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Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Thoughts - From Anna Von Reitz

By Anna Von Reitz

I came downstairs this morning to survey the wreck of my house.  Months of ceaseless work and frequent travels have taken their toll: dust everywhere (even some cobwebs!), tall stacks of paperwork waiting for correspondence and filing, more stacks of mail and dispatches, 53 phone calls to return, 53,000 emails but-who-is-counting, and somewhere, somehow, I am supposed to have a life, keep my housekeeping in order, be present for my family and my community, pay the bills, and last but not least, create a Christmas out of this chaos..... 

Slumping down on the last chair in the house that was not piled high with packages or mail or abandoned winter coats and sipping my coffee gratefully, my eyes fell on two small books, almost booklets, isolated and alone on the one bare expanse of gleaming table top left: The New Testament and The Constitution for the united States of America.  

They seemed so small, so tiny laying there in a pool of winter sunshine. 

Yet, a century and a half ago, these were the foundations of every American's education.  The most slovenly wretch in the most impoverished circumstance had access to these two slim volumes, and in them, he had the essence of all education needed to live a good and self-respecting life.  

You can do without advanced algebra in most professions, and without calculus, too.  You can circumscribe the globe from a Biblical atlas.  And with the actual Constitution, you can overthrow any throne.  Is this not power enough for any man?  

By knowing the social obligations and having a code of ethics to rely on, a man and his country can flourish in peace--- and both of these small books provide that certainty and code.  They tell us who we are and who we are called to be.  They set forth the parameters of life and decency, of self-respect and respect for others. 

If we had no other education now, I had to stop---- if we learned no other useful thing in all our days in school, would we not be better off than we are now, when we are lost and groping for any common understanding?  

My home in Alaska is built like a Viking Hall, with one large room, and other rooms branching off it, here a pantry, there a bathroom, there a stairway going to the second story, or down to the basement.... or out to the Arctic Entry that buffers the indoors from the cold. 

The adornments are simple and useful in the Nordic way, faintly tinged with things Norwegian and Swedish and German.  Old silver spoons.  Hand-carved chairs made of oak and maple.  Oil paintings of snow-capped mountains.  Tall bookcases filled with books.  A central fire in a well-worn stove with an open glass front where the flames are visible, and the dogs and cat love to loll away their winter nights content to know that the family is here and all together. 

Always, though I didn't plan it that way, there is a faint smell of cinnamon and apples and coffee in the kitchen, and a smell of lavender or roses or balsam fir depending on the season of the year wafting around the rest of the household.  It is, I think, even in its state of disrepair and chaos, a blessed and peaceful place, where the stress of modern life has been held at bay.  

My husband calls it my "magic bubble", as if I waved my hand and created my own world.  

This time of year, there are bouquets of greenery and fresh flowers and tall white candles and outside, there is snow and white birches and tall dark spruce trees as far as the eye can see into the woods.  This afternoon as we got started on the clearing and cleaning rituals, I saw a yearling moose, soft dark brown, his velvet muzzle raised up scenting us and no doubt wondering about the brightly lit windows. 

Scrub-a-dub-dub, I plodded merrily along, and the old vacuum cleaner roared to life and the broom and the dust mop and a roll of paper towels began to work their own magic. 

The paper tide was turned and recouped in the office, and my precious little things of Christmas Past, a tiny framed picture of an angel, a crystal star wandering toward Bethlehem and scattering a thousand tiny rainbows in its wake, a mysteriously luminous ivory statue of Mary and her baby, all came forth from their tissue paper and boxes and settled once more in their places like old familiar dinner guests.  

And the Spirit of the Season, gainsay it as some people will, came into the old neglected house with its plain-spoken ways, and transformed it into something magical.  Though there is winter all around, dark and snowy and deep, in this house there is warmth and beauty and spring.  

I smiled at the two pairs of boots standing side by side on the doormat.  Father and son.  Just as it always was and is and should be.  I smiled at the two dogs settled at the feet of their respective men, and at the cat, curled up in a large, warm, fluffy ball waiting for me to put the pie in the oven and come join her in front of the fire. 

It has been a hard year for many of us, and yet, simple as this is, old-fashioned as this is, it's Christmas after all.  

Please join me in being grateful for all the blessings we have, for what we have been able to give, for all that we have been able to learn this past year, for the fellowship of those who travel with us on this road, for the rich heritage that belongs to each of us, for the joy of being present right now.  

Say a prayer of gratitude and then, a prayer for all our brothers and sisters who have suffered foreclosure and prison and injuries of all sorts as a result of a government gone mad, and then, give thanks again for the changes we have seen and the efforts being made to make America great again.  

May all our efforts prosper and come to fruition in the New Year.  Let the Thousand Years of Peace begin.  May the blessings we are heir to rest upon us. May the joy taking root in our hearts last forever. 

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  1. Thank you Anna for taking the time to write this beautiful piece. I have a vivid picture of your beautiful home with the warmth of the people and fuzzy friends who live there and create from that place of peace. I'm so grateful for your dust and clutter and all that goes with your scholarly, prolific writing pursuits so that we can free ourselves of this monstrous thing we've been entangled with called the US. Christmas is a time of peace because it brought forth the Prince of Peace to us and when all of us accept Him and His message, we will have what you have been working towards all this time. Meanwhile we all must continue to work hard as we work towards achieving that goal of true Government for the people, and by the people. Merry Christmas to you and yours and blessings all the coming New Year. Thank you for caring so much.

  2. This morning, long before I read this, I sent out love to all those who have crossed my path since my youth. In whatever circumstance they find themselves in, however their lives have turned out, even those who have left this earth, I wished them love and gave thanks for their passing through my life. I have been enriched by most of them, taught lessons I won't forget by others, and learned a lot about myself because of them.

    I wish to express my gratitude for all that Anna and her Freedom Fighters have done for all of us, how much we have gained because of their relentless efforts, and how we can again stand proud of who we are because of it all.

    Thank you all.

  3. I will to take the boot of tyranny from my ppl.knowledge is power fighting aginst ego's of establishment to teach the target minds.yet harsh law some need it to mean for anything elce.



  5. toBE in Sweet Peace tisnt possible nor plausible with this form of govt malichious abuse by a form driven fraud by robes, bar card bastards of the court system

  6. Thank you from Canada! May the blessings be upon you and yours and keep you strong and healthy this day forward. Your efforts are priceless and your heart-gold. Merry Christmas.

  7. Anna, what a beautifully written piece. At my house we don't do Xmas but for those that do, that is their business. For us, Christ is acknowledged and interacted with every single day of the year. I stand in total awe of what He has done for us in the past two weeks, which wrapped up just yesterday in such a miraculous fashion, just hours before true winter weather has struck. It has all been blessed assurance that He has our back.
    And today, I feel a great anticipation that His participation in my life is going to accelerate even more. Forty plus years ago I made a pact with Him; whatever you want me to do, just call on me, and I will do it; and as soon as He calls, I answer. Likewise, when I call upon Him He answers; and so I am at great peace, and the devil(s) be damned.
    So alas, today is also a house straightening day for us too, Anna. I got my brother safely tucked away in his final resting place, and angels carried his soul to God. We will do some paper shredding, take some pre-homemade meals out of the freezer, add some home made buttery mashed potatoes, and organic corn, make room on the dining table, eat and make some home made brownies and a cup of great columbian coffee and enjoy!
    We will get the brakes fixed on our car this week, then when we take a notion, we will take a day trip outing and relax.
    Its a great Day ! And thank you sooo much, Jesus, for all that you are doing, and all that you are going to do in our lives; thank you for dying for me and mine and the others in your little Flock, and I watch for your Appearing in the clouds, and for your Call. I will not be moved and I will not be distracted by any thing or any one.

    Anna, enjoy your 'day off'.


  9. Dear judge Anna: The description of your home....", tall stacks of paperwork waiting for correspondence and filing, more stacks of mail and dispatches, 53 phone calls to return, 53,000 emails but-who-is-counting, and somewhere, somehow, I am supposed to have a life, keep my housekeeping in order, be present for my family and my community, pay the bills, and last but not least, create a Christmas out of this chaos..... "

    You described every single patriot house ive ever been in....!!!
    We rarely have enough time to clean up anything because we are at constant war with the Corp. STATE. While 99% of Americans actually get to enjoy their lives, the patriots of this country who are actually trying to expose the fraud and corruption in this world, and trying to make it a better world for everyone, not just us, are never recogonized or appriatiated for the work they do, except by other patriots and God...!! So my prayers this Christmas is for all those people that helped exposed all the lies and fraud, and the history of how it all transpired over the last 150+ years, i pray to God that someday they will all be rewarded , if not in this world, than the next. But in this world, i pray for their safety and their happiness as collectively they have all been trying to realy expose the love you have for us all and that we can return that love back....with your help of i ask you,lord, that you watch over, protect, and try to comfort all of them, because they are your "foot soldiers" on this earth, doing your will.....AMEN..!! GOD BLESS PATRIOTS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS...!!!

  10. A blessed holy day celebration to all. This upcoming new year will bring many blessings we have all been waiting, hoping and fighting for. MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN Is written on the wall in the midst of their drunken feast (Daniel 5:25), the meaning of which is Numbered, Numbered, Weighed, and Divided. The days of their Babylonian kingdom have been numbered and are finished, they have been weighed and found wanting, and their kingdom is being divided. Because they humbled not their heart and bowed not their knee to the God of heaven and earth and worshiped the creature rather than the Creator. They have lifted up themselves against the Lord of heaven and drunk wine unworthily out of His vessels and praised the gods of silver and gold which see not, nor hear, nor know: and the God in whose hand their breath is, and whose are all their ways, have they not glorified. The prefects and satraps have colluded together seeking to find a cause of complaint against the highest prefect but any cause of complaint and corruption they are not able to find, because that he is faithful, and any error and corruption have not been found in him. Yet they caused him to be thrown into the lion's den but God hath sent His messenger, and hath shut the lions' mouths, and they have not injured him. Instead they have brought those men who had accused him and to the den of lions they have cast them, they, their sons, and their wives; and they have not come to the lower part of the den till that the lions have power over them, and all their bones they have broken small. Then he hath written to all the peoples, nations, and languages, who are dwelling in all the land: `Your peace be great!"

  11. Wow! Great to hear of such experiences. Somehow it kinda reminded of me sailing with a friend on the Atlantic and encountering a lot of different people. Everyone just got along, helped each other out, soon is became obvious that it was mostly governments causing all the problems, that people do like to get along and figure out how to make things work our OK. A home on a boat and your road is really big, reaches all points for the treasure of visiting the land again. Wonder what is was like back in the yurt days of pre- old ancient Germany where that contributed the warmth with colorful tinsels, flashing lights of colors and more to enhance experience. Did they really eat those mushrooms like in the many Christmas cards depicted, the bright red ones with white spots on em and perhaps tried to make stuff to express inner experiences? I live in a shed, my osb palace and appreciate the fact Jesus was said to be born in a shed. Humble it is but so much the more are appreciated things that might get taken for granted. Hope everyones' enjoying this day and time of year. Thank-you, David

  12. Wow.. That's what you get for being so famous. Well Judge Anna, the Deep State's lawlessness about not accepting a returned federal PERSON is still going on. I hope you figure out how to get the crooks to comply with their own code. HJR 192 is US Congressional law, not a Public Policy as they put it, to steal people home.

    --------------------------- Sample----------------------------- The court rejected their theories concerning the import of “Public Policy HJR-192 and Public Law 73-10,” and upheld the foreclosure. McElroy, 2005 WL 2885975. The foreclosure in McElroy was not fraudulent in any sense, nor was the decision of the Natrona County Board.

    Even IRS ignoring it or making a new rule in 2/2016 by sending people using A4V Stamp to IRS-CI. See a link and search for HJR 192:

    Thanks for comment.

    1. Pinkham, the link you provided only states that if you send the IRS a PN (Promisorry Note) and it is returned and you send it in again, then it should be forwarded to CI. Of course it will because if they returned it, then you did something wrong. You should not be sending PNs in the first place. If you follow Anna's procedure step by step, they will reset your account to zero. Exactly what happened for me. Besides, once you have surrendered the federal person, CID becomes your friend and is no longer your enemy.

  13. I forgot to give Thanks to God, I pray that President Trump will survive over the next couple of weeks as the Deep State planned to kill him, shown in his chart. We should be doing fine, and the president too. I see his brain energy turns positive on Dec 30, 2017 forward. Alex Jones is very concerned by putting out live broadcast to keep people alert.

    1. Do you really believe that Trump is a loner doing this all by himself? This plan was put into motion long before Trump was asked to run for office. Trump is the front man for an alliance against the blood lines deep state that has been carefully planned for years and is now meticulously being executed. Why do you think Trump made such a big deal about Obama's BC a few years ago? It was all part of the plan to get Obama to put out a fake BC to incriminate himself. And he will go down for it. Just watch. You'll see. The fireworks have already begun and the bombs bursting in air will begin in the new year. This plan will be executed with or without Trump. Alex Jones knows this too but is a misinformation agent throwing out red herrings to intentionally distract from the main focus. Yes, definitely pray for Trump and his family and his patriot team and for the alliance for divine protection and that they will succeed to defeat the cabal. We are just entering the woods.

    2. I agree 100% about the Deep State plan and resistance, Revolution is coming. I don't think the Deep State will give up so soon. I assume so too about IRS PN, that's not my case. But the top sample is a pity. I haven't seen the Deep State reset mine to Zero yet. I still fight with the IRS and Treasury Frivolous claim. It should have been clear cut. I followed Anna's instruction.

    3. The above case was in the public. This is a private process. The last step in the process is to execute payment on a presentment. Have you done this? It's like opening a new bank account. Nothing gets paid until you write the check.

    4. 1FreeMan, perhaps you could write a small pamphlet giving everything from the very first step,with every detail, and addresses to send to, and what each step does and why. And how that leads to the next step, same details, how long each step takes to get accomplished, and most of all, what it does for a person. Also, what can be omitted as not really necessary, etc. I'm sure people would be glad to pay you for it, at a reasonable price - - since we have all been robbed already, lol.
      I say this, because you are one who has already had first hand, hands-on experience with it. And helps us to KIS and straight for the jugular. Simplification seems to be what everybody wants and needs.

    5. 1FreeMan, the more I think about a pamphlet, you could write it up once, we could mail you payment, or by paypal, along with our email addy, and when you get payment, you could simply send it by email with the pamphlet attached, and we could print it out ourselves.
      You could also include the cost of the various things, and include everything you have done, including the passport with all the details in order to get extra card you got with it.

      Sorry, I'm not lazy, but with all the necessities of life that I've needed to attend to, and the sickness of my sibling, they have all occupied my mind to the point I have not been able to take the time and focus required to connect all Anna's dots. I think that is the case with many in here.
      I am still wearing a lot of hats, so I for one, would be quite interested in hearing your response.

    6. Hey Abby,
      That is exactly what 1FreeMan has done!
      Please explore
      Click on 'Home' & in the fly down menu click on 'Free videos'. Then at the top of the page you will see 'Intro videos'. Click on 'play all'.
      Less than 20 minutes of pure enlightenment!
      All The Best, Wirkin

    7. That's awesome!! Thank you Wirkin!!
      Good for you Abby!!
      Rev. xxi. 6. "I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of life freely."

      Which Anna has freely provided as well, located
      Much love and peace

    8. Wirkin, thanks but I am talking about a pamphlet/booklet in writing. I'm not into 'movie goin' which just means piling up my desk with more Notes; its a bunch of notes that I am cleaning up and throwing out; just useless clutter.
      There's nothing quite like having stuff in Writing all in one neat little place, and for easy reference and for teaching others, like your kids who also don't have a whole lot of time for a long drawn out teaching session.
      And like I said years ago, once college was over with, I am done with school. Furthermore, I would only trust 1FreeMan's info. As for all the ARticles, I am just not going to try to connect all those dots. Wait till you get into your ''older old years' and you'd say the same thing, lol.

    9. Your acknowledgment to me in response for the good faith effort of encouragement and support was found in previous article comments. Intentional??? Lets put your thoughtful appeciation where it belongs shall we? BTW, your welcome.

      "KM, KMA with your foolish games. All you will ever get from me is a strong rebuke served to you on a cowpile. How ya like that, lol. How long does it take you to realize I am on to your agenda in here; going around planting your lips on everybody's hindend. Don't you have any visible real friends or a real life? Maybe you should get a job; bartending comes to mind and it would be a perfect opportunity for you to hone your bullshiting talents." Abby december 26th 9pm ish

    10. Honestly and sincerely Abby, you aren't ready to be taught. Plain and simple fact. When the student is truly ready, the teacher appears, and so far all you've made are weak excuses for yourself based on weak thoughts/mindset.
      Work on learning You first. Seek clarity and wisdom from within your Christ spirit FIRST. Until you do, your unhealthy ego will keep getting in your own way. Your choice.
      Much love and peace be found in you Abby

    11. KM, ah, one again you side step, lol. Sadly, you are no teacher and you have absolutely nothing to teach anyone of any value whatsover. You reveal that you wouldn't recognize any 'Christ spirit' if it hit you on the nose. The 'spirit' you have is a totally unregenerated spirit, which is pretty much worthless. Now learn this once and for all: you have absolutely no power over me, in fact I find you quite comical to even entertain such an idea. In fact, I am so far ahead of you and even the list of 'traits' that you post, are really true about yourself; thats why they so easily slide right off your tong. And you seem to have an issue with ego, since you speak of it so much. Perhaps you should work on that, but of course that would mean you'd have to 'get over your Self'.
      Now run along.

    12. Ladies, He has called us to peace. I have been thinking of writing it all out but that takes time to do so. Tying it all together in a bird's eye overview it is as simple as ABC.
      A - Surrender the federal person, setup the account, and notify both commissioners that you have retired from all presumed federal service
      B - Acquire the account with CID
      C - Use the account by acquiring each statement of account with CID and sending the presenter with their Copy B

    13. OK, Abby, you made me do it. Please send any donations to Anna as they should go to the cause where this came from. Here are the step-by-step instructions...
      Instructions to Zero Out IRS Account Balances
      First read and study Judge Anna’s step-by-step Instructions here:
      __Dear Lucretia -- Mortgage Relief -- and the Rest of the Story or
      __The Top Ten Articles for Rapid Assistance
      When you are ready, and you have acquired your own account on a 1096/1099-A/1040-V to CID per the above instructions, pull out all the latest past due statements you have received from the IRS. Look at the bottom of the coupon for the last digits. This is your outstanding balance which, once you are finished with this process, will appear as all zeroes. If they are not current, call them and tell them that you are ready to settle the account and ask them to please send you a current statement and coupon. You can do one tax year bill at a time or bundle them all together on your 1096 but always only use one (1) 1099-A per tax year.
      1. According to Judge Anna's instructions, prepare a 1096, 1099-A and 1040-V. List the IRS office location (where the letter came from) as the Borrower and your NAME as the Lender. Fill in the amount of the outstanding balance on both the 1099-A, and on the 1096. If you are bundling several years together, use one 1099-A for each tax year and put the total amount of all of your 1099-As on the 1096.
      2. Send all forms to IRS CID in Covington, KY in a large brown envelope regular First Class Mail with a Certificate of Mailing or Registered Mail.
      3. Prepare a response letter, always polite and courteous, to the originating IRS office where your letter came from:
      __confirming receipt of their presentment of (__date__)
      __telling them that their presentment has been Accepted for Value and returned to them for discharge
      __noticing them that Form 1099-A was filed with IRS CID on this account and their Copy B is enclosed
      __asking them to coordinate directly with IRS CID on this account
      __telling them that they have 5 business days to reply if they disagree and that if they do not respond within that time, then you will accept their agreement that this account and the outstanding amount is settled.
      __thanking them for their assistance.

    14. ...continued.
      4. Include their coupon Accepted for Value with Judge Anna's red stamp on it. Be sure to add a date after your signature in blue (this is missing from Anna’s instructions).
      5. Also included their Copy B of the 1099-A which you are filing with IRS CID. (Do NOT include any copies of what you sent to CID)
      6. Send in a large brown envelope regular First Class Mail with a Certificate of Mailing or Registered Mail.
      7. You may receive a Letter 2645C, A.K.A. the infamous 45 day letter, from Fresno, CA. These are usually dangerous and are used against you if you do not respond and let the 45 days run out and must be responded to telling them to settle and close this matter immediately. These come in pairs on purpose to run out your 90 days which turns it into a collectible. Always respond to both immediately. If one of these letters says that they have referred it to another address, then respond to that address with the same instructions.
      8. Next you should receive a “no action” letter from them referencing your correspondence which they have received which will state "We reviewed the information you provided and determined no action is necessary on your account." Then look at the attached coupons, the area that always shows your outstanding balance at the end of the string of digits at the bottom of the both coupons, should show all zeroes. This is the proof that they have discharged the outstanding amount and set the balance on the account to zero.
      9. This should automatically remove any liens for the years discharged. If not, then file a form to request a Release of Lien and include a copy of this letter and coupons as proof that your balance is zero.
      10. If you do not get any response, file Form 3949-A with CID in Fresno, CA, requesting Emergency Investigation and Intervention.
      That's it! Timewise it should take no more than 3 months from start to finish. Now go to it!
      PS: Paul and/or Anna, perhaps this can be posted on the main site for others to be able to utilize as well.

    15. Thank you 1freeman! Very thorough instructions indeed!!

    16. 1 FreeMan, thanks for your efforts and time.

  14. Anna, thank you so much for your efforts to help everyone this past year. I am so very grateful to our Father and our Saviour Jesus Christ for raising you up and others that have been in the front lines fighting the battle of the ages. My prayers for your strength, prosperity and well being are being raised up for you daily. I look for the day that we can meet and speak face to face of the blessings that your efforts have brought to many across this nation including myself. Let the joy of Christ and His Truth rest upon you and yours in this transition from 2017 to 2018. I stand firm as your friend and co-worker in truth. Blessings, Tim


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