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Friday, December 15, 2017

The Crux of Non-Representation

By Anna Von Reitz

Following the so-called Civil War --- never forget that it wasn't actually a war because it was never declared by our Congress and never ended by peace treaty --- place holder "States" were established in the Territorial Government system.  

These "States" were predicated on the theory that everyone would now be considered "Dual Citizens" owing obligations to both the actual state of the union and the federal government.  No such authorization or agreement on the part of the American states and people exists.  No act by our Continental Congress allows it. This was simply presumed as an administrative action on the part of the Territorial Government as a part of "reconstruction" and it was excused as an "emergency measure"---for which there is no provision in our law, either. 

The people then-serving in the State Legislatures of the late 1860's and onward, were  presumed to adopt the new Dual Citizenship and to wear two hats --- when wearing one hat, they took on the character and duty of American state nationals and acted "for" the "absent" actual land jurisdiction state government and created "Session Laws", and when wearing the other hat, they operated as "federal state" citizens and passed "State Statutes" governing the "State of State" organizations.  

But no man can serve two masters..... as time passed, the people elected to serve in these offices lost track of the situation.  Occasions when Session Laws were passed were few and far between, because all the day to day operations and issues were being handled by the "State of State"--- like the "State of Washington" organizations which are all federal corporation franchises having nothing much to do with our actual government at all. 

One of the peculiarities of this situation is that members of the Bar Associations were allowed to hold office in these placeholder State Legislatures, in direct opposition to the actual Constitutional Amendment that prohibits people who hold foreign titles of nobility like "Esquire" from holding any office in our government.

The same thing has occurred in the "United States Congress".  

There are exceptions where they did it right and excluded Bar Association members from voting on Session Laws directly impacting the land jurisdiction and the living people, but over time things got sloppy and confused, and fewer and fewer members of both the Congress and the "State" legislatures were able to act in unincorporated sovereign capacity because more Bar Members ran for office and the non-Bar members of both Congress and the "State" Legislatures were (and are) placed in the minority as a result.  

I haven't looked at the statistics for some time, but at one time in the 1990's --if memory serves me-- only seven out of a hundred US Senators were non-Bar. 

This leads to a situation where we, the actual states and people, are grossly under-represented both in Congress and in "State Legislatures"----and leads to other unanticipated and unwanted evils, too. 

For example, when it comes to real brass-tacks issues impacting the living people and the actual land and soil of our country, power is concentrated in the hands of a very, very few members of Congress who are not Bar Association Members.  And there is no guarantee that these individuals will be fair-minded with respect to the entire country's needs and no guarantee that they will have the correct information, brain power, and skill set needed to make good decisions for the country as a whole.  

We have a hundred United States Senators, two from each state, for a reason.  What happens when you suddenly only have seven Senators able to vote on an issue that impacts everyone in the country? 

Over ninety percent of the people are not being represented at all---and this is happening in a country that is supposed to be the flag-ship of representative government worldwide. 

The same exact thing happens in the "State" Legislatures throughout the country. 

Either they prohibit the Bar Members from voting on these all-important issues
as required by the actual Constitution and thereby grossly under-represent and marginalize the constituents the Bar Members are supposed to be representing, or they allow the Bar Members to vote and taint the results, because Bar Members are prohibited from holding office in the actual land jurisdiction government. 

Damned if you do and damned if you don't.  

Clearly, our system is broken and sputtering and it has been for a long, long time. 

The further consequence of this ongoing situation which is an unresolved hold-over from the Reconstruction Era, is that the Bar Members take their revenge by marginalizing and isolating the few non-Bar members serving in the Congress and the "State" Legislatures.  

Look how they treated Ron Paul?  Even he didn't appear to know why he was the Ugly Step-Child, but it is easy enough to see why.  He wasn't a Bar Member.  He was one of the special few who would hold the disproportionate share of power if and when any truly important action was required, but in the same token, he was by definition cut out of the Bar Association Good Ole Boys Club. 

I am reminded of a friend from my college days.  "Bob" was drop-dead gorgeous.  As a result, none of the girls would even speak to him, except for me--- because then as now, I didn't give a fig for appearances good or bad.  He was lonely and perplexed.  Why didn't anyone like him?  Well, as I explained, the girls were afraid to speak to him and the boys were jealous and hated his guts.  

That's the situation that a non-Bar member of Congress faces.  The other non-Bar members are a mixed bag of misfits jealous of their peculiar power once they discover that they have it, and the Bar Members hate all of them by definition.  To a greater or lesser extent, the same things go on in the "State" Legislatures across the country.  

All of this and more is the result of unfinished business left over from the Civil War.  Even our friends are left shaking their heads. How could such a thing be?  How stupid and lazy are the American people?  To leave their sovereign government compromised and in limbo for six generations? 

Yet, this is what has gone on here. 

Ask the Congressional Research Service.  Most of the Reconstruction Acts have never been repealed, and our country has been left functioning on two cylinders ever since. 

So if the interests of the people and the actual land jurisdiction states of the union are 90% or more unrepresented in Congress and to a greater or lesser extent also disenfranchised from being represented in the "State" Legislatures, who or what is being represented?  

Public employees are being represented, so well represented that they now own and control the Fortune 500 Companies via their pension plan managers.  Banks and insurance companies and other large corporations are being represented and given Big Slices of the national pie.  And of course, the Bar Association Members who dominate everything day to day are licking up all the juice and leftovers. 

Joe Average gets the bill.  Why?  Because he isn't being represented by this "representative" government.  

The few people who aren't Bar Members occupying offices in the "State" Legislatures and Congress are mostly clueless, inept, and haven't studied history or law.  They are like sheep guarded by dogs (the military) in a pen full of sheep-eating snakes. 

They may survive like Ron Paul, but also like Ron Paul, they won't get anything done. They won't figure out how to exercise their unique powers.  They won't be able to bring our country back from the edge of oblivion ---- until and unless the rest of us wake up.  

Rule One: never vote a Bar Member into any office.  Never.  Not even Dog Catcher. 

Rule Two: learn to identify, support, and make use of the few representatives you have.  

Rule Three: push the military to do its actual job and support the actual Constitution owed to this country and its people. 

Rule Four: educate yourselves and others so that you can identify the problems and take effective action to restore your lawful government at every level. 

The problem with this country is that we, the actual states and people, are being grossly under-represented in the "State" Legislatures and in the Congress, for the reasons just described.  The further problem is that public employees and corporate interests, especially corporate banking and insurance interests, are being grossly over-represented.  

The best and quickest way out of this conundrum is to organize your local jural assemblies at the county level (see Michigan General Jural Assembly for help) and begin the process of educating your family, friends, and neighbors.  

America has been running on two cylinders for far too long.  It's time to reconstruct the "Reconstruction".

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  1. Judge Anna, i doubt if there are any community associations that create CCR'S for anyone buying a home or condo in Alaska, but there are plenty in Calif. And you are charged monthly fees just for living in such communities because if there was no oversite of people living within those beautiful communities(and they are) people would destroy that community thinking they are free to do as they please as long as they dont injure someone... that is just an excuse to be an asshole to everyone else so other people can follow his lead and have 10 dogs in his house bothering everyone in that community, just because he doesnt have the common sense or common courtesy to obey "SOME" rules so the community doesnt become a slum..!! Its actually a small microcosium of our govt. A few people in the residence vote to be on the board, who then make rules as they are needed, which always meed to be made because of stupid, uncaring, and totally irresposible other people who just dont get it...they wind up driving like its the indi 500 right inside a hated community where kids are riding their bikes and walking around. Well, the next thing you know, there are speed bumbs throughout the entire complex because of a few arrogant people who think they are entitled to do whatever they want...thats how all these laws take place..!! And it gets progressivly worse as the population density increases...!! How would you solve this situation if you were in charge..!! People have attitudes..!! If you confront them you only make it worse..And this is only a small microcosium of the big picture...people are scumbags left to their own moral terpetudes..all you have to do is walk in their house and you know immedistely what kind of people they are.. i agree we have to much govt but we also have a hell of a lot of civilian scumbags who like to live in filth, with cats and dogs ruling the household....people have become less than slaves...less than human. Would you live next to these idiots. If law enforcement would only recognize the difference between us, then we wouldnt be having all these problems....but the scumbags would and thats just fine with me...!!

    1. James, I have thought the same thing. Throughout all this freedom movement being strived for, it is being assumed that all The People are good, clean, mannerly, thoughtful of others, considerate and upstanding. But as you have said, most of what I see have become slobs - even those who live in middle class new houses.
      So yes, there would still need to be Rules of some sort because the nation in general has become just a step above the animal kingdom, having lost all sense of morality and consideration for others.

      As for Ron Paul I thought for years, that during his 20 plus years in Congress, things only got progressively worse, so what good was he. But now, we know why.
      In view of that, the only way to cure the problem is to just knock down that whole crooked system. For The People to do it by voting them out, is a useless effort. It would take way too long. So its either get rid of that System, prevent Bar members from office altogether, or else forget it. But at least now we see the problem. But knowing the problem does what? Nothing. Unless the entire System is changed back to what it is supposed to be, in one fell swoop.

      Time is of the essence and 'shock and awe' is the only quick answer because all these nefarious factions are now moving faster than we can individually, scheming their most dastardly deeds; like killing us all way before we can do it this slow way.
      A good mental image of what we are facing, is to actually watch a professional company take an old house and restore it beyond recognition. How do they do that? They first start by GUTTING the entire place; taking every bit of what is decayed or outdated or unsuitable - - THEN they completely remodel it.
      They don't do it one board at a time; and they have it all done in a matter of weeks, not years.

      This is the same that has to be done with our so-called fake gov; it has to be wiped out totally, and Restored in the same way you renovate an old dilapidated house. It won't make a hell of a lot of difference if we go from 7 non-bar congressmen to 15, then 17, etc. Takes too long; meanwhile ''Rome is burning down''.

      Great Article. There may now be a million who know this, but 299 million who dont, most of which are either communists, fascists, illegals or snowflakes or just plain flakey and drugged up by doctors or otherwise. Regardless, knowing is one thing, but doing is a whole other ballgame - because the nefarious still have all the guns, authorized to shoot, have the drones and planes, tanks, and tricky words. Remember Pittsburg a few years back?

  2. Nefore we form jural assemblies....GROW UP!! We need responsble adults running around...not entitled babies..!! Work on that first, then we can easily turn around this situation without fact govt would shrink immediately if people would only take some resposibility... This planet does not belong to people who will not take amy responsibility for themselves and the way they never talk about the other side of the picture. What about all of these low life scumbags of humanity that have to have cats , dogs, pigs, horses, etc all living on the property....last time i checked thats called a farm..!! So why are they in the city....wheres the common sense. You never talk about these people. I dont care if they know law or history. All they have to know is how to live around other people and nice communities who would like to keep it that way...!! What is so wrong about that...!! I want to live amoungest clean, intelligent, and nice people...not scumbag liers, cheaters, and thugs..!! And not around people who have to be told to do everything without being told to do am sick of those people and God forgive me but i say nuke em all. Lets start over...!! Thats the best way out of this situation.....!!! I just want to hear you one time put some of these people down gor the scum they are...they never went to school or if they did, they never did any work, and on top of it are lazy infants who meed to suck on mommys tit their whole life.. Are you saying those people dont exsist in Alaska...??? I want one article addressing this point and only this point..!!!

    1. James, oh how right you are! I am so proud of my son and how he has turned out. He won't even stay over at one of his old school friends house; it smells like cats, and even his car is full of dust, dirt and mcdonalds trash. Even though he was raised in a spotless home growing up, he turned out to be a total slob, downright filthy, and thinks nothing of it. My son is becoming totally disgusted with him.
      James, my guess is, that this is probably what most of our population has becomes; a bunch of lazy slobs. Disgusting.

      But when it comes to calif. I hope you know that Agenda 21 is beginning there, now, with the intent of working its way across the nation. Your fires are all 'engineered', probably by laser tech.

    2. James I found this message of "mindset" very fascinating and worth consideration. "The Herodian Mind" Clash of the two minds, Part 1

      Its a two part series (no pun intended,lol) and part two is easy to access from that link as well.
      Knowledge IS the key to unlock our awareness and provides us the ability to create change.

      Enjoy! Much Love and Peace

  3. Or how about this option....for the next year the only crime someone can be arrested for is fraud...all other crimes have to be booked and released until a yearlater when the case can be reopened...but not until sexual abuse cases, no drug cases, no theft cases, unless it involves private people which is usually fraud related, not even murder cases. Not until ever fraud case is investigated immediately and prosecuted within one week or all law enforcement will start to lose their pensions for every fraud not prosecuted. That includes judges and prosecuters..!! Even if it involves other judges , prosecutors, and police excuses..!! Either they take fraud seriously or they will all be broke within a year... and banks most of all..!! Lets see how fast we put a dent in fraud or how many public employees want to sacrifice their entire pensions...!! And if fraud was reported and someone else was defrauded by the same company or person, the court has to replace the entire amount of the theft, not the theif, unless the find a way to get the money from the bid bond...!! The crime of fraud has to be raised to the level of MURDER!! A type of "Civil Death" but charged as real murder...!! Lets see how many people want fraud to continue..!! It wont take long to rid our congress right off the bat...!! Put the marines in charge, along with the Army for attorneys...!! We can be sure of filling the court dockets of every single court in America..!!

  4. It will take all our efforts and our TIME.

    It has been said over and over and i'll add this: "those who wish to be ignorant
    and free 'and apathetic or disinterested' will NEVER have freedom...." if 'we' will not rule ourselves 'we' will be ruled over...... nothing can exist in a vaccum..

    robert: Carr
    Pennsylvania common wealth

  5. here is a mirror for james and abby; christ said to build your nation/home upon the rock (truth) not sand (fraud); the birth certificate is a bank security instrument with a cusip number on the back and not to be used for identification purposes; there are no dna identifiers on it, thumb or foot prints; so everyone including the bar members committed an act of false impersonation when we all used it to obtain licences, passports, education; so why would you believe anything good can take place in a system where everyone is a criminal? all the people you hate and bitch about are symptoms not causes; i grew up in 1950's in a small city of 14'000 when people had large back yard gardens, we had chicken coups, rabbit & guinea pigs pens ; the chinese here had ducks people were not reliant upon corporate super markets; the milkman delivered the dairy products by horse and wagon; the children now are being targeted by the harmacutical corps and an education/religious system designed to create mindless behavior ; a tree is identified by the fruit it produces; living in a super sanitized corporate gated community is not the way people are meant to live...

    1. Michael, Im not quite sure what you are saying. Can you expound please. A mirror, of what exactly.

  6. The other choice in all of this (if you really know and fully accept who you are) is to choose not to subscribe to external government. That is called a "free inhabitant". I'm one of these!

  7. Yes chef...but that still doesnt solve the problem of living next to idiots that are mostly the cause of govt expansion. These people are stuborn and arrogant and think they can live any way they want in cities that force everyone to litterally live on top of one another, because the land is so valueable and everyone wants to live by the beach..!! So now they are building 3 story places because they want big houses on small lots.. Calif is not Montana..!! Ome out of every 10 people in America live here, which makes it overcrowed, the freeways misserable creating "road rage" and homes with backyards that are a joke. Not meant for isnt fair to them or the neighbors. And everyone loves chiwawas lately who do nothing but bark. They are worse than big dogs..!! Anyway Abby, people say to get out of calif all the time now...and a lot are. But i have such a nice place for so cheap, right in the middle of the city where everything i need is just blocks away and rent couldnt be any cheaper, with water and trash included and because the complex installed solar panals, my electric bill is almost nothing no matter how much i use the central air or heating. In short, we were lucky to find and get this place because they were brand new and upgraded and allow us to live nicely. So it will be very difficult to leave here for financial reasons. Between my SS and my brothers SS payments , we live nicely here, without having to work...!! All our other friends we got away grom are all having problems and miserable. And lonely because no one wants anything to do with them anymore.. Because they are spendthrifts who cant sacrifice one thing to get ahead. Since we got away from all that negative and low frequency energy, we have become healthier amd much happier. And thats what matters most..!!

    1. James, I fully understand your situation. May as well ride it out until it comes to no other alternative, or whatever.

  8. IRS is bad but not worst than BANKERS, here is why:
    (Sorry for late post)
    Sitthidet filed many facts to show the Bancorps amplified their alleged loans up to 100,000X, from thin-air. He was a NY & NASDAQ investor. The Bancorps are the ones with no fact to back their fictitious loan and asked their courts to strike their Admiralty CR 24-37 requirement to avoid having to prove. They helped each other and called him a vexatious litigator. You see, the mindless thieves always have reasons to abscond.

    If you wonder how Bankers amplified their fake debts, you need to recognize there are 2 things in trade, Buy and Sell, Valuation and Devaluation. At IPO, Bankers valuate stocks for themselves at any value they wish. Initially, they issued their Delaware Co.’ stock at $0.01/share. This is standard for all Corporations. (Most public didn’t understand these two directions, they assumed the Bankers liquidated their loan at $1 for a penny, that is not true when the Bankers initiated their SEC 8k/10k filings.) Keep their records if you want to show proofs. Now the SEC hides all their records, so beware of this too, that is why you can use any Bancorp record to defend your position.

  9. Anna is correct again. Trump isn't a lawyer, he's not a member of the club. He's got to go. No matter he was duly elected. Hence, the predominance of 'Fake News', which is a more polite way of saying 'lies'.


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