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Monday, December 25, 2017

Causes for Peace

By Anna Von Reitz

I was recently asked my opinion about the situation in the Middle East.  This was carefully couched with all sorts of historical and political considerations and rationalizations.  To me, it all comes down to scripture, and whether or not you believe it. 

If you believe scripture then there is no mystery whatsoever involved in the situation in the Middle East. 

It says that if the Hebrew people (both Jew and Israelite from the Ten Tribes qualify) obey and follow the Law and precepts given to them, they will be blessed and will flourish and have abundance and peace and all good things. If they don't follow the Law and precepts, they will be cursed in equal measures, and the scriptures then go on and describe what these curses will be.

Carrot and stick. It was the way the Lord had of dealing with stiff-necked people.

You want it this way, or you want it that way, and it's your free choice. 

Now, nothing the Lord does is happenstance.  And nothing He does changes unless He changes it. So you can be sure that the same choice is there for them today.  You want peace...... you want war..... it's up to you. 

As for the Arabs, the sons of Abraham by Hagar, they are not cursed and they are not prohibited from living in the land of Israel, but the land of Israel is not promised to them.  They have all the land outside of Israel, and nothing to complain of, because their own land is or can be as fair as anything in Israel. All they have to do is stop being jealous and stubborn and make use of modern technology to make the desert bloom again.

The entire region can be a garden.

They have all the energy they could ever need and with all the new tech that is available now, they can have all the fresh water they need.  Throw in some vegetable seeds and tree seedlings and the entire Middle East will bloom.  Imagine olive groves and cedar groves and apples and oranges and pecans and every kind of good growing thing taking root and growing where there are bare rocks and sand dunes now. 

Today, we can do this. 

All that is needed is for the different "sides" of this one family to wake up and heal their differences and stop being jealous of each other.  What was given to one is not given to the other, but look at what is possible? 

When my Father died and it came time for my Sister and I to split up the property I gave her whatever she wanted.  Freely.  She had first choice of everything.  So she can never complain with me for the choices she made, but as the years have gone by, she has found that she regrets some things. She feels bad for having taken things she knew I liked and wants to give them back.

The fact is that we all have our blessings, things that are hand-tailored for us and given to us, and if someone else takes those things they bring them no joy. Why?  Because in some special way, those things belong to us, and no force or fraud or happenstance can chance that.  What God gives, He gives.

So it isn't even generosity on our parts to give back what is not truly ours. It is wisdom, instead.  It is by being happy with all those very special things that we have been given--- recognizing and cherishing our own blessings which are ours in the same way, that peace and joy and contentment come.  When the Arab nations read the Old Testament and see what it says, they have cause to know the truth.  They should know from the words of their own Father and from the True God to their Mother what to expect and what to do.

Leave Israel.  Just leave it, and concentrate instead on all the fantastic glories that have been given to the other sons of Abraham. They can and should put their time and energy and love into rebuilding their own cities and their own lands, to cherishing their own gardens and their own people.  This is the wise thing to do, because nobody can change what God has given or question what He has not given.

What is yours is yours, in the realm of Heaven and on Earth.

The Arab nations have more than enough power and energy and money to give every Muslim now living in Israel lands and fortunes far in excess of anything they now have, simply by moving home and living among Muslim neighbors and not having this strife anymore.  Why not do so?  Open up their inheritance, and they won't want someone else's. They will look back on their hovels in Israel and laugh with joy. 

The same thing with the Muslim immigrants fleeing to Europe.  These people are in dismay.  They are facing prejudice and anger.  They are confused and unhappy.  They may not being bombed or attacked by drones anymore, but they are among foreigners and trying to adjust to a strange climate and hostile neighbors who feel that they are being imposed upon. 

Arab nations?  Among the most wealthy of the wealthy on Earth?  Open your borders and your arms to your own people.  Welcome them home and put them to work rebuilding your lands and building the fresh water projects and farms that will make your nations blossom like Eden again.  Put aside this senseless warring and jealousy.  You cannot gainsay the God of your Fathers, but you can pay attention to your own blessings.

As she has grown older, my older Sister no longer feels so needy.  Things are not wanted just because they are lovely or useful or valuable.  They have to be hers.  They have to feel right.   They have to have that special sense of belonging to her.  Everything else she gives away and sends these blessings on their path, hoping that they find their way to those they do belong to. 

Whatever she kept of mine long ago no longer matters. Times change, people change, needs change. What was mine twenty years ago and which should have gone to me to enjoy at that time, is no longer mine, either.  It belongs to someone else now.  And that's all right. 

As for the fights in the Middle East, they could be over in five minutes.  All that is required is that men look for and find their own blessings, and decide to themselves that it is better to look for the causes for peace than to search out the causes for war. 

There will always be mistakes.  There will always be "sins"--- which is just another name for mistakes.  There will always be "debts" --- which is just another name for mistakes.  But we have the ability to correct our mistakes most of the time, and we always have the opportunity to learn from them and do better next time.  We don't have to keep on butting our heads against Divine Laws, like children determined to conquer gravity.

In truth, if we were all letting go of all the things that don't belong to us, but which we have mistakenly latched onto, and instead, paying attention and accepting and caring for those things and people that do belong to us, this would already be a happy and abundant world. 

So how to bring peace to the Middle East?  Read the Old Testament.  Understand what it says.  Accept it.  And be happy. 

Go on and celebrate all that God has given to all of us--- life and love and enough and more to come.  Let the Arab nations wake up to their own blessings at last.  Let the people of Israel read their own choices--- to be blessed or cursed, as they will, and let them have peace from the outside world.

My Sister and I are close now, closer than we have ever been.  The things that stood between us because they were mine and she wanted them no longer stand between us.  Likewise, the hurt she felt because she took them from me and had no pleasure in them, no longer matters, either.  She learned a very hard lesson and realized that life moves on, and sometimes when we take things that belong to others, you can't just give them back.  That moment is gone.

What remains is her growing wisdom and thankfulness for all the blessings that are hers, including my steadfast love.

And that is what must ultimately remain festering in the hearts of the people of the Middle East, because somewhere someone realizes that at the bottom of this is love---and nothing is more troublesome than love denied.  The Jews and the Israelites and the Muslims secretly love each other, which is why they are jealous of each other and fight with each other, because they are all brothers from the same stem, the same family tree, still scrapping all these generations later over what belongs to whom and which blessings are theirs. 

When the nations seek the causes for peace, there will be peace.  When they look at their neighbors and see themselves, there will be peace.  When they question their hearts and ask--- is this mine?  They will know the truth.  And there will be peace and gladness, too, for when men embrace their blessings and take right action for the right reasons, God shines through.

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  1. Now i know why everyone that took from me are so unhappy... Money, and "things" are their God, with no other Gods before them..!! But no matter how much of those things they acquire, you'll notice they are never happy....they even look at love as a "thing". But the sad thing is, is that they are like the arabs you talk about....they are all jeolous of what everyone has, but they want it handed to them instead of the satisfaction that comes from hard work and disapline, which none of them have a clue about. And you know why...none of them are interested in real truth. They have never been truth seekers,instead, they have been truth avoiders their whole lives..And no matter how many times God gives them a chance to understand, they are just to lazy or uninterested in reading why by reading the bible unless theres a buck to be made for it. They have actually told me that...Im sorry judge Anna, but just like my so called friends, the middle east has been fighting for thousands of years because they just dont get it....they dont understand the truth because all they ever accepted in this life are LIES. Truth is "foreign" to them and because they have embraced "hate" instead of love and compassion, God has stopped trying too(for them)....There is so much hate now on this planet, that only God himself can prove or correct it...!!

    1. James, 'satisfaction from hard work'?? You gotta be kidding, lol. The only ones who get such satisfaction are the 'slave owners' who have those 'hard working slaves' working hard to make THEM a lot of money.
      You ever walk thru a graveyard and see any tombstones that say 'ole Joe here was a hard worker'? Or ever see a parade going through your downtown for ''hard workers'? You ever see any hard worker die leaving a huge booty behind?
      Nah. He dies old and broken down before his time.

    2. I know what your saying Abby..!! But all those people that are trying to make us slaves are mostly miserable to. And just having money given to you actually makes people miserable. Because, usually its not the money you get that makes you happy, its the people you work around that really makes a job either very happy or very miserable, regardless of the money...i see people switching jobs all the time, thinking the grass is greener and pays a lot more.. but with these out of control megalomaniacs who run these corp. no one is truely that happy. We have a friend right now who is only 54 and has been waiting over 5 years now for his attorney sister(which he cant stand because of her arrogance and money) to get him SSI or SSDI like his fat lazy older brother, who already got a settlement and SSDI for $1400/mo when all he would be receiving if he just waited for his SS, he would only be getting about $700/mo. So his younger brother wants the same thing, and has been living out of his wreaked car now for over 2 years. And he hasnt lifted a finger to do anything himself...all he does is wait around for his payday, while he makes mistake after mistake for having too much time on his is absoluty pathetic and immiture at 54 not to work because he is strong yet. The doctors are only willing to say that he is only partly permantently dissabled...his brother is already at the age of retirement at 63. But not him. Everyone wants an easy way out... I wouldnt mind so much, but he doesnt do anything with all of his free time, except drink and smoke cigs and gamble...but we are all supposed to pay for his immiturity and stupidity. He isnt a patriot and doesnt even want to read or go back to school.....his parents need a good kick in the ass. And i would do it if they both werent dead..!! Some people should have kids if they arent capable of giving up there own...he is the perfect example of why i dont want anymore friends...ever..!! And i dispise hes sister for even pulling shit like this for him, because he doesnt deserve it...!! She just happenes to be in that industry of law...but for the corp not the employee. I think there is ahuge conflict of interest by doing what she is doing..!! And you wonder why corp treat us so bad..Hes trying to steal too. And hes misserable. He needs to work just to keep his mind going...!! But Trump is on to all of these entitlement programs and has vowed to do something about it. Ive been trying to tell him the entire world is bankrupt and you should have settled a long time ago, before Trump stops it all...But he doesnt believe me..!!

    3. James, yes indeed there are those true free-loaders, lazy and don't even want to take an interest in anything. But we cannot include everybody as being a freeloader with wrong attitudes.
      I knew a lady 50 yrs. ago, and ran across her after a couple of decades; she was telling me about meeting some guy and how they go dancing, she loves to go dancing. Then in a next conversation weeks later, she told me how she got SSD because of her feet; she had had several operations on them
      and the judge just asked for one additional doctors statement and he awarded her the disability claim. I was immediately thinking, then how do you go dancing all the time, if you have SSD based on your feet??

      Now the best money I ever had, was what was given to me; or as gifts or a small windfall or surprise I didn't know I was getting; and it never made me miserable. I've even been given cars, and had 2 houses offered to me two different times, which I stupidly turned down. In retrospect, I know now those were blessing from God, so I now deserve to have to pay rent to live, lol. But when I had to pay for things out of my own paycheck, I would always think, geesh I had to 'slave' to xxx hours to do this, or buy this or pay for this or that.
      So I am just totally backwards from the general census when
      it comes to money, and many many other things. Neither do I wish misery on anyone, but when I am treated unfairly, I just turn them over to God and say, 'balance the books, however you choose'..and I just let it go at that.
      Happy? Well, when you get right down to it, I don't think anyone is totally happy; how could they be with all the tyranny and game-playing going on in our world today.
      But content? I am content and at peace with myself and my life, and mine....mostly because I keep the dross out of my life at all times. I never feel lonely or left out and have plenty of good things to occupy myself with. I give honor where honor is due, and kick ass whenever necessary. I am totally free of political correctness, so I am my true self.

      2018? I look for it to be a very active year, with plenty of surprising events, and lots of exposure, and I think it will have its share of upsets. I don't expect it to be a bed of roses by any means. Could very well be just about the last days of this country/world, as we have known it. Way too many various aspects going on, and IMO, its one of those ''too little, too late' times.

  2. I just discovered a new site that is very easy and straight foreward to communicate with Trump.....the site ask you if you want a direct call by Trump or by email. Just tell him what it is you want to talk about..!! I said it is personal and confidental and is a matter of National Security. And i will only talk to Trump directly and only on a secure line....!!! Lets seeif that gets his attention...!!

    1. James,
      I know this is off the subject. I tried to reach out to you on the Trump memo on 12/14. This is in regards to court room procedure. Can someone be a third party interceder in a sentencing hearing? Or what would you recommend at a sentencing hearing? Thanks for your help.

    2. Billy, could you have waited any longer to stop the vase from reaching that point...!! Did you have an attorney, or did you go pro per..?? If you set up your case up properly, you wouldnt have had to do anything until the sentencing. Because he would have been moving against you against your explicid "OBJECTION". But dont feel bad, i did the same thing when i first started going into court and challegening their jurisdiction. But i had them so concerned, that i saw at least 4 judges, and a haf dozen assissant DA's..!! They arent ready for someone who knows how to plead. I learned proceedural law first, before i even started using patriot law..!! So they certainly knew what i was talking about..!! When you go into court, you have to know how to do the " In other words you need to know their law, just in case ours doesnt work or they dont understand what we are doing and just ignore us.. But what i did at sentencing even though i told my attorney what to do and didnt do it is sentencing, the judge is required to give you an "allocution" hearing..!! In other words, the judge is going to ask you, that before i sentence you Mr.Lugan "DO YOU HAVE ANTHING TO SAY"..!! As a matter of fact, your honor, i do...Then i gave it to him(politily of course) , but sterney.. I told him that when i first started studying law and came hear, i really thought that everyone would be dealing with"clean hands" and in "good faith"(which are two doctrines they always use to convict our conscious, when they are the worst violators of those two doctrines), and before i could say another word, the judge immediately became nervous and cut me off quickly, before i could even fact his eyes immediately looked down and not at me anymore and as he already started to walk away said, well you can take that up at your appeal...and walked right out of court before i really made him face his conscious...they become wallflowers real fast when they know you arent stupid...!! But back then i didnt know what i know now....those charges that they are about to sentence you with...right now your attorney is "holding" them. This is the UCC im talking about. Hes the "holder"(of your charging instrament) but your the "holder in due course"(general) of those charges because they belong to you and the only way they can get paid on the "Bid Bond" they have on you, is to get your "signiture"(solid gold). You should warn your attorney that if you dont do something to lower what your facing that you are going to refuse to "STAND" for the charges when the judge tellseveryone to stand..Tell your attorney to stand, your the one who lost, not me. Now you can take the consequences too, because he is "holding" all the charges for you and he can wait to get those charges off of him and onto pronto. Otherwise, he just took the "liability" for all those charges. Just keep your cool and dont stand. If the judge says anything just tell him it was the attorneys lack of proceedural law that i lost the case, so he can also take the consquencies.. I wouldnt have plead "not guilty" your honor. I would have "Demurred" to the accusatory pleading right from the start(pc 1003), which doesnt give the court jurisdiction. Its the only thing that comes under pleadings, that has to be addressed before the judge takes jurisdiction and doesnt give the court the right to move foreward or make another pleading until the "demurrer" can be ruled on..

    3. And it isnt a motion that can be simply be "DENIED". BUT HE WILL STILL TRY JUST TO TEST YOU IF YOU KNOW HOW A DEMURRER WORKS..!! A demurrer cannot be "denied" , it has to be "overuled" or "sustained". And it has to be done right at start of arrignment. And the judge better have a damn good reason why he overuled your demurrer(which is FRCP 12(b) 6...failure to state a "claim" upon which relief cannot be given) No one in the court has a "claim" against you, because they are charging your "strawman" the one in all caps, the person, not the "Man". I am here today as a man, and THIS man is dragging the LAND with him into court(because right now they assume your on WATER..!! If the court would like to try again, im am willing to "nuc pro tunc" this all the way to the beginning of arraignment...!! Its up to you, but otherwise my sitting down represents my "Objection" to this whole case....Its a mexican standoff if you can stomach it....CAN YOU !!! This is where the rubber meets the road..!! Its a game.. Who has more balls..!! But you do have the "Truth" on you side. Its up to you to believe in yourself to do it. But once your sentenced and you just accept it, whatever you sentence is , especially if it includes jail time, you are going to jail and then you are going to have to fight from the "inside". And 3 months is a long time to be away from home.. So if the judge and your attorney bites, then its time to negotiate right there and jail, just a reasonable fine and everyone can go home a winner...!!

    4. James, two points: First, I thought anytime a judge gets up and walks out in the midst of a case, then court is over with and whatever was being heard, ends right there. No?

      Second point: This is what I was saying before; that after all the filings, it will take having the ability, guts, and wherewithal to implement all the new tools. And like you said, that requires one to learn a whole bunch about their whacky looney 'law' and courtroom procedure. That is what presents the problem.

    5. James, thank you so much for your input. I believe I can use that FRCP 12(b)- "failure to state a claim which relief can be given" in what I am presenting to court. Great advice!

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  5. Sorry, hers the site...

  6. People I knew, those I called friends, came to me when I stopped by and drank coffee. Soon after a few visits the no longer came over to me, became distant friends. I was they were only companions in alcohol that the bars sold a lot more of than coffee. Suddenly I could see, once my rebirth ocurred, people who I had thought were unfortunate, those old AA soldiers who came out looking to those in need. Would come to a jail and offer you to get out if attending a meeting with them. How suddenly I realized what they had done for me, like canaries warning the miners, and how much they loved me to care enough to act to help me. The Azore Islands still celebrates the 4th of July because John Kennedy provided a lot of help when the volcano went off and decimated the home of the islanders. They hired and Air Force horns jazz band at the park, flags really honor the uSA, shows what helping others rather than dropping bombs or other greedy things can do. Love is all things, we choose, we do what we want, my friend God is like that never asks me for anything much, leaves it up to me to choose, always providing stuff for me.

  7. Thank you very much dear Anna!

    All we really want is peace!
    To think along these lines in any conflict may be helpful.
    And conflict (like peace) is an inside job.
    The Bible may help by appealing to the seed of truth that may be found somewhere within each individual.

    Re: "When the Arab nations read the Old Testament and see what it says, they have cause to know the truth." - I suppose that is the way if they do not accept the New Testament. Is it possible for "the Arab nations" to come to Christ?

    What comes to mind now is:
    "God bless the child that's got its own."

    1. Chef, there is far more to it than 'coming to Christ'. It involves doing and living all His Ways. Can we really think that any arabs or muslims are going to give up all their old cultural ways, surrender all they have had instilled in them, and do the ways of the Lord? I hardly think so, and besides, it is really none of our concern what other nations do with their beliefs.

  8. First of ll: This is a just universe. The universe operates by laws, and Law; and in our human domain, we should operate by law that is just, and which thereby reflects the larger reality of which this life is a part. As referenced in the spiritual observation: As Above, So Below. It does not seem fair to me that Jews can simply come into a land that they - i.e., bloodline Jews, and not just converted Jews, like the Khazarian/European Jews - have not inhabited for thousands of years and just take over, rudely dispossessing what are called Palestinians in our day, i.e., peoples who HAVE lived on that land for thousands of years.

    And especially not when said interlopers have acted in a criminal manner whilst claiming that land (and wishing to extend their boundaries to a 'Greater israel,' wanting to take more of the surrounding land, now belonging to, and occupied by, other countries). And besides their local criminality against the occupied people, their criminality extending to acts of war against the U.S., and other countries. I refer to such atrocities as: the Lavon Affair. The attempted sinking of the U.S.S. Liberty. Their acts of omission regarding the bombing of the U.S. Marine Barracks in Beirut. Their acts of both omission and commission regarding the particularly heinous atrocity that has come to be known as 9/11. And there are other such actions, of a rogue nation.

    Let the modern state of Israel own up to its various crimes. And then let's talk about what is right. And honorable. And just.

    1. Stan, it is mind boggling how so many people give undue credence to israel and the 'jews'. Judaism is a vile religion and it is a mistake to bother with the moving of our embassy there. The 'jews' are fakes and israel hates God; they have no caring about anything except their selfish selves. We should not be giving israel financial support every year, as we do - - while we have plenty of homeless of our own.
      I am one person of the few, who does not make decisions based on ethnicity or anything else, except what they are on the 'inside' and what they think. Either a person is righteous and stand for Good and Fairness, or else they are unrighteous and selfish with a bent mentality; then I easily cast them aside.
      And I could not care less what anyone thinks about it. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Period. The palestinians are being crapped on by israel, and israel deserves absolutely nothing. Israel says one thing publicly, that they desire peace, but behind closed doors, they have no such intentions.

      Trump is also making a big mistake by listening to Mad Dog who wants war with NK. We already bombed them to hell once; and today the masses there live in dire poverty. Can we blame them for hating americans? Pyongyang is the only place that has been modernized, while the countryside is a century or two behind the times and the people there live in misery and hardship.
      Where is the logic here? Where is there any sanity in this world? Name me one thing that is truly good about it. There are far too many self-serving people and nations each wanting their own selfish way, wanting to Rule others and take over something. I tell you we have a world full of mentally disturbed people, and that's why I can't stand most of them.
      I surveil the big picture. What is so hard about that?
      Even the so called 'evangelicals' are 'israel firsters' - - also having fallen for israel's bullshit. Israel is NOT 'Gods chosen people'! ! Even common sense tells us God does NOT choose wicked people, as israel, who despises Jesus and does not permit the bible, having had a huge bible burning festival a few years back.
      Then who are Gods chosen? That small little group called 'his church body' and they are scattered all over the place. They are the Chosen Bride of Christ, and Jesus is the husbandman; he is not a philanderer nor is he unfaithful to the Bride.
      Lastly, that 6 pointed star on the israeli flag, is purely a satanic star; there is NO 'star of david'.

    2. mind boggling for sure for those that are out of balance and IN conflict within themselves between their worldly carnal minds Full of need, greed, judgement,jeolousy, envy, hate, anger, fear, scarcity mindset. While at the same time claiming to be God's chosen, bearing no spiritual fruits in either thoughts, behaviors or deeds, no matter where they live in this great big beautiful world. Double speaking foolishness. (gnashing of teeth in rage /anguish in direct opposition to moral, ethical, compassionate, loving thoughts/behaviors). Duality at its finest to observe and be mindful of. The results of this thinking and behavior tells the true story for those with eyes to see, and learn the lessons from. This is a Worldwide epidemic that has finally reached its end point!! Thankfully!!!

    3. Isiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter 24 Therefore, as the fire devoureth the stubble, and the flame consumeth the chaff, so their root shall be as rottenness, and their blossom shall go up as dust; because they have cast away the law of the Lord of hosts, and despised the world of the Holy One

    4. You guys don't get it. Trump announced this to rile up the whole world against Isra-hell and look how few are standing with them. It's a bluff and a ruse. Nobody like them and are on to their games and shenanigans. First of all there is no more Nation (People) of Israel but only the STATE OF ISRAEL INC which is a fictitious corporation just like U.S., INC created by Zionists in collusion with the British as evidenced by the Balfour Declaration and rubber stamped by the U.N., INC and funded by the Rothschilds, displacing the Palestinians inhabitants by military force and shear acts of terror. Even the boundaries unlawfully established by the UN, have by further lawlessness been exceeded at every possible turn and are being exceeded even further today to ultimately drive out all Palestinians and steal all their land outright. The UK gave away a land that was not theirs to a clan that was not even Jewish, or Hebrew or even Semites as in descendants of Shem, the bloodline of Jesus. These were Luciferian Zionists and by their own confession 90% of them are Ashkenazi (just ask them) which scripture proves are the descendants of Japheth, not Shem. Look up "Ashkenaz" in your bible. The only Semites in this hotly disputed region in the Middle East today are the remnant of true Abrahamic bloodline Hebrews (about 10% of those who call themselves Israelites) and the Palestinians who lived together in harmony until the Zionist invasion and occupation. Talk about anti-semitism and the pot calling the kettle black! The land is not promised to anyone at this time and no one can lay any biblical claim to it until Christ returns.

      Judaism is over and is no more. In Jeremiah 3:8 God tells us that He has divorced Israel and in Isaiah 50:1 that He has also divorced her treacherous sister Judah, both for their harlotry. He will not recall them until the day of Christ's return (Ezek. 39:25-29; 37:1-28 Isa. 11:10-12 Mt. 24:31). Not that he wanted to divorce them but in their adultery, they wanted to divorce Him, so He allowed it and made it legal by giving them a bill of divorce. This divorce is still in effect to this day and will be until Christ recalls them at His return. Yes, they are still God's elect but nevertheless divorced, cut off, and lost outside the will of God if they reject God's provision in His only begotten Son Jesus for their salvation. Only then can they be grafted back into their own tree from which they were cut off as Paul explains.

      Ignatius, who was the Bishop of Antioch, known as one of the early church fathers, and who was one of John’s disciples, in his letter states: "it is absurd to speak of Jesus Christ with the tongue, and to cherish in the mind a Judaism which has come to an end..." When the new has come, the old is done away with. God made sure of this and, as Jesus prophesied, left no stone upon the other as judgement on the Jews for rejecting His Son. Even the Western (wailing) Wall is in actuality the wall of a Roman fortress since the site of the temple was in the City of David, south of the Temple Mount and Al-Aqsa mosque and Dome of the Rock. Look on any map for the Gihon Spring which is in the City of David and which scripture tells us was under the temple since water was needed for the sacrifices.

      "Having been fulfilled in Christ, the law was done away with and even Paul instructed the Jews to no longer be conformed to this Jewish world and age with all of its laws and rituals and sacrifices with blood of bulls and goats that could never take away the sins of the people." Read the rest of this article here:

    5. The Nation of Israel will not be restored until the day of Jesus' return and not one day sooner. All the so called Judeo-Christian nonsense that we must support the STATE OF ISRAEL is non biblical having no support in scripture whatsoever. The coin phrase Christian Zionism is unbiblical and oxymoronic and was instigated by Zionists as wolves in sheep clothing who funded this infiltration to establish support among Christians for their lawlessness in the Middle East. They also funded the Scofield bible project which is blatantly Zionist in its commentary annotations. These were shipped to Christian seminaries by the truckload free of charge and given as gifts to each student to indoctrinate them into believing the heresy pretending that the STATE OF ISRAEL is the same as the Nation of Israel and the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. It is nothing more than a fictitious construct as a corporation that only exists on paper and on the stock exchange being enforced by thugs with guns who have no legitimate claim to the land or its people by any possible means.

      The Zionist STATE OF ISRAEL is such a fraud that even Henry Kissinger, an Ashkenazi himself, on September 17, 2012 stated in the NY Post "In 10 years, there will be no more Israel." Google it and you will find several sources confirming this. What does he know that we do not? He is not only close to the fire but in it.

      The Zionists there are the ones fomenting the wars not only in ISRAEL but worldwide for their one world government agenda where they are the rulers and the rest are just goyim or cattle meant to serve them or be slaughtered. What they practice at home they export to the world and are the puppet masters pulling the US strings making us fight their wars for them so they don't have to. Since when is any state allowed to occupy another for how many years now since 1948? Imagine if China occupied this country for as many years and you could not even commute to work without fear of harassment, arrest or even death by your occupiers at the point of a gun? Are we not occupied ourselves and fighting to throw off this yoke which leads right back to the same oppressors? What right pray tell does ISRAEL have to oppress the Palestinians and occupy them? What right do they have to oppress the rest of the world? None!

    6. Agreed 1freeman. The beastly carnal minds of men have created much misery in their false, fictious graven images to cloud, confuse and color EVERY bit of Gods intentions and original creation/jurisdiction within us all. The beastly minded are never satisfied, fulfilled with all the abundance and blessings provided from within. Freewill choice. Yes, the scriptures clearly point us to "see", "look" and "hear" from our God given spirit hearts/minds within to observe and discern truth from fiction. The kingdom of heaven IS within us. The path IS narrow through our very small and carnal mind's fictious beliefs and "superior" egoic constructs INDEED.
      As a man thinketh, so shall it be.

  9. Anna as always much appreciation for your consistent insightful teaching in pure wisdom, peace and truth to us all!!! You, James and team ARE making a Huge impact on our world and in our personal lives! Thank you from my big old heart and Merry Christmas!
    Much love and peace

  10. Those two trust indentures represent clearly our natural spirit within and expresses our natural physical land jurisdiction and healthy boundaries set in our "Constitution" (state of being, both in mind and spirit) for the united States of America on the physical land level. Originally as purely authored and intended by healthy, balanced hearts and minds. simple, peaceful, mindful and true.

    Once we choose to see from within ourselves the relationship (jurisdictions) between our own inner spirit heart/mind and our carnal mind and its functions purposes within us, we can start to see clearly how this relates to our physical co creating, positive or negative impacts on our external world. (functioning in either colorable or lawful Constitution)
    Its all related and connected both internally and externally. And We individually and collectively ARE responsible for our thoughts, choices and behaviors.
    Once we choose to see the distinct character choices of our own carnal mind thought/behaviors creating a "separate" worldly narrative (colorable Sea jurisdiction) for ourselves and in opposition to our true spirit/nature, we can then see and recognize clearly the imbalance or divide that we have participated in creating/accepting this unbalanced, unhealthy, colorable jurisdiction in our physical world to control and "rule" over us and everyone. There are 3 jurisdictions operating simultaneously both internally (spiritually) and externally (physically) within and without our "vessel" it IS ALL connected. It IS ALL freewill choice.
    Lawful, original jurisdiction within ourselves and on the phydical land as intended IS honest, peaceful, just, loving and abundantly filled with blessing and prosperity for ALL. Naturally.
    Carnal mind that becomes unhealthy and worldly driven, disconnected from spirit within, creates nothing but worldly misery, conflict in service ONLY to SELF. A false Mask attempting to hide and create false appearances, and a life filled in dishonesty with self and half truth thoughts/behaviors and shallow vain "needs." Its the popular mindset and flavor of the day. Misery LOVES company!! It is our dark side/jurisdiction within. We ALL have it. We all know this already. Is it any surprise then to anyone "WHO" we need to look to blame for the world we've chosen to live in and co create?
    We ARE the ones who created and allowed this mess, and WE see now that in order to change our world and create true peace on earth, than WE must first change/correct and align our carnal mind /thoughts, behaviors Within FIRST. We are the christ spirit within and awakening to see and BE the change that we've been waiting for!
    We Will create our heaven on this earth and Peace WILL reign as naturally intended!!
    Much love and Peace to All


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