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Friday, April 27, 2018

Thomas Jefferson and the Troll Army

By Anna Von Reitz

Mr. Thomas Jefferson speculated that if we had a well-informed populace, there would be no need for a government ---- and he was right.

The only problem is that first a populace has to be well-educated, which ours is not. Even those we consider to be educated --- doctors, lawyers, and university professors --- are very narrowly trained, and not what would be called "educated" in any former era.

I have asked hundreds of lawyers where law comes from and after four years of Law School --- they don't have a clue. That's tragic --- both from a moral and a practical standpoint. It makes them incompetent lawyers and unfeeling men.

This is not our fault. We have spent trillions of dollars on schools and education and been cheated --- as on so many other occasions --- by those who pretended to be experts. The question remains--- experts in what?

Certainly not education.

An eighth grade education in 1900 was provably more rigorous, wider-reaching, more practical, and more intensive than a high school education today. Since Jimmy Carter's federal Department of Education took over and started dictating to state and local schools in 1976, American test scores have plummeted and have continued to nose-dive no matter how much money we throw into The Black Hole.

Many college graduates today--- COLLEGE --- have less than the Sixth Grade reading skills of my generation. And we were no great shakes compared to our grandparents who all studied Latin and Greek, Rhetoric, Logic, Philosophy, History, Geography and Grammar far above and beyond any course of study we engaged in.

Not only that, but student discipline, bullying, and teacher satisfaction are all statistically in the toilet tank.

So we are ignorant and ignorance makes us fearful--- a fact that Trolls take full advantage of. And we are also ill-informed -- first by our truncated education and next by the war machine Press Corps pumping out propaganda 24/7.

Having been left virtually untrained in the art of logic and having been abused and mistreated by their own government, people don't know HOW to reason their way through things, or who to trust or what to do.

Some of them, either because of actual mental limitations or because of their fear, can't be reasoned with and can't be taught. And of course, a good many who are being paid to be obstructive and to be disinformation agents and to try to excuse the current "government" could care less what the truth is anyway, so long as they log eight hours a day spewing garbage.

The most we can hope for from them is that someday they will look back and feel ashamed of calling me a "Jesuit flunky" and accusing me of being a "fake" judge despite all the facts so plainly demonstrated for them.

They don't have sense or knowledge enough to recognize the capacity in which I was acting "for" the Pope, so they make all sorts of incorrect assumptions.

And then they turn around and make more ignorant assumptions about courts and judges and jurisdictions--- subjects that even "Law School" graduates fail.

What good does it do to write things out in plain English, if they can't read?

And what good does it do to tell them the truth, if they can't reason their way through things and tell the difference between @$!$@# and Shinola in the first place?

To them, a hamburger and a cow patty look the same, so must be the same, right?

They don't bother to read carefully or to think logically for themselves.

They depend on gossip and rumors and hype and then they draw a crowd like sideshow barkers and get everyone all excited and hyped up like steers milling around before a rain storm---and the blind lead the blind over cliffs.

Still, the truth always prevails in the end. All the harm that these people do by flapping their jaws and spreading ignorant assumptions and gossip will come back to them and accrue to their names and be among their sins --- not mine.

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  1. Look forward to having you gather more support for the Alaska Assembly Anna, we are halfway to the State number of 30 and looking to the Corough levels of 13.... then Constitutional Sheriffs can be elected... perhaps you could make a call for qualified applicants...?

  2. "Ignorance is bliss." the Matrix

  3. "Still, the truth always prevails in the end. All the harm that these people do by flapping their jaws and spreading ignorant assumptions and gossip will come back to them and accrue to their names and be among their sins --- not mine."Anna

    Yep, yep!!! Ignorance IS No Excuse, neither IS IT bliss!! All personal accounting (thoughts, words and deeds) IS on each one of our private/public record, and ALL are and will be held personally/privately responsible/liable, with no exceptions or excuse!!
    Time to "own up", grow up & stop being lazy and learn for ourselves how to "self" govern(control) thy own mind, body and soul completely and in One accord within.
    Much Gratitude, love and peace be in abundance for All in each moment of this blessed gift of pure loving, growing, and much needed evolutionary process we are All IN NOW.

    This little light of mine, im gonna let it shine
    Let it shine, let it shine, let it
    Wash, rinse, repeat, for as long as it takes!!

  4. Meanwhile, the UN is going all around the country setting up EMP proof communications systems for just themselves and preparing Denver for the new Capitol. Why is huntsville Ala full of chinese, and whats with all the russian troops on our soil, as has been reported lately....all by reliable patriots. Its the trolls that come singing tip toe thru the tulips and paint utopian propaganda, just to get the masses to not look around at reality.

    1. Abvy, if you are unwilling or unable to name your "reliable patriots" sources and you have NO firsthand knowledge of ALL this "info" to be facts vs. Propoganda (fiction) bought and paid for by the controlled opposition, that purposely creates and "controls" BOTH SIDES of the narrative, than YOU are part of the problem and choosing to FEED this Beast! Programned to "parrot" (aka; "gossip" in scripture) the narrative and support its desired outcome, by choice at this point. Your choice! But hey, everyone of us has a calling and a role to play in this "production"!! We choose our awareness and OUR obedience at ALL times and our behaviors speak so loudly sometimes, no words are even needed.
      What fruit does this regurgitated "info" bear to the receiver?? FEAR aka; False Evidence Appearing Real??? Show us the Facts ma'am!!!
      Reality?? WWJD Abby hmmmmm?? Please expect that what "proof"you demand of others, is also expected by you..equal consideration IS needed for balanced accounting NOW.

    2. Anyone that doesn't know the UN vehicles roll by the hundreds in many places in our country, just simply want to live with blinders on. Go do your own investigation because Names of eyewitnesses would also mean nothing to you. Even if you saw them with your own eyes, you'd insist they are just out 'testing their vast motor pool and tanks'. From the looks of your splattered up comment, compared to mine, who is the one that is displaying fear, lol.

    3. "Man had to repent of their sinfulness and allow God to convert them to a new godly nature, and then remain in their newfound state of being."

      Get IT yet Abby?? God is knocking Abby, but your spirit seems to have left the building!! Are you just "too busy" or just "too smart" to ALLOW your old worn out story to be transformed and re-newed and made "new" as promised?? No fear Abby...its ALL Good!!


      This site is put out by dave hodges, and he vets all his stuff several ways before he ever puts it out here. I have no affiliation with him in any way whatsoever.

    5. Hebrews 13:8 Jesus, the same yesterday, today, and forever.

    6. Yep, agreed. You will know them by their fruits. And you sadly have shown that not only do you lack ALL comprehension of written Words (by anyone) but are completely deaf/blind in your spirit to accept, acknowledge the essense (energy) of God's loving guidance and messages spoken IN the "words". Seek deeper Abby, there are so many layers beyond the hate, anger, jealousy, resentment you have chosen to hold onto and express outwardly into this world, and choose to seek his Love, Peace, Gratitude instead. Its truly a beautiful Gift, and You Will then BE his Fruit bareing true witness of his love. As of now, you merely "use" the words to spew your own Hate, Anger, Jealousy,Judgement and EXTREME disdain for All Gods People and Beautiful creation, DAILY on this blog! You're NOT doing God any Good service, nor do you win over any lost souls to his Loving embrace with your chosen witnessing through your stinking thinking and behavior. Its beyond repulsive and in direct opposition to Christs name and Spiritual essense!! What does God say about the Lukewarm? I say these words because I care. I care deeply.
      The essense of these words when wholeheartedly intended, have had and made a tremendous impact on my life, I know they will for You and others too;
      I'm sorry
      Forgive me
      Thank you
      I Love you

      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace Be within ALL

    7. The Truth really grates against that spirit you have huh, Lol.
      Well, if ya can't stand the heat, then get outta the kitchen cause the Truth is NOT gonna change, and neither God nor I care whether you approve or not. "How ya like them apples, eh?"

    8. The Truth Abby IS Gossip IS Gossip in relaying perpetuating OLD STORIES, which get "NEW" spins added to them to KEEP them APPPEARING as Real. These Very SAME FEAR based created stories WERE being told 10 years ago when my physical eyes were being opened, and even though the "Patriot" parrots & the "Titles" of the "Stories" change and morph, twist and turn as time goes on, the underlying Essence of the message and AGENDA Always remains the Same....FEAR. To Cause REACTIONS in the programmed, gullible peoples minds!! Wake UP Abby, your GOSSIP from "vetted" unknowns Are feeding a beastly agenda to gullible people like YOU and "tickling your ears" and even though this propaganda contains "half-truths", and is being broadcast by some good intentioned folks, DOES NOT make it "Truth", but merely a STORY, without certified facts mainly to back the claims being stated as true, complete, without additions or subtractions. Get it Abby?? It's GOSSIP. It Causes nothing BUT Harm and truly Scares the shit out most people that are just waking up, and getting their eyes opened! It causes mental breakdowns for some of our innocents, absolute RAGE in others and mass confusion ON PURPOSE. I KNOW YOU do not care about people, or their mental or emotional well being, but I Do, I care deeply and passionately due to the Serious Harm this type of paid for "Patriot" appearing AS Anti-propaganda (created & controlled opposition, sponsored and paid for by the same hidden actors-controllers) perpetuating and triggering more damage to our waking populace than INTENDED!!

      If you had simply shared a link to Dave's common sense "program" in the first place, to allow others that may take an interest, and choose to have their "ears tickled", and to listen for themselves the INFO he was sharing, to use their own discernment vs. you just spouting off and regurgitating YOUR INTERPRETATION as "TRUTH" (Here-say/heresy)than we wouldn't be having this discussion.

      My whole entire point and bottom line IS YOU choose by your complete and utter lack of compassion, empathy for others, by your thoughts, behaviors and actions on this blog, consistently, to cause nothing but Harm to those already just being exposed to this Mass betrayal and deceitful "System" which is already a Huge mental, emotional pill to swallow!!

      You "Grate" against my empathetic heart and passionate compassion (Christ's Spirit within) for ALL people waking up to this mass betrayal, and at least Anna has provided a "softer landing" and consistently balanced, centered and FEAR-less platform for those to learn from. You consistently show NO respect or Appreciation for this Cause, or all the positive work being so graciously and freely shared, and that IS because You only Care selfishly, greedily about "What's in it for YOU!!"

      There IS NO thing here for you, nor IS there any thing even relevant for your desired outcome of Hate, Divide, KILL and DESTROY ALL mentality! I REBUKE You, and your programmed MENTALITY and ALL those that have so much Hate, disdain and contempt for ALL in their spiritless BEing!

      God's energy IS large and In charge and the blessing of Christ's spirit IS alive and well within ALL Now. Good works Are being manifest, whether you accept, acknowledge this or not! ALL are Chosen. There IS NO Competition. Where there is many, There IS One. We ARE ALL One. What we say to others, we say to ourselves.
      I Love You
      I am Sorry
      Please Forgive me
      Thank You

  5. Academia produces academics. They are trained as teachers and professors and learn only what is allowed by the government Marxism. What they teach is what they learned and is not what is truth. As a result, their raw material ( children ) is below par, way below. Mainly liberalism teaching. If a manufacturer produced a product as inferior as our so called educated youth, they would not ne in business. Yet teachers and professors are lifers.
    Academic are not intellectuals. Intellectuals do not allow academia to mislead them. Academics have degrees with letters after their names and operate in their ego, not intellect. They on average look down upon the working class who has far more intellectuals but must hire the working class for the most simple task. Ever hear of the Jefferson Bible? Not all academics fit this mold but many do. Jordan Peterson is an Academic but also a huge intellectual. He has a huge following on line. He is a clinical psychologist professor in Toronto. He dares to speak out against liberalism. For some reason' he will not touch on Israel which is concerning.

    1. "He will not touch on Israel which is concerning."
      Would you expand this thought?

    2. There were originally twelve tribes. Ten moved to the North and are known as the lost ten tribes of Israel. Two stayed one is Judah and the other Benjamin but merged into Judah. The state of Israel was cut out of Palestine in 1948. It is not occupied by the ten tribes of Israel but we are told the Jews moved in. Are they the DNA Jews or those who profess to be Jews and are not.? Known as Khazar.There is much angst in this area, constant conflict.What is really going on? Someone knows something. Peterson knows something and will not talk about it.

    3. Understood and Yes. There is much going on.
      The 10 tribes "lost" went on to include the uk. and the americas.
      You may find this free material very informative. Use His discernment at all times of course.

  6. "Mr. Thomas Jefferson speculated that if we had a well-informed populace, there would be no need for a government ---- and he was right.

    The only problem is that first a populace has to be well-educated, which ours is not. Even those we consider to be educated --- doctors, lawyers, and university professors --- are very narrowly trained, and not what would be called "educated" in any former era."

    Perhaps, "well informed" should be thought of as knowing wrong from right. It would appear that something so simple is that which has been lost.
    There seems to be a (recent)'pattern' of listen to me only, and a demand for authority. i can see it in the post above. A demand to follow without question. i can see it and read it in many of the organised churches. We can see it in man's government.
    Perhaps it is time for each 'individual' to concentrate their efforts to Yah's governance, His government.?
    Have you ever heard The Truth defends itself?
    A good education? The education that is of the utmost importance does not necessarily come from the store bought universities, nor does it come from man's government (any man or woman's government.)
    Also, The Holy Spirit also can not be bought through any university, can not be forced.etc.etc.etc.
    Forgive others daily? How many of us do this? How many of us truly see and recognize that yes, the whole world has been deceived? This alone should give us all a pause to reflect.
    Daniels prayer and all the prayers we have been given as examples should be studied well.
    No fear,peace and yet fear and Respect of Him is desired.

  7. True knowledge is available to All from within. As promised. It has always been there to completely and wholly tap into and seek for our choosing, and for our benefit. Our Redeemer has always "lived" within, and IS the beautiful guiding light to See CLEARLY and Hear the SOUND essence of loving messages and messengers provided to us to protect, learn, grow and overcome ALL the darkness He has allowed in this world, for us to accept, acknowledge and learn from. Like it or not, believe it or not, It IS what it IS. No "book" of written "words" will ever teach us IF we only choose to see and perceive from a shallow, physical, worldly driven perspective of the written words. That is close minded and limiting, which where NO spirit essence is present nor understood.
    We can choose to keep seeing superficially all the yuck, and stay stuck and miserable, or we can choose to seek deeper within and be willing and open to peeling back ALL the layers of deceipt/betrayals we ALL have been subject to (we are all equal on this level) and been holding onto (to justify our Angry thoughts, behaviors and Deeds) and get to the Roots/substance IN ALL and truly SEE with your spiritual eyes the true purpose and lesson and Gifts as intended. That IS ALL there IS, and it IS a Choice.
    Spoken with and For Much Gratitude, Love, and Peace to ALL Now

  8. Kelli, you are wise beyond words. The kingdom of God is within, God is the redeemer. The whole tree of knowledge is within. Many do not know they have spiritual eyes. So sad. God is not three but man is. Body mind and spirit. Many are not aware of the spirit. Jesus is the word and the way. He was a son of man Mark10:45

    1. Hey blue, I see that you are still denying the deity of Jesus Christ as the Son of God and claiming that He was merely a man as the son of man. You correctly say that Jesus is the Word and the way but for some undisclosed reason you refuse to acknowledge that Jesus was the Word of God who became flesh and dwelt among us (John 1) in the form of man. That did not change His being God as John declares in John 1:1 that the "Word was God." When He came to earth He chose to become a son of man and to be like us so that he could call us brethren. You keep quoting Mark 10:45 as your authority but this verse states "For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many." confirming that He chose to take on the form of a servant as the son of man. Also it says that he came to give His life a ransom for many. A mere son of man cannot give his life as a ransom for many. You as a man cannot give your life as a ransom for anyone because you are not God. Only the Son of God can do that and make it count for the many. He was the Lamb that was slain for the forgiveness of sins once for all. Again only the Son of God can do that and not a mere son of man. He was still the Son of God as the demons loudly cried out and told Him so before He cast them out. His claim to be the Son of Man refers to his being born of a woman but by the power and overshadowing of the Holy Spirit who is also God. Therefor God is His Father and like Father like Son, Jesus was the Son of God and God in the flesh as the son of man. All the works and miracles He did while He was here, He did not do as God but by the same power we have access to today as well which is the power of the Holy Spirit. Therefor He instructed us to do the same works that He did when He said: Truly, truly I tell you, he who believes on me, the works that I do he shall do also. (John 14:12)
      So please explain to me why Paul says that He as the last Adam and the second man is the Lord (God) from heaven. 1 Corinthians 15:45-47? If Paul calls Him the Lord from heaven them Paul declares Him to be God, right? Paul als states: "And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father." proclaiming Jesus to be Lord which is God. Also God is not the redeemer. That was in the OT. That task and credit now in the NT all belongs to Jesus who paid the price and won the victory and to Him be all the glory. Therefor "The Father loveth the Son, and hath given all things into his hand." John 3:35 and "And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth." Matthew 28:18.

    2. Freeman,
      He is the Son of God, and also is the son of man.
      Both are true.
      It seems there are many believers here. How do we (i include myself) get past the competition among each other?

  9. It would rruly be enlightening for JOHN-STOSSEL to showcase a whole 1hr show on what education used to be 100 to 200 + 300 yrs ago to really make the fooled today see this truth.
    8th grade ed was once good for a lifetime of a valable and relevant life and played no fools.
    Do see Iserbyt's books and writings on education and its commie history starting 100+yrs ago here in America.

  10. It would rruly be enlightening for JOHN-STOSSEL to showcase a whole 1hr show on what education used to be 100 to 200 + 300 yrs ago to really make the fooled today see this truth.
    8th grade ed was once good for a lifetime of a valable and relevant life and played no fools.
    Do see Iserbyt's books and writings on education and its commie history starting 100+yrs ago here in America.


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