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Friday, April 27, 2018

A Letter to the People of the British Isles -- From Everyone Else Everywhere

By Anna Von Reitz

We've said some harsh things about your government in recent days and you may be feeling a bit "off" about it and as if you are being beaten about the head and ears when you've already borne about all that you can take. 

What we want to say is that we love you and we always have and we always will, but we can't stand your government.

Your government is always --- literally always--- at the bottom of every stinking deal, every political faux pas, every act of aggression. Always. And we here in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Africa, India, Mainland Europe and just about anywhere on the planet have suffered for it.

Perhaps more to the point, so have you.  The same crazy, Hell-bent, war-mongering, profit-mad British Government has done as much and more damage to all of you. 

Before they sold us out, they sold you out. 

This entire "enfranchisement" scheme by which the government seizes title to your name and estate for its own use and conveniently declares you "missing, presumed dead" began in the wake of the Great Fire in London with the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666.

The government discovered that it could glom onto private property if the owners were "dead, presumed missing" --- and profit itself from their property as long as the victims and their relatives failed to show up and reclaim their assets.

So, when Queen Victoria lost Prince Albert and her moral compass along with him, she listened to Benjamin D'Israeli instead of William Gladstone, and initiated the modern day plague of enslavement via secretive corporate  "enfranchisement". 

Under this version of the Cestui Que Vie scam, the government seizes title to your name and estate, declares you "dead, presumed missing" --- and doesn't bother to tell you a thing about it--- so neither you nor your relatives can ever come forward and reclaim your assets.

As a Mafiosi Godfather who befriended me and shielded me in my youth once observed, "What's the one contract you can't break?"  He smiled and continued--- "The one you don't know exists!"

And that is precisely where we -- until recently -- and all of you, are. 

You are laboring under a contract that was never disclosed to you, and as a result, you have been deprived of all your assets, even your Good Name, and all the other rights owed to you by the same government responsible for this criminality.

Also as a result, they have become richer and richer as you have become poorer and poorer.  There are places in Britain that pay six levels of taxes-- six (6) different "titles" have been taken by layers upon layers of government to everything you think you own.

Still wondering why you can't make ends meet anymore and so many of you are losing your homes to the banks?

This is because the same government that seized upon your name and estate and which declared you "missing, presumed dead" without telling you a word about their actions has been busily "hypothecating" debt against your name and estate.

Like everything else related to these practices the process of hypothecation reeks of fraud.  It allows the perpetrators to indebt your assets without actually securing any formal title to it. 

Just like they never told you about declaring you legally dead and seizing upon your good name and estate, they conveniently don't tell you about naming you  as the co-signer of their loans and using your name and estate as the collateral backing their debts.

So what happens when they overspend and exhaust your credit line and use up all the value of your assets? 

They go bankrupt, and then their creditors come looking for you. 

After all, your Good Name and estate are the collateral as co-signer, so their creditors believe that your assets must be forfeit to pay all these debts the rats have run up in your name.

It's a government-run identity theft racket, really no different than having your credit card stolen by a hacker.

What we've just described for you --- the hypothecation of debt against your names and assets, the bankruptcy of the perpetrators, and the onslaught by their creditors ---  is what is going on right now.

The various commercial corporations providing all these "governmental services" that they order up for you and then coerce you to pay for, have gone bankrupt by treaty, just as they did in May of 1930. 

The banks are left holding the bag right along with you, and even though they are in truth and in fact the Secondary Creditors, and even though they know this is all fraud and hokum, they are determined to make you pay for the sins of your "service providers".

So the guilty government corporations give the guilty banks free rein to hire mercenaries under color of law --- all these for-hire "government agencies" -- to evict you from your homes and to steal your bank accounts and do whatever other harm to you and yours that they feel is sufficient. 

If the protests get "rocky" they plan to send in the military to back up the agency personnel.  And mind you, all this is bought and paid for by you and staffed by your sons and daughters.

However, they were not content with ripping off all the people in their own country and in all the other countries they could pillage, plunder, and rape.  They even cheated and defrauded their own military and our military and the Canadian military and the Australian military and all the NATO allied militaries, too. 

They-- your government--- owes trillions of dollars to the American Officers Corps and General Enlisted. We don't have figures yet for anyone else, but you can bet that truly astronomical sums are owed to your own veterans, too. 

Here's just an example of it --- stock and investment portfolios owed to all our WWII veterans were deliberately kept and managed "for" them, but they were never told a word about this cozy arrangement, nor the existence of these stock and investment portfolios.  So, as they died, the stocks and investment income from all that was seized upon by the government as "abandoned funds" and counted as "gift income".

That's how your government has treated its soldiers, sailors, marines, allies ---- and you. 

And this is how your Queen claims to own the land titles to a third of the habitable Earth and how she and her "royal" brood happen to be the richest family on Earth --- by fraud, usurpation, identity theft, impersonation, breach of trust, unlawful conversion, inland piracy, extortion under color of law, human trafficking, enslavement, press-ganging and other heinous crimes committed against their own people and everyone else they can victimize. 

It's possible, but not at all likely, that Elizabeth II managed to live her whole life in a bubble and never know a thing about how her kingdom has been built, but it is surely necessary to bring it to her attention now. 

We have absolute proof and proof of collusion by the Holy See and Westminster, too, all in violation of treaties and commercial contracts, and all executed via identity theft and bunko-style racketeering.

So the unpaid and cheated military certainly has to reason to support any of this, and the bankers and the politicians need to be exposed and excoriated, and we all need to step up and do our share to Clean Up This Mess.

The people of the British Isles are all hearty breeds.  They've survived the onslaughts of many great powers.  They endured the Romans.  They survived the Normans. They squeaked by the Nazis.  A whole generation perished in the First World War and another was badly decimated in the Second.  The British military can carry its head high, and so can their Secret Service.  They've done their jobs all too well. 

That said, the rest of your government absolutely sucks wind, from your Queen who violated her Coronation Oath within three days of taking it, to Prince Philip who wishes to be a deadly virus or bacteria in his afterlife, so he can wipe out millions of innocent people, to the Lords of the Admiralty who are more like the Scum of the Earth, to the Lords of Parliament who have embraced "eternal war" --- on your tickets, to the House of Commons, that has drudged along and supported all this criminality for 150 years and more.

While we are on this topic, we need to observe that when they "sponsor a war"---that's the insider politically correct verbiage for staging False Flags and creating other reasons for conflicts that otherwise wouldn't exist--- these monsters make a lot of profit via means you might not expect.

For starters, they insure everyone up the wazoo.  They take out million dollar life insurance policies on the least of us and multi-million dollar policies on university graduates, and only God knows how much on each senior officer and general, so that when we die in wars or as a result of wars these perpetrators start, they are richly rewarded.

Then, they profit from selling arms and providing financing to both sides.

Then, they profit from not having to pay their debts to all those who die.

Then, they profit again by seizing upon all the assets that belonged to the  people killed in their wars for profit --- a second time --- by claiming all the other hidden assets attached to their names and estates (like the stock portfolios owed to veterans and their military pensions and social insurance accounts).

Then, they send out war privateers (attorneys and bankers) and legitimize them to steal everyone else's shipping and cargo, which brings more and more countries into the war they are sponsoring.

Then, they charge the survivors for the costs of all this horror and for the cost of rebuilding everything and of course, a hefty sum for their "services" in this regard.

Last but not least, they even scavenge the battlefields for gold teeth and "viable organs".  These last are labeled "donated" and sold, so that the families of the men and women who died defending these bastards don't even get the financial benefit of the sale of their loved one's body parts.

Are you sick of this mistreatment of everyone and everything?  This gross criminal mismanagement of you and everyone else? 

Are you wondering why Muslims have been allowed to invade your country without a shot being fired, and why all the other Muslim countries are not providing homes for all these refugees? 

Face it, most of these people hate being in England, Ireland, and Scotland as much as you hate having them there, so what is it really all about?

Consider who is promoting this --- the same government responsible for all the horrors described above?  It can only be interpreted in terms of their track record in the Middle East, where they forced a displaced Jewish population into the heart of Arab territory and counted on it doing precisely what they wanted to accomplish --- "eternal war". 

After a generation or two, all the Muslim Refugees will be "English" and they will think of England as "home"--- having known no other.  This will create a permanent divide between the native people of the British Isles and the Muslim Immigrant population -- a divide of race, religion, and world view that can only result in the same kind of "eternal war" these vermin have spawned in the Middle East.

Well, we say--- they want "eternal war"? 

Let's give it to them on their front lawns and on their golf courses and at their tea parties and cricket matches.  Let's give them no support at all. Let's give them the "benefit" of our opinions and our tongue lashings and boycotts and ever-increasing awareness of their perfidy, incompetence, and gross moral turpitude.  

Let's tell the agencies and the military the truth about what these scumbags have done and are attempting to do, and arouse the moral conscience of the military leaders and the Secret Service. After all, they've been cheated and misused along with all the rest of us. Let's rouse up the rest of the world that stands to suffer if this insanity is allowed to continue on.

We know who they are.  We know where they live.  We know who their bankers are.  We know who their judges are.  We know their wives and grandkids. We even know what brand of toilet paper they use.  We can make ourselves heard and felt.

Instead of fighting each other or pummeling some other poor schmuck whose greatest sin is being different than we are in some way, let's get to the root -- the actual root -- of the problem, which is Evil in High Places and criminality in government. 

With enough eyes in enough places and enough hands to the wheel and enough people determined not to be sheep led to slaughter anymore, we can change the world-- and we can certainly change who is running it and the way it is being run.  We can end our purportedly "voluntary" servitude to these monsters and put an end to their war-mongering and enslavement schemes.

When they "sponsor a war" we can all decide not to come, and if they "sponsor a war" we can all locate with pinpoint accuracy the actual source of the problem. 

We can clean out the quasi-military courts that have been established as enforcement rackets.

We can clean out and re-educate the police detachments and agencies.

We can clean out the banks once and for all, just as they did in Iceland.

In behalf of ourselves and the rest of the world, we love you, but we've all been muttonheads for far too long.  It's time for this garbage to stop.  Let's join hands and hearts and put a stop to it. 

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  1. Let the games begin, its time not a minute to loose. quick! and now!

  2. It's been many years ago my friend, sir michael, loudly and angrily complained about the high taxes in the uk. He even seriously considered moving out of the uk because they were taking so much of his money. So when such a mild mannered man get that infuriated over being so overtaxed, you know its bad.
    As for all this 'we can change the world' well good luck with that. Its tantamount to removing a dozen layers of paint from ornately carved furniture.

    1. "As for all this 'we can change the world' well good luck with that. Its tantamount to removing a dozen layers of paint from ornately carved furniture."

      yep, and we can do ALL things through Christ's spirit that stengthens us.
      You "speak" but You do not seem to believe in any real power in God's (Source Energy) to transform or renew?? This is called "doublespeak" as you, im sure you know, but seem to not acknowledge, accept or ignorantly understand that you choose to engage in and express repeatedly on this blog and regarding this Very Godly mission and righteous cause.
      Get off the damn fence, off the high perch you parrot hell and damnation and doom and gloom from and start learning Gods true purpose and calling for You at this time! Its time NOW to choose to participate in co creating, supporting Gods plan and his Army of messengers for reigning IN our heaven on earth or serve the "OLD" Ruler IN opposition to divide, conquer and DESTROY ALL God's creation.
      Your chice Abby, but I for one will not sit back and ALLOW you or your ignorant, clueless, spiritually dead masters that you choose to serve, have any more IMMUNITY for their thoughts, behaviors and malicious deeds on our soil!! You and they WILL be held to account and fully liable!!
      Enough IS enough!! Let all your yes,s be yes and your no's be no. No more in between's or maybe's are acceptable at this point and time NOW! You're either IN 100% or you're out. No more teeteringg on a fence, speaking out both sides of your mouth, due to lack of knowledge (outright refusing to learn) or just plain "old" prideful, egoic rebellion and sheer stubborness!!
      Get out hairy're ilk IS no longer welcome or accepted and IS Refused for Cause!!!
      Get it Abby???
      We are ALL worthy
      We are ALL forgiven
      We are ALL loved
      And We Can choose to Accept this for ourselves AND ALL or Refuse and keep believing it's only for a "chosen few" which IS NOT of God, but from some limited "figment" of your scarce, superior small mind.
      Get In and on or Move over and STOP blocking our "new" way!!!

    2. PS: this IS my passion from my heart speaking, which I'm sure from my experience with you and your kind simply WILL refuse to accept or assimilate.

    3. difference is we are secretly taxed and taxed and taxed with nothing to show. at least they have medical and university to show for. you dont think we are taxed in underhanded ways through everything we pay for, hmmmmm, life is funny.

    4. Oh poor Kellee. Sounds like you're getting worried. Well you should be because you do not have any Christ to strengthen you. Do you still not realize that. That foul tongue of yours has long ago put you on the outside, yet you are so delusional you can't see it. In fact you are so delusional you think you can tell God what to do, now if that isn't the funniest thing yet out of you.
      You see I already know God's Plan and it does not include turning this world into utopia for a bunch of immoral Jesus haters, which includes yourself. Your first priority ought to be to get your own misguided self straightened out.

    5. " just as the bible says 'many will depart from The Faith and heap to themselves teachers who will tell them what they want to hear. Fables. They will listen to fables. That is what scripture tells us, and warns us about." Abby

      Your words Abby...keep sidestepping the issue and not taking any personal responsibility for your own personal thoughts, actions or behaviors and how they affect others.

      The label/Term for this social behavior I have been guided to learn is called "Gaslighting" and it is a typical/common social behavior and character trait expressed by those with behavioral health disorders known as Narcissism and Borderline Personality disorder.
      No known cures unfortunately.
      I Love You
      I'm sorry
      Please Forgive Me
      Thank you

    6. I have love Jesus for many, many lifetimes Abby��

      Best post yet by Anna? A top ten hit? And I read Disraeli's biography as a teenager cheering him on over Gladstone. Whoops, must have been past life thang��

  3. If we are able to reconvey our names to the soil of our native land, then so should the good people of the U.K.

  4. I hope people read this and, pay attention to what is said.

  5. Let us hope it reaches the ears of many. Alas, so many asleep that need to be woke. It is a huge task ahead

  6. I for one am so sick of the presumption of British superiority over Americans and America, and am so glad for a sharpened spear of truth like this --- let this pointed screed serve as notice and stab at the heart of BRITISH CROWN corporation high criminality, and let it and the follow-up actions herefrom destroy these vampires and their assaults upon the globe once and for all! We need a reiteration of our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Articles of Confederation, and new indoctrination of our Civil Rights and Guarantees. Let the jural assemblies and societies take shape, and a 4th Continental Congress convene and let us hang the traitors high (or low, and anywhere we can). Praise be for Messengers of God like Judge Anna!

    1. Chris, I know your history says you severed ties with the British 200 years ago or so ???? There is something called the Revisions Act of 1893 which repealed Sec 2 of the BNA which allowed monarchs to continue to operate on this continent on into the future. When queen Victoria died, that was it. However our elected here in Canada pledge allegiance not to God but to the Queen of no authority. I expect whatever pseudo claim they had over the usa died when she did. They still operate as if she is de jure. Knowing the truth and getting Satan's court to listen are two different things.

  7. ..To Anna, by will... I extend my spiritual shield to you.

  8. Lest we forget there are always traitors among us, not by dreadful scorn, but by cowardly disdain and lack of courage. Every man, woman, and child should be letting every evil master know that we know what they have done, we are watching, and we are standing strong as living souls. "Fear not, the only thing to fear is fear itself."
    Get out your Ink pens, paper and put the words to paper. Send the letters by the millions!

    1. Yes, absolutely agree Timothy Alan!!!
      No fear here!!
      We (my husband and I) are being tested right NOW to see if we WILL stand strong and remain true to ourselves! All postive thoughts and prayers of loving support are welcomed and greatly appreciated at this time, for ALL of us that are being maliciously and slanderously being threatened at this time.
      We are strong. We are protected.
      We will percevere IN peace!!
      Thank you for your wonderful contributions!!

  9. THE TORY PARTY AREN’T EVEN CLEVER. They are just criminals who pretend to be Public Servants.


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