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Friday, December 15, 2017

Fed Govt Planned Kill At Bundy Ranch And Witnesses

Found here:

Twitter DHS Whistler:


  1. WoW !! Judge Navarro comes up again in regards to acts of treason against Americans. X-CIA spook Dr Jim Garrow (who also founded Pink Pagoda's for Chinese children) has some comments about the Bundy Ranch Event and several other events on his Infiltration Tour>
    RELOADED Dr Jim Garrow Infiltration Tour 2014 - YouTube
    Video for Jim Garrow infiltration tour▶ 2:17:29
    Jul 6, 2016 - Uploaded by Jeffrey Perkins
    Dr. Jim Garrow Infiltration Tour 2014 Originally Published on Sep 11, 2014 Dr. Jim Garrow speaks with ...

    End time talk Radio: A MUST LISTEN!!!!! Dr. Jim Garrow Infiltration ...
    A MUST LISTEN!!!!! Dr. Jim Garrow Infiltration Tour 2014 Dr. Jim Garrow speaks with concerned citizens in Wilkesboro, NC - A Must listen to - He has a long beard till obama is gone, then He will shave just a note ...
    Former CIA agent and Obama critic Jim Garrow arrested in Canada ...
    Aug 31, 2014 - 24, 2014, Dr. Jim Garrow, the former CIA agent of 45 years, was arrested at his home in Ontario, Canada. In a message to Agenda 21 Radio Dr. Garrow stated: “When I arrived home from the Infiltration Tour I unloaded my camper trailer and discovered a pistol in a Ruger bag with ammunition and a gun lock ...
    More Proof Jim Garrow Mall AttackWarnings Are True - Former CIA ...
    Aug 23, 2014 - Dr. Jim Garrow came back from his "infiltration" tour of North America to drop a bombshell about active plans by terrorist groups to attack shopping centers in the US and within weeks of that warning the FBI conducted a drill dubbed "INDYMALLEX" as training for attacks against malls in the United States.

  2. There were too many folks that showed up and the repercussion across American would've sparked never before seen outrage after RR + Waco massacres- or even worse- and "they knew it" this time...

  3. There were too many folks that showed up and the repercussion across American would've sparked never before seen outrage after RR + Waco massacres- or even worse- and "they knew it" this time...

  4. just listened to an update from Roy Potter for 15DEC17 that someone from high up in gov't called Brant Thorn, #25 on the 2nd kill list, to not go anywhere without being armed, not even the shower. Thorn was the victim of a t-bone hit and run and survived. He is a witness for the Bundys and close contact with Roy Potter.

  5. Wow..
    These people are something else..😯😡

  6. Nothing our gov't does surprises me anymore. It's been corrupted since the civil war and has only gotten worse.


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