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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Ryan Bundy In Paradise Montana Jan.23rd 2018

Either we have a Constitution or we don't. What do you say?

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  1. Ryan is right, time for the governments to provide the services they are charged with and leave the rest alone. In saying that, it is also time for the States to stand and remind the feds of those services and for the States to look after their people.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Dan, the states do not stand up for the people and against the fed. because the governors love the federal handouts called federal grants. Governors meet together and and suddenly all the states begin doing the exact same thing; where do you think their directives are handed down from.
      These state governors are just as crooked as those we complain about in d.c. They are all in bed together, so we see why governors and states do not stand up for state sovereignty.
      State government officials are wimps who knuckle down to d.c.
      An example is something we can all remember: d.c. decided to ban smoking, first in restaurants, then in buildings, then outside buildings. Suddenly all governors promoted the same thing, just like the good little wimps they are; letting d.c. dictate to the sovereign states.
      So it seems protesting ought to start right on each of the states statehouse steps, the governors office and even that lovely free mansion we all provide for them.
      And when has anyone actually seen the governors state budget?
      Wouldn't it be interesting to take a look and see just where the money is designated within the states. I bet we'd all find the money is clumped in only the large cities, and zero has been spent in rural areas or outlying small towns. There should be a loud outcry about that; its very poor and unfair governing. So sovereignty has to begin at state capitols.
      Why are tax dollars collected and sent to the fed. then states are blackmailed with 'do as we say' or we will stop your grant money handouts, which is simply returning money states sent to the fed. to begin with.
      This is just another one of the many stupid things going on. So who is really looking after The People? Nobody.

    2. Abby...exactly!! It's right out of the "Godfather"..!! Either you do what the boss wants or we can just cut off all your funds...And if your still defient after that, we have a nice pair of cement shoes for get my meaning..!! Our govt works just like a criminal syndicate with all presidents representing the

    3. James, the reason why things have never worked out well for The People, is because those in charge/control are playing in Cronyism - - while the People are playing in down to earth common sense terms- just as Ryan spoke about: 'fed, go do your few jobs righteously and honestly, and get your nose out of what is none of your business'. It really ought to be just that simple, which is workable.
      But the reason it does not work is because we are not all playing the same game with the same deck of cards. The People are simply trying to get themselves pried loose from the Cronyists while these crony-creeps keep tightening the shackles.
      We are two distinct opposing sides, both determined not to give in, it is anything but a fair game, they have unlimited finances and all the weapons; all the People have is a pen and ink and words.
      We are now living in a world where being right means nothing. The People are in a civil war with 'paper' weaponry, against a bunch of bloodthirsty thugs who are fully armed to the teeth planning our annihilation.

  2. Agreed Dan!! That's the plan & the goal, we just need to get our peaceful minds screwed in right so we CAN start holding them accountable legally without any need for their desired "CONFLICT" to even take place! Their M.O. IS PROBLEM, REACTION and their pre-determined and planned "LEGAL" SOLUTION. AND IT"S ALL FOR NEFARIOUS BANKING PURPOSES!! We have to STOP playing their programmed, distracted "FOOLS" and then it will truly be game OVER.

  3. God bless Ryan Bundy and ALL true Constitutionalists and Patriots, and may truth, justice, and the American Way be swiftly restored to our land!

    1. The people have already long forgotten the Bundys or what it was even about....because the MSM haven't said one thing about it..!!

  4. I am not sure why people worship the con stitch tudor (constitution) so much, how about standing up for the Kingdom of Heaven, doing what is right according to the ways of the Most High God of Hosts through his son Jesus Christ. Stop being a us citizen and come out of Baby Loan (babylon) and govern yourself and your own family.

    1. JerUSAlem....ive said that many many times on this site, but for some reason even judge Anna still talks about it...the only good constitution is NO Constitution....!!!


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