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Thursday, January 18, 2018


Please write your comments below.  If this is true we are standing on the edge of the cliff with the wind at our backs.

Found here:


  1. Paul, good work opening this up & happy to see you have added Roy to your viewing audience. To challenge our thoughts on what IS happening and UN-reported by the MSM's.

    1. I agree, it's important to be aware, prepared and have a plan for any potential disaster. Supplies, radio or communication equipment increase your chances of survival. We must all band together and maintain a united front against these traitors. I believe they are attempting to use these attacks to draw attention away from the release of the FISA memo. Tell congress to release the explosive FISA memo:
      Contact your representative here:

  2. Also from Roy 2day:

  3. Here is my sad comment: I am much more concerned with this issue bellow that will most certainly cause the ecosystem to completely collapse and then it will not matter!!!
    Money as we know it crypto or otherwise in essence will not matter because it’s based on commerce, and there is NO COMMERCE if there is no HABITAT.
    When the biosphere of this planet collapses, which it is as we speak in process to collapse, then game over for all of us, including the monsters that built this society 7000 years ago, this global cabal Archontic shadow government who are the architects of the fictitious world, they created and now they believe they are entitled to destroy our planet at lightning fast speed.
    I do not believe it will be long, we have 50-degree weather in the middle of our winter here in Shasta the temp keeps going up and down like a yoyo, but yet in the Sahara Desert it’s snowing right now and freezing cold. You tell me this is not a sign of eco-collapse!!!
    I am far more concerned about this issue a customer emailed me they are planning to UP THE CHEMTRAILING THEY WANT TO COMPLETELY BOCK OUT THE SUN do you know if they achieve this it will speed up the biosphere collapse even faster and why are they doing this because they are going to party hard till the end and no one except these guys are paying attention to this issue complete insanity:
    Subject: Solar Geoengineering / Chemtrails
    FYI : There is an agenda unfolding that involves every person on earth. In Tucson, Arizona in 2018 an experiment is planned to try to block out the sun. The idea is termed "solar geoengineering" and if the experiment is successful, full scale deployment will launch in an attempt to cool the planet by blocking out the sun permanently every day, globally.
    Public opinion is not being considered. Do YOU consent to solar geoengineering?
    This is a DEATH SENTENCE it spells out the death of an entire planet!!!
    We can thank these absolute insane psychopath “cabal” or “now” “deep state morons” or whatever you want to call these heartless humanless monster DEATH CULTISTS!!!
    For all they know how to do is annihilate life everywhere and whatever they touch turns to A SHIT MESS of DEATH AND DESTRUCTION!
    Since they have not been able to kill us 6 billion now with their stupid agenda 21, 33, 44, 55 and so on, they are going to destroy this entire planet with their Geoengineering spraying poisons. This spell out ECOCIDE, DEATH for ALL SPECIES INCLUDING THE HUMAN SPECIES! They are utter morons because This Genocide includes all of them as well, even though they think they are untouchable and immune, they hide in their bunkers underground while they destroy the outer surface of this planet like it’s no big deal.
    These actions are beyond evil, and their souls are automatically erased from the BOOK OF LIFE meaning they will never exist again to destroy anything else especially a planet that was full of life, for Pete’s sake. No more reincarnating anywhere for these criminals, and if they think they got off scot free from reincarnating into human bodies or any other type of body, NO they do not. They all have cursed themselves and they get to go to the Abyss Universe forever falling into the pit of hell over and over and over and over and over for eternity. Reliving all the horror of their genocidal actions, that caused trillions of lifeforms on earth the destruction of this planet!

  4. I know Dane is a very hard pill to swallow for most and I’m sure you listen to his weekly broadcasts. He does have the pulse on this horrible geoengineering genocide happening to this planet and humanity. Intentionally killing all life forms that took billions of years to create. WOW what arrogance on their part!
    This planet is being murdered due to a few greedy manipulating demonic humans and their military is totally responsible as well.
    We as humans were born here to protect all other species, to protect the ecosystem, we were placed as guardians of the BOOK OF LIFE since we are part of this web of life. Not a single human was placed here to kill everything in sight, harm it, poison spray it, poison it. This Earth was made PERFECT and f-ing criminals destroy this planet for their GREED??? Destroying our planet in this decade?? How is that even allowed???
    Animal and plant life is expiring faster than you can imagine and we are likely next as you know.
    I am frustrated beyond comprehension since all I can do is squawk about it tell everyone I know, spread the word, but it’s too late our planet is currently in a state of accelerated entropy and total collapse, how do we deal with this reality???
    How are all of us going to stop the deep state criminals that have all the weapons including these geoengineering weapons with such little time left?
    These psychopaths have stolen our military, they have stolen everything and now they are killing everything.
    What we’re dealing with here is a military junta in this country that only takes orders from the deep state.
    So, how do we get our military to wake the F up and join us to save this planet on borrowed time?
    We need to make all these military humans realize they are as good as dead, do you know when this is going to happen?
    I believe NEVER, they are mind controlled subjects that have lost their self identities all of them and in their killing spree.
    How are all of us going to reverse what they have done to the ecosystem?
    At this point Dane is stating it’s irreversible.
    How can we all come together in force to stop these monsters dressed up as humans destroying our planet?
    How do we all STOP them?
    If this insanity doesn’t stop immediately then this massacre they are planning to spray our skies to eliminate the sun through their spraying campaigns, this planet will become like Venus in a blink of an eye and that will be the end of a once beautiful ecosystem. We will all be dead and gone and no one except the benevolent creator will remember what occurred to her.
    This is why their genocide spraying actions show total desperation and egregious malice, but how do we change this???
    I look forward to peoples reply here and I hope there are answers filled with solutions to our very deadly situation at hand!

    1. Sonia, you are looking for answers in all the wrong places. This ball of dirt is not going anywhere, and you are worrying about all the wrong things. It sounds like you have become a follower of somebody who has their own tunnel type theories.
      The sun will be around until the One who put it up there decides to remove it, if He decides to remove it. Mankind can plan all they want to, but none of their plans are going to come to fruition; certainly not the plan you describe here.

  5. More bad news

  6. Billie Joe, IMPORTANT NEW AWARENESS Re: Presentments!! Go back to discussion asap

  7. I was just reading from Judicial Watch that Border Patrol are complaining and telling that catch and release of illegals is still going on and that Trump seems to be ok with it. Illegals are being given VIP treatment flights to places like Minnesota, Utah and other places, being dispersed all over the country.....still. Others are being transported to bus stations and left to go where they please from there. Worse, they are all very young people, mostly teens. This fluid entry is causing illegals to flood in.
    All according to Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton.

  8. I voted for trump, and I recall his words 'you are going to get tired of winning'. I thought, well, we shall see; at least we are spared the devil hillwitch.
    Well, donald, I am still waiting to see this 'winning' you spoke of; when do you plan to start? Like they say on hogan's hero's ..."I see nothing'. Your report card stands at around a D. Not one new bridge repair, still no wall, we have many thousands more illegals and growing each day, not one big name arrested yet, we are more entangled in foreign countries, revived or continuing as before, still not out of afghanistan, still meddling in syria, iran deal has not been nullified, jobs are a joke and age discrimination is still in play as before, nothing done to address student loans, not much focus on the homeland and america is not one bit greater than before you opened your mouth. Moving the embassy to jerusalem does nothing for the american people.
    What am I missing here?

  9. 1 FreeMan.....
    Can you please contact me with your attorneys number or whoever you used to file the paperwork for that passport you were talking about....I saved that one site, but I never asked you to give me his number or who you used to do the paperwork correctly...!! And don't worry about me understanding the narrative....its just that I'm tired of filling out forms and writing out 5 pages of legal terms and conditions.
    ..I just went to court the other day to get a "restraining order" on someone, and she handed me at least 30 pages of bullshit....and that's only for one person...if I file on all four family members, I need to file each one separetly....unbeliebable!! Attorneys and their ways around "liability" are creations of art to them...!! That's why everyone hates court..!! I'm just going to write out a letter of understanding and get the court to sign page should do it...!!!

  10. Oh, and my email address is ...

    Much appritiated FreeMan...!! Can you give me an idea of how much it will a senior citizen on a fixed income and food stamps. Paul you have my permission to give him my email and my phone number if you have it...Thank you..!!

  11. I don't have your phone number James.


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