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Monday, October 2, 2017

Oldie But Goodie -- Zip Code Double-Dealing

By Anna Von Reitz

Thank you, Andrew, for sharing this oldie but goodie with me.  I had seen it and read it and enjoyed it years ago, but lost track of it in the intervening melee and it was a real pleasure to see again, because it explains the whole basic fraud scheme and situation so simply, logically, and plainly.  

I am just going to add that the alternative to claiming duress is to use the alternative "address in care of".  

Instead of sending the mail directly to you, the sender sends it to you "in care of" your address, which is a separate entity.  

This "address" that has been "given" to you, is another federal corporation plot to wring money out of and assert power over you, but by sending mail "in care of" their address and to your attention neatly pits one plot against another.  Your mail doesn't get delayed, but you stay clean and out of the federal picture.  

[I have pointed out before that they never actually foreclose against your physical property, but against a copyrighted (theirs) property description, such as Lot 15, Block A, Lemon Lane Subdivision, or 4567 Merry Street.  

So if you own your property outright and enter a new metes and bounds description and change the address to something of your own choosing and under your own copyright, they are right and truly two-blocked.  For the purposes of mail, getting a Post Office Box serves the same purpose.  They own the box and they are welcome to it, but so long as you are a box holder and the mail is sent "in care of" the box, they have no claim against you and no proof that you ever consented to live in their copyrighted zip code "area".]

Here you go, Andrew--- proud to share this one from another wonderful, observant, sharp-as-a-tack American--- I give you all a wonderful lesson on freedom and government corruption by John E. Trumane:

                                            c/o general delivery
                                           San Rafael, California
                                            Postal Zone 94901/tdc

                                                  August 16, 1982
Counter Clerk
Mill Valley Post Office
751 E. Blithedale
Mill Valley, California Republic
Postal Zone 94941-9998/tdc

Dear Counter Clerk:

     Thank you for your interest in our research.  Yesterday, you
may recall  that you  asked me about my use of the letters "/tdc"
after ZIP  codes.   I am  sorry that the Post Office was too busy
for us to discuss it on the spot.  I want you to know that I have
noticed the  cheerful efficiency  with which you serve the public
at your  counter, and  do so with remarkable consistency.  So, it
is with  great pleasure that I am now able to return the favor of
your kindness and consideration.

     The problem  which I  am about  to describe  to you  has its
roots in  old Europe,  where many generations of banking families
made a  lucrative discovery centuries ago.  They found that banks
could profit  more by  loaning huge  sums to governments, than by
making lots  of small  loans to  individuals  like  you  and  me.
Governments, of  course, are  in a unique position to borrow huge
sums, and  they have  the police  power to extract repayment from
their people.

     In 1913,  our Congress  got in  bed with these same European
banking families  and passed  legislation which created a private
credit monopoly known as the Federal Reserve System.  This system
is no  more federal  than Federal Express.  Moreover, there is no
"Reserve".   These banks  are privileged to loan money which they
don't have,  through a  special privilege  known  as  "fractional
reserve  banking".    What  really  happened  was  that  Congress
extended to this monopoly the privilege of counterfeiting money.

     Congress benefits  from this monopoly by borrowing huge sums
from it  every year.  You see, for decades now, Congress has been
spending much  more money  than it  collects from  taxation.   It
"balances" the  budget every  year by  putting ink  on pieces  of
paper and calling them bonds.  These bonds are usually put up for
sale in  the open  bond market.   But  the federal  deficits have
become so  huge, there are not enough working people like you and
me to  buy up  all of these bonds every year.  So, Congress walks
across the  street to  the Federal  Reserve, which buys them from
Congress by  printing ink  on pieces  of paper  and calling  them
"Federal Reserve Notes".  Take a look in your wallet now, and you
will see  an example  of a  Federal Reserve Note (or "FRN").  The
New York  banking establishment  refers to these bills as Federal
Reserve Accounting Unit Devices (F-R-A-U-D).

     It is  bad enough that this private credit monopoly has been
given the  privilege to  "counterfeit"  money.    (They  call  it
"credit creation via bookkeeping entries".)  What makes the whole
scam so  intolerable is  that the  American people get stuck with
the interest payments.  Congress was forced, in effect, to "lien"
on the  land and  labor of  all Americans as collateral for these
huge bank loans.  Enter the Internal Revenue Service.  The IRS is
really just  a collection  agency for  the Federal Reserve banks.
The FED  pumps money  and credit  into the  economy, and  the IRS
sucks it  out of  the economy, like two pumps, working in tandem.
If we had only one pump injecting money into the economy, without
a balancing  pump to remove it from the economy, the value of our
dollar would  diminish rapidly  as inflation  climbed like  a sky
rocket into  the stratosphere.   This  happened in  Germany  just
prior to World War II, so the bankers learned an important lesson
from that grotesque experiment in hyper-inflation.

     What does  all this  have to  do with  ZIP codes,  you  ask?
Well, under  American Law  never repealed, Congress does not have
authority to  obtain controlling  interest in all Americans, such
that it  can compel  our specific  performance to  discharge  any
third-party  debt   or  obligation.     Imagine  walking  into  a
department store to buy a new toaster, and having the store clerk
send the  bill to  Willie  Brown.    In  this  example,  you  are
Congress;   the store  is the  Federal Reserve;  and Willie Brown
represents the  American people (some of the time).  Willie Brown
gets stuck  with a transaction to which he was never a party.  In
fact, he didn't even know about it!

     Congress needs to deceive Americans into believing that they
are all "subjects" of the "United States".  If you are subject to
the  jurisdiction  of  the  "United  States",  then  you  can  be
compelled to  pay taxes  which are used to discharge the interest
payable on the huge principal deficit which Congress has amassed.
But, here's  the rub.  The Supreme Court in 1945 defined the term
"United States"  to have  three separate  and distinct  meanings.
These meanings are:

     (1)  the  name   of  our  sovereign  nation,  occupying  the
          position of other sovereigns in the family of nations

     (2)  the federal  government and  the limited territory over
          which it exercises exclusive sovereign authority

     (3)  the collective  name for the States which are united by
          and under  the Constitution  for the  United States  of

     The  second   of  these   three  definitions   is  the  most
interesting.   It includes  such areas of land as the District of
Columbia, Puerto  Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa,
but it  does NOT  include  the  50  States  of  the  Union,  like
California, and  Florida, and New York.  Now, if you were born in
one of  the 50  States of the Union, you were born outside of the
area defined  by the second definition of "United States" and you
are, therefore,  born a  free Sovereign.    A  Sovereign  is  the
opposite of a subject.  If you were born a Sovereign, there is no
way you  can be  "subject" to  the jurisdiction  of  the  "United
States" (unless  you volunteer),  particularly when  the  "United
States" in  this context  means only  the very  limited territory
over which  Congress exercises its exclusive authority.  Congress
does not  exercise exclusive  authority over any of the 50 States
of the  Union.   That's the  American Law  which has  never  been
repealed.   Unfortunately, the  Supreme Court's definition of the
three "United  States" was  written in  1945, at  the peak of the
first nuclear  war on  this planet.   People  had other things on
their minds!

     One of  the ways  in which  Congress deceives  all Americans
into  thinking   they  are   its   "subjects"   is   to   utilize
jurisdictional traps  like the  ZIP code.   In  the DMM, you will
find that  ZIP codes  are actually optional (see DMM 122.32).  If
we utilize  this optional  "benefit" which  Congress is providing
for  us,   we  are  presumed  to  be  volunteering  ourselves  as
"subjects" of  Congress.   That may sound pretty stupid, at first
glance, but  it gets worse.  Federal judges are now under so much
pressure to  keep the  money flowing  into the  banks, they  have
developed a  technique called "silent judicial notice".  That's a
fancy way  of saying  they don't  have to  tell you that you made
yourself a  subject of  Congress by  using ZIP  codes.   And  the
government is always fond of telling people that ignorance of the
law is no excuse.  But, of course, this is fraud and it's just as
illegal for  the government  to do  it as  it is  to  counterfeit

     Now, we  finally arrive  at "/tdc".  You cannot be compelled
to honor  or perform under any contract if you were under Threat,
Duress, or  Coercion ("tdc") when you entered the contract.  It's
like extortion:   you  aren't really  "cooperating" when  someone
extorts your cooperation.  Actually, a criminal commits a serious
crime  against   your  person  to  extort  your  cooperation  for

     The ZIP  code is  like extortion, on a small but real scale.
Postal clerks tell us our mail will move a lot slower if we don't
use ZIP codes, and they are probably right.  You would know!  But
we have to pay the same amount for first class, whether or not we
use a  ZIP code,  and remember  that ZIP  codes  are  defined  as
optional in  the DMM.   So, if we use ZIP codes, our mail moves a
lot faster,  but the  federal government  is thereby  entitled to
treat us  as subjects  and force us to pay interest on their huge
federal deficit.   If we don't use ZIP codes, our mail moves much
slower (the "duress"), we still have to pay the full postage due,
but at  least we  avoid becoming  "subjects" of  Congress.  Being
free of Congress is our right as Americans, even when Congress is
nowhere nearly  as corrupt  as it is now.  In fact, I think it is
fair to  say that  in the  200+ years  of our  brief history as a
nation, this  is probably  the most corrupt Congress we have ever
had in America.

     The way  around this  dilemma is  to  use  ZIP  codes  under
threat,  duress,  and  coercion.    Specifically,  we  are  being
threatened with  subjugation (slavery?) to Congress for utilizing
a neat  sorting scheme which expedites the delivery of everyone's
mail.  This threat also means that we did not enter the "ZIP code
contract" voluntarily,  because we  had to  pay the  full postage
regardless of  whether we used the ZIP code or not.  But at least
we retain  our right  to avoid  becoming a  slave to  the Federal
Reserve banks.

     The whole  situation would  be different  if  there  were  a
different rate  for mail  addressed without ZIP codes, and if the
federal government  would fully  disclose the jurisdictional trap
which it  has created  with ZIP  codes.  The federal government's
failure to  disclose fully  all the terms and conditions attached
to its  contracts means  that the federal government is guilty of
fraud, pure  and simple.   And  fraud  nullifies,  or  "vitiates"
everything it touches, all the way back to the beginning, even if
that's your  original birth  certificate, or  your original  SS-5
Social Security  application (not  the SSN  or SS  card, but  the
application for  an SSN).   Recall  now that the New York banking
establishment refers  to our  money as Federal Reserve Accounting
Unit Devices (F-R-A-U-D).

     For  your  information,  I  have  enclosed  some  additional
information on  this problem.   Please  feel free  to share these
materials with  anyone you  choose.   Our research  is  open  and
available to the public, because we have nothing to hide.  We are
passionate and  dedicated to  restoring Constitutional government
to America,  whereby  the  rights  of  individuals  are  supreme.
Governments at  all levels should be our public servants, because
we are  the public and they are the servants.  They should not be
permitted to  utilize threat,  duress, and coercion to extort our
cooperation with  their fraudulent  debt schemes.   It is just as
illegal for them to do it as it is for you and I to do it!

     Thanks so  much for  your interest  and for  keeping an open
mind at this most difficult time in our nation's history.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ John E. Trumane

Account for Better Citizenship

                             #  #  #

                                             c/o general delivery
                                           San Rafael, California
                                            Postal Zone 94901/tdc


  1. I have been informed that if I put my zip code in brackets or draw a box around it, it nullifies it because anything in a box signifies nothing is there. Is this true?

    1. Yes, Brackets... delineates [Constructive Fraud]

    2. Varengle, you are referring to what's called the "rule of four corners" -- a hard to discover and authenticate legal understanding which means a separate contract is created by any writing or verbiage placed inside the square brackets or actual outlined box on the page, that has no legal bearing whatever upon the contract's text outside of the box.

      An example of the four corners rule is on the so-called "traffic ticket" (otherwise called a "Notice to Appear" (NTA) issued by police in California and in other states). At a so-called "traffic stop", the block on the NTA in which motorists are "asked" to autograph (or else be taken to jail) is a rectangle -- that clearly illustrates this rule of four corners.

    3. Yea, and try and sign outside that box, or put any wordage on it other than your signiture....!! These cops are trained to tell everyone exactly how to sign, but give them no reason why...its just your job as an officer to get people to sign your ticket lawfully. If they refuse, which they can by asking to see a magistrate immediately, than you have to arrest them, impound the car, and bring the offender to court... most people are just going to comply at that point..!!

    4. The UPU and its international agreements are vast and the US has its own reservations as do other Postal countries ,this subject posting fails to address or realize if you want to use a private or public service and there is interplay with uniform mailing adresses for stamp duty(bound) reasons and not willing to suffice with its own history per staging of investments development and growth of its own bottom line ,regardless if a fraud participator that is business ,cement cities were never sold to fix headaches >realist or moralist >which pays more ! lol then you cant turn on it ,if you want to walk your own mail to Germany then go right ahead ,this is a cold hard reality ,the world is far bigger then victim perspectives ,Go look at the Geneva Uniform rules and the history of their development ,this is the name of the game as far as governments or international character is concerned this is basically the fleecing stage at the international level ,the balance remains with those disillusioned to think some form of dream land can be obtained while subjecting one self to a US banking charter(ship)a international instrument folks ! not a real power of any sort,No one is home .We are speaking of uniformity in all areas of trade based on the paper (muni)forms used These controls like a governor over the instrument ,they have been ruling the world in a premium automated syetm based on uniformity.everyone else is a REAL interloper without there own counterfiet money or ability to self govern alone or at there level quite honstestly ,this governs 8 billion people ,go ahead and replace it ,I have $100,000 to put down as payment ! right ? NO ,got to get real not moral .that is the world government based on old pre existing treaties such as the Geneva uniform standards of just about every dam thinkable think known in administrations and crowd control its there ,The UPU is key to controlling your legal hand and containing the US bankruptcy instrumentality nonsense on all documents ,adhesion stamps signed give you instant post master general Solvent power on that incoming ship(document) with cargo(terms and conditions of your counter offer by the cashing of the stamp as a solvent duty payment on the private and public sides of the (ship,instrumentality,post,bill of exchange,inland bill,etc)
      its a large body of UPU constitutions and many amendments and a MUST see on the different reservations each country has and how it effects the zip codes and what not .I provide private services in this area of lawful abatements for many types of cases ,consultation and key documentation only,

    5. Anna, Paul.
      I would like for you to publish those 68 odd known frauds on any mortgage docs ,and all else that goes along with that area of loss when in foreclosure.I believe you mentioned at one time or another ,This would be a great starter for many who are being tanked by their own ignorance of a 8000 year perfected merchant and slave system of feudal landscapes (Unknown inc) I have my own perfected processes yet have yet to see your private firms work.Are you holding out on this trillion dollar legal script ?

    6. From Anna:

      That was a head count taken around the table among a group of us who worked the problem. We never bothered to compile a list because at that point it became perfectly clear that anything this blatantly fraudulent HAD to be taking place according to completely different presumptions than the courts presented.

      And so we went digging down other rabbit holes. We found in the end that foreclosures are purely administrative processes and so are most of the other things that go on in courts in this country.

      Over the next couple weeks we will be holding another conference and. developing a process that average people can use to reclaim their names and assets without ever going into a court. This will also largely end foreclosures as it will remove the administrative basis allowing them in the first place. Stay tuned and by the end of the month you should have a new and highly effective means to combat not only foreclosure but many other kinds of theft and harassment.

      We are also working on the international complaints that need to be pursued. Many trillions of dollars have been embezzled out of this country by international criminals. Prosecuting these crimes is a very daunting and exhausting task for a small group of volunteers, so between these two large projects we have all we can do.

    7. Anna, was this admin process you cite to end foreclosure ever developed?

  2. I thought you could mail setters for $.03 per .5 ounce.

    1. You can. Ive dine it many times. In fact ive won bets on it. Of course the people betting me always try and wiggle out of their bet because sometimes i quote the law for it right by the stamp(which i forgot now, but it can be googled). But ive even sent letters without quoting the law for it...someone in the post office does know there are two different U. S. Especially if you send it in care of(c/o) , and dont use zip codes...

    2. This is Non-Domestic Vs Domestic (Federal/US/DC) writing Non-Domestic without using the zip-code and 2 letter state designation is all that is usually needed, the mail rate is actually 2 cents per 1/2 oz and it is in the original statutes at large and never repealed, the original Post Office is alive and well within the US Postal Service (corporation), the drop slot is accessing the Post Office.

      And technically if you are having mail delivered to your house is also accepting a benefit, your postage is specifically for the cost of going from post office to post office, everyone had to originally get your own mail from the post office which is still available as "general delivery" at certain locations, if you want to be 100% private use "General Delivery".

      The rectangle on the ticket does not matter it does not represent brackets, if it did then it would mean to disregard the signature all together but obviously that does not happen.

      UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE Style Manual 2008 Publication. . . Page 198
      Brackets in pairs, are used- 
      8.19. In transcripts, congressional hearings, testimony in courtwork, etc., to enclose interpolations that are not specifically a part of the original quotation, corrections, explanations, omissions, editorial comments, or a caution that an error is reproduced literally,
      8.20 In Bills, Contracts, etc. to indicate matter that is to be omitted.

    3. Thats because once your ticket reaches the court, they remove your signiture from the ticket and transfer it to a legal 81/2" × 10" normal contract form...

  3. I routinely put "circa [my zipcode]" with the real Zip code of course, in brackets on my letters. It lets them know that your location is proximal to their federal zone of accounting, but not within it.

  4. How many times have i said we are roadblocked by our courts, because of that insideous doctrine of "silent judicial notice". If we dont get rid of the "pons"(in chess) , we can never get to the queen and win this chess game. The judges represent a standing army against us , leaving us only one defense, other than outright murder....we need to learn more about "BONDING" so we can make everyone 100%liable for their actions.. force them out of "limited liability" into the open, and fully exposed and naked before the law. We either need to make them liable or better yet their "pooling" insurers for insuring fraud. And that can be done with one "constructive notice" as a warning..!! After infirming them "once", they can no longer claim ignorance. Then they are liable and if we bond them for a couple of hundred million, the citys and counties will become uninsurable and without any authority at all...!! Bonding can be accomplished under "subrugarion", just like they are doing to us.When are we going to be proficient at this... what is it going to take..

    1. Well James, it is going to take first knowing where the hell The People originate a Bond to begin with, which has never been told in here. Too much preliminary info is left out in here. People cannot just be told 'go bond these judges' and leave out all the meat of the subject. How about starting out is yer pencil, and here is yer paper, now write or do such and such, lol.
      This ole gal doesn't know beans about Bonds, and it makes me a little cranky.

    2. Thats not an accident either Abby. We might have to bond through a large bonding company, like Fidelity, who has the power to enforce the bond.. the bond isnt that complicated, its the enforcement for collection on the bond that is...!!!!

    3. Listen to Abby. She has a great point. Quit bitching and put pen to paper and outline for everyone exactly how you bond a case, how much it cost and how you can use it legally. This country is unbelievable, everyone wants answers but wants someone else to do the work. James has been to court many times to try and test all the Admirlaty court Judges.

      I have yet to see him pick up the phone and call Fidelity or some other bonding Company. Once the process of bonding the case is solved, the courts need to be informed of your case number and that it has been bonded by you in case the court rules against you.

      Either sh** or get off the pot, but nothing takes place without action.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Officers , when asked by the people they pull over always ask if you are insured. But when i ask them the same question, they are all trained to say the same thing... "we are self-insured"..what the hell does that mean.. if i said i was self -insured you would immediately ask me to prove it. But i have to believe you when you say it... the fact is their is no such thing as being self-insured unless the individual himself places his own assets up for liability charges.. instead the citys collude with insurance companies to insure all their employees under a "bundleing" claim, but only under strick conditions. They will only insure each individuall only up to $250,000 and each claim they lose, their premiums go up significantly, just like accidents you cause make your own insurane premiums go up..thats the whole reason why everything goes through "risk management", before you can try sueing any one of their employees for anything. In other words you have to ask for perrmission from the county before they will consider a lawsuit valid.. its the foxes guarding the henhouse syndrome...!!

  7. I found at DMM 602 1.3 (e) zipcode not required on single piece mail including several kinds. Single piece is what people usually mail themselves not corporations. I have used the brackets and C/O. Makes it obvious you are aware of the game and have chosen to opt out.

  8. i used to work at usps. they don't really teach us anything "law wise" (except dont take "gifts")...but zip codes are definitely optional. if only because, we have to try to route anything to best of our ability.

    "postal zone" etc. should not matter. if it looks like a state, and looks like a zip code, that is sufficient for our purposes (routing to correct post office). none of that should matter either way, at the "high level". 5 numeric digits and/or seemingly any form of "usa" (or lack thereof) will be sent on its way.

    zip code (and +4) really just narrows things down...but always optional. always.

    basically, we got scanned images of things OCR did not recognize (e.g. cursive handwriting).

    so, regardless of "laws" ... address-wise, they try to route everything. zip is really just a "bonus" not a necessity.

    once something has correctly been routed...that address (name, business name, street name, house name, apt. #, city/state etc.) should get put in computers from that point on.

    if one piece of mail goes should be good (from the computer side of things...a new local mailman/mailwoman might have some delay without a zip, but that is just until they get familiar with your address)

    there are certain things we must reject as invalid mail. lack of zip code or +4 is not one of them.

    supposedly "return to sender" needs an actual stamp (from post man or office and/or postmaster). possibly, you can write that, and post person is supposed to then officially stamp it, and we were just rejecting things that were not properly stamped by post office (problem not on end of person handwriting "Return to sender").

    point being, if you get "junk" just write "no such person at this address" or "moved" is better than "return to sender". only official stamp is good for "return to sender." why that matters, i cannot say, but that was the rule when i was there.

    "deceased" should also always work, but you should not lie about this unless you want them to think you are dead (but if they address to a corporation, you are not "lying" perhaps. all corporations are legally dead anyways :)

    so far as our high-level routing went..."usa" "non-domestic" "ca""california" really does not matter. neither hurts nor helps as far as routing goes. should not disqualify anything.

    po box should always be po box. just "box" is ambiguous.

    po box i believe do generally need a zip (from our point of view, may be someone else later routes them anyways even without), but if you specify e.g. the street address of the post office that box is at, then you can likely get away with no zip.

    po box doesnt need any name. just po box number and zip. at least from "high level". lack of name, or "care of" really shouldnt matter from "high level" routing.

    however, if you routinely reject things "no such person" then your local mail person might stop putting those things in your box. insofaras routing to correct post office, none of that should matter. po box and zip sends things on their way. (for po box, the +4 portion of zip is just last 4 of box number i believe, so is like a "checksum" basically, so +4 can always be ommitted there)

    "legal" things really should not matter either way for "routing" purposes. we ignore all that verbiage at a "high level" anyways, we just send to correct post office to best of our ability (assuming proper postage)

    OCRable text (monospace typewriter font perhaps) should have little to no delay, computer can "read" that. handwriting or "cursive" may cause slight delay since an actual human has to "read" it. things may have improved. bad handwriting is basically only reason our position existed. but it still does, at least one center still left.

    1. basically, at the "high level" (routing to correct post office) there is "inside united states, or one of the states" and there is "mexico" "canada" (other countries).

      so, if you want to write "non domestic" or whatever, or your "state" is your "nation", should not matter either way for high level "routing" purposes.

      any "verbiage" we are trained to ignore. knock yourself out if you think there is some legal verbiage necessary to CYA and stay in one of the several/sovereign states.

      about the only "law" we were taught is:

      1) if it werent for the "union" you would get paid peanuts (they never mention it is all monetized debt of course, that soylent dollars are made out of people :) )
      2) never make jokes about "going postal" even outside of job. that is PR purposes. they dont want public to stop funding them.

      if a non-employee makes such a joke, we are supposed to politely inform you such cases are statistical anomalies, not representative of 99% of postal employees.

      this is within past 15 likely has not changed, even after 9/11.

      most of our monitors were still monochrome (greyscale, more accurately). so black on white perhaps is best (black text on white envelope). that should be obvious, but black ink might be slightly easier for computer or human to read.

      if you are using red/blue/gold/purple ink then use dark ink if possible, on white envelope. again, legible printed text should route "faster" than handwritten.

      things wrapped in plastic (e.g. magazines) can sometimes screw up OCR, if you "wrap" your package/envelope etc. make sure it is tight (no "bubbles") to prevent "delay".

      preferably, only write/print on front of envelope. else scanners sometime gets confused.

      if you have a "big" (tall) envelope, perhaps put address near top. boxed-off from the "return address" in UpperLeft of course, but imagine a computer scanner taking an "image" has less chance of screwing up if it can fit both inside same "scanning area" .

      there was only certain "size" image that can be scanned. so while natural tendency is to put "send to" address far away from "return address", that can confuse computer scanners (at the time, anyways)...and perhaps cause a slight delay.

      i suppose you can say we were perhaps only federal employees told not to take any "gifts".

      technically you probably need a return address. but i believe unless something is officially stamped "return to sender" that didnt matter to us. so, if you dont want to put one, and you put a "fake" one, who is going to know? they might keep "statistics" but for "routing" purposes should not matter unless the mail actually gets "returned to sender". i dont believe there is any verification on "return address" before that.

    2. that "bubbling" problem goes for "business type mail with plastic window for the address" too...those get crumpled and "scanner" cannot read it, causing slight delay

      if "speed of routing" is the aim, print on outside of actual envelope, not on paper behind plastic "window" slot of the envelope.

      if you wrap a magazine in plastic, put an address sticker outside that, so even wrinkled plastic/bag will not confuse the scanners from reading the address.

      if you ship something breakable, use padding. employees might be careless, but more likely is someone else is shipping a 50 pound box full of nails/ammunition/live goldfish/a ladder/etc. which comes down the conveyer belt and smacks into your "Fragile" package.

      so, any "damage" likely happens automatically before an employee ever has a chance to drop it/throw it/run it over/cut it open and steal things/etc.

      the rule of thumb is "if 100 or so little 50 lb.-each boxes full of nails/ammunition came down a conveyer belt and slid down a metal slide about 15 feet or so and each of these rammed into my package one after the other, would this disturb the contents?" ... because that will probably happen no matter what you do...

      if an employee damages your box, he is probably 2nd to the damage your box party, after it was "automatically" damaged.

    3. Interesting..!! Finally a look at our mailing system from an insider...thank you for sharing that...!!!


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