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Thursday, December 28, 2017


By Anna Von Reitz

The actions and facts we have described for everyone are all matters of Public Record and not subject to debate.
There has not been a lawful government in power in this country since 1860, but there now is. 

The hereditary Head of State has taken definitive action to end any presumption of Interregnum and called in all the debts and exemptions owed to this country, its states and its people.  We have not abandoned as much as a silver dime.  

Together with allied Native leaders we are moving steadily forward to reclaim our country in behalf of the actual nation-states and living people, restoring the state republics and the self-governance we are owed.

Our Public Servants need to face facts, come to heel, and actually do what they are paid to do.  Defend the actual states and people.  Conduct the business with a straight face and honest accounting.  Issue the lawful currency.

 Assist us in restoring the government we are owed.  Nationalize the criminal banks. Shut down their patented and trademarked Foreclosure Mill.  Ride herd on these hopelessly corrupt corporate courts.  Stop the registration of people and their private assets.  Quit the weird weapons testing.  Tell the UN where to get off.  Fire every clerk at the Patent Office.  And generally speaking, wake to Hell up.

If you let our land jurisdiction government sink under the waves ---we’ve got news for all of you.  No land jurisdiction means no sea jurisdiction. All the corporations created under our auspices go down the drain if we do, regardless of where they are in the world, regardless of whether they are territorial or municipal.  All the corporations..... ALL THE CORPORATIONS.....

Read and repeat as many times as necessary.

Better get on board the only true Ship of State still sailing and grab an oar and thank God that there is still an oar to grab.   The Idiot Americans woke up just in time to save themselves----and all of you.

Pope Francis?  Cardinal Mamberti?  Cardinal Pell?  We, the American states and people, are here, alive, well, standing on the land with our porting treaty cured, demanding discharge of all bonds held in our NAMES and the return of all our assets.  We are owed discharge of these issues via probate, not bankruptcy.  There is no interregnum.  There is no “National Debt”. 

And there is no excuse. 

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  1. All this is well and good but more people are just sheeple and have no clue how to start doing any of these processes without templates and for years have never been provided any!
    More need the ABC's given to them to start doing anything!
    When will we get them?????

    1. Hello ableone,
      i believe what you're asking for already exists. You can order the complete body of all Anna's works available on the website for home study on a flash drive for a very few bucks. Or, you can simply study online at the website.
      If you would like to go one step further getting yourself informed, you're welcome welcome to attend the Michigan General Jural Assembly Thursday nite calls for no charge. Details available at their website.
      No excuses for complaining here! Be an ableone!
      All The Best, Wirkin

    2. Cudo's to Wirkin Dawg for your response to ableone.

    3. Stop being a victim and making excuses, take care of your own house and be an example to others and in time more and more remnant people will get in line, no matter what the Baby loan (babylon) does. Take responsibility and learn and than act.

    4. Wirkin, yer all missing the point of what Ableone is saying - and also what I've been trying to say. This is not rocket science, so let me say it....Again:

      We are not looking for a Study Program, not because we are lazy but because we all are quite consumed with all that is involved with just tending to daily living. Some have children that cannot be neglected with parents 'going to school'.
      Look at it like this: When Social Security came into being, the People were not required to go and study all about it; it was simply 'if you meet these simply guidelines, just go APPLY at xxxx or by xxx'. And when you got there, somebody was there to take your application. End of story! Sheesh, you didn't even need to be able to read !

      Now this should be pretty much the same way; they have been told to let go of our damned money, so all we need to know is where the hell to 'apply' for it. Who to contact - not how to embark on a big fight for it ! IF it is so, and IF they actually take their grimey hands off it, then why would it have to be any other way??

      So what is needed is a very SIMPLE booklet with every single detail given, and all such information for the public is generally geared toward an 8th grade educated person, so that the general public can understand it. That has been the 'model' for decades.
      I taught/tutored college accounting to students who hardly knew what a debit or a credit was. They needed to have it explained to them, which I did and quite successfully. I saw eyes opened and exclamations of Gee! I really understand this! Why? Because I did not leave one single iota of detail out.
      Here? Well, we have had to try to put things in their proper order, and then go and hunt for the EXACT manner to apply them, and try to put everything in the proper order - - which has not been done here, all in one simple methodical way.

      Let me try to give an example of what I mean: Yeah, this is the first thing you do, alright - but there needs to be ALL the precise detail of how to do it, how to accomplish it correctly, and include addresses. Along with all that, there has to be - - before you do this, you must first make sure you have already done 'that'. Some sidenotes of sorts.

      Like with the IRS Fight: What exactly has to be done before you do that? Like, the Passport Fight: What exactly must be done first before you can do 'that'?
      See, there has to be exactness - that's how Accountants minds work. Far too much has been just 'assumed' we already know or have already busted our ass to 'figure out' or because some important detail was covered several months earlier - like assuming we caught that??

      There is absolutely no reason why this can't be simplified
      all in proper Order, with no detail left to guess about, with some side notes, as stated above.

      If we can get that, fine. If not, then I remain as a spectator waiting to just see what happens. I personally have learned there are easy ways to do things, and hard ways of doing the same things and I see no reason to do anything the hard way.
      But that's just me. Do as y'all see fit.

    5. I totally agree. I thank Anna for her tireless work but the more I read the more questions I have, I've been looking but can't find answers. For example, once I get my BC authenticated with the state I was born in and the feds then what do I need to do next? Also if I was born in one state and moved across the country to another state at an early age how do I get my sovereign rights for the state I now live in? I don't make much money but I am willing to send a donation.

    6. !! Good "eye" Wirkin, and Great response to "abelone"! The works of beastly carnal minds are showing their desperation to cling to their false narratives and selfish, greedy agendas and egoic pride by creating new "masks" to deceive. Different lipstick, same pig, lol Im guessing this new persona was also not satisfied with 1freemans very kind and generous time and attention to writing very detailed, thorough instructions for Anna's process. It wasn't good enough, and NEVER will be good enough because the intentions of the beast mind making the request/demands ARE always self serving and CONDITIONAL. This beast minds standard operating procedure of problem, reaction, solution IS being exposed for what it is and ALL the damage it creates, and IS losing its bridle of "false control" and manipulation OVER the masses.
      The beast mind creates the "PROBLEM" opposition (false enemy), Incites and antagonizes a negative "REACTION" such as Fear, Anger, puffed up egoic pride, self preservation, and then justifies the pre-determined, manipulated outcome of the "SOLUTION" which is ALWAYS the same. Steal, kill and destroy or diminish the capacity of Good people, doing good work. Always.
      I find it fascinating indeed to observe these beast minds at work.
      I'm also grateful to observe how people are wising up to this deceitful programming and behavior and are now consciously choosing to not only see it, expose it, but no longer participating and feed this beast mind mentality/system of "Governing".
      From my personal experience of observing this mindset from a deeper perspective my entire life as the labeled term of "black sheep" of the family and society at large status quo of "GO ALONG TO GET ALONG" AND "BECAUSE WE SAY SO, OR ELSE" Be obedient little sheep and just "DO WHAT YOUR RULER/MASTER HAS TOLD YOU" regardless of what intuitively you know in your heart/mind to be unjust, untrue, twisted and self serving, it has taught me well and serves a greater purpose NOW. Im grateful.
      Beast minds have no Conscience, compassion or empathy for others. This "narcissistic" beast mindset is/has infected the "masses" in our world by spreading its false perceptions/narratives onto others to keep the masses in a state of confusion, self doubt, distrust, dependance,scarcity and False FEAR to deceptivelly keep them compliant/obedient.
      They are LOSING this battle and it IS GLORIOUS to see and observe at this time!!!!
      it IS quite fascinating to observe and learn from this toxic behavior and mindset playing out not only in this comment section, but in our world at large. Do you see it and recognize it for what it is?
      Do you see the mind trickery and manipulation behavior in your midst?

    7. While some are genuinely confused and needing thoughtful assistance other beast minds are at work to ultimately discredit/destroy the honest, divinely guided, corrective thoughts, behaviors and actions necessary to learn for self governing, and responsible, mindful self conduct as shown and taught by Anna, James and team. The opposition claims to be confused, unable to connect the dots of Anna's work, which they claim on one side of their mouth to be "excellent tools" provided by Anna, and then on the other side of their mouth constantly complain, whine that what's been provided to them on a silver platter, graciously as service to ALL, IS JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH for them! The false claims, mindless, selfish excuses are constantly contradictive to their own exposing of their mindset of how “Knowledgeable" they are at "connecting all the dots" of all the "evil" dealings and workings of this "beast system" inside and out, and are glad ready to teach you everything they know and correct your perceptions if they don't agree. They are experts in ALL the wrong doing and ALL the "EVIL FILTH" and have spent much time and energy learning, so they are thrilled to tell you all about it to keep You distracted, and in FEAR of being "punished"!! Much time, attention, energy is focused and shared on this topic and they are true experts in evil. Clearly and perfectly capable of "connecting ALL dots" indeed. They have NO intentions to learn, support, encourage this positive, responsible action by the people that are genuinely desiring change and freedom from this beast system/mindset. Never was, never will be, unfortunately. Anything good is twisted and turned into a absolute threat to this beast mind.
      Genuine gratitude/appreciation shown by donations made/expressed with kind words for hard work, due diligence, caring, sharing for positive change is twisted and perceived jealously and suspiciously as ass kissing in their twisted minds.
      These mindsets always have to prove their points LOUDLY and aggressively by any means possible. Mostly by insulting and attacking anyone that speaks from their heart with compassion, in service to others. They are not capable of understanding honest, sincere kindness, positive encouragement and suppost and therefore anyone offering this MUST HAVE a hidden agenda in their selfish, greedy mind. Always the same reaction of attack, insult, diminish, discredit and destroy.
      Do you see the familiar patterns and behaviors playing out at this time? It IS everywhere. It IS becoming louder, louder everyday on purpose and for us to see and learn from.
      Be conscious, be true, be in peace
      I apologize for the length of this message, but it was necessary to express

    8. I'm sorry but I have to agree with both Abby and Kelli....i refuse to engage in anymore letter writting and form filing....because in the end every court and judge are different across this LAND...Heres a better solution...First thing that has to happen is to start training every single judge that there is a number of jurisdictions when it comes to law....not just ONE like you automatically presume when one of the people on the LAND shows up in front of you...its not up to you what jurisdiction you are going to put us under....its ours..!! And if a defendant comes into your court and he doesn't bring it up himself, it is your duty and "responsibility" to "ASK" other words your "liabile" for trying to assume a certain jurisdiction without the defendant or litigant having a choice of jurisdiction which you have to explain to him before the court van move are no longer allowed to simply take "silent judicial notice" (totally unlawful under the clean hands and good faith doctrine of the courts) of the defendants ignorance since we all went to public schools that intentionally had an agenda to keep us that way....!! It's the judges that have to go back to school, not us...!! Right now they think they are all gods who can defy anyone..!! All judges have to pass a "People Approved"(And State approved) TEST, to be certified lawfully to sit on the bench, or resign or forcefully removed from the bench, and estoppel from ever having anything to do with law again or they will be prosecuted..!! Next, we DEMAND "PARITY" with everyone in the courtroom, including the judge , prsecutor, and court clerk..!! In other words, your "Complaints" have to be worded different before you even assume jurisdiction....Instead of naming the parties..plantiff and defendant, it has to be "Accusser" and the "Accused"...and an aromatic BOND put in place for the accuser for the benefit of the accused if she violates her position of authority , by also assuming the accused is being treated as a defend from the beginning...we need to drain that swamp by letting them know that your jobs are no longer immune from anything when it comes to "We the People"....Everyone takes a tremendous "liability" when called into court....!! So Mr judge and Mrs prosecutor, do you understand the "liability" you are taking if you move forward in this case....boy , for the first time it's our turn to ask everyone if "THEY" understand(not overstand) the risk and "liability" your taking and accept it "without recourse"..!

    9. Especially when they rarely have first hand knowledge of the situation except a totally falsely written police report (if any of you have ever seen your police reports)...!!! Now it's either that way or we want and demand our very own status cards, not licenses, proving no court has jurisdiction over us on "mala prohibita" barely have it on " mala in se" crimes, but even in those crimes you have on immunity for convicting people, who are later found "not guilty" of the crime because of the courts negligence of not properly "vetting" everyone involved in the case...wittnesses, false police reports, and the big one FRAUD..!! FRAUD has to be declared and elevated as a capital crime...Cops can no longer just tell people your case is civil....when any complaint is made at the police dept. ,they are required to arrest the person until the truth is established first...!! Attorneys are not allowed to represent govt employees...they have to face the accused one on one...!! Let's see how many IRS agents have to be incarcerated before the rest of them "get it"....

      The point is, take the pressure off of us to prove we are who we say we are, and put the pressure back on the courts where they rightly belong...!! Remember, ignorance of the law is no excuse..!! And it's not our fault they are extremely ignorant and arrogant of that ignorance....but that said, some people have no choice about their status if they work for govt...But the rest of us do and we should be given the right of choosing our own status instead of everyone just assuming it...not fair!!! I'm claiming discrimination and sexual seems to get the courts attention. So your discriminating me because I'm a "person" and not a "man"..!! I think most people would actually choose this system anyway because no one wants to take "full resposibility" rather than "limited liability"...!! So let them take it. And we will take ours..And the judges have to wear two hats (or maybe robes) ,one in black (to mean corporate law) and one in blue (to recognize the constitution and common law)..!! If we have to play these stupid paper games, so do they...lets see how everyone likes the extra work...!! One more thing has to be made mandatory...everyone working in positions of authority, like law enforcement, has to waive all liability and submit to also waiving "recourse" for any actions brought against them for fraudulently written police reports....once charged by an American National, it's only a summery judgement, period...guilty as charged....!!


    1. just my theories, but i suggest getting books on "equity" (england or america) and/or "canon law".

      i cant say for sure, but lots of overlap and history.

      i believe vatican is still the "highest chancery court in the world" -- doesn't necessarily mean anyone (within or without any "church") obeys their decrees, but i believe that is still their official position as it were.

      it has also been said e.g. rothschilds (majority owners of "un corp." stock) are little more than "vatican" bankers, going back quite a long while. try "federal reserve conspiracy & rockefellers" emanuel josephson.

      so that story goes, the "civil law" takeover was done partially as "undo the damage you did with representative gov., and the church will recognize the jesuits once more". from that POV, the "civil war" etc. was merely "undoing" the damage they did in the first place. representative gov. was a fluke, a mistake, they are merely "atoning" by "correcting" the problem, to get back in the good graces of "the church"

      put two and two together, people wonder why pope francis is deeply into "environmental" causes and the UN and globalism, but no mystery if one knows that connection

      "hanbury's modern equity" (england, but used copy can be had for ~$5 or so) indirectly explains some of the history, or get the american common law book referenced on anna's site.

      just my 2 cents. i would say short answer is common law is/was bottom up (after "independence" anyhow, but also in england too, to varying degrees, depending on whether the "king" saw himself as "only there with consent of the people" or "only there with consent of the pope" or if he saw himself as "absolute" ruler, above "the people" and "the church" (depends on which king, how they viewed things, was not always one way or the other) )

      equity and civil law historically was the king/church intertwined as one, i.e. "roman pontiff" a.k.a. "emperor" has "kings", each "king" has a "kingdom", that historic view is the "king" was only there because the "church" let him.

      whether one buys the "jesuits were behind lincoln's murder" or "vatican created the concept of corporations"...just the title page of bouviers states "civil law" is all "foreign" (, bouviers, see "database information" for the title page, reprint i have is missing that)

      even if one does not buy all the "conspiracies" the short simple fact is "civil law" has always been a church/king/equity type thing, while common law generally has entirely different origins and roots.

      i would say they are generally opposed regardless of "corporate takeover" it was just a matter of time, they are entirely separate species of "law".

      even if not a deliberate plan, they are bound to come into opposition (which is where "Equity" came in, for things the "common law" did not handle, one could appeal to the king/chancellor for assistance, to compel performance. that equity book i mentioned is england circa 1940s is my copy, but explains the history quite succinctly in opening pages).

      in old days, perhaps the "UN" fills that role now, vatican was who you wanted to recognize you as a "country". e.g. israel lobbied for many years, until they finally recognized them. i dont have a source for that, except anna's claims, except a book on mossad. so, my sources match her claims. a book on "canon law" might cover such things.

    2. aside from all that, i believe anna's claim is the vatican and "king/queen of england" are various "trustees" supposed to protect us, which they have (intentionally or not) failed miserably at doing.

      we get land jurisdiction, england ensures americans safe passage on the seas (long ago spain was king of the seas i believe, "lost republic" website claims).

      i dont recall which portion "vatican" and/or "pope" had, but i believe that is the basis, aside from the different types of law, that they are supposed to be looking out for us and preventing these types of things from happening.

      further connections might be various "us corp." some claim are/were chartered as "non-profit religious corp." -- in Delaware IIRC (notorious for being very leninent on granting corporate charters)



      some claim IRS/"northern trust" essentially ends up in the vatican/crown hands, so research "northern trust" perhaps too.

      that link looks dead:

      Original filename: 5 NORTHERN TRUST CORPORATION.pdf
      Upload date: October 31, 2014 06:21:20

      but google for the filename shows has a copy. you might try digging into "northern trust" to see why people claim they are a big part of the problem.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Anna, You continue to waste your time and effort to write these "tongue lashings" of the evil empire, BUT fail to give "we the people" definite steps with templates of correctly written solutions with explicit instructions as to how to defend our self as individuals when "they" come after us individually. IF, you in fact, have the FULL solution wherein millions of people can join you as real members rather than just sitting on the sidelines reading your rantings, THEN your efforts will be meaningful. I do NOT speak this TRUTH in a deaming way or manner. It is JUST FACT. I am 77 years old; have been around this "movemnet" for years; encountered many that just wanted to throw out tidbits of "What I need to do", but never gave the FULL detailed instructions, such that when they come to my home, jerk me out, and cart me off to prison, the Judge (yes he was a Judge) was nowhere to be found with any help with any kind of defense. Me and others went to jail for filing documents that we did not know how to defend against the crooked "machine of color of law". We know that our "government" is fiat, false, crooked, or whatever demeaning name one might tag them with for stealing from the "blinded public" that has no apparent way of being assisted back to the light of freedom. You seem to have lots of good points and answers, but, at this point, I have not seen the FULL picture detailed in full as to exactly how to proceed. Hopefully, we someday will be provided the FULL answer. Until then, as a famous quote says, "The finger of time, having writ, moves on."
    Tom Dooly

    1. As much as I appreciate Anna's dedication to enlightenment and freedom I have to agree with you Tom. At this point I will sit back and watch until there's a decisive, proven path with easy to follow advice. I've read, and read and studied but the more I did the more confusing it became. That's all for now.

  4. Tom, it is not Anna's fault that you have not graduated yet from her university of knowledge starting at her first book and all 800 exhaustive postings with full detailed instruction all the way through to today. If you had, you would not be writing this and faulting her because you would be diligently studying, digging it out and applying all the templates and information which she has already provided to date. And if you could not connect the dots yourself, then you would also have hired one of her Living Law Firm real lawyers to assist you with documents ready to go and with ready counsel. The phone number has been posted many times for you to call to be able to sign up for this. I have and I have had success with the IRS zeroing out my account which I posted detailed instructions on as a comment to Anna's recent Christmas thoughts posting. I am truly sorry that you went to prison. No one deserves that. But rule #1 in commerce is to never file documents you do not understand and cannot defend. There should be grace under admiralty which proves that they are indeed criminals applying admiralty when it is to their advantage, then drag you into equity and finally execute you under common law without any grace. Using Anna's information I recently helped someone get out of jail on trumped up charges. He was a complete novice with a language barrier but the key issue was for him to understand who he was and not who the court and prosecutor claimed him to be. He is now applying for his non citizen state national passport and will be out of their jurisdiction as soon as it is issued which should be in another week. Anna's information works but only if you actively work it and apply it.

    1. 1FreeMan, thing is, not all of us can afford to hire lawyers, and we don't expect them to work for free. For that reason, I have not bothered the LLF for help. Some of these things also cost money to proceed with.
      It is not that we are ignorant, but like you said, it has to be done precisely right, or one can get into a whole heap of trouble, or end up in jail. That is exactly why I have not engaged.
      I taught accounting by using my own simple and very detailed way of teaching. We call it the 'a,b,c, method' because it seems rather 'juvenile'. But I understood these college students were totally green, so my approach was to teach from where THEY were; not from where I was. Thats how I got 100% results. My son had a professor of Statistics who had the same approach, and this was in a very prestigious college. A Doctorate Prof in his graduate school. When my son came into that Class, he was amazed to find out he used the same method of teaching, that I had been doing with the freshmen.

      That is what is needed here. And in print or printable. I've gleaned this from reading so many Comments over the many many months. Now, Tom, above is saying the same thing.

    2. Ah Abby, you want paint-by-the-numbers! Gotcha. Problem is no one has published such a work yet and made it available in the public. And even if they did, it would not be one-size-fits-all because everyone's situation is different. The other problem would be that people would just jump right in w/o learning the meaning of it or how to defend it if they were ever called into court. Some could even go to jail because of that. But I agree, there are some things that could be spelled out in very simple juvenile terms so a green novice would be able to understand it. Problem is who is going to take the time to do it? I do know that my LLF lawyer has an assistant who puts together step-by-step modules of different processes with mockups of all documents involved from start to finish. Does that sound like what you are looking for?

    3. 1FreeMan, I understand it takes some deeper knowledge/understanding of the tyrannical court system and all the hidden games they play - IF one ends up in court.
      But, at the moment I am thinking in terms of the precise process for applying for the Passport and Card you received.
      I think a point by point on that does not take a lot of backstudy - but 'just the facts, mam' lol.
      Same with handling the IRS matters, and some of the other things; not everything goes before judges.

      We all know all this info is buried within some 800 Articles. And the result is we end up with a lot of handwritten notes all over the place as we pick out the dots from here and there, for just those things we individually are focused on.
      So we run across something we have special interest in, and it says, 'then do a Presentment'. So then we have to go search thru 800 Articles for just what that means and consists of. Hopping all over the place; see, thats the problem MANY people are having, and trying to tell ya all.
      So yeah, if you wanna call it paint by number, then sure.
      Step by step mock-ups of each thing, including every single iota needed, such as WHAT must be done BEFORE doing them.
      That is one of the things being left out.
      For example, to do the Passport/Card ...sure it tells some about that, but what are the prerequisites for it? OR can one just apply for that straight out without needing anything else? See where we are coming from?

      I can say this: When I was born, my BC was issued to my parents BY the Dept. of Health, which is an authorized entity. They gave us an AUTHENTIC BC, and it was AT the time of my actual birth. Why would it now be questioned, so as to be AGAIN authenticated by strangers many many decades later??
      If it is not believed, then THEY can go search in the Ohio ARchives where they are all stored. IMV, this is just more unnecessary busy work, and just another way of forcing us to hand over a little more cash for 'authenticating' something that Officials already authenticated.
      This is some of the stuff that I consider playing our forced part in THEIR cruel games.
      Anyhow, one of the big points left out, and is needed, is - - what other things need to be done, in order to do any aspect of this long drawn out ''to do'' list.
      Gotta look at things from where the student is coming from, not from where the teacher is coming from. So if we get what many are looking for, fine; if not, fine. I'm done belaboring this simple point.

    4. Abby, obtaining a corrected passport is probably the simplest and fastest to exit the US corporation and establish your true ncsn status. Some even call it the closest thing to a silver bullet solution. Plus you also get a cool passport card you can flip at an officer when they stop you and tell them to run you through NCIC first. They will come back apologizing for stopping you! The best part is that when you request a certified copy of your application and explanatory statement, upon which they issued the ncsn passport, you will have documented proof issued and certified by the highest office in the US that is authorized to determine nationality and citizenship and is recognized by every municipal agency and federated court in the US. Why is this important? Because they only believe their own authorities. You can jump high and low and claim anything you want and even file and/or record it, but they will always give you pushback. But they cannot give you any grief when one of their own states under seal and signature of the SOS, who is the highest authority in their hierarchy, through the DOS, which is the highest office in their hierarchy to be authorized to do so, that you are NOT a US citizen and they have to back off. They have no choice.
      You are rubbing their nose in their own bovine excrement. IOW: you are using their own boss against them! Technically you will be applying for a state Citizen (capital C) passport. You will still be issued a USofA passport and not be able to tell the difference when you hold them side by side, but the coding when scanned through NCIC will state that you are not a US citizen (small c) but a non citizen national (not of the US). You can even file the certified copy issued by the SOS/DOS together with a Judicial Notice and Demand in any court case, stating that you are not a US citizen and therefore not subject to their US jurisdiction and demand they immediately Cease & Desist their hostilities against you and demand they dismiss their case. You can even send a copy to the IRS and tell them to take a long walk off a short pier. As much as I know, I was smart enough to hire an expert rather than doing it myself. I always remember the old adage "If you walk through a minefield, walk behind somebody". So my LLF lawyer recommended working with Christopher Gronski of and it was well worth the investment. I was issued a 5 star passport card which is the highest clearance available. He offers 2 options: 1) attend both of his step by step seminars (Citizenship + passport application) so you can complete the application yourself or, 2) hire him for hands on assistance. I did the seminars because I wanted to learn everything. For many people including yourself this may be the easiest solution of all.

    5. 1FreeMan, That's my whole point in having an interest in it !
      I have no intention of traveling and I've never had a passport, but you see how I picked up on ''all the side benefits'? Lol. I immediately saw how it can cut to the chase in a lot of things.
      BTW, what does it take to get the Card along with it; any special requirements? Is there a place on the App to request it, as well? And what does the Statement consist of?
      But what are the prerequisites for this App? I take it that it is one of the things that you can just apply for straight out without any of the other 'paperwork, filings, etc." right?
      I will surely look into Gronski's stuff. Thanks a big bunch.

    6. Thank you 1freeman this is crucial knowledge/action for those that need to either rescind or correct passport apps that can and are used against us if not responsibly addressed. Much appreciated!!

    7. Abby, to get the card just check the box on the DS-11 application form that you want both. Ah, just like any recipe, the secret is in the ingredients! The ES that Christopher put together consists of 4 pages of statements and an oath of your true status plus 5 pages of references as proof including a copy of a letter he personally received from DOS supporting the changes and annotations to the DS-11 which must be completed as a NCSN and not entirely as the instruct you to complete the app. For example, despite their demand, you do not provide an SSN since a NCSN does not have an SSN. They will come back and demand that you provide it in a separate letter which you will receive after submission. He has another 2 page ES prepared just for that response. Then once you are issued the passport and card, now you need to request a certified copy of your app and ES. Timeline: preparation of app and ES: a few days, from submission to 2nd demand for SSN (requesting the express option which I highly recommend): 2 weeks, from response to issuance: 1 week, from FOIA or rather Privacy Act request of a certified copy: 8 to 12 weeks. So anyone in a jam should jump on this ASAP. The only prerequisite to apply is a BC not even authenticated. However, I believe the reason I got 5 stars is because I sent an authenticated COLB by the State SOS (not even the US SOS). No other filings are required. The evidence you now have, once you complete this process, is irrefutable.

    8. 1FreeMan, as I previously mentioned detail info that is so often left out in here, I notice here you mention the DS-11 application form, but didn't mention where you get this from.

      As for your mention of 5 pages of References; what kind of references do you mean? And Statements; what kind of statements? A dozen pages; hmmm, are you sure they don't also want a full body xray, as well? (just kidding there)

    9. Abby, they are avaliable at any post office or you can simply Google and download.
      The ES consists of the following:

      4 pages that point out errors in the application, references to the constitution and statutes as to your correct status, disclaimers of who you are not, a true and correct oath, etc.

      The other 5 pages are a letter from the DOS, a printout from the styles manual as to the correct state Citizen name for your state, and printouts of references stated in the ES.

      No full body x-ray or TSA scan required! In fact I believe you may even be able to opt out of TSA scans altogether.

    10. 1FreeMan, thanks for your time in responding. If they were personal references, then that would be a problem as I have outlived most of the people I have known in the past, lol.
      I take it that the 4 pages and the 5 pages come along with the employing of Gronski. I am especially thinking my son could use this. As for myself, I pretty much get a free pass in just about everything already;they let me go around Scanners, I put my purse on conveyor and they never even look in it.
      A number of years back when our own 'move over law' was new, and I didn't know it, I got flashed down by highway patrol. I asked why he stopped me. You didn't move over. Oh, is that a Law? Yes. When did that happen. Last year. Hmmm, I didn't know that, thats a good Law I think, thanks for telling me. Ok, I am just going to issue you a warning.
      Another time, I was standing on my own sidewalk watching two cops approach one guy around midnight. They told me to go back in my house. No, I am on my own sidewalk and I am watching how you guys do your job. I tell the guy he doesn't have to say a word without a lawyer. Go back in the house, I have every right to be on my sidewalk. He walks toward me saying he is going to put me in his cruiser, I shook my finger at him, gave him a serious glare and told him don't you dare touch me, and he backed off, walked away.

      One last question: Is it the extra Card you got, that you show to any cop if you get stopped?
      Again, Bro, thanks a mil for all your help.

    11. Abby, references to the statutes, silly. Yes, the extra pages all come with his service. I like your spunk. That's exactly what to tell a cop. Good for you. Yes, I got the extra card and have only used it as ID so far. My pleasure. Glad to help.

  5. Please give me some direction as to how to start the process of acquiring a "non citizen state national passport", please. My wife was deported to England and was in the US since she was 18 months old. This happened after when she was 60 years old with four children and five grandchildren. this was over two years ago.

  6. Jim, since she is your wife and according to the Naturalization Act of 1855, under the common law doctrine of coverture, she is is a feme-couvert or a covered woman under you as her husband and authomatically the nationality and Citizenship of her husband. Look it up and you will see. This act was never repealed and carried on way into the incorporation of 1871 all the way into the early 1900s before they started imposing corporate restrictions which do not apply to non citizens. So you first need to get your own NCSN passport and then apply for hers as the same Citizen status as her husband's. I used the process at run by Christopher Gronski. You can either take his online classes or hire him for personal Assistence which I would recommend for your situation. It is worth the investment.

    1. Americans are kings and queens not citizens. This is still a step in the wrong direction. Citizen = subject = slave.

    2. From Anna Von Reitz:

      Each person and situation is different and you must learn to assess things for yourselves. How do I know if you are a federal employee or not? How do I know where you are in the process? How do I know what your personal needs are?

      I have explained the situation and the options and I have provided a key template people can use to claim back their Name/NAME, which is crucial. But if you expect me to do all the homework and answer all the variations and develop all the "templates" to take care of all the potential needs of 360 million people you will be waiting a long time.

      I have explained what the situation is, I have given the whole history of it, I have explained the BC fraud, the nature of the courts and who is responsible for this continuing (the US Army) and I have given you a good template to use to claim back your Name/NAME, but still you think I haven't given you enough?

      How about YOU giving something to your own future -- like a little of your own time and effort to grasp all this crap for REAL instead of just expecting others to do it all for you?

      How about you making the effort to analyze your own situation given all the information and tools I have already provided to everyone for free?

      How about you developing the determination to take charge of your own life and take back control of your country?

      I didn't learn or teach all this by laying on my back and waiting for someone to hand me a template and frankly I have precious little time to spare for those who do.

    3. Judge Anna, when Tax Court called you in, you never mentioned one word to the judge about your true status using any of your simply knew your status and stood on that.....not your paperwork..!! And that is all it takes...that is always the way it has worked..!! The paperwork is simply for backup if you cant defend yourself.. But the judges will always try and get you to trap yourself with or without paperwork...Because, we you say "orally" will override any paperwork you ever filed. The "word" is mightier than the "pen". At least in these unequitable courts. And because of the incideous doctrine of "silent judicial notice"...!! This is the final showdown. And we all know how it ends..!! The judges have to go....ALL OF THEM!! Read that again judge Anna.......ALL OF THEM..!! And charged with treason and sedition and hung waiting for appeals for the next 20 years....their sentence has been already ajudicated by "public opinion"...!!! We need to get rid of that WALL once and for all. In fact all law enforcement needs to be unarmed forever..!! If they dont agree to it, they are "FIRED" Immediately...and their pensions confiscated, and never allowed to apply for another position of authority...let them sell shoes at Macys... That should be a good start at punishment for being the pawns in a massive conspiracy..!! If you think that those people that never corrected their status was their fault, then there is absoluty "NO EXCUSE" for law enforcement to unlawfully foryears now destroying lives and murder without consequences...wouldnt you agree. Because the people being destroyed by the corporate state are mot destroying other peoples lives, only their own for trying to get justice..We affect no one..They affect everyone, and are just as ignorant, or more so than the average citizen...."ignorance of the law is no excuse"....or did you forget that being a judge..!! How would you deal with traitors..?? Give them a sucker, and tell them they have been bad boys...!! 3 spankings on the butt and the get out of my court..!! Its time everyone take the consequences they deserve for living netter lives than the rest of thats justice..If this was the old testament, God would tell his people to do exactly that. In fact, he would go even further and demand the killing of all their families plus their pets..complete annailation..!! You know im right...!!!

    4. James, we also know that Anna served the BAR and all their attorneys and judges who are members, to surrender their BAR memberships or else remove themselves from all the court houses by Jan. 1, which is just 4 days away.
      We can be pretty sure they will ignore that just like the rest have seemed to ignore these 'orders'.
      I always appreciate the work others do, and give them their due; but here, we need to see the effectiveness to have frosting on the cake and bring it to its intended conclusion.
      It seems among many Commenters, we wonder what it is going to take to bring them into obedience of this real government
      that we have, but cannot see anywhere in our midst, or use to our advantage.

  7. Good discussion , plenty to do, study endlessly . Learn one, do one ,teach one .

  8. 1FreeMan,
    I have read ALL Anna's posting and printed out MANY. I have filed some of her documents into two different cases (with no apparent results yet). I have had BC authenticated by my birth state, and now will send them to Fed for authentication. I am not real clear on the real meaning and need for this authentication, nor exactly how to use same when finished. I was somewhat offended by your final statement, ".... but only if you actively work at it nad apply it." FYI, I have actively worked and spent $20,000++ applying various things, and in every case the LOSS was because the person giving the "advice" was very much like Anna's advice, that is not complete, with little or no direct contact for individual questions/direction wherein I just had to "assume" what to do. I have had some success, but nothing complete. One thing has been with the IRS who continue to ignore me and have filed liens against land, and are "stealing" $600 per mont from my SS check each month for the past 6 or 8 years. I am still fighting, and fighting hard. Your disparging and discouraging remarks will in no way slow me down.
    Finally, I and some friends have tried to contact the Living Law Firm and they do not answer, but have a recording saying they are not taking more clients. There were 3 of us wanting help. We are very close to getting such help, by the Grace of God. Thank you for your post.
    Tom Dooly

    1. Sorry, Tom, did not mean to offend or disparage. Challenge, yes, but nothing more. My LLF lawyer is still taking on clients and if you will post your email, I will send you his number or have him contact you. IRS is not allowed to attach SS payments by law. I will see if I can locate the remedy and post it here. Also if you follow the instructions I posted on Christmas thoughts, you can zero out your IRS accounts and liens as well as your SS levy.

    2. I would like to see that law. The scumbags had sent a notice of levy to my SS account and I got a letter from the SS stating that they will be deducting funds from my account and sent to the IRS. My email is

    3. According to this site:
      They cannot levy more than 15%. So get to work using the step-by-step process I outlined here:
      in the comments section, and zero out your account and the levy will cease automatically. Jon, I will send you proof of this.

    4. Yes, it is true that IRS has been stealing money out of SS. I have heard of many, leaving them to live in assisted housing and other such demeaning situations. THAT is the root of the very Agenda going on by our gov. as we speak.

      At one time, SS was untouchable, like some pensions are. But over time, somewhere they were given a license to levy without any recourse. NOW, they are waiting in the bushes to levy future and current generations for their unpaid student loans - - and create an even larger population they can put into poverty i.e. homelessness.
      There is really no recourse or remedy offered for that. The few they claim to offer, is really not a workable remedy at all.
      The Student Loan situation is actually a NATIONAL EMERGENCY.
      Anna, do you have an update on this situation? It is presently 1 Trillion Dollars plus, and going higher daily.
      Ours in particular is actually just $25,000; but they have run it up to well over $100,000, which includes some $20,000 to whatever collection agency they next give it to, to collect. That gets calculated by % of the entire $100 grand, when in reality the actual amt. owed is just around 25 grand.

      WORSE, these govt. study loan payments are ONLY applied to the Interest, and Zero ever gets applied to the Principle.
      In other words, they see to it that you can never get it paid off, even past your grave. THAT is nefarious from the get go.
      Back in the 80's ''they'' also decided they are no longer bankruptable. And now, they make it possible to levy social security checks, when that time comes.
      So Anna, you see, this truly is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY, as it is set up with a huge domino effect deliberately to create a couple of new generations of dire poverty.

    5. Tom, I just spoke with my LLF lawyer and he would be willing to take you and your friends on. If you will post your email I will send you his contact information.

    6. Its true that the IRS can levy a 15% claim against your SS, but no more. And the State(FTB) cannot touch it at all...!! No sooner did my brother and me starting collecting pur SS last year, the IRS started to take 15% of our SS checks...of course we were pissed, but this time, instead of dealing with these people directly, we went straight to city hall and our assemblymans office. We gave the secretary all our paperwork and she jumped right on it. She was very nice and genuenly concerned for us, and took the ball and ran with it. I cant say this is the norm. Most of them will say they cant help you, but this was a exception to that rule...but long story short, the IRS quit levying our SS checks within 2 months and we never heard back from that was quick..And no legal paperwork or long letter writting...these people in city hall are supposed to be protecting the people when we ask them too. This one time they did..!! Shows you the power of an assemblyman...!!

  9. Interesting commentary. I am not an attorney, but taught 4 attorneys, in Maine what an intelligent person can do if one applies himself. They were so aggravated that they banded together and threatened to charge me with--practising law without a lie--cense. Woopee? I said--BE MY GUEST Gee--nothing happened. My relative is about 1 million ahead. I kept her in her house for 4 years, with no mortgage payments, no property taxes, etc. I am expecting a very large ---inheritance via my maker very soon. When it arrives I will be bankrolling ANNA, as best I can, to help everyone that is facing FORECLOSURE to keep their home. That should be about 87 percent, of the USA. In Maine, about 85 to 90 percent of foreclosures are not contested. If a home is under foreclosure one can assume there is no, or not enough money, for whatever reason, to keep up payments. So, to pay an attorney about 750 bucks a month, to carry you, is out of the question. The beauty of life, is that eventually--all wrongs are righted. We all just have to keep fighting--till we win. Hang in there everyone. Read ANNA's information. It is the best of the best.Have a great new year, and GOD BLESS to ALL. PJ

    1. Hi Peter, can you share some of you techniques you have used to overcome foreclosure? Thanks.

    2. I guarantee you that in Calif. the people fighting forecloseures are barely 2%. Thats why when someone does now how they did it, especially without the original "Promissary NOTE" the courts and attorneys simply overide the injured parties, or make immediate "laws" to cover any loopholes so the homeowners dont stand a chance..!! Now Calif. has determined that NOTES arent a defense anymore..!! Thank God for Trump....Gods new Moses..!!

    3. James, in all reality, in a foreclosure, the Original Promissory Note should be required, to begin the Case/hearing with, in order to first establish there has been a 'loan' to begin with.
      This ought to be the first request by a Defendant, and it must be the Original, not a copy. They will likely tapdance around this with their slippery words, because (1) they no longer have it, or (2) because if you get your hands on it, and turn it over to the back side, you will see it has various things ADDED to it AFTER the 'borrower' signed it, which would make the signature and the loan, null and void.
      There is also some sort of stamping on the back, which says something like ''For Deposit' by which the bank deposited it into their own account, not the borrowers' - - by which that Original PN created the money which can only be done with the borrowers signature; therefore the bank loaned the borrower their own created money, and there was no 'bank loan' at all.

    4. thank you anna for all you have done. please be patient with us.

      1 FreeMan, thanks for the contact info.

    5. Erling, just emailed you the LLF lawyer referral.

    6. Abby, you are absoluty right. No "NOTE", no standing..but because Calif. is so big and thrre are so many homes, the courts cut deals with the banks, saying original NOTES are no longer needed. A copy is fine...right..!! I guess you dont even need a "Real Party of Interest"(FRCP 17a) anymore...its sick...!! We have heard of people hiring good attorneys, that actually won their case, only to have the banks attorney go up to the judge and tell him, camt we just vacate this discission you honor.....and presto, case vacated, and nack to square one with the banks...!! Around, around the merry go round..!!

    7. James, it is the Defendant that asks for the Original PN be presented as Evidence of proof there even is a legitimate bonafide Loan at all. It is what is added on the backside of that Original that is the total ''winning' defense for any Defendant - it is the Bank that made it null and void simply by THEIR adding anything to it, front or back, AFTER the borrower signed it. That is what they continue to try to hide because it makes the bank guilty.
      It is not for any judge or bank atty. to try to say the Original is 'not necessary''. Oh but YES it is very necessary for a defendant. it is the very crux of his defense. It is the back of that document 'they' don't want anyone to see. Not even a copy of the backside of it will do; their tampering with the Original can take place AFTER they make a copy of the back, same as the front side.
      If the backside of the Original is ever presented, it becomes Case closed right there and they know it.
      The same thing applies if they have already sold your PM to another entity; then they sold their right to hold you to that PM; so again, Case closed.
      (this info comes from an Expert Witness to such cases. I do not ever present personal opinions or bullcrap; when its my own opinion, I always say IMO)

    8. I believe you Abby and know you are right about the PN...!!! Thats how I know a lot of people in the beginning were winning, and winning big, with some judges actually calling the banks attorneys despicable losers and giving the homeowner "summery judgement" and in some cases ordering a "Quit Title" to the homeowner, which is the equivalent of a "fee simple absolute" or "allodial title" which the courts never give you....the problem is that every govt agency including the US ATTORNEY GENERAL,Some STATE Attorney Generals, the "Comptroller of Currency, and numerous private parties using good attorneys, have all won against the banks using similar the case of govt agencies they have used for billions, until the Attorney General was given an ultimatum ...either you stop all law suits against us or we can simply just close all the bank doors...what do you want to do..... right after that letter, the comptroller of currency and Attorney General just told them from now on "Regulate yourselves responsibly"...!! Right..!! Have they been doing that...NO!! In fact, now they have "carte Blanche " to do anything they want...they have not only not stopped their illegal activities, but stepped it up a notch..Even if you demand to see the original NOTE and the judge agrees with the bank that a copy is good enough, even over your "objection" , what are you going to do...appeal the case and waste more money and time..!!! And if you have a judge who also is in or had a foreclosure like mine did, and was able to deal with the bank to save it, she will always rule for the bank...!! She should have recused herself from the case just from that alone, but she didnt...!! They basically have a free pass now to foreclose on anyone and win...!! And if by chance you do hire an attorney and you win, the banks attorney simply visits the judge and tells him, can't we just vacate this whole case your honor, as they probably hand the judge an envelope full of money at the same time, and the judge just says...OK!! It's happened, and sometimes right in front of a homeowner who saw the whole thing and the attorney for the bank coming back with an arrogant smirk on her face to the homeowner...!! Our courts have to go, and all attorneys sent back to Great Britain or arrested....And all judges absolutely have to go, and all at once, because they will never change or agree to "common law"..!! Trump wants a WALL built, and we need one removed...the judges enforceing foreign laws for profit...!! Real Honorable!!!

  10. With Jerry Brown as governor of California, you can bet this state will be the last to comply to anything. As far as the "deep state" is concerned it is crumbling as we speak...There are numerous CEOs that are stepping down, trying to cut and run with what they have, including numerous people in congress and other polical positions..even i had no clue that the coruption went this deep and far..!! No wonder we have had so much trouble getting is mind boggling!! Trump has put the fear of GOD into all these reprobates...I told you these CEO's are making way to much money..!! How does someone make $400 million/year when its the people working for the company that made the company, who for the most part are honest and simply doesnt make sense.. I hope therebis going to be public hangings and people are forced too watch so this can never happen again, because if anyone tries that will be their fate..!! And once it is cleared up, our schools are going to be filled with teachers that have or going to be patriots so that no matter what they are teaching they can answer questions about banking, money, and law....ALL OF THEM..! That includes pre school teachers. No excuses. Or your not fit to teach.....period..!!


    And this blog. Look in the right hand column for the search bar.

  12. You are all attorneys in fact when using a legal name, do you have an assumed business name to be legally recognized?Cognomen, the machine of Rome.

  13. Ive been at the forefront on this site, saying that all these Corporstions(and everything else invented by the vatican to avoid their taxes and put that liability onto the working men and woman jave got to be completely destroyed for an Equatable system. Which means from now on instead of hiding behind some "fiction at law" has to be in the name only of the person who wants to be in charge of a company....In other words, not FACEBOOK, but Zurgerburg company..And Zuckerburg is "liabile" for everything the company does, including both civil or criminal charges...!!

  14. 1 free man will you plz publish for me the number to call to hire a living law firm REAL lawyer. I have never seen this infirmatiom. Will love to know where to find the templates as well.

    Also, if your attorney is still taking clients will you plz ask him to contact me too? Am having real trouble connecting the dots.
    A grateful heart n texas🤠. 970- 270-6831 tu.

    Whew, and I have followed judge Anna now for couple wondering how could i have missed such info. Plz help.

    1. MPS, glad we connected. If anyone else needs a referral, please post your email and I will send you contact information.

    2. 1Free Man....i would like that phone number or contact address so I can get a "passport" can reach me at

      I will give you my phone number when you contact me...much appretiated !!!!

    3. James, I just sent you the details. For everyone's benefit, go to

  15. 1 free man will you plz publish for me the number to call to hire a living law firm REAL lawyer. I have never seen this infirmatiom. Will love to know where to find the templates as well.

    Also, if your attorney is still taking clients will you plz ask him to contact me too? Am having real trouble connecting the dots.
    A grateful heart n texas🤠. 970- 270-6831 tu.

    Whew, and I have followed judge Anna now for couple wondering how could i have missed such info. Plz help.

  16. I just don't see these people (attorneys, congressmen, ect) stepping down gracefully. I comprehend everything Anna's doing a what we are/should be doing but a lot of us are constantly seeing resistance from "them" at this level those in D.C. and the attorneys in all the court houses judges aren't just going to say oh she is right we better stop doing this a and walk away its gonna take more.

    1. Holly, that is why there are currently over 10,000 sealed indictments ready to be sprung after the new year. They are going down hard. Many already have ankle monitors like Hillary, McCain, Podesta, etc. covered by orthopedic boots.

    2. No offense but I'd like to see proof.I can't find anything about it anywhere.

    3. I'd love to see proof.
      I can't find anything about it anywhere

    4. Holly, just google "sealed indictments". It started with 32 sealed indictments over the weekend in November and now it is over 10,000.

    5. Here's one link:

  17. See guys, judge Anna isnt the only one fighting the dept state. You have plenty of help behind the scenes judge looks like Trumps new executive order is going to finish off everyone....all their assets have been frozen, and along with it their power..!! They are finished. And sppearantly all these judges around the country that took tons of money for riches instead of watching out for the people and the law and our constitution..These corporations are history....and the only reason why they got all those ill gained riches is because the deep state allowed they to as long as they played ball with them. All of congress and just about all of hollywood and singers like Beyonce are involved and going down. And because of the language of the EO by Trumps legal team there is not a chance in hell of any judge disobeying that order. So if any of you are facing any legal action, i suggest you watch this....

  18. Maxim - The very meaning of 'sovereignty' is that the decree of the sovereign makes law.

    “Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.” – Henry David Thoreau

    “Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.” – Frederik Douglass

  19. I'm in need of a referral. Please send me contact info for the Living Law email is

    Thank you on advance for your help!

    1. Unknown, I just emailed you the LLF Lawyer referral contact information.

  20. Not once in all of History did Tyrants stop what they were doing because of words. Not once. The tree of liberty will be watered again before this is all over.

  21. Uea, but this time it's going to be overwatered....if you get my

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