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Friday, January 12, 2018

Access to Republic of Texas Teleconference

From Anna Von Reitz

We had such a response-- and the Republic of Texas had such a response-- to my update on Progress that included my recap of their teleconference and new method of dealing with IRS claims, that we are publishing their next teleconference information for those interested in attending:

Public welcome.
Will have updated training to answer your questions on JurisdictionOnly.
Subjects to cover concerning Municipal Courts, JP Courts, County Courts, State district Courts, Federal Tax Courts and others called Kangaroo  courts all with or without JURISDICTION.

Please, no other subjects discussed. Our time is too valuable for so many folks that finally wish to WIN and not play the same old losing games we all have played for the last 20 years plus.

Expect to hear some success on different subjects.
Date Tuesday January 23rd, 2018
Time 7:30 PM CDT
Special Guest to be present for training.
Guest Specialty is Jurisdiction, Jurisdiction, Jurisdiction only.

Please dial for attending conference.
Dial (605) 472-5645
Access Code 583966 #

When you 1st get on the call hit *6 to mute yourself and then, when you wish to speak or ask a question hit * 6 again.

NOTICE: Any callers that ID as Anonymous. Will be disconnected.  

Call will be recorded and to get the recording after the present conference call has finished, call (605) 475-4962 Then use access code 583966 #. You may have to hit the 2nd # when requested

In case you cannot make the Tuesday night call but want a question answered.
Send questions prior to training to Ed Brannum
Calls are recorded so your questions will be answered on the conference call and then you can call in on the recording and hear your answer at a later date.  

I also wish to announce the Republic of Texas Congress will welcome all to this public session at venue "Lake Jackson", Texas Republic, Saturday January 13th, 2018. We will be discussing Jurisdiction at this session also.
Venue is City Library.
See web site for details.


  1. Really looking forward to this teleconference!!

  2. Cool , lake Jackson is only 20 miles away.bookmark site.better than joining a militia

  3. WOW - moving forward and gaining ears that hear and ground that's needed...

  4. I wish I could plaster this on every billboard and cellphone. We have been working on this for a long time. Thank God for Anna and the People down in the Republic of Texas. The rats are scattering, lets get them !

    1. ALL see my post in NOW Jan. 13...930 am call

  5. Republic is holding aLIVE conference NOW, Jan 13, meeting starting 930 am texas time. go to the website above. CALL in if you do not have zoom. call 646-558-8656 Id 864850109#

  6. What the hell was that..!! That was a pathetic conference..! Nobody could even tell Pamela what to do with a case she was being charged with, even when she specifically asked how do I appear without really other words she does not want to give up jurisdiction before it even starts..!! Even I understood what she was talking about....All he had to tell her is that all appearances in front of a judge, especially at arraignment are "general". But the only way to appear without giving the court or judge jurisdiction is a "special" appearance and that you are here "without prejudice" and without waiving any rights, or remedies either legally or over!! What was so hard about that..!! Patriots are doing things backwards...When a patriot talks about something he won in court, he usually learned how to win by losing several times before that, because judges are keen on neophytes. The very first thing you have to learn is that you never just answer a judges question with a yes or no...He is trying to establish if you are going to recognize him as the authority in that courtroom. And by just answering him without a question back to him, so he answers first, you already lost your standing and he got jurisdiction. We have been brought up to honor and respect law , falsely believing that everyone in law enforcement are honorable..!! But that's a lie now, since 1933 when FDR changed our republic and true law, for a Corp democracy and the UCC. But one thing that has never changed about court is that there are 2 parts, and the first part is the most important, because you are only going to get ONE chance at it and it involves only the LAW , not the facts, which is never good and hardly anyone of us is capable of winning at unless you are actually an attorney..So you cannot let it get past the preliminary hearing where only the LAW is argued. If they can't get past the LAW you lay down, they can't even get to the facts to win..!! That's the second part of a complaint where you are at the jury point..!! And pretty much screwed...your job is to never let it get that far because you won t be able to bring up the LAW anymore. If you try asking a question of law to someone on the witness stand, you can expect an immediate "objection" by the Prosecuting attorney..And the judge will sustain it..!! Your only allowed to ask questions of fact now..and none of us can do that..!!

  7. Judge Anna, your a judge but you never talk about courtroom proceedure....EVER!! Why don't you spend one or two of your articles explaining basic courtroom procedure.. No one seems to know what I just said.. People don't have the slightest clue on courtroom proceedure....what an arraignment is. What it's for. What a preliminary hearing is for and how to handle it.. just for once, forget about changing our status and all other patriot actions and filing paperwork, and give these people a "real life" example of courtroom procedure. Explain how the courtroom is set up and the meaning of it. What crossing the bar means, etc... people are getting wiped out because they don't have the faintest clue about the court they are entering...its time to explain the whole set up and the meaning of it all. And the main reason why it is so important to get us into a court and in front of a judge..!! Not a magistrate..

    1. James, great points you make ! I have been asking about 'how to use these tools after people get them' - - but that is just another one of the many important questions I've asked that has gotten ignored. These are some of the reasons why I took my 'spectator seat'.
      Even a kid being taught how to ride a bicycle knows why he is being taught to do so; he is going to then be able ''to GO places'.

    2. I agree with james as well. People already understand that what we were taught in school and our dealing with the so call public official was wrong. As a result many us are here seeking the truth. We only hear about what the end results SHOULD be. We are told to learn this and do that. (sound just like what we already been doing to lead us here.

  8. Agreed "Patriots" are misguiding and confusing people and making this whole dang mess more complicated than it EVER should have been, and unfortunately people keep following a "leader" Stop please.
    Anna has explained over and over again ad nauseum the facts regarding "LEGAL TITLES" of "things" but are NOT the physical substance of the real persin place or thing. Only a look a like "Appearance" of the real substance, to facilitate this fiat "money" and banking system. The "Titles" DO NOT "represent" living people...PERIOD. They were ONLY created to operate in the colorable "Legal Title" Jurisction of International Commerce for Banking purposes and ADMINSTRATION ONLY for BANKING purposes. STOP assuming YOU MUST "APPEAR" Or "represent" or "PRESENT" your physical body in their commercial bank branch "APPEARING“ as a legal title "COURT" its NOT and never has been. Thats everyone's first HUGE misunderstanding and mistake.

    1. Please consider the facts. The Birth Registration created the "LEGAL Title" called your Birth Certificate. It is YOUR commercial security instrument, its your hold harmless indemnity receipt in Commerce for banking purposes. Now so when Your "legal title" is being "charged" for anything having to do with commerce simply take care of your business peacefully, responsibly from your lawful, land jurisdiction using our "Post" Offices. All these Banks want from you the living man is to "present" your "legal title" so they can properly discharge/set off the charge against your commercial "legal title entity" created for YOU but IS NOT YOU. Your Birth Certificate IS a Registered Security (banking instrument) that IS YOUR INDEMNITY RECEIPT. Start Using it as it was intended, for your benefit in this "fiat money" system.
      Send ONLY copy of "charging" instrument authorized as accepted for value (anna has instructions) a copy of Birth Cert. Send via Land jurisdiction Registered Mail $21. Postage paid which establishes your "standing" and your living land jurisdiction. Must be $21. postage stamp paid for Legal standing in their foreign jurisdiction. Very important to establish both your subject matter jurisdiction and proper venue. send to either SR. Judge or to the "Clerk" of the bank (legal title "Court") return RECEIPT requested. Now you have just offically paid in lawful money (postage stamps) a registered security and "appearance" Bond by presentment. That's all we ever have to "present" is the legal "title" to "APPEAR" and the "account" tied to the "title" can now be discharged/settled.
      Please STOP going into their banking branches and arguing and being belligerent "enemy combatants" and start taking care of your own business or appointment a fiduciary to do it for you. YOU have always had the choice.

  9. Of course that all changes when they come with a swat team and force you to appear under duress and in handcuffs..!! The people need to have an equal or better more powerful weapon against that kind of abuse...Something in the order of a "phazer" like in star trek. I could be nice and put it on "stun", but then again if it's a hostel takedown, I could have the option of setting it to kill...the great equalizer..!!

  10. What I don't understand is if it's all about money, why not just be honest and ask for my signature if that's what it takes to settle and adjust this account for full settlement and closure....why all the Childest antics...!!! No, they want to punish and get tons of money for it....despicable..!! And totally dishonorable..!!!

  11. Because people ignorantly "volunteer" their servitude by "Appearing" in their foreign "vessal ship of pirates" to either "pay" the price (charitable bonus contributions of frn's...more debt instruments) because we were never taught or told by our elders the truth about "money". We are in fact the only living "authors/creators" of AlL the "notes, bonds, security instruments" k own as " money". WE are the real living bankers, and creators of the "asset" side of the "ledgers" as the "asset makers". We have just vacated our nation State land jurisdictin bank ownership to be usurped and treated like "fiduciary debtor" instead of the actual creditor "lenders" we ARE. Our bad. Why would foreign bankers or their employees tell you ANYTHING if they are the ones keeping YOUR abandoned assets you created, and ignorantly just keep accepting to be in voluntary servitude in their foreign banking jurisdiction? Greed. But hey, the living people keep paying these false masters to "Appear" in their jurisdiction of banking administration of "legal title" asset creation through "bonding" the volunteer "servants" to "sign here" and "here", and then pay the Bankers for their "services"!! Round and round....Its all about the money because WE keep creating it and NOT claiming our exemptions or our assets! This is what people need to get their butts back operating from their proper land jurisdiction of post office and fund the land jurisdiction with securities WE create though registered mail and bonding our own international privately registered securities (registered mail # $21. For legal AND Lawful standing) Now we're taking responsibility and ownership of our own legal entity bank franchises. The "Legal entity" IS the "Person" that is expected to "Appear" and "present" itself. NOT You, the living man/woman. take care of ALL your private banking administrative business through your lawful standing venue and jurisdiction and there won't be any problems. Conduct yourself accordingly and mind your own business and you won't find yourself having to submit your "Appearance" very often.....unless you choose to.

  12. We MUST Stop voluntarily funding the "legal" jurisdiction and Start re-funding our lawful jurisdictions. We do that by Anna's process of claiming back All your "legal titles" and bringing them back in your balance lawful/legal sole ownership/control.
    Best Articles to read, assimilate and really let sink in:

    "Pay Attention!---If You Want to Save Your Butts!!

    "Red Alert--Notice of Non-Assumpsit"

    "Dear Lucretia--Mortgage Relief- and the Rest of the Story"
    Read, read and read some more

  13. At the VERY minimum EVERY living man/woman SHOULD ALWAYS sign ALL docs/applications with a RESTRICTED Signature using a By...Your Sig (title optional) this IS huge to stop ANY presumptions and unlawful/illegal conversion of your authority on any docs/apps or endorsements of ANY kind "security instruments" You are both the asset maker(/creditor (lawful man) on the original doc AND United States Inc obligated Debtor (Legal Title representation WIth Full Immunity) on the other. WE must fully understand and start balancing these books. Restricted Sigs is a Start and takes away Any presumption of Diminished Capacity of Natural Authorized lawful Authority. Learn, learn, learn some more

  14. Leaving your signs "open" and NOT properly using a "By..." Before your lawful autograph is where and how the conversion of your assets become some other "legal Entity" property and "holder in due course" of the asset which creates a "conflict" when exemption is attempted on the "obligation" side of the ledger. You see? If we operate properly our commercial business lawfully "By...Your Lawful Restricted autograpgh" and legally through the "legal Title" of Private International commerce, there IS No Question of Authority or conflict. Period.

    1. The Post Office IS Our Lawful real Court of land records. Start using it correctly as such. Its the original official record of ALL land and sea "titles" and the "Red Date Stamp" creates your official land Record filed with the Lawful Court. This is OUR Real Court of Record. Start using it as such an hour lives will become way more peaceful and less complicated and confusing. To create official date stamped land reconstruction USE registered mail $21. Postage paid, always return receipt required (creates layout record And commercial "legal title" receipt) that's proper and balanced right from the start. No conflict of "Interest" exists. Keep All your records and receipts together for proper administration of you "Legal Title" commercial business and submit Certified copies when or if needed in matters assuming or presuming any higher authority OVER your original "legal Title" business. Stop the assumption through Your Court of Records and Receipts peacefully, responsibly. No more Conflicts.

    2. not "reconstruction" Land Records

  15. Remember most importantly is the Legal Entities DBA "government" appointments ONLY deal and represent "Legal Titles and Entities" ONLY. They ARE trained ONLY to look for and SEE the subject matter jurisdiction and the Authority executing the commercial business. That is why living people ARE NOT heard and can Only be seen. This is also Why "paperwork" attempting to be recorded at the look a like "COUNTY RECORDERS OFFICE of LAND RECORDS" does not get acknowledged or recognized and is refused. Its actually divine intervention on your commercial behalf because You haven't properly established your lawful jurisdiction and authority FIRST by creating your official Authority/authorized record with the actual LAND Court of Record Post office first. When bonding and establishing both lawful/legal authority through registered mail/RR and ALSO hacking ALL your Certified as original copies "red date stamped" by the postal court clerks. Now you have the proper lawful authority and legal "title" subject matter and jurisdiction to make a "public record" of your docs in their administative legal entity "titles" jurisdiction that WILL be seen/recognized and back acknowledged as Legal Facts.

    1. Dear Kelli...if you think I'm a novice at this think again..!! I did everything you said and more, including the $21 to establish authority...You know WHAT the post office I'm not going to put $21 worth of stamps on the letter, and just told me I know what I'm doing....and at the time I lived so far in a rural area, it was to inconvient to go anywhere else...i was living with morans....have you ever lived with people calling themselves friends....!! They all know how to ask for money, but as soon as there is a legal problem everyone runs in all directions... My own twin brother is more on there side than mine...he is totally weak minded....he would rather see me get the death penalty, as long as he remains safe....these are the people I'm dealing with besides fighting govt...even Jesus had 12 apostles to back him up...especially peter..!! I have no one....not one single person to help me fight this brother avoids all contact with govt and hide is his solution...what everyone doesn T understand is that when I fight corruption like this, I'm fighting for everyone, not just me...!! But they don't care..!! So why should I.. I've been taking notes from the best in the patriot community, and eventually all of them wind up in jail if they keep doing it..!! Don't forget I live in Calif. with our great leader scumnag, Jerry f#&king Brown..!! This state belongs to Mexico, not our continental 50 states united...the judges run the show here...they could care less about who is president...!! And don't forget I'm also a white male, at the bottom of the civil rights laws.....we are the new "niggars"...At least you have the advantage of calling the judge a masaginest sexual harassment with plenty of "moral turpitude". Single white males stand no chance against a court who have standing armies against me with no one, absolutely no one who will stand up with me..In fact I paid for my friends house (The down payment of $40,000) and he wouldn't even come to court with me just as a witness.....and he is a big guy, but nothing but a "cowardly lion"...its pathetic!!! I even sent the judge 3 copies of my final judgement which was only a ministerial order, because I already won the battle on paper using my administrative REMEDY and put a signed stamp with my signature through it making me the postmaster of that mailing..And the judge simply returned all the paperwork back to me with the word "REFUSED" on the front of the envelope, and even caused me to pay for the return...!! Next time I'll call you and see if you have the guts to come with me into court, because if you are fighting a foreclosure in Calif , you damn well better show up to court or your going to lose....what do you say, will you come with me if I ask you too...just wondering....?????

  16. Kelli Miller,
    Thank you for this wealth of information you have been giving all of us. I am in a situation that presenting these docs properly is vitally important for the case I am involved in. Therefore, I must be crystal clear on this process. I have Anna's docs recorded in the County RECORDERS OFFICE - Expatriation, Assumed Name, and Deed of Reconveyance. How do I FIRST establish my lawful jurisdiction and authority with the LAND Court of Record Post Office first? Please clarify. I will be sending docs to a chief judge in USDC, as Anna described with the copies of the "charging" instruments accepted for value, black and white copy of the COLB, and cover letter. As I understand this, I am to put $21 in STAMPS on the registered Mail envelope and this establishes my standing and my living land jurisdiction. Is that correct? Then this will establish my APPEARANCE as you have explained it. This is what I believe the process to be. If I have left something out or it may be unclear to you please comment. Thank you for your help.

  17. Hi Billie, Be sure to Also follow Anna's complete instructions for the best results of your entire process to effectively settle all your "accounts". Yes, your on track....just remember to send ALL RM/CM Return Receipt required which is your evidence of the "Security Instrument" being rcvd, accepted/acknowledged.
    I don't understand what you meant by you "expatriated"? Do you mean you corrected your political status following Anna's process?
    The biggest mistake is probably that people send in way more paperwork than is necessary, and that comes from over thinking it. This IS a Legal Administrative process and by Establishing your "Appearance Bond" through your Land Jurisdiction standing, you now are creating a "contract" with the ALL the named parties "Their LEGAL TITLES" included. So if they have any questions or they are missing something to perform what you are instructing them to perform, with the proper A4V included, as well as 1099A, its all good. Always give them 21 days to respond if necessary. Everything has to be in writing ALWAYS. You only see Paper and jurisdiction/authority as well.

    1. Kelli....we don't need any special paperwork to ask for an "appearance bond"..We are owed that automatically, especially if we are asking for PR (personal recognizance) and not OR (OWN RECOGNIZENCE). The know and are fully aware of the difference..even at the cop level. Because the judges know they are using our exemption , and they are compelled to give it too you....what state do you live in...!!!

  18. Hi Kelli,
    Thanks for your reply. Yes, by "expatriate" I mean Anna's process correcting my political status. I am using Anna's post #781 for this process. When you mention creating a "contract" with ALL the named parties "Their LEGAL TITLES" included I am assuming all "their LEGAL TITLES" are shown on their presentments, correct? or is there some other doc that is required? I am also sending a 1099A copy B to them with this package of docs, correct? So this as Anna stated as yourself this is my "appearance" correct? What is the significance of the 21 days, if necessary? Also, I take it that what I present on paper is ALL important ALWAYS - not what I say, correct?
    Thanks for your help.

  19. Yes what You Author and say IS very important as You being the only living lawful/legal authority to responsibly, peacefully, professionally act accordingly in your private commercial communications "presentments". You will be adding Your legal/Lawful Autograph to your writing (Your Authority) so conduct yourself politely, respectfully and accordingly. AT ALL Times. This IS OUR main responsibility to understand in dealing with all these falsely misidentified claims as to WHO is who, and WHAT is what.

    Good to know you are following the #781 process. No deviation on anyone's full process should be made to it, as it may not provide you with the remedy you are intending.

    For your Consideration
    All "Presentments" (Contracts) start with the mailing piece itself (port of Authority of Jurisdictions), the "ENVELOPE establishes (addresses "speaks TO:") the subject matter venue (Municipal) "LEGAL ENTITY TITLES" named Parties and the Jurisdiction US "Location" of each Named Party via Postal FEDERAL Zip Codes. THIS IS the very nature and foundation upon which the false claim is being addressed and being made upon us, and which our properly addressed Titles need to be made correctly in response.
    THE ENVELOPE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT piece of this whole process "CLAIM" that sets the foundation to ENFORCE a JUDGEMENT upon the "LEGAL TITLE" as it IS ADDRESSED. This IS what your properly named Titles and C/o Addresses "IN RESPONSE" to their ENVELOPE Claim of "SUBJECT MATTER VENUE AND JURIDISTION get's corrected and re-established back into proper status and IS NOW the official corrected counter-claim bonded as "security" via RM# which THEY MUST accept/acknowledge in response to their original "assumed" claim. This IS at the root cause of all the mess. The ENVELOPE IS THE CONTRACT. The terms & conditions of the contents ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. It's the Parties Being NAMED and ADDRESSED on the ENVELOPE that is creating our Harm and bringing assumed liability onto us because WE accept the mailing AS NAMED AND ADDRESSED in the first place and therefore IN AGREEMENT with BEING the NAMED TITLE "LEGAL ENTITY" and IT's LEGAL "LOCATION" AS ADDRESSED. Our counter-claim establishes corrected/balanced Legal/Lawful Authority that only Living people have. We just didn't know it, nor have we ever been told. We are Both the Debtor and the Creditor IN ALL matters, and we need to understand this so we can properly correct and settle all these accounts being attached to us whether knowingly or unknowingly.
    The Envelopes Establishes the CONTRACT "being Presented"
    YOUR ENVELOPE IS THE CORRECTED COUNTER CLAIM FOR THE NEW CORRECTED RECORD. The contents are the terms & conditions YOU are noticing them of and/or per your lawful/legal instructions to honorably discharge, settle and close the matter in good faith.

    1. Then why not simply return the letter with the "caveat" that..." there is no "person" by that name here, only a "real man" on the LAND jurisdiction. You are deliberately using semantic deceite (identity theft) and trying to enforce it using "Barratry", the law of the SEA with full knowledge and contempt..!! And I address the postmaster General of the fraud right on the envelope...If the post office did that I'd have 3 cop cars at my house in a split second...Kelli, you are simply totally unaware of the depth and width of this come Hillary isn't in jail yet...everyday I see more indictments against her but they still show her on the news...!! I keep telling Trump that our biggest problem isnt the banks or the cabal...its the courts and judges...they all need to be shut down until they are willing to give everyone who sues govt employees, including other judges, summery judgement immediately, without recourse or trail...period. End of story..!! Look at the paperwork judge Anna filed...did you pick apart her paperwork and where she went wrong, because I still don't see anything you..!! I am giving it to the end of March to have all this exposed or I am simply dropping out of "jural assemblies", no courts, and no law enforcement!!!! Everyone can just do things by themselves....have you ever gone with some of these people to court as a witness or better yet, a guardian ad litum and essentially be their "attorney in fact" so you can do all the talking for them legally...!!!

    2. James, no we have not seen one single thing change. Sometimes a little ole homemaker or carpet cleaner can see things from the real outside world perspective because we tend to be standing back far enough TO see the big picture and can readily associate it with real life.
      The depth and width of this tangled up spider web of fraud and deceit does run far deeper than most realize or acknowledge.
      Good post/comment, James.

  20. Kelli,
    Thank you for your thorough explanation for the "presentment" I am submitting and the importance of the envelope. I get it now. Also thank you for the reminder of the three Anna posts, #620, #549, and #607 that are important topics to consider for this presentment I am submitting. Thank for your help and God bless.

    1. Kelli,
      I meant to ask you this previously. How do I get the Clerk of the court to cough up the value of the bonds that have been written in the case as Anna mentions in #781 and write a check to me? Or should I just forget about this? Thanks again.

  21. Billie, the bonds act like protection for you in your dealings in commerce. They serve the legal entity, that's the value to you in this fiat system of looks like "money" but in APPEARANCES ONLY just like everything else in the corporate fiction system. Best to let go of the illusion

    1. So important in understanding "presentment" "represent or re-present" Are you bringing forward a presentment based on "representation" of your now claimed "legal title" (your corrected political status claim) as "Authorized Representative", All Rights Reserved UCC 1-308
      Once the living people (the public) create correct public records (through post office "Court" of Official Land & SEA jurisdictions, either by RM to yourself or by having postal clerk "red date stamp" your document") this Authenticates your dual status of "legal representation/Lawful living man jurisdictions. And that IS what gives us our power and authority back. You see we were led to believe we as living men/women were being "represented" by these representives Only legally "APPEARING" to be Public elected officials. Nope, that again is only the Appearance, a representation of the Public Office, AND NOT the official office. A Fiat "legal title" ONLY on paper. To legally facilitate Authorized Representative Status ONLY for private commercial fiat banking systems and purposes. The Legal Entity Does NOT represent the living public, but we the living public were intended to SELF Govern and "Represent" our given "Legal Title" entity for the same ends in this fiat "money" system. Again, just false perspectives and beliefs WERE programmed/conditioned into us to participate without understanding the reality and nature of the benefit/privelge of the legal titles.
      Now WE know!! It is OUR individual responsibility to "represent" ALL of our "legal Titles" and start to be the sole owner's as we failed in the past to be. We have to take both public/private responsibility IN creating and keeping proper records. At ALL times.

    2. Kelli,
      The presentments are USDC "presentments" that I received and I am returning AFV with Anna's red stamp and the #781 process to the chief judge, and my now claimed "legal title (my corrected political status claim) as "Authorized Representative", A.R.R. UCC1-308. I understand sending RM to myself the 3 docs I mentioned previously (ex-patriation, deed of reconveyance , and cert. of assumed name) which I haven't done, since I had them recorded in the County Recorder. Are you saying I should send these 3 docs (certified copy) to myself each by RM separately? Or should I have the postal clerk just "red date stamp" each certified copy document that I already had recorded in the County Recorder? Please advise. If I am mistaken please correct me. Great information. As I said previously I must be correct and confident in what I am sending to this judge. Thanks

    3. Oh No, not separately RM'ed....that would be crazy expensive.

    4. Billie SEE MY POST BELOW...VERY IMPORTANT Before YOU Proceed. Due to it sounds like You've Recorded Your Land Docs but you may/may not have ESTABLISHED YOUR RM and BONDED "CONTRACT" between your "LEGAL TITLE NAME" and the "SECRETARY OF US TREASURY-LEGAL ENTITY" yet????? Have you accomplished This very VITAL STEP and created YOUR NEW ACCOUNT with the US Treasury???? THIS IS FIRST and Foremost

  22. Well Billie my thoughts are considering we know that "LEGAL ENTITY DBA COUNTY RECORDER" IS doing business in "NAME only" as a "Public Land Recorder", and yet NONE of our REAL Substance property is EVER actually recorded There Is it???....It just seems to me that they ONLY Represent "Legal Titles Entities" and Fiat Banking Business. ("Legal Title" Paper IN Appearances ONLY) for their Mother Corp BANK Dba: US INC IS Privately registered By Bankers FOR BANKING PURPOSES ONLY. Me thinks they Only appear to be public records, and we know they administratively only Deal in "Legal Property Titles" & "Privately Registered Security Instruments". I personally won't record anything at recorders office UNTIL I've created a real public record through Post office first. First In Time, First in Line. Remember The Post Office IS The Official Legal/lawful Court of Record FIRST. Use it How you need to based on what type of records you want or need to Create and Record and or "Register at the Name Only COUNTY Land recorders office of Private OF LEGAL Title Records".
    I Trust that more and it just makes complete sense to me since we are being forced to operate/live within two backwards jurisdictions.

    So Any Doc's that I author or that I want a PUBLIC Record of, I accept/acknowledge and Authorize with my restricted By...Sig,...., and that I intend to Privately Bond via RM for my complete legal/lawful land record I have the Postal Clerk Date stamp original Before I have a couple Certified copies made.

    But that's Just my thoughts from my personal perspective and how I'm choosing to Operate My Business.
    Tell you what, I feel so much more Secure Now using Post Office as Our Dual Jurisdiction Court of Record!
    Much Peace & Success on your process!!

    1. you realize you can file anything with the county recorders office even if it's completely fraudulent. Why do you think all the Corp use it..the county recorders office cannot bring a suit against the individual filing it, even if they know it's fradulent...only the DA has the supposed authority to bring a "criminal complaint"...!! And I've seen plenty of "fraudulent filings" at the county recorders much time do you want to spend in different courts and filing paperwork...Its easier to just know how to handle a judge in an Admiralty court, than all this bullshit...your assessment of what is really going on is quite impressive and for the most part is correct...but real life is different and so is every single court and judge. And the only way to find out is to go in and face him...the less you file with the court, the better, because they recognize a patriot when they see paperwork...its better to surprise atttack them so they never see what's coming...!! What you say in court, will overide all your paperwork. That's why they are so insistent on getting you into court...they want you in front of a judge so you can make just one mistake and finally he can get legal jurisdiction...!! And you can file a bond yourself just before you walk into court making the judge "liable"(The scariest word in the legal dictionary even to a judge) under "subragation" which does not need his signature because we all know he won't sign it...but he doesn t have to..!! Some people now are simply asking the judge about their right of using "subragation" and the judge just walks out of the courtroom..!!

    2. James,
      I like the idea of making the judge "liable" by subrogation. You mentioned filing a bond before I enter the courtroom. Would you mind directing me to where I can find the proper verbiage for this bond? I would like to have this in my back pocket if I have to use it.

    3. Kelli,
      Thanks so much for your help. Your insight in this process has been very beneficial to me. God bless!

    4. Yes, James Agreed the "County Recorders OFFICE" IS THE PRIVATELY REGISTERED LEGAL ENTITY OF US CORP. That's Why I Don't Choose to USE Them For My PRIVATELY OWNED "LEGAL TITLE" Good Faith/Bonded and Registered Commercial Business
      From My personal knowledge/experience and Choice to choose and OPERATE My Business "LEGAL ENTITY ESTATE" as the Owner, Chief Executor of My "ESTATE" I have claimed and Re Conveyed, legally/lawfully ALL TITLES to My "ESTATE"
      No More Assumptions can be made regarding the Ownership or Administrative Authority Of My Legal Private correctly Registered "Estate"
      This Is Why Anna's process IS So Important. YOU Have to Establish and Correct the colorable "records" and THEN You can correct any false assumptions/presumptions of proper standing/status, effectively, responsibly, peacefully.

      I understand your Anger and Frustration, I know it and lived it for myself way tooo long, and it damn near killed me 4 1/2 years ago. But only God knows why I didn't. I Did live, and there IS a reason and I am now grateful everyday for the opportunity to see things differently now with a clearer, more peaceful perspective and without all the anger, fear, enemy, fight-fight-fight mindset I WAS OPERATING From. I am choosing to conquer this beast through the gifts and awareness I've been given.
      That's the wonderful, beautiful thing about Self Governing, You Choose, You Act Accordingly and "Mind Your OWN Business" You are liable and responsible/accountable for your actions/inactions in either good or bad Faith.
      I chose personally not to have my "Legal Title" be assumed as some BiG CORP's "Subject Property" so I Chose to take FULL responsibility Administratively to Correct The "Assumption", which we all have the natural, lawful and LEGAL right to DO. My Choice

  23. Your Welcome Billie.
    Per your question "I like the idea of making the judge "liable" by subrogation"

    Remember YOUR Created Bonded Contract IS YOUR ENVELOPE and HOW YOU ADDRESS the Parties IS by their LEGAL TITLES And BONDED Appointments. This IS how YOU effectively attach their "Bonds" and hold them liable for non performance via YOUR RM privately registered Bonded Contract (Envelope)
    SEE as example for your consideration based on your USDC "presentment" being "process served" via your Privately registered/Appearance Bond as RM Return Receipt Required;


    C/O: Third Party Authorized Agent, Subrogor re: enter Case number
    123 Look Over There Lane
    I Got it Now, State Zip

    (Or however the Entity was presented "addressed" on original presentment envelope you received)now you Attach parties (their bonded titles)
    C/O SR. Judge "Legal Title NAME" DBA; "LEGAL OFFICE ENTITY TITLE, Subrogee re: enter case number
    345 Close this Door
    I Got YOU NOW, State Zip code

    Now you've just created your registered/ bonded Contract with ALL Parties LEGAL TITLES/ENTITIES Addressed and ATTACHED INTO Your NOW OFFICIAL COUNTER-CLAIM.
    Now the ball is their court to Accept/Acknowledge OR Refuse. BUT THEY MUST DO SOMETHING as YOU are NOW in the DRIVERS SEAT.

    You See? It's All about how YOU Create the ENVELOPE which IS YOUR Legal Claim/Contract. Now You have established proper Legal Subject matter Venue AND Jurisdiction for proper standing to Compel their performance or be held liable for non performance.

    1. "Bonds" created Compel/Insure "Good Faith" performance of All Named (That means YOUR LEGAL TITLE TOO) Parties IN Commercial "LEGAL TITLES" duties to ADMINISTER and to Balance the Books. Discharge/setoff. ZERO BALANCE.

    2. By My Above Example Your RM $21.Bonded Contract Envelope Created and properly attached 3 of THEIR BONDS into/ONTO Your Counter Claim/Contract and IS now YOUR INSURANCE CLAIM for them to Perform IN GOOD FAITH.
      YOU Are Claiming Good Faith Performance against these Bonds;
      1. USDC (Registered/Bonded Legal Entity)
      2. SR JUDGE (DBA LEGAL TITLE) YOU appointed as Subrogee (Registered/Bonded LEGAL JOB TITLE)

    3. Kelli,
      Thank you for your taking the time to provide me with the all important addressing of the envelope sample and your explanation what this all means in the process. I do have a request for clarification - c/o Chief Judge (upper & lower case "Legal Title Name")DBA CHIEF JUDGE (UPPER CASE NAME)is that the "LEGAL OFFICE ENTITY TITLE" you refer to? I want to make sure I have no mistakes here. I appreciate your patience with me. Thanks

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. go by exactly how it's presented either in their "presentment" Along with double checking on the OFFICIAL Website For EXACTLY as they have the Legal Entity & Legal Titles Listed as far as proper verbiage. ALL Commercial ENTITY & TITLES Are ALWAYS ALL CAPS- THEY ARE LEGAL FICTIONS remember SO ALWAYS ADDRESS THEIR proper LEGAL ENTITIY LEGAL TITLES & LEGAL OFFICE. Don't let them try and fool you with Upper & Lowercase. Its just purposeful word style trickery and to create another false appearance that they are "acting" in "public" capacity, but their not. I wish...then we wouldn't need to go through this bs.
    Now that you've corrected your political status and reclaimed your Titles as the Proper Owner Creditor, Remember That means that your "LEGAL TITLE" NOW Becomes "Represented" By You, AND FOR YOUR LEGAL COMMERCIAL REPRESENTATION

    1. Thanks Kelli for all your help. I will be preparing my docs package this weekend for mailing Monday. I am glad I waited to mail this out because I believe it wouldn't have been recognized by the judge if you hadn't given me your help and direction.
      Thanks again and God bless!

    2. Your very Welcome, I'm happy to help and share my perspective/awareness from my personal experiences/knowledge from the school of hard knocks! LOL This IS what I have learned based on studying what hasn't worked for us in the past, and remaining open, optimistic that THERE IS Remedy for us living. This IS a simple, logical understanding to me Now.

      Billie Do you happen to have the mailing Address for INTERNAL REVENUE-CID In Covington, Kentucky that you can post here asap? I'm sending my Claim today, but unable to find address. Thank You!

    3. Yes, I do. Got this from 1Freeman.

      Internal Revenue Service - CID
      PO Box 192
      Covington, KY 41012-0192

      According to 1Freeman, the PO Box and zip code are all important for getting it to the correct building on their campus. "HJR-192"
      You are welcome, Kelli

  25. Billie HOLD the phone.....!! It just occurred to me regarding the "presentment" you are "re-presenting" To the USDC as your bonded counter claim. ALL "COURT" Presentments originate WITH the "CLERKS of the COURT" THEY ARE THE OFFICIALS IN CHARGE of acceptance/acknowledgment or Refusal via verification/validity of the commercially Bonded Security Instruments being FILED in their "OFFICE" with ALL the AUTHORITY vested to Charge/Discharge ALL Bonded Security Instruments of the NAMED Parties.
    IT Starts with The "CLERKS" And is Administered, ENDS With The "CLERKS" Always.
    SO if the presentment you received has a Filed Case number in it than the "Clerk" should "Appear" on the presentment. IT IS ONLY THE USDC, C/O "LEGAL TITLE NAME" d/b/a "LEGAL TITLE ENTITY OFFICE NAME"
    RE: Case number and the Mailing Location with Zip code&the plus 4 indentifier(verified location)
    No Judge EVER even Has to be involved
    (Just a mediator) It Can always be settled Clerk to Clerk If Addressed properly as such. Make Sense? All the Clerk needs to be "re-presented" with is Your correct "ENVELOPE" addressing "REPRESENTING" The Parties and the valid mailing "LOCATION" Zip Code + 4digit "commercial" verification "IDENTIFIER" code. THIS IS IMPORTANT for Validity/Verification By and Between The "CLERKS" For proper acceptance/acknowledgement to take place. If we make sure to cover ALL The Bases on the Face of OUR "ENVELOPE/CONTRACT" than THEY MUST ACCEPT.
    Do You Follow?
    The ClerK can effectively Fulfill their JOB Duty and 'DISHARGE" your properly endorsed "re-presentment" Accepted For Value Exempt from Levy (Per ANNA's Instructions, Bond#, and YOUR RM#account by and between YOUR NAME and the US Treasury) THE CLERK ONLY Needs the original presentment "Security Instrument/Obligation" RE-Presented and properly endorsed along with your cover letter to inform the clerk of Corrected 1099A has been "REPORTED/Claimed via Certified Mail# (attach CM #) to INTERNAL REVENUE-CID & their Copyb is enclosed. They NOW Must Correctly Charge/Discharge via YOUR AFV. Case ALL settled and closed properly. No problem. The Clerk needs NO Other paperwork To effectively do their Job on YOUR LEGAL TITLE Behalf. Neither Does The CID as long as you have you Stand ON & USE Your NOW Bonded (Anna's Bond& Your RM Bonded US Treasury Act#) To Be Your Legal/Lawful Authority.
    Anna Keeps telling us how simple THIS can be for Us, we just need to keep this simple. We keep overthinking it and making it more complicated than it needs to be, and ADDING more PARTIES (Legal Titles" into the mix than needs to be. We must just stay focused on the origin of ALL "presentments" (Colorable CHARGES) being made, to effectively "Re-present" and "APPEAR" By Lawful/Legal Authority TO Settle and DISCHARGE ALL Assumed/presumed "Contracts" that have been "Addressed" and attached to YOUR NOW "Legal Title" being properly legally established through You and The Secretary of the US TREASURY.

  26. In others words:


    The "LEGAL TITLE" of "JUDEGE" is merely a unnecessary Third Party MIDDLEMAN To "PASS JUDGEMENT" on a case the CLERK assigned to him/her to determine the Actual "Legal Title Parties" for the "CLERK" to fulfill their duties of "Charge & Discharge" for proper commercial settlement and closure to take place.
    So You SEE, WE Don't NEED any stinking "Middlemen" to "Re-Present" the original "Presentments" We receive and accept. They ARE NO LONGER needed to properly Administer OUR Commercial Business.

  27. SO Billie my question to you is; Have you completed and established Your proper "Political Status/Reconveyance of Assumed Names" (Anna's full Process) with the Secretary OF The US Treasury and have Your Proper Treasury acct established with the Registered Mailing number as the NEW CONTRACT By and Between Your "Legal Title" and Their "LEGAL ENTITY TITLE" ????

  28. This IS VITAL and ABSOLUTELY necessary To properly ESTABLISH Your AUTHORITY FIRST. Everything else you do will be a waste of your time and energy. The accounts and facts must be established for validity/verification of Commercial authority to "ACT" upon and in correct capacity for your commercial remedy (H.J.R. 192)

    1. IF You ARE "Acting" under the Authority granted/established only as the Authorized Agent(fiduciary appointment of ALL LEGAL TITLES Claimed on OUR Behalf, because she can and DID) via Anna's Bond and RM US TREASURY Acct number, than that's fine too. JUST DO NOT EVER SEND ANYTHING other than the Original "Presentment" AFV'd and "Re-Presented" either from HER Treasury ACCT or Your Established OWN ACCT. NEVER Co-MINGLE the TWO. Your Private Contract between YOUR LEGAL TITLE And THE US TREASURY IS PRIVATE. ANNA's ON EVERY LEGAL TITLE IS HAS ALSO BEEN established PRIVATELY on EVERYONES behalf to USE regardless if they establish Correct Political Status/Reconvey their OWN Titles back onto the land For themselves. ANNA DID ESTABLISH Correctly/Properly Legal REMEDY FOR ALL in Compliance of H.J.R. 192 REGARDLESS, and to be USED FOR The Purposes of CHARGE/DISCHARGE OF ALL (COMMERCIAL INSTRUMENTS) EVERYONE's Commercial "Presentments" for proper "Re-Presentment" based on true third party legal Representation.

      She has PROVIDED ALL WITH LEGAL/Lawful Commercial Remedy! People Just have to become of Aware of the IMPORTANCE Of the Administrative work she has effectively/Properly ESTABLISHED ON EVERY Living Man/Woman's behalf in the name of Commerce and "LEGAL TITLES"

  29. Kelli,
    Yes, I have completed and established my proper "Political Status/Reconveyance of Assumed Names" Anna's full process with form 56 to Steve Mnuchin with surrendered BC, and Anna's red stamp with my treasury acct with RM#. Anna's #792 mentions sending a RM letter to the judge and clerk of the court. I do not have the original presentments from the court, only copies. Following Anna's #792 and #781, send copies to the judge of the AFV presentments, my original AFV's to the clerk, so this way the judge writes the orders to dismiss and the clerk discharges the presentments as you have stated above. I haven't sent anything out yet. just preparing. What do you think about that?
    Thanks for your input. I agree the clerk handles the negotiable instruments.

  30. All of this Awareness I'm having has been triggered due to recent "presentments" being made through NON Postal "Servers/service" since we have had no Legal "Mailing Location" for over 5 years to be "ADDRESSED" with via POST OFFICE. So Now I've had to look at this through different eyes/perspective based on our physical vs commercial circumstance. Both Presentments were made either to or through "EMPLOYER" with valid/verified Business Mailing Location established with the Post Office (Official/Original Jurisdiction "Court Of Records" For ALL of COMMERCE. In order for Jurisdiction to be established In Commerce, A Mailing Location to each "LEGAL TITLE OR LEGAL ENTITY) has to be created. The Federal Zone/District is the Zip(code) and the +4 Is the identifier attached to distinguish between a NAME(Subject matter/status) "Legal Title" or a "Business ENTITY Title" with the proper +4 digit identifier attached. Business Entities have a very different and specific identifier that establishes THIRD PARTY AGENT Status and Authority. Our "Individual" "Home Mail boxes or Post office Boxes DO NOT. This IS What creates the assumption that as "INDIVIDUALS" we ARE "SUBJECT TO" A Jurisdiction of Taxing Authority vs Being the actual Third Party Agent to the "LEGAL TITLE NAMED ENTITY" that we've been created to be.
    I was really inspired due to watching/assimilating Rob Ryders video last week regarding registering YOUR LEGAL NAME(FIRST MIDDLE LAST) as a Business Entity to create/establish a more acknowledged and commercially recognized "Third Party Agent" Status for the commercial record. Very profound and easy to understand simple process.
    To much to try and explain here. Have you seen it? I did share it, I think maybe even on this thread....You tube and search Rob Ryder Registered a FR500 Business today. This has been what REALLY triggered my awareness and the simplicity of our remedy.

    1. Just to ADD that Rob's entire process is NOT necessary to get remedy however IT Does provide people a choice in how they wish to conduct their commercial affairs re "LEGAL TITLE NAMES" Creating the Business "Mailing Location" and it's accompanying +4 digit identifier IS Key and eliminates any all presumptions of "INDIVIDUAL" vs. "THIRD PARTY AGENT" status. So I ran with it!!!!! "WhoooYA" as Rob said. It's a biggie, I understand this Now.

    2. I have only been presented With Copies as well. See how fictitious it all is???? Oh well WE can only do the honorable thing and AFV any/all presentments in whichever form they were presented and Re-present them back to "THE CLERK" who is IN "CHARGE" of the Original "Security Instruments" assumed obligations moving IN YOUR LEGAL TITLE NAME.
      So to answer your question Re: JUDGE needing to make an "ORDER" on the "Presentment", I SAY NO. Reason I say this NOW IS Knowing that the "CLERK" IS ALWAYS the FIRST point of Contact in MOVING/Assigning the "Security Instrument" for determination ONLY IF The CLERK doesn't have all the info needed to make the determination needed to Charge/Discharge and settle close the "Charges" Filed under THEIR (Clerks Administrative BANKING Authority) Job Title to PERFORM. "Assignment" to a JUDGE only appoints the judge to act as a "Co Fiduciary for the CLERK as the Originating Fiduciary ON ALL CASES. That IS The Appointed AUTHORITY Job Title and Duties For the "Clerk Of COURT" to perform. They ARE THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY. IT Starts and Ends with Clerk, Always. So No, I personally won't bother to "Address" any "Judges" for their third party participation or judgement in the matter. It won't be needed as long as we "Address" The COURT and C/O CLERK NAME and OFFICE correctly re:case number
      Correct Mailing Location with zip+4 digit indentifier included ON YOUR CONTRACT ENVELOPE. Sent 21.RM R/R
      You can keep your Return address very simple if your mailing Location isn't IDENTIFIED as YOUR BUSINESS Location. Less is Best, but if you choose to have it identified as such consider Rob's logic/process to establish that with USPS.
      For Us we had to, basically forced to in order to properly Administer our Fiduciary duty that we've been ignoring since we technically "abandoned" our home that had been foreclosed on, but to an employment assignment that was taking us out of the country we had to make the executive business decision to either stay and fight (Stand in our home, keep in possession) or leave the home and KEEP the employment and income needed to move on. We chose to move on, start over. Because we literally have lived off grid/in unincorporated rural land since, we haven't felt the need to ever have a mailing location. We have no business other than with the US Treasury, but we appointed 3 Fiduciaries to handle all that for us when we did our paperwork. Well it's been a peaceful last 5 years, but what I failed to recognize and acknowledge is even though I appointed the fiduciaries I STILL have to properly ADMINISTER MY Business. Ignoring IT does NOT make it go away. Having NO mailing Location doesn't make it go away. It makes it worse because now they involve and use third Party service to serve you via mail and in "PERSON" with "EMPLOYERS" which is quite embarrassing. Our Bad, now we know better. NOW we have established LEGAL DOMICILE BUSINESS MAILING LOCATION and +4 identifier for legal/lawful Status registration through USPS Business GATEWAY Portal &Sign up. NOW even though we don't physically "live" in any "Physical Mailing Location" Our LEGAL TITLE (ON PAPER) Does. That's the important take away. Now we were able to establish a private PO BOX for mailing as proper C/O established. Now we're back in Business and Good to go.

    3. Kelli,
      Thanks for the info. I will look into Rob Ryder's post. I just wanted to mention that I must get the chief judge involved to resolve the jurisdiction situation. Thanks again

    4. Look at the copy "Presentments" you've received. Look for specifically the True "AUTHORITY" Signatures on that "Presentment" That IS The Authority holding original colorable "TITLE" of the "SECURITY INSTRUMENT" hiding in the background. Signatures. Signatures ARE the real Clerical Authority. We Are OUR Own CHEIF CLERK and administrator with the power to both create the asset/and discharge the obligation. YOU never see any WET INK SIGS on any of their "Presentments"

    5. Ok. However THE CLERK IS The Highest Authority to accept/acknowledge the RM Jurisdiction you ARE effectively Counter-Claiming and correctly "ADDRESSING" on Your ENVELOPE. No JUDGE DETERMINATION Needed or Necessary....Just throwing that out there. But its always your choice "who" you include and involve for whatever your beliefs and intentions are focused on.
      Sounds like you have a plan, and just stick to your plan based on your understanding and the results your intending. That's all that matters. We learn the most by failing our way through this mess of foreign HELD Corporate Trust.

  31. For any and ALL that are seeing this thread and following along, I will end this theory and awareness with my final thoughts on the matter:
    This IS ALL about Commercial Remedy and our legal fiduciary rights/duties, immunities, beneficial commercial privleges /and Lawful Rights OF Ownership and Control OF ALL OUR OWN Physical Assets created through OUR Labor.
    If you are thinking by taking on the responsibility to Self Govern and Administer Your Own Private Trust created for you unknowingly, then do it with the knowledge that YOU are no longer their "BOND SERVANT" and You are Now no longer participating IN Creating Paper Assets for a Foreign banking interest, but are instead claiming OWNERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITY via Charge/Discharge. Honorably/Responsibly
    Looking for "Money"??? YOU only need to Look in the Mirror!!
    Looking for Prideful Vengience (sp)?? Go To Court and see the Judge!!!
    You want Peace, prosperity, freedom?? Learn how to Govern YOUR Trust acct accordingly, because YOU were never taught, and NOW you must learn if you desire Peace.
    It's ALL Your Choice. Choose wisely

  32. Kelli,
    I am following Anna's process on #781 & #792 for the jurisdiction portion of my situation that I am in and the settling and closing the accounts I am using as you have shown the clerk and IRS-CID with the 1099A, 1096, 1040V. I pray that this will not fail. Thanks for the Robb Ryder You tube lead. That sure is simple as you said. Thanks again for your help and God bless.

  33. ok. Always remember NOW You are the CHIEF of your "LEGAL TITLE" no one else. You direct through your Now established Corrected/reconveyance from assumed beneficiary as lost and "abandoned" status to NOW Standing and the Chief "EXECUTOR" IN FULL & COMPLETE Control/Charged with the "Duties/obligations in Administration of Your LEGAL TITLE TRUST. You and YOU Only have the first and FINAL say through your Original Authored "Writings" via "wet ink sig" By:_Authorized Signature, Chief Executor...Date. (You Always keep the originals of your authored writings now, not "re-presentments" for discharge, and only send certified copies to any interested parties to perform any tasks you are instructing them to perform. That IS Your Legal "Security Instrument" created by you for your sole benefit and protection. You must remain the "Holder in Due Course" of the wet ink original for proper standing and commercial enforcement.
    The ONLY wet ink restricted By: Authorized Sig you give away are for proper "reporting" on IRS Filings/Court Filings/RECORDERS Office and by "Date Stamped" through POST OFFICE (Your Location) and then having a certified True copy made on file for Your Private Trust records, at all times.
    You Are Now both The Beginning and the End. Administer accordingly, as YOU are NOW the ONLY REAL Party IN CHARGE to Administer Your commercial Trust Business.
    All "Presentments" that you are putting your wet ink authorized Sig via "A4v" Always has to be "re-presented" in Your WET INK authorization. Just have certified true and exact copies of originals made and then take to Post office to "Date Stamp" ON THE same day, so YOU now have a Valid LEGAL Document for your proper legal Trust record as needed for "evidence" if ever needed.

    1. Kelli,
      Thanks again for your help. I do have a basic question - where do I get certified true and exact copies of originals made? a notary? Thanks again

    2. Yes, A Notary. Your Bank branch usually provides this service for free to it's customers.
      I have to admit that all I mentioned in my previous comment/post is just my thoughts to consider, and is somewhat "overkill" and knee-jerk reactions still cluttering my mind due to the level of deception, betrayal and lack of disclosure regarding these "Trusts" set up in our LEGAL TITLE NAMES to begin with. Our Restricted Sigs END ALL the "Securitization" and Illegal Conversion of ALL of OUR Authored & properly signed BY: ____Docs.
      Just saying...I'm learning as I go just like the rest. A REAL Work in progress so to speak,lol It's a lot to learn, but I would say very much worth it for peace of mind and heart. My conscience is now clear knowing I'm no longer "Serving" a Foreign "Master" that causes and creates HARM, but instead ONLY reflects MY Good Faith efforts, peacefully without any "Conflict" or "CONFLICT OF INTEREST", and that for me personally, IS PRICELESS!
      All The Best in your Journey Billie!


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