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Monday, October 2, 2017

The Cynic in Me

By Anna Von Reitz

The System which has incorporated almost all governments and subjected and subrogated them to the mere status of commercial corporations is a society of "misery loves company".  

All these guilty, shameful, debt-ridden commercial corporations masquerading as actual governments want every country on Earth to be organized the same way they are, to be plagued with the same corruption, saddled with the same debts, obligated to do everything according to the same insane, unfair, corrupt, arbitrary process of statutory rule-making and the same self-serving brand of "equity" law. 

Because any actual government has more power in fact and in Law in its little pinky than they have in their entire  stock of tricks and lies.  

Any actual government can show them up for what they are, seize back the natural authority of a living government, and kick their rumps to the unemployment line.  

Of course, these corporations don't want any actual governments to survive.  

So they have targeted the few remaining actual governments as "the enemy" and are trying to make their threadbare excuses for this work.  

Perhaps too late the Holy See has realized that the monster they have created out of paper and hot air is a monster nonetheless, and a monster that is in the end, highly motivated to put an end to the Holy See in the same way that these phantoms are motivated to egg on North Korea and Iran and potentially even the unincorporated government of the United States of America?  

One by one the actual, factual governments of the world have disappeared, the most recent victim being Libya.  

And what is the result of letting the employees form one big family business where everyone is a nice little oppressed communist worker and we are (supposedly) all Indians and no Chiefs?  Just Boards of Directors and corporate CEO's and franchises in all directions?  All bound by the rules of political correctness? 

Chaos, widespread poverty, falsified public records, gross manipulation of all commodity markets,  corrupt courts, useless schools, worthless money, unemployment, debt, fraud, fraud, and more fraud, thugs dressed as policemen, foreign mercenaries enforcing statutory laws on our land, blatant monopolies, extortion and racketeering and inland piracy, human trafficking, drug running, counterfeiting, gross criminality of all breeds.... the list goes on and on.  

The failure of both Fascism and Communism is always inevitable and always the same.  It always ends in a revolution of one form or another with massive amounts of death and disaster, disruption, destruction of property, ruination of our lives, our cultures, our history, our art and everything else.  

For God's sake, why don't we wake up?  Republican = Nazi.  Democrat = Communist.  Get it?  Finally?  Since when are those the only choices, America?  Wake up!  

Stop worshiping idols of our own creation and disband all these corporations which exist under charters that were issued under false pretenses to begin with?  Just dissolve them. Liquidate them.  Nationalize them.  Wipe the books clean.  No charters.  No limited liability.  Stop participating in, joining, assisting, supporting, or being any part of any "political party"---- these things shouldn't even exist! 

We should be voting in free public elections resulting in actual governments, not voting in private corporate elections run as sideshows by radical political elites that have no purpose and no agenda and no notion of anything good for this country except to steal everything and control everything for their own benefit.

Be done with the harm these self-created monsters have caused and stop letting them create more and more and more havoc in their senseless pursuit of profits that are illusory and power that is gained by your supposed consent and the gutting of your assets.   

In my house we consider the leader of North Korea to be a flaming idiot--- not because he has developed a nuclear arsenal thirty years after nuclear arsenals became obsolete, not because he fired missiles over Japan, not because he baits China like a terrier baiting a bear---- but because he puts no effort into pointing out the obvious.  All these other "governmental services organizations" aren't governments. And anything they do to him is both illegal and unlawful. 

Of course, that doesn't mean the thugs and the corporate criminals among us won't try.  The Territorial United States is short of funds and in Chapter 11 Reorganization, so they would just love an excuse to tap our Treasury and charge us Americans for a nice little war carried out "in our names".  Better still, they would like to claim that our assets are abandoned and that everything that is ours, is instead theirs.  

That's what the vermin are trying sell to the rest of the world.  Where are you, Sleeping Giant?  

Now I have heard a rumor that the Rothschilds lost their minds and their typical sangfroid and threatened the member nations of the United Nations.  

Supposedly, they told the leaders of over 200 countries that if they didn't get complete control of the UN Corporation (as I have pointed out before, this is a commercial corporation formed years before the United Nations Charter was issued) they would unleash flesh-eating bacteria and other nasty microbes to kill millions if not billions of us in a heinous and haphazard fashion.  

It is also rumored that as a result of this threat and temper tantrum, the leaders of 71 nations woke up off their dead asses and realized that hey, these corporations--these international banks cum crime syndicates--- have gone too far.  These bankers are a danger to our national sovereignty, to our existence, and to our very own personal political power!

Imagine that?    

Don't be fooled by all the hype about North Korea, which at the end of the day is a tiny beleaguered country with little pride in anything but its military and athletes.  Don't be fooled by any hype about Iran and its nuclear program, either.  Neither one is a credible enemy.  North Korea knows it would be utterly incinerated in the first ten minutes of any nuclear war that it started.  Iran hasn't engaged in a war outside its own borders in over 200 years.

The war and hate-mongers in Washington, DC and London who make their money off of war and who justify their existence by overcharging us for their services and who have kept our country embroiled in war for 221 out of 241 years of its existence, are much more of a threat than North Korea, Iran, China, Russia, or any other country on Earth--- by several orders of magnitude.  

Learning to recognize the foreign nature and foreign self-interests of the Territorial United States is what is called for throughout America--- and reasserting our big thumbs on our employees is fast becoming a necessity not only for us, but for everyone else, worldwide. 

Forget about North Korea.  Forget about Iran.  Pay attention to what is happening in your own backyard.  Speak up and speak loudly.  Get moving.  Thunder from the pulpits.  Crank up your own printing presses.  Pigeon-hole all those many, many, many local city, county, borough, state, federal, and now--- get this?  Another layer of "government"? ----"regional" officials and make their ears bleed listening to your complaints.  

Give them something to think about besides their next political campaign, how to spend your money on champagne and mistresses, and what next dirty deal they can make.  

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  1. Bravo, Anna. I couldn't agree more.

  2. One of the truly courageous people left in this country.

  3. The other problem is the NFL and NBA loving "PEOPLE THEMSELVES" who have lost all moral compass because they reduce everything to a competitive athelic GAME, where the battlecry is "GO AMERICA GO"..!! Before i can even tell these people what is really going on, they just cut me off and go off into their hatred of any country that stands up to the United States, and revel in the fact that we put that stupid country down for even trying to mess with us... people who only watch from the sidelines, just like they do for their own sports team.. Thank God for Kopernick and the protest he started during an NFL game, which has morfed into something that no one seems to agree on why it is still going. Its taken on a life off its own and seems to be now a protest about president Trump..!! If this people ever wake up completely, maybe we stand a chance of turning this around....but i doubt it.. Has any president had to face all these so called "natural disasters" costing 100's of billions of dollars, plus the resuce efforts, and rebuilding that has to be done, all with a congress that littery hates our president. Its turning out that the rebublicans are worse that the democrates... there is simply no one helping Trump in his quest to drain the swamp, because they are the swamp.. no clean water to be found within that totally corrupt "SYMBLE" called the "White House". Its time to destroy those symbols, all the way down to their foundations.. !! Turn that ancient symbol and replace it with something that looks like the "crystal cathedral" symbolizing who is really in charge...!! And posting pictures of our true hidden enemies...Rothchilds, Rockefellars, Bushes, Clintons and others... this is no longer about "democracy" or any other type of system. Its only about the "TRUTH" and nothing about the TRUTH, so help me GOD..!!!

    1. haha good rant I feel it always a pleasure James but I believe the hate will prove part of the dog and pony show among buddies

  4. People need to think more about the Earth, spreading out and living on it. I read a make a million real estate book that said cities are for real estate benefits. The land and houses always goes up due to limited land and more and more people. And we all thought it was for our convenience. Growing food is easy and rewarding, getting sun, wind rain, snow. Thomas Jefferson said if the people ever moved in to cities and off of the land the nation would be ended. Also turns or cities are ideal for Civil Law, fast cash register like processing. I have seen Brinks trucks coming out from the court houses, several of them. Along with fixing things up for ourselves we don't want to forget our great mother earth that provides far more for us then any real estate development shopping mall built to pad the pockets of the "owners"???

    1. " Thomas Jefferson said if the people ever moved in to cities and off of the land the nation would be ended."

      yes, this is in a book i have, ironically, on "us citizenship" (has some "history")

      (paraphrase) "if we ever get cities like europe, we will become as corrupt as they are"

      "cities" were a "european" thing.

      another jefferson quote i believe (paraphrase) "if we ever have to wait for washington to tell us when to plant and when to reap, we shall surely starve"

      another i have seen attributed to him "if i had to join a [political] party to get into heaven, i'd rather not go to heaven"

      "paper is not money, but only the ghost of money"

  5. The truth, so buried behind lies, and the people so brainwashed by the controlled state media, it will take an act of God to wake the people up. The military is too scared, obviously, to come right out with it, and the those who sit in our courts who know the truth are too afraid of ending up like Scalia. There is only one solution I can see and loathe to even mention it for fear of bringing more power to an already corrupted Catholic order, is to get the Pope to make a world wide announcement about it. He has to come out with the truth and tell the world that all the worlds governments are merely self interested corporations beholden to the banks. A BIG campaign on YouTube, Vimeo, and others. Get all Catholic organizations to campaign for lawful government. Get all countries to form Jural societies or whichever lawful parliamentary process is necessary to order these governmental service organizations to step down and disband.

    1. Gamesmedic, look at it like this: If a man's wife goes shopping every day and making him go broke, how does he put a stop to it?
      He takes her checkbook and credit cards away from her! Now see how much easier that is, than your proposed plan?

    2. Thats what should happen in N Korea. We should promise kim junc un tons of money(fiat currency) and take over the country without a it happened to us..!!


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