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Friday, April 27, 2018

Today's Daily Dose of Ignorance from "Virgo Triad"

By Anna Von Reitz

She went to the USPS website and found out that I am NOT a USPS Judge --- oh, my!

But exactly why would I, an international land jurisdiction judge, be listed as part of an international sea jurisdiction municipal COURT?

Uh, duh......?

"Virgo Triad" doesn't know the difference between "Postal District 3" and "THIRD POSTAL DISTRICT". 
I'm not confused, but she certainly is. 
Looking for me among Bar Attorneys is like looking for Dolly Parton in a gay men's bar.

Let's get this perfectly, absolutely, once and for-all-time straight: I am not a Bar Attorney, nor do I work for any Territorial or Municipal Court. Got that? Everyone? 

I am speaking plain English and I have written it down often enough: 
Alaska State Superior Court Justice
Postal District 3 Judge

I have reclaimed my birthright political status and returned to the land and soil where I was born. All my "vessels" (names) have been re-flagged and permanently domiciled on the land and soil of my native state. I don't do commerce. I am not a "resident" of any State of State. I occupy a totally different jurisdiction ----and so does my court.

So educate yourself "Virgo", and until then, shut up.


  1. Big difference between USPS and USPO.

    1. Ok Anna or someone, where do I find the documents on regaining my birth rights status and return to the land once and for all. there must be a title to the forms. if you could refer me to the name that would help.
      thank you

    2. Go here!

  2. Joe, Here you go...
    Basic Package of Editable Forms

  3. Joe, go to her website and review her prior newsletter especially last month and this month....also look for her docs.

  4. Anna, you say you do not do commerce. Are you saying you do not operate a business buying and selling ? If you buy toilet paper, are you not engaging in commerce?com·merce
    the activity of buying and selling, especially on a large scale.
    "the possible increase of commerce by a great railroad"
    synonyms: trade, trading, buying and selling, business, dealing, traffic; More

    1. Commerce is at the jurisdiction of the Sea;
      Trade is the jurisdiction of the Land;
      This is the difference you are looking for. No problem! You have the right to choose.

    2. thanks Timothy, I learned something new today. Was always curious about that. I live i pseudo Canada and have no Idea how to get out of the sea. I am well aware how I got there and of the cestui que trust = beneficiary and I know it is paper that put me there so paper is needed to take me out. I know the Vatican holds all paper on all corporations and cestui que trusts. Are there any Canadians on here who have a leg up and are willing to share.We are under a dreadful attack by a purely demonic anti God prime minister who is coddling terrorists, illegal immigrants and is extremely anti old white haired white people. His mission is to destroy all signs of God.

    3. She is saying she has not, nor ever will, enter into a contract with a corporation without consent following 'all parties' full disclosure.

      Commerce is the only venue wherein corporations (world of the dead, fictions, not real) can do their business with the private, and by law, only if a fully disclosed contract exists between the corporation and the private party.

      Commercial = Public / Public Law (USC, UCC)
      non-Commercial - Private - Administrative Law (otherwise known as 'contract law'), Common Law

    4. Commerce=purchase a product, resell without changing the product in any way. Trade=purchase a product or products, create something new and sell that product or perform a service for a wage, such as an electrical or plumbing "Trade", other than transporting cargo or passengers for hire on the public roadways which is considered commerce.

      I have worked for myself my whole life having private contracts with living people. Self employment is another monster all together.

      Come to find out transporting my tools from my home to another man's home in my private truck is not under the authority of DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLE, which only regulates commerce "Commercial Traffic". I have been a private traveler all these years while I have voluntarily paid for a license and registrations I never was required to have. ManY recent Supreme Court rulings on what is and what is not commerce vs private travel.

      People think buying toilet paper is commerce. Look up the definition of commerce and don't just look in one book.

  5. 1st Virgo went after CKC, now Anna? Puhleeze, someone tell Miss Triad she is outflanked, outnumbered, and out of her ever loving mind! Virgo Triad needs to be TeamTyler-ed. 😉

  6. You can look on the licensing website(s) and find the commercial names. You know the place where you pay for an interest in a title as a lienholder partnered up with the United States or one of the states within states incorporated system. There is where UCC filings show up. Type in your name for instance and forms will show if any liens exist. Debtor or Creditor one or the other. It is part of the underlying banking criminals and is not part of the land records where you record things. Everything is registered, even the "drivers" license requirement for this state says "Commercial Operators" is where you are required to license your car and your name. One big franchise like MacDonalds and hardly is it our government or the law of the land. Think about it and you will see how the people are the true creditors or did you think politicians pull money values out of a hat.

  7. Canadians - get started
    Do claim of right ...(robert menard video). hard to get notary public, three witnesses also works just as well
    Make copy of birth certificate card (bond) & statement of birth long (live birth foreign document use as ID for everything legal. Notice surname separate as given name is sovereign, Christian is first or christian as christ) and authenticate at birth province and global affairs for both ... for sovereign state travel like (Taiwan or Indonesia). I would make several copies authenicated... you can discharge debt.... Get rid of govt id- make copy and certificate them all and return as not you or your eligible for their defacto govt benefits.... your not a name, or canadian citizen as doesnt exist...who has signing authority as your declared dead “abandon” adopted bastard by state (ward of state) citizen act .....
    currently the deputy of registrar general has signing authority ref vital statistics act of the NAME. We are committing mismeanor felony using surname as not claim.. common law is also a trap to slavery.

    .... then you can get letter from vital statistics from name ORG (office of registrar general) at bottom of your SOLB full faith and credit... ive seen two different ways to do it.

    All Provinces within their spears since the death of queen Victoria and 1901 as a result of the repealing of section 2 of the BNA in the revisions acts of 1893 .

    sovereign nations and do not belong to canada.

    westminister act 1931 killed BNA and removed monarch from canada, no queen, no governor general.

    Canada is federal buildings

    Defacto govt of canada only has jurisdiction limited to what it is given in fact but not in law. You can only in force areas of jurisdiction granted to it in section 91 of the constitution . All we have is a chart as for jurisdiction under section 91 federal government does not have it the federal government’s are keeping people in colony status .

    Canada has No constitution

    No such thing as canadian citizen

    No such place as ie province of Ontario or city of london ... civic codes ... land is common law and there is no codes lol

    Canada land surveys at claims the territories and Nunavut as being part of Canada therefore it’s clear that Canada does not include Lands within the boundaries of the provinces other than the ones mentioned...

    PM Justin Trudeau scope is limited to that which is within the boundaries and section 91

    Its what ive collected.. check for yourself dont take my words.

    Peace & love


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