity since I left the USAF in 1964 and gave full Notice of the same in 1998.  Again.  I have deliberately seized upon my own lawful Trade Name which was unconscionably presumed to be a derelict and abandoned "vessel" and have returned it to the land and soil of my native country.  From there, I have seized back all derivative ACCOUNTS and re-flagged the VESSELS.  

There can be no doubt who I am and in what capacity I am acting. 

Let the record show that The United States of America (Unincorporated) was formed on September 9, 1776 and has never ceased functioning, never been at war since the signing of the Treaty of Peace in Paris, 1783, and has never been bankrupt, in abeyance, or otherwise entangled in the commercial feudalism of the United Kingdom by any official act of ours or our States.  

The Territorial United States Government which has been organized as a commercial corporation in the business of providing governmental services since 1868 has grossly and unconscionably abused our delegated powers and worked a thoroughly reprehensible fraud scheme on our shores in contravention of both the Geneva and Hague Conventions. This foreign corporation has outrageously usurped upon us and our lawful government and other lawful governments around the world. 

Unfortunately, as they have been (mis)representing us to the United Nations and have unjust enrichment as a motive for doing so, they have basically fed upon their loyal employers and attempted to displace them in Gross Breach of Trust via means of fraud and deceit and secretive substitution of their Territorial offices for our National offices. 

The British Government and the British Crown is most accountable for this, along with the former Pontifical Office of the Holy See.  These great wrongs have been fully admitted and then tossed into the air without responsibility being taken for the return of the property and assets and private belongings of the people worldwide. 

Instead of an orderly and just settlement, too many parties have been trying to maintain The Lie and continue the abuse, most notably certain members of the British Parliament, the US Territorial Congress, the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, INC., and various mercenary agencies including the US District and Territorial Court Systems. 

Mr. Trump is not responsible for nor guilty of any of this deplorable criminality; rather, he has inherited it from a long line of  predecessors.  We have the utmost sympathy for the position this places him in and support his efforts to clean up this Mess; however, we also realize that he has come into this office as a complete neophyte and that he is being lied to by experts who are anxious to cover their own tracks. So we are observing these matters for those with eyes to see. 

The continued fraud and attempted identify theft of entire countries by these commercial "service" corporations has even extended down to the level of individual people who have had their persons deliberately mis-characterized as "citizens" of the Territorial and Municipal United States and even as corporate franchises of their commercial "fleet".   

With the entry of the parent corporations of both the Territorial and Municipal United States into different levels of bankruptcy, it has been necessary for us to re-assert our dominion, recall our delegated powers, establish contracts with other federal service providers, serve Notice on all the Principals and Principle Parties (which we have done), report these crimes to the appropriate international authorities and bring forward our claims to assert our trust interests and recoup our assets, which the so-called service providers were holding-- and profiting from -- without our knowledge or consent. 

The essence of the fraud lies in semantic deceits and mistaken identities and resulting falsification of public records. We have many, many millions of innocent Americans who have been defrauded and purposefully entrapped and misidentified as Territorial United States and Municipal United States citizens. 

We do not propose that the current situation of confusion and dereliction of duty persist at the hands of internationally appointed bankruptcy trustees chosen by Secondary Creditors of our Hired Help.  

Their bankruptcy does not imply our bankruptcy, nor the bankruptcy of our States nor our people.  It does not provide any excuse for seizing upon our assets or mis-addressing us in any presumed foreign capacity whatsoever.

This is your Due Notice of these facts.  

All Americans coming forward to reclaim their Good Names and Estates must be recognized as innocent Third Parties and as internationally Protected Persons. 

This is your Due Notice that there is no such thing as a "sovereign citizen" nor is there any such thing as a "private citizen".  It is impossible to be a sovereign and a citizen at the same time.  It also impossible to be acting in a private capacity and a public capacity at the same time.  We do not understand why the members of the Territorial Bar Associations and the Press Corps and the so-called "US Bankruptcy" Courts are still being ALLOWED to apply these oxymorons and label people "sovereign citizens" or dare to address their employers in this manner.  

We object strongly to any presumption of the existence of any such frivolous and imaginary political status and we require the assistance of all international courts to stop this fraud upon the courts worldwide.

We call upon the United Nations Inspector General to clamp down on all UN Employees to be sure that none of them are mindlessly perpetuating these abuses and that you are enforcing proper recognition of American Vessels active in both International Trade and Commerce as operating in their private capacity, and upon President Trump to similarly put an end to these abuses.  

I have been informed of several cases this week where law enforcement officers and petty officers in federated state and county courts have seized upon Americans and leveled these ridiculous "charges" of them being "sovereign citizens" and also attempting to pretend that these people who were going about their business and not bothering anyone were "obstructing" their operations. 

Let us be perfectly blunt.  These Territorial minions have no permission to be here addressing American people on their own shores and any commercial liability they create, they are accountable for.  Any violence they perpetuate, they are accountable for.  They have no right of presumption against their employers-- we, sirs, are their ultimate employers.  

We are thoroughly sick of this "bully boy" attitude and abuse of the law, both international and commercial.  This country functions under the American Common Law, not British Equity Law, not Territorial Statutory Law, and not under Municipal Code.  Until the American Bar Association gets that drilled through their heads and forced to recognize the American people as lawful persons who are naturally outside the jurisdiction of their courts,  there will continue to be despicable ignorance and abuse.

I believe that Mr. Trump is still holding the Office of Commander in Chief and it is his responsibility to inform these courts and the responsibility of the US Army to enforce discipline upon them and to properly administer the Law of Peace, FM 27-161-1, and that all Americans must be presumed to be the victims of this vast institutionalized fraud. 

If there is any doubt in your mind that we have indeed corrected our standing which was impaired by deliberate fraud and falsification of the public records, I suggest that you look in the public records to see exactly where, when, and how we have removed ourselves and our "Vessels" from both Municipal and Territorial jurisdiction and have established our permanent domicile on our land and soil and have furthermore brought these issues before the various international bodies and courts.  

Our standing in this matter is iron-clad and all your members and all their courts have been given Notice and have date-stamped and filed and returned closure on these exemptions and these claims.  Any idea that we are ignorant little bumpkins to be rolled by the press gangs and abused by commercial mercenaries need to end right here and right now.  The Sleeping Giant has awakened and is exercising its  reversionary trust interest.  The "presumed" donors have returned from "over the sea" and there are now thousands of us awake and taking action, including eligible fiduciaries for all fifty states ---- people who have demonstrated their genealogy in this country prior to the so-called Civil War, which was not a war, but a cat-fight among our governmental service providers and wannabe providers. 

Our National Trust Interest includes the estates of all Americans who are not "voluntarily" and "knowingly" subjecting themselves under full disclosure to the Queen and the Crown, despite whatever False Witness their deliberately concocted and whatever misinformation deceitful public records may bear, and none of the people coming forward to reclaim their Good Names and Estates may be hampered, arrested, accused of any disloyalty or wrong-doing, misaddressed, mischaracterized, or abused in any way, shape, or form by any incorporated entity dry-docked on our shores.  It also includes all State land trusts and assets. 

Our States are being summoned into session to address long-overdue business and to put an end to any speculation that our country or its National Government is now or has ever been "in abeyance".  The state land trusts, both public and private, belong to The United States of America (Unincorporated) and their administration must now be returned to us without further chicanery or obfuscation. 

Our sovereignty and our exercise of our sovereignty is not dependent on public opinion or on any time clock set in Rome, London, or anywhere else.  It's our sovereignty and we are now choosing to exercise it. 

We wish the return of all our land patents, titles, and interests, all our property real and imaginary, our Good Names and ESTATES, businesses, currency, notes, gold that was confiscated under conditions of deceit, all intellectual and natural property owed to America and to Americans must be exempted from any claims of "citizenship" or bankruptcy and returned to us and our sovereign safe-keeping, free and clear, without encumbrance of any kind. 

All mercenary agencies and "courts" operating on our shores need to be converted to lawful service or deported.  

We have secured the exact records of how this gigantic fraud was accomplished via diligent search of the US Patent and Trademark Office and US Copyright Office.  We have the proof on the public record, written in their own words, signed by their own hands.  There is no point in arguing it or trying to destroy the evidence, which will simply make it all look even worse. 

It is now the responsibility of the United Nations Inspector General to object to these abuses by the bankruptcy trustees and insist upon their removal and the reinstatement of bankruptcy trustees chosen by the actual Priority Creditors and Holders in Due Course: The United States of America (Unincorporated), their member-states known as Florida, Georgia, Maine, Vermont, et alia., and their people.  

It is the responsibility of the UN Inspector General and Mr. Trump, both, to diligently object to the practice of seizing upon American children and their dishonest and deliberate misidentification and mis-characterization as Territorial Wards or Municipal Franchises. 

We object to the process of "registering" people as if they were things and placing war flags on their PERSONS as an excuse to prosecute them in foreign jurisdictions and under false presumptions----crimes known as personage and barratry resulting in genocide on paper, and still being practiced and allowed by the UN Bankruptcy Trustees, the Territorial United States Courts and their federated State of State Franchise "Court Systems" and their subsidiary federated County Courts. 

This is not the service we are owed and which we have paid for and we most strenuously object to any continuance of these false presumptions being held against our lawful government, our states, and our people.  


                                                                         James Clinton Belcher
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  1. BRAVO!!! This is most powerful! Many thanks and God bless.

  2. Replies
    1. Please hold your breath.while we correct our status and hunker down for a fight for our due rights.

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  5. Really intresting document and infomation as always . The only issue is those in control take no notice ?? They never have or loom like they ever will . Too much money at stake for the elite .

  6. There are members of the British Accreditation Registry who would not hesitate to hold the author in contempt, and order psych evaluations, but I digress. Does Hillary Clinton have a greater claim to be queen?

    1. FBI Plant,
      Ask the "Queen"...& report back.
      All The Best,

    2. Lol, bar lawyers would run cause a smart opponent is the last thing they want and the creepy affiliation with psychiratst.need to be examined . Getting to be an old trick that needs exposure .

    3. British agricultural revolution, welcome to State Farm which is All State. Study the history.

  7. Awesome!!! Thank you!!
    It Is time. So gratefulšŸ’–

  8. You pressed the pope and he admitted he was at fault, BUT then you failed to hold his feet to the FIRE and move forward to make restitution and make us whole, to correct his gross errors. You just sat and waited all this time, and mistakenly assumed he would do the right thing. Now at least a year has been wasted, and you find yourselves having to revisit the situation again.
    Meanwhile, we have all been complaining that nothing is happening or things are moving at a snails pace; now we know why.
    SO perhaps its time to take some advice from the peanut gallery here and press them with a red hot iron until they get the task to Completion and quit with the niceties.
    How about 'you have till Friday at sundown' or we will implement the guillotine'.

    1. Yes! Now, that's the spirit, Abby.

    2. She has confined in private email that this life had been threatened .

  9. Abby, as I have pointed out before in this forum, writing articles is one thing, having the POWER to MAKE them do the right thing is another, and since no one has that power, they ignore everything else. Supposedly there was a $279 billion "perfected commercial lien" placed on the American Bar Association, and there was a multi-billion dollar lien placed on the Vatican properties, "supposedly" and as we can see all of this is ignored!!! As one banker stated, "we know what we are doing is wrong, but we will not stop doing it until we are forced to!!!" Since we have no "hereditary titles" in this country, stating one has this position does not prove anything. WHERE is the document/s that PROVE this!!!??? We get a lot of toadies jumping up and down over these claims but until factual historical proof is provided, it lays in the unbelievable department!!! Kind of like the claim: Human=HUE MAN=MONSTER stinky shinola, as no dictionary source has been provided for this claim either. So, we have another "decree" from a self proclaimed "hereditary Sec. of State-and another article that will be ignored because only the choir is reading this, and they are hopping up and down!!! And if anyone wants to take issue with my post, then please provide the historical document and year that this "hereditary secretary of State" was created because obviously the authors of this stuff has so far to present it!!! And claiming that the Great Seal makes this person a hereditary anything is a stretch. Still waiting for the exact treaty/document that produced this. I do happen to claim to be hereditary President as the Seal of the President is proof of this fact. See, we can all make claims!!!

    1. You can't reason with fuels her unreasoning "machinery"!
      Ignore her & perhaps she'll go away.

    2. 270 trillion, and that was by judge curry.and Anna backed him up.
      It's numbers once we hit critical mass or idea who's time has come .
      We will get our land and rights back.justice scillia.said common law courts are the fourth branch of government . We will establish our court's and kick the vermin out of our states.

    3. you really believe that if James came up with the verifiable documents with absolute TRUTH which can't be denied, that anyone in power will take notice then....keep dreaming..!! Besides, the govt has been systematically raiding our library's of all materials that would give credence to any of this now for know what is left of the info on a "Writ of Error" in a law library....NOTHING..!! AS If it never exsisted.. they have special people that stay in contact with all library's just to make sure that any remedies were either "abolished" or just plain lost..!! More and more books and law go missing everyday from librarys, without anyone ever questioning it, including the clueless librarians...!!

    4. And this whole thing is heading up to a cresendo...the stock market is completely being destroyed with record losses now for the last 3 months...they have to bring the stock market down before they change currencies...which is why N Korea has finally agreed to sit down and talk, because it goes digital, N Korea will be a wasteland overnight..!! It's the tight squeeze diplomacy or "press ganging" that will force Korea to submit...god forbid if Kim Jung um can't stuff himself with sushi..!!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I have a good friend who works for the Motor Vehicle and she KNOWS we do not need a driver's license and many other juicy BS. BUT, BUT and BUT she continues to plunger the people cause she makes a nice salary being there. She doesn't want to talk about it like many of them if you bring up the question. So do the millions of Doctors, cops, attornies etc. Do you all get my drift?

    If our neighbors and friends are not willing to give up the PAY CHECK at ground zero imagine the task of getting the top to give up theirs? This is a reality check where we need to see thing from a real vantage point because even daddy Pope ain't giving up his throne by taking action.

    It's this thing the lust of the flesh, lust of the eye and the pride of life mounting up to nothing more then GREED plauguing mankind. This is why it is going to take the Almighty God Himself to get the world back in order.

    What Anna is doing is a fantastic job, seriously, as there are many other doing, and you all need to look at all this revelation as a sign of the time where God is exposing all the mischivious deeds of man and that he CANNOT rule himself aside from having the true Prince of Peace as King of Kings.

    Anna is not the one ushering in the 1,000 year of peace on earth and is this, like greed and other idols of the heart, that needs to be eradicated first.

    Semper Fi

    1. DEdesign; I have one word for you: EXACTLY!

    2. DEsign, Bingo ! I have said several times in various Comment sections to these ARticles.....Anna's role is to EXPOSE the works of the devils, as God as told us 'what is done in secret, I will EXPOSE openly'. THEN He will wipe it all out, but nobody will need to wonder why, since all is being exposed now as never before. Look at how many people have become enemies of our governing factions and no longer trust government.
      De, you are right; Anna is NOT the one who will bring in the New Millennium; she and her team are unearthing everything, pulling back the big black curtain, and soon she OUGHT TO Names names of all the culprits. The Word says 'you can be sure your SINS will find you out' Names must be published.

    3. But judge Anna is more than capable of giving us new ID's , which can make things much easier for us until that final day I said before, I (And I'm sure all others) would be more than happy to pay her anywhere from $100 to $200 if she would just do it for us and is recognized by all law enforcement , the courts, and the IRS..Then all we have to wait for is hell or high water...!! Until then, I just want to live in peace. Which I think is possible with the right ID...You should be able to even BOND those ID's for millions with the liens you have perfected...please figure this out soon before we all die of STRESS..!! I'LL settle for a passport, "Diplomatic Immunity ", anything that will legally have standing in a court of law...You keep trying to change the minds of people at high levels of govt who will never give up power.. concentrate on us for a change, instead of trying to change the world which was only meant for one person....and you know who..!! Here's a clue..he died for us 2000 years ago...!! You take care of us and then step back and let the "King of Kings" do the rest like he promised....You and your team can do it judge Anna if you just concentrate and totally focus on our "non resident alien " status..!! Hurry, time is running short. At least we can say to God, at least we came out of Babalon like you wanted us to..!!

  12. Thank you James and Anna,
    We the people!

  13. Also an appreciated Love for the hard work for Thee Living Law Firm, exceptionally true peace!
    God Bless us all.

  14. Well said Unknown. Proof of claim is imperative. Lack of proof or believing false claims is how we got into this mess. Anna, much thanks to you and your team for all you do and put up with. We who are so ill informed have to change and thanks to your spurring us on we are slowly changing. We must hold you to the same or an even higher standard for providing prof of claim. If I'm in error, I humbly submit to correction, but there again I need proof of the correction needed or new claim. We have been indoctrinated and falsely educated for so long the truth sounds stranger than fiction. Thank you for helping us through this malaise, redeeming the time and correcting the record for ourselves. Is the LLF where to find education for life after correcting this mess. I know we must press on even though we are exhausted by all the lies and falsehoods we are fed daily, the mis-characterizations, and deceit. How do we function with employers after we reclaim our names? I'm close to pulling the trigger on executing this process, but we almost need a curriculum to study. I have already purchased on of you books and will be getting another soon. I'm in the dark to some degree and know there is more light out there, but my head is spinning from life's distractions. Thank you Anna and LLF for your patience with us as "we the people" shake off our sleepiness and apathy.

  15. I agree with 74M. It's all stranger than fiction...the devious minds that dreamed this all up and the people in our day to day lives that knowingly go along with the subterfuge just to get a's a David and Goliath scenario, hard to imagine the whole thing flipping around! I too want to pull the trigger as I don't feel free now that I know I'm not! I too worry about my employer not complying with my request not to withhold after notice is given. Then there is the UCC filing to do so you can operate in your day to day life..then the IRS and it's Anaconda hold on your life..

    1. Back around 2001 I approached my employer about not withholding fed tax and only got to begin as to the reason; he quickly shut me down, and then a few short weeks later I was fired without any just cause, and they even told me I did an excellent job on my job.
      Now in 2018, I don't know if it will be any different. But I would have my rebuttals and next moves lined up if you get shown the door.
      1FreeMan suggested taking 10 dependents in order to lower the amount deducted. ?

    2. You should try SDEM and follow membership rules period!

    3. People, you can not fill out one of their forms and ask permission for an exemption, which is a taxpayer "benefit" Get this through your heads, there is no law as of 1938, only public policy and contract. These people know we have no remedy in law, and therefore will not honor any contract that does not suit them. You can know what the law is, forget about it until enough people demand change. Trump is a Jesuit which means his orders come from the sewer/goat. Really!

    4. Filing 10 exemptions on a W-4 is to raise your take home pay, w/o the employer raising any eyebrows, before you surrender your fed person. Once you have surrendered the fed person, you should file W-8. However, if you don't want to rock the boat and don't mind waiting a bit to get your money refunded to you with interest, just go through the Texas Republic process to get the US tax court to issue you a court order dismissal for lack of jurisdiction. Then fill out a Form 843 Claim for Refund and submit it with your court order to get your refund. Problem solved.

    5. 1Freeman, I went to Abbys H&R Block site regarding the 842 says this:
      IRS Definition
      Use Form 843 if your claim or request involves:

      a refund of one of the taxes (other than income taxes or an employer’s claim for FICA tax, RRTA tax, or income tax withholding) etc..whadda you think

    6. doonstr, the part that I was mainly concerned about, was where it said 'must file form 843 before 3 yrs of tax filing date'.
      Thats in the 'second paragraph'.
      However, note that it is said by HR Block, not from gov. site.

    7. Doonstr, in box 3 Type of Tax or Fee, check off the box that says "Income". Ignore the instructions. Instructions are for taxpayers.

    8. Donstr....your employer will probably try and honor your request, but the IRS won t let your employer do it unless he agrees to pay your taxes for you...that places your employer in an impossible position of "liability" which he most certainly not take..He will either tell you to comply, or fire you...!! That's why we need those ID's, so neither the employer or US have to assume "liability"...!!

    9. Thanks Abby and 1Freeman! James what ID's are you referring to? The State citizen passport?

    10. Any W-4 with 10 exemptions will generate a lockout letter from IRS. IRS controls any W-4. I am not convinced any employer except the federal corp has the delegated authority to act as withholding agent. Private companies would not need delegation of authority because a W-4 asks the on signing under POP, to act as agent, Title 26, 6013g.

    11. Not so, cube. Only if you claim more than 10. Check out this FAQ form IRS:
      Q1: In the past, as an employer, I was required to submit all Forms W-4 that claimed complete exemption from withholding (when $200 or more in weekly wages were regularly expected) or claimed more than 10 allowances. What Forms W-4 do I now have to submit to the IRS?

      A1: Employers are no longer required to routinely submit Forms W-4 to the IRS. However, in certain circumstances, the IRS may direct you to submit copies of Forms W-4 for certain employees in order to ensure that the employees have adequate withholding. You are now required to submit the Forms W-4 to IRS only if directed to do so in a written notice or pursuant to specified criteria set forth in future published guidance.
      Besides, this is only a temporary measure until you surrender your fed person.

    12. More support:
      If an employee claims more than 10 allowances on their Form W-4, does the employer have to report this to the IRS?
      No, this requirement has been eliminated. However, Forms W-4, Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate, are still subject to review. Employers may be directed (in a written notice or in future published guidance) to send certain Forms W-4 to the IRS. The IRS will also continue to review employee withholding compliance. The IRS may send you a letter (commonly called a lock-in-letter) specifying the withholding rate and allowances to use to calculate the amount of tax to withhold from wages paid to a specific employee.
      By the time they figure it out, you should already be free.

    13. Any W-4 is controlled by the IRS and subject to whatever floats their boat on the basis that your signature as surety is the contract they can enforce. Moreover, once the election has been revoked, the game of invoking whatever rule they want becomes a moot point as you are standing on the other side of the fence. Unless you sign a W-4 with a conditional acceptance, you will be treated as a warrant officer in D.C. I have has lock in letters dismissed for lack of authority at USTC, which only pertains to claims made by IRS. Employers will not honor any of it. It is a joke.

    14. Sounds like you got a lock in letter, cube, that the employer is ignoring everything else, right? So why bother with your ignorant employer? Just file for a refund using your USTC order.

    15. I had 2 dismissed because my current employer never filed the only form I provided, 8233. So, I am working with no one acting as withholding agent and they are still taking max withholding. Sometimes we just have to laugh at the criminality of it all, off the chart. This is not fault of IRS, its the employer although being pressured by IRS without authority. So I will sue them at the end of the job, have them produce the contract which demands performance, there is none. This will be worth doing just to watch it unfold.

    16. So, cube, file a form 3949-A on them for violating IRS rules. IRS will come down on them and they will never know where it came form.

  16. Many people are now engaging , if the foreign interlopers,make thair.move the word will spread in a way that will make the bundy stand off look minor.

  17. Until I hear Trump acknowlege his awareness of all of this and see him replace our war flag with the appropriate one,
    I doubt any of this will be corrected. Full transparency is required from the top.

  18. Maybe y'all might want to consider spreading informational leaflets all over the place, first. Leave them where people frequent, all about how and why income taxes are not legit. A lot of info has gotten through by simply being left in restrooms. (I had been around LOTS of people for over 35 years, and not one of them ever told me the Truth of the Gospel; but I found it by someone leaving a small little Tract in the ladies restroom at the Lazarus Dept. store. And THAT was the start of a 'bon fire' Lol)

    1. Lazarus ironic, don't you think...!!

  19. 1FreeMan, you might want to read this little tidbit:

    I notice in the second paragraph it states 'use 843 within 3 yrs. of filing your tax'. What do you make of that? And have the 'texans' reported success with this venture?

  20. Judge Anna and James, you have gone through immense trouble to not only uncover our true history, but correct it using "commercial leins" that should be recognized by the entire world now...if you were willing to go that far for us and the country, why refuse to use all that talent to just get us ID's stamped and court ordered so we can be more useful to our agenda at getting rid of all the snakes in only have a mile to go in a 30 mile marathon race...dont give up now...finish it so we can all come out of Babalon....Im not to proud to beg...!!!


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