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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

I can't let this Deadline go by without telling you.

Who is Paul Stramer
From Paul Stramer

This is just too good not to tell you. 

I need to update everyone that wants to support Anna's work about what has happened in the last two months.

On November 3rd. I made everyone aware of a new Free Lifetime Membership in the Mint Builder opportunity. Since then 663 of Anna's supporters have received their Lifetime memberships and now have the ability to buy precious metals at cost.  That is the actual cost that the company buys those metals for.  That cost equals the spot price plus the strike fee at the mint, plus the shipping to get the metals to Florida where the company ships from.

At first Mint Builder gave away the Lifetime membership entirely free of charge for about 35 days. Then they charged half of what a yearly membership will be after the 1st of January, and now they have a special promotion for the rest of this week only.

Until Sunday December 31st at Midnight, we have the ability to lock in a Lifetime of wholesale purchasing power for just a one time fee of $199.00.  You will never have to pay that again, no matter how much silver or gold you buy.

After midnight on December 31st. the Wholesale Membership goes to it's normal price of $199.00 PER YEAR.   My opinion is that if you are going to buy silver anyway, over the time of one year if you buy about 100 ounces of silver you will be money ahead, but normally you will have to pay that fee again the following year. BUT NOT WITH THIS OFFER.  You will never have another membership fee to pay.
You will be able to get as much silver and gold as you want from now on.


Mint Builder has a network of members that work as a team to create profit for everyone involved that wants to either get a graded MS70 coin on autoship each month, or who are signing up at least one new member each month.

That compensation plan (See it here) is a well structured network that has already generated $1000 just on my level, out of which I have already sent $250 to Anna, which is 25%. In the future as this grows big enough to handle all our advertising expenses, I will be sending Anna up to 50% each payday.

So my recommendation is for you to take advantage of this short window of opportunity and get the Lifetime Membership and then start an auto saver plan for one MS70 coin, to help finance Anna's work and get a perfect silver coin each month for you.

I can tell you right now that if everyone that got their membership up to this point would get on the autoship, it would generate $8287.50 per month to support Anna's work and my work, and it would also get the people who do it, not only one coin every month, but as more people join this from outside of Anna's group, it will generate commissions for many of Anna's supporters.

The idea is to give a business opportunity to people who really need it and who think like we do, while spreading Anna's words around the world in a huge way, and do it by using the most stable form of money in history, precious metals.

In any case, the comments section is turned on at the bottom of this article, and I hope you use it.

This is just an idea that seems to be working. Tell us what you think. Let me try to answer your questions.


Paul Stramer,  webmaster for Anna Von Reitz,  406 889 3183


  1. i agree Paul! win-win proposition!
    The only thing that could make this any better, in my humble opinion, is if that were everyone receiving this believed that they could do what you do. In other words, if everyone receiving this believed that they themselves could do what needs to be done to get the same results as you.
    Wouldn't you agree?
    All The Best, Wirkin

    1. You are right. In an ideal world everyone would approach their warm market with perfect salesmanship and professional ability. This is not a perfect world. In fact most people will never be good sales people, AND BECAUSE OF THAT I DON'T WANT THEM TO BE. I don't want to try to teach people how to sell. Why? Because in general people love to buy, but they hate to be sold on anything at all. When people buy they want it to be their idea, not some salesman's idea.

      That is the reasoning to use internet automation to do a simple task. That task is sifting and sorting of people world wide. They will sort themsleves out on their own if we give them all the right information. So our job is to get the right info in front of as many people as possible.
      That is where I come in. I spent 3 years doing that with Anna's information to find 4000 people who wanted to read more of Anna's ideas. I didn't sell anyone. I just presented Anna's ideas in the right kind of automated way, and found those people by their own actions. I advertised with certain banner ads, and other ads and pages on websites. There were forms on those websites that people could, on their own, join the mailing list.
      All those methods also apply to Mint Builder. I am creating pages for everyone that gets on the Auto Saver program that will let people join, and/or get more information from that member's website.

      We will let the automation do the sifting and sorting, and we will just answer their questions as they ask them. We are not selling. They are asking. We are just furnishing information. We are letting them make up their own mind.

    2. The thing we will teach is how to use the tools we are building to grow your list of interested people.

      In that respect I am trying to teach people to do what I do. The money is in the list, especially on the Internet. So by running the original Mint Builder movie in front of millions of people we will get them to either sign up or go to our members websites on the company server where they can get a lot more information.

      Ordinarily I would send them to a form right after the movie, and only then to the members website, but that costs money. My email autoresponder system is called AWeber, and runs about $800 per year. Instead I am trying to get the company to set up a system in house that will run autoresponder emails for every member.

      In any case you should all know that I have lots of tricks up my sleeve to drive traffic to your websites when you participate with an autoship.

    3. UPDATE: It's now June of 2020 and the company did everything we asked them to do. See it all here.

  2. I am a newbie, just weeks old. I have a lot to learn. will be reading everything that I can get my hands on


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