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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Christians Who Hate

By Anna Von Reitz

I have received a lot of backlash from my article explaining that "Christian" Kings hired Jews to practice usury against Christians to make a buck.  Even faced with the present government and its activities, there are some  who want to argue the point and can't believe that their kings and queens would do any such nasty, dishonorable, small-minded, money-grubbing thing----even though these are the ancestors of the same people who have stolen your identity, transformed "you" into a commodity to be traded like pounds of butter, and taken the profit of it for themselves.

Anyone who looks into the history of usury for the past thousand years will have no trouble unearthing the unsavory facts about both the Church and the State gleefully employing and yes, coercing Jews, to commit usury against Christians for profit.

There have also been numerous people on my website and sending me emails making hate-filled statements against Muslims and the Koran. 

I have friends who are linguists.  My own Aunt was a linguist who spoke seven languages fluently and wrote five of them just as fluently.  The linguists among us long ago noted a very curious thing.  The same thing that went on with the Roman Catholic Church and the use of Latin so that average people couldn't read the Bible for themselves, has gone on with the language of the Prophet and the Koran. 

Most Muslims are not able to read what the Prophet actually wrote because they are not taught to read, and among those who do read a very, very few can actually read the language of the Prophet. Thus, they rely on hearsay from their Holy Men, most of whom can't read the actual words of the Prophet, either.  So the blind lead the blind.

Instead, everyone relies on word-of-mouth translations learned by rote.  Anyone who has ever played the game "Telephone" knows what to expect, even when people try their best to remember everything and keep it exact.  Their own thoughts, ignorance, emotion, and assumptions color their transmission.  

It turns out that when the Prophet's words are read in his language, they often say something different or even the exact opposite, of what is being taught in the mosques.  HIs actual words have been corrupted.  Profaned.  Betrayed.  Misunderstood.  Lied about.  Politicized. And the people --- even the religious teachers --- are kept so ignorant they don't know and can't correct their errors.

Is this beginning to sound familiar? 

The Satanists have done the same thing to the Muslims as they did to the Christians, and have given us all another oxymoron---- holy war--- to contemplate.

Hello?  You think this is coincidence? 

The actual words of the Prophet are gentle and kind, not at all the hate-filled rantings you hear coming out of the mouths of those who claim to "represent" him. 

So there's another clue for you as to what is going on here and who is behind it.

Where else have you seen this kind of substitution go on?  Substitution of "things"--- corporate franchises--- for living men?  Substitution for actual shareholders by "undeclared foreign agents" claiming to "represent" them?   Substitution of "civil rights"  or "human rights" for "natural and unalienable rights"?  Substitution of State Citizenship for State of Citizenship?   

Even the word "trust" is a twisted abomination, meaning one thing in popular English vernacular, and having a completely different meaning in the original language.  The root word "trucido" in Latin means to kill, to slaughter mercilessly, murder. 

The Muslims are being tricked with half-truths and sly, politically motivated interpretations of the Prophet's words the same way that we Christians have been duped and kept ignorant and led around by our noses and deceived by people we trusted. 

The Satanic Perps are even doing it the same way, using the same tools, the same old time-worn methods---- dumb the victims down and keep them ignorant, divide them according to race or religion or any other difference, feed them all sorts of lies and scare them silly, weigh them down with superstitions and rules that God never gave to Man....  

It's all the same old crap. 

The Muslims are just a little bit behind the curve and are going through what we have already experienced.  That being true, we should be able to recognize it when someone else is being manipulated the same way we were.  And we shouldn't blame the victims.  We should blame the Satanists that have infiltrated Islam just as they have infiltrated Christianity and Judaism, to the same vile ends, for the same ugly purposes, and even using the same means, the same lies, and the same fears.  

We, the living people, are in a spiritual war. Our battle commander is the Holy Spirit.  Our weapons in this "war" are discernment, courage, humility, gratitude, generosity, mercy, love, faith, truth, justice, and peace.  It is only with these weapons that any of us can win.

Christians should know this, should teach it, and should be prepared for the assault --- but on all sides I hear professing Christians spewing hate and flooding the airwaves with fear.  Did Yeshuah allow hate and fear to overcome Him?  Is that what He taught us?  Really?  Just roll over and wallow in it? 

Do you all think that the command to "love your enemy" was a typographical error?

I began my life as a mathematician.  Here is a simple little set of equations I want you to observe, knowing that they are part of the fabric and foundation of the Universe we are all part of and live in:

-7 + -7 = -14 

This means that if you add negative things to negative things all you get are bigger more dangerous and uglier negative things.

+7 + -7 = 0

This means that if you add positive things to negative things in equal measure, they cancel each other out and there is no net change.

7 + 7 = 14

This means that if you add positive things to positive things you build up a whole full measure of positive things that yield more positive results.

Okay, folks?  You won't believe Yeshuah?  You won't believe me?  How about you believe the simple mathematics in front of your face?

When you return evil for evil, all you do is create a bigger mound of evil.

When you return good for evil, you cancel it out.

When you return good for good, you create Heaven on Earth.

If we want to win the spiritual war that threatens all Mankind, we must defeat evil by eradicating it from our own hearts and minds and replacing it with good. Yes, as a very practical matter, we have to return good for evil and encourage others to do the same by our example.

This is especially important for those who call themselves "Christians".  

Much has been given to you and for you, and much is expected of you in return. You can't claim ignorance. You know the math.

Every time I hear a "Christian" blaming and whining and gossiping and being petty and ignorant and fearful and talking hatefully about other people, I cringe.

I am not some namby-pamby Ivory Tower kind of woman.  I shoveled cow manure as a child.  I know what hard physical work is. I know what poverty is, and sickness, and misery and loss. I guess you can tell that I have a temper and can get angry enough to speak my mind. 

So it isn't because I am so sensitive and delicate that I can't bear to hear a swear word or so nice that I have unrealistic expectations---but when you call yourself a "Christian" you owe a debt to someone very special. So either try your best to live up to it, please, or admit that you are not a Christian.  You just say you are.

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  1. Standing ovation!

    Proof that there is a force manipulating the religious texts is the "Mandela Effect". They are changing verses in the bible now using Quantum computers. The lion no longer lays down with the lamb. It's now a wolf that lays down with the lamb. They inserted verses recently that talks about Jesus recommending to slay non believers. Piss and poo is now in the bible. The verse about making bread now has bread being made on top of dung. Anyone hungry for that? It's called Mandela Effect, and youtube videos explain it. I think we are being shown that this world is an illusion. Everything is manipulated via holographic technologies. Scientists say our world may be a hologram, Dr. David Bohn and other say it's a simulation. So yes, if we are in a hologram, then spreading more evil will bring on more evil, and spreading more advanced spiritual beliefs, will help our future. We should not be hating anyone. The spiritual teacher Krishnamurti says that all thoughts of division between countries, religions and races must be stopped. He says this is what brings the suffering and misery in this world. The reason why Ghandi and Martin Luther King were so successful is because they used spirituality to create change. That is the only way to do it. I'm sure they are rewarded in their eternal lives for their work.

    1. The design of the book is to lead those gullible enough into abject captivity. that is why it, and for that matter religion, was created. All who feed at its trough have a crippled mind. The process used to infiltrate our sovereignty by our enemies was subtle, well thought out, and very attractive to the weak minded. The bible is doing exactly the same thing!

  2. If you ask me, Christians are the real problem. Yes judge Anna, because somehow in those superficial minds of theres, they are automatically entitled to an inheritance they neither worked for or sacrificed for and use it like a "badge of honor" that you can always "trust" a christian because they answer to a higher authority....Not in my experiance. Hell, they are the best liers of all, especially when it comes to money. In fact, if someone tells me they are christian, i run, not walk away from them because even if they steal from you, they believe they will always be foregiven just by asking jesus for foregiveness. I guess that means to them that as long as we live in an evil world, they have to do whatever it takes to support their families... Thats why i dont go to church anymore. Everyones a "LIER" either because of ignorance or their belief that everything they do can be justified just by asking foregiveness everytime they knowingly have screwed someone over. Evertime my last roomate, accidentaly broke or destroyed something in my car or in my room, all he could do is say im sorry. How does that pay for the $400 thing you just broke in my car you klutz.. Apologies are only accepted by me now only if you intend to correct the problem. Otherwise, your sorry is an attempt to escape "liability" for your own stupid actions. What i really want to know is "anyone" telling the truth if all we have ever known is lies...What bible has been changed to read "the wolf shall lay down with the lamb. How many versions of the bible do you think least 20 versions of the christian bible alone. I can open a book today and tommorrow it will say the exact same thing. Only if i go to another bible does it change. And there are plenty to pick from....its endless.

  3. My point is that no one should be calling themselves christians, jews, muslims, or anything else unless they have actually "read" their own scriptual books themselves and if it isnt readable or understandable than you should realize already that something isnt adding up. Muslims always say that they always preach love do you know. Have you ever read your own books. Or what about reading all the religions books and make up your own mind. People simply want to believe something because their parents did. And thats the end of their education of their religion... It comes down to one thing that is epidemic in this current generation......they are all LAZY..!!!

  4. The mind has no power and is itself a product of the past rooted in time. It is preceded by the power that created it. A book can't be a teacher. Learning implies ever new insights unbounded by time and space borne of change and division. The problem is choice which is conflict and destruction.
    "Freedom from the known"

    1. Finally, someone with accurate perspectives! Thank you!

  5. Yes thair are good muslims I hAve known many problem is a ratical leader forces in and cuts off fingers ect and fear shuts down all good the religion you can't just elect to leave .so easily controld masses .
    Judaism can be radical sects like jarred cushner. Leviwits,is very, you can take a jentiles liver if you need it .so prying on jentiles is fair game .enormous wealth well you see jarred is top dog .and like wise deep state .being the 100 billion arms deal
    To the ppl suspected of running airliner into the trade center although it's was very elaborate remote control military aircrafts with pods mounted on underbelly . .this
    Is our situation dirty tricks in full effect.we need strong willed ppl to stop the globalist take over. You can say your religion is better than mine fine but I want freedom for don't like a government leave till the IRS finds you.

  6. To love something is to hate its opposite. Loving one's enemy is not the same as giving him what he wants. Truth with discernment in context is critical. If God loved His enemy in the way implied by this letter, Satan would possess the kingdom of heaven. Thank God it is not so, and He does not command Christians to be bleeding doormats in all things.

    I find a lot of humanism in these religious posts, which are simply not biblical. Man is not good. He is born in Adam, in the flesh and serving himself rather than God from day one; one must be reborn of the Spirit or perish. The problem is sin, not ignorance, manners, or praxis. Seek first the kingdom of God, all else will be added. A kind begets after its kind. Christians should always beware. Always. But beware particularly of letters like this one that frame history or social topics and attempt a segue into religion. It may sound good from an earthly perspective, but falls critically short of the Gospel, the good news: Jesus paid it all.

    1. Jesus paid for our REDEMPTION, but it's up to us to do our part, or cooperate, for our salvation. Salvation can't be reduced to a math formula.
      Only God can judge the hearts of people.

      It's one thing to judge objectively and quite another to judge subjectively.
      We MUST judge from an objective viewpoint in order to decide for ourselves if we should do a thing or not, but we can never judge subjectively and say that so and so is in bad faith or good faith. Leave that to God.

    2. From Anna:

      Jesus did pay it all. Where have you been, McGumm? But in paying it all, are we supposed to just go on thumbing our noses at what he came here to teach us? Which is what most "Christians" do---- and if they did not----we would have a far different world? Hello?

      Grace is indeed grace. Time to stop taking it for granted and being sanctimonious about it, too.

    3. Thank you for the feedback, Paul and Anna. I speak as a devout Christian, not a nominal one. I mention it only so you know from where I speak, not to imply anything about another.

      I merely suggest a solid line is necessary between selfless love and sentimental love. It is common to romanticize love. Warm and fuzzy fails about the time a need arises and sin nature plays upon loose or compromised morals. And also about the time when romanticized love gives place to higher love, if one were for example faced with a child abduction: love for the child, hate for the abductor, will have a definite, decisive, and righteous outcome for the abductor. That is love in action, even though one who sympathizes with the abductor would call me a hater. Even though if I killed a thief in my home, the thief would not feel loved.

      I'm on board with taking responsibility for ourselves, and not taking grace for granted. Amen. I'm on board with loving my neighbor as myself. But if I start eating my own arm shall I keep giving more of my arm, and then a leg, out of love for my blindly voracious self? That is one the images I got while reading this letter. No, I would figuratively cut off that part of me that wants to eat my own arm; and I should do likewise if someone else wants my arm. It is a dangerous idea that everybody can just give and not be consumed by the devourer. This is true naturally and spiritually. Men are by nature children of Adam, left unchecked they consume one another. Morals of man and shared goals only gain so much, because they are built upon the shifting sand and easily co-opted by man who is wont to form death cults. We are always at war. We cannot build heaven on earth, and we are not commanded to. Jesus brought not peace, but a sword (metaphorically, spiritually; yet, likewise, strife and war are a natural outworking of the carnal mind). Temporal peace in perpetuity is a false hope. The best we can do is occupy until Christ comes.
      (to be continued)

    4. (continued)
      But we are commanded to do what is right, to champion the fatherless and widowed. This idea of the Republic and a return to American Common Law fosters a rightness we haven't seen in generations. As it stands now, the people is idolatrous; deluded; irresponsible; lazy; weak; greedy; unscrupulous; corrupt and hedonistic, and eating one another. These are signs of judgement. God ordained government, God loves just government, and by His grace we enjoy it. I like what you say, Anna, with regards to this topic. One poster suggested you stick to this topic, and I found myself in hearty agreement. Cainites and lizards are Gnostic fables, we ought not teach them even if we privately find them instructive, and in part symbolic of spiritual truths (although rather as warnings, not truths to live by).

      I may live peaceably beside Muslims and we may share some temporal goals and pleasures under the common grace of God, but Muslims do not honor Jesus Christ in the same way I do - quite the opposite. Anyone who does not have the Son, has not the Father. So there is that necessary division, even though we may share a common enemy in the Luciferian cabal.

      Peaceableness is not peace. It is an armistice. There is always a hanging caveat, the armistice may fail. There is no joining in peace under those terms. It would be wise to remain girded and keep your panoply at hand. Our watchfulness, readiness, and prayerfulness has lapsed. We must get it back. However, it is very true: the cabal has corrupted peaceable Muslims as it has corrupted peaceable Christians. It's become obvious that the bogeyman of Islam has been craftily manufactured, and we are taken in by the ruse. Your point is well taken.

      Seek first the kingdom of God, which can only be found in Jesus Christ. All else will be added, including gifts, opportunities, just government, beneficial ethics, strong city gates and borders. And, most importantly, fellowship with the Triune God. We may count on this, and may we not take it for granted.

    5. (continued, reworded)
      Nevertheless, most of mankind rejects Christ and the most cruel governments have been theocracies of men. These two extremes are most cruel and unrighteous: the theocracy of man and the society that does not fear YHWH. If we must have a government of men, a humble government before God would be best. Let it be one that fears YHWH, and learns from the eternal wisdom of Him, and adopts His judgements. for when His judgements are in the earth the people will learn righteousness.

    6. Thomas Jefferson understood that man is evil, and if we are obliged to trust a man in government then he must be bound down by the chains of the Constitution. This is wisdom. Jefferson's theology may be uncertain, but his words were not those of a man that believed in the achievement of heaven on earth. Rather, he and his peers expressed the notion that God-given rights need to be protected by living men. If Americans trusted in the Constitution to protect them, or government, or merely in deterrent force, that would explain how we got here. Jefferson advocated a distrust in those things. I don't know from what well he drew his water, but this is one instructive, extra-biblical example of vigilance. There are many more in the Bible, which does not teach that man is basically good. Heaven is not for this age. Only Christ gathers into His kingdom: any who are not with Him scatter abroad.

    7. MrGumm, you won't get any arguments out of me on anything you said above.

    8. Me either. As far as im concerned, man has de-evolved from its former greatness from which it was created. Adam and Eve were said to have lived almist a 1000 years

    9. Thats because the human body is truely a work of art and amazement which most people will never realize unless they were pre med majors. There is no other conclusion to be made, other than it is a creation of a central "spirit". No amount of evolution could explain the complexity of neverous, circlatory, respirtory, and digestive, and lymphatic systems all working at the same time in perfect harmony to give life to these "vessels" we call bodies. But the real sourse of any living thing is "the BLOOD". The blood has a spiritual energy in it, besides just suppling oxygen. That is the reason that "murder" is one of the highest sins of all. The person who takes a life in vain, is litteraaly trying to play GOD. The blood never dies. If it is spilled on the soil, it enters the soil and never dies. The body does, but never the blood. Its the blood in Christ that keeps it alive. Unfortunately, man has choosen to be evil, self centered, selfish, and materialistic. Which is why our maximun life expectancy now is only 70 to 80 years old. We have corrupted the bodies that much. I disagree with you on one point however. Jesus always taught us that if someone was truely in need and asked you for your shoes , he ordered you to also offer him your shirt or coat. Not just what he asked for. Instead, if someone ask for a dollar today, he is lucky if he gets .50 cents if anything. I have given thousands to people at one time because they asked for and needed it. And not only did they not even appriatiate it, except for a few days, they never pay it foreward to someone sick is that..!! Those same people who received thousands to save their lives, wont even give one dollar to someone at a gas station who are despirate to get home...dispicable !!! Thats why we have reached the end of this system just as the bible predicted. And why our bodies have totally degrated having only a life span of 70 years, instead of 1000.

  7. Least we forget each have Free Will Choice to do as we please and must live consequences of our every thought, word and action. Really no such thing as "sin." Its the consequences you are confronted with since you created it via thought, word or action. Noone else can live those consequences for you only you. Some may call this karma.

    God-Source does have a preference that we make good choices so as not to bring on pain and suffering for the self. Owning an inflow and backflow of energy exchange reboots our accretion levels of energy within, we were created as Eternal Beings, just due to various distortions picked up along our journey have prevented this energy exchange with God-Source from occuring therefore leading causing energy/quantum depletion & being told for eons we die, believing it~ then we die.

    In the re-awakening process taking place now all truth seekers will eventually realize what truly has happened in this time matrix and to the human race over eons. Therefore leading to the innerstanding of what has happened is to still love our fellow human beings and assist when required if possible without falling into the trap of the victim/victimizer game introduced here by fallen angels.
    We are the Directors, Writer & Actor of our life and this will never change. Have fun owning Strength, Vality, Bravery, Courage, Enlightenment, Wisom, Effective Action and Christic Power in the Action of the Kryst and Injoy Life. We only have the Unutterable One of 1st Eternal Life Creation as our true example of absolute LUV now and always. Luving, Laughing, Singing and Dancing as an aspect of the Unutterable One of 1st Eternal Life Creation [ call it whatev you like, some call it God] was the original intent for us to experience manifested in external creation prior to returning to internal-eternal creation during Stellar Activation Cycles (SAC), look how out of balance an individual or the collective consciousness has become. Many paths to follow in the outer domains and one can easily get lost here.

    There was a man named Jeshua who re-awakened to his Christos D12 Avatar Consciousness-Self while on earth~taught ascension mechanics, yes also that we can do anything he did and also prepared the earths grids enabling ascension potential for all biological forms during these times of the next SAC. There were three christ during the Christ period each playing their parts.
    GOoD News, The Times of transparency & re-awakening, and healing potential that presents during any SAC is here and humanity on an individual free will choice basis can choose its destiny.
    Which One?
    1)Milky Way Galaxy Path of the "Fermi Fall Fold" (Galactic Vesica-Pisces Metatronic Infold to Space-Dust Return)
    Or the
    2)EarthCync Path of "Re-Evolutionary Rise Connection" (Andromeda Eff-im-a'rhal Return)

    This is the Question....and we can all choose the answer we most prefer.

    1. Your primary heresy is not believing in a God that is outside yourself and governing the universe via divine providence while at the same time allowing you to have free will to choose between good and evil. Your heresy is more correctly stated as "God in man, no man, no God".

      Until you realize that, and humble yourself before Him, and become as a little child in that respect as Jesus said, you won't find the truth. Your fairy tale will continue, and you will try to justify all sorts of errors, and never find salvation, even though you have been redeemed by Him.
      We can't save ourselves without His sacrifice, and He won't save us without our complete cooperation. Jesus is real, He is One with the Father, He is God, and HE IS YOUR JUDGE! Very probably the only really just judge in the universe. He is plenteous to forgive all those SINS THAT YOU SAY DON'T EXIST. But He demands true and final repentance of those sins.
      Our repentance must have some very specific qualities.
      Interior. No big alligator tears but real heart felt sorrow.
      Supernatural. Sorry not because we can be punished, or not get rewarded, but because we have offended that great and perfectly good God who created and redeemed us.
      Universal. Sorry for all our sins. We can't hold back a favorite sin that we are not repentant of.
      Supreme. We must be more sorry for sin than for anything that might befall us in this life.
      Intense. We must hate and detest every sin.

      These graces of repentance can only come from God through His One, Holy, Universal, and Apostolic Church, but we must beg Him for them and then use those graces to do our part.

      I pray you will truly find this repentance before you take your last breath.

    2. Patriarchial Paul, You don't even know me & telling me who I Am. Shame On You. And by all innerstanding don't pray for me as it is not requested, so keep your gift we don't desire it. Thanks but No Thanks.

      My beloved consciousness knows who the Unutterable One of 1st Eternal Life Creation is very well, and we are loved, Thank You. The Unutterable One is Absolute Love expressed in two words- not a revengeful gawd going to send you to hell if you don't give your money to the church for example and plenty of other inconsistencies to many to detail here. Believe as you will and allow others to express truth and you might learn something new to your advantage instead of being a patriarchial dominating individual expressing it only your way or the highway! We are taking the High Way! Pun intended😊

      Raised in the Christian Faith and well beyond it in search of Truth and observed enough of its hyprocrisy such as putting on a pedestal a person called the pope who supports pedophilia,puke,thats the churches saintly representative then the story is clear the whole bunch is mind controlled as he hoodwinks the many followers while the church representatives abuse their children, puke, not to mention his Audience Hall, ever watched the Popes Audience Hall videos on utube, if not, oh boy your in for a real suprise can see who he really worships taking all the sheeples with him.
      Link: Jesuit Pope Audience Hall at The Vatican. Unsettling
      Another with an Amen at yhe end by congregation: Pope Francis Declares Lucifer as God:

      Can observe you are too phase-locked in your thinking to move forward in your growth and just shouts out heresy to anything that doesn't fit into your patriarchial model of programming while being aware of abuses in the church.

    3. Any Fool can see there is something wrong with condoned abuses of our children in the churches committing crimes against Humanity. Have not able to figure out other than mind-control or perhaps its the same consciousness groups that allows and supports these atrocites against Humanity. Horrific Indeed.

    4. You don't even recognize the Church, or where it may be found. It certainly isn't in Rome.

      What you see as the Catholic Church is neither Catholic or the Church Jesus founded.

      I didn't say anywhere that I condoned any of these things you accuse me or the Church of.

      If you are right I have all kinds of time to "find your truth". But if I am right you have one lifetime to find it, and accept it, and repent. That would scare the hell right out of me, but it probably won't even phase you.
      I can tell you really have never even looked at anything really Catholic but have believed all the lies told about Christ's true Church for over 20 centuries.
      Nothing new under the sun.
      Weave all the fairy tales you want. In the end they won't save you from that hell you don't believe in.

    5. Patriarchial Paul, Excerpt from website you shared: "New to the site...
      The long-term effect of the council has been a complete revolution of Catholicism, one that has been most visible in the changes in Catholic worship, specifically in the Catholic Mass, which went from being a solemn, dignified, and otherworldly rite of Sacrifice being offered to the Most Holy Trinity in the sacred Latin tongue by a priest facing God and therefore having his back to the congregation, to being a pedestrian service in which the priest is reduced to the status of a mere presider over a meal, often acting even as an entertainer, reading dull prayers in English while facing the people. Lots of lay participation in the sanctuary contributes to an already-desacralized service. The results have been catastrophic: exceptionally low Mass attendance, an unprecedented crisis in vocations to the priesthood, and a “Catholic” populace ignorant of some of the most basic tenets of Catholicism."

      And decided to stop here, could not and do not believe in making Sacrifices to anyone/anything or speaking in tongues let alone support those activities/actions being done by another. We do own discernment & mindfulness where we focus our attention while having a desire to always have an innerstanding what is being said to us ~knowing words can cause harm or even cast spells.
      We are all 15-multidimensional beings and impossible except through clear observations of anothers~ words and actions can we have any innerstanding of who they might be representing inside on higher dimensional levels. Speaking in tongues denies this access of true clarity of what is being said.

      BTW, only mentioned observing your were phase locked in thinking and if the shoe fits with the rest then wear it, we don't know.
      [Definition of Phase Locked: When an individuation of God-Source experiences itself in a certain set of dimensional frequency bands, we say it is Phase Locked.
      Temporary phase lock is intentional and part of the organic design of manifestation.

      Inherent to the organic human design, is the ability to consciously release oneself from dimensionalized phase lock.

      Merkaba fields are the energetic ‘organs’ by which we are kept in manifest dimensionalized phase lock, and they are also the tools by which we can release ourselves from phase lock.

      Merkaba fields enable us to move (which in reality is to expand) into the next set of dimensional fields of existence (Identity) and progressively ascend.

      Not all Merkaba teachings offered at this time achieve this positive outcome and this is why there is such an emphasis and thorough detail given on Merkaba mechanics within the MCEO teachings]

      Thanks for bringing up the time span to finally Get It Together and to clarify have not wasted one minute concerning myself whether you have any innerstanding or approval of what we shared, it was not a PRIVATE message to you, It was a group sharing with the viewers & commenters. I don't carry a Savior Complex. And its not just one lifetime to grasp the full truth since the Eternal Life Timeline anchored in 2013 many people would not have enough time to prepare their bodies for the ascension process in this lifetime so God-Source is Love therefore Merciful and Loves All Its Creation providing a 900 year period for those choosing to re-claim their Divine Birthright Beingness,Heritage and Gifts while fulfilling their mission To Stand Tall & Strong As The Guardians of The Planetary Templar They Were Created To Be. Earth is now an anscenion planet raising its oscillations/vibrations activating its immune system in the process ridding itself of any shall we say "Fleas."😉

      You can call Truth whatever you like and it Still Stands as Truth whether you Believe It Or Not. Cheers!

    6. Good luck with that. Don't say nobody warned you when you meet your judge.
      Death, judgement, heaven or hell. The four last things.

    7. Patriarchial Paul, You did not warn me of anything just confirmed & assisted us in gathering more knowingness of the catholic church and its distortions within. All churches, temples, synagogues are built on distorted energy vortices used for mind control. I am filled with gratitude & joy to own the kryst consciousness to step outside the church paradigm of mind control and death culture promoted by fallen angels.
      The meeting your judge-death, judgement, heaven or hell-the four last things is the churchs dogma
      promoting fear & control as it harnesses the God-Source Life Force off its Congregation and not part of our hologram.
      My 15 multidemsional consciousness resides in the Eternal Life Timeline anchored on beloved earth 2013, so its a different timeline than the one you live in. And So It Is.

    8. LESSON (Acts, X. 37-43) In those days, Peter standing, up in the midst of the people said: You know the word which bath been published through all Judea: for it began from Galilee, after the baptism which John preached, Jesus of Nazareth: how God anointed him with the Holy Ghost, and with power, who went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed by the devil, for God was with him. And we are witnesses of all things that he did in the land of the Jews and in Jerusalem, whom they killed, hanging him upon a tree. Him God raised up the third day, and gave him to be made manifest, not to all the people, but to witnesses pre-ordained by God: even to us, who did eat and drink with him after he rose again from the dead. And he com­manded us to preach to the people, and to testify that it is he who was appointed by God to be judge of the living and of the dead. To him all the Prophets give testimony, that by his name all receive remis­sion of sins, who believe in him.

    9. This is your timeline and we know its your conscious Free Will Choice and Free Will Choice is always respected in the Action of the Eternal.
      We can learn to agree to disagree and keep on keeping on, its a christic trait to own. Neat indeed.

    10. To clarify the True Legend embraces all re-legends without their distortions since many can See With Eyes To See that all re-legends [religions] have been infiltrated and Holy Books compromised by fallen angels. To innerstand this and what has happened to humanity is to truly still love. There is no us verses them.

  8. Awesome Anna. God bless you!!

  9. Heres the one sure way to know for sure how to settle this ancient secret once and for all....simply die(flat line) and come back to tell us your experiance . In other words, a "near death" experiance. Any takers...!!! Or you can just take the word of thousands that have already been there in every race, religion, and culture on earth. Their stories are all the same across the board. So there is only one truth with that kind of evidence. With thousands now accounted and testified too, it can no longer be said to be anticdotaled evidence.

  10. There are no secrets here James. Jesus spelled it out well what we should believe and do in order to be saved. It's up to us to find His truth and live it.

  11. I agree, and for a long time i did just believe even without asking for evidence or reading the bible, because i was born Cathloic like you...thankfully. But what if i was born Muslum and had that same kind of "blind faith". Since then i have learned the difference between "real faith" and "blind faith". Once i realized that it was time to read the bible once and for all and started reading other religions including "evolution" which is nothing more than a religion in the guise of a science. But some people need actual evidence, like doubting Thomas, who was one of Jesus's own diciples. Jesus does not fault us for being weak minded. Only if he proves it and you still dont believe. And that is why in these end days he promised to to give enough evidence to everyone , no matter how bizzar to some people, in order to give everyone a chance before judgement....Hence NDE(Near Death Experiances"). They are real and their stories(now in the thousands) all have the exact same narrative which gives physical proof of his word. And they are having a spiritual awakening for the good. Surely this is a good thing...!!!

    1. Remember what He said to Thomas James.

      "Blessed are they who have not seen and yet believe"

  12. Yes, Paul I do know that passage. But did jesus fault him for it. But he was actually dealing with the real deal. Now we are dealing with pasters, rabis, prechers, and priest and all their followers who are only MEN(mortals) who want us to believe that just because they call themselves christians, we should just accept their word that they would never lie,cheat or steal from the "flock". And it doesnt line up what jesus warns us about in the last days, many claiming to come in his name , even claiming to be him because satin knows how easy it is to deceive his people. I told people I was Catholic up until I was a junior at the university of cal poly. And yet i couldnt even tell anyone the difference between the OLD and NEW Testament. Why? Because I never once read the bible myself to know anything I was talking about. Until I meet a true christian that promised to get me through a class i was about to fail, but only if i did something for myself at the same time....I had to promise to read the new testament at the same time. That meeting was no accident. Not 0nly did I get an "A" in the class, I finally understood the reason for having "faith". And now I could finally answer peoples questions about why I believe in the Creator and it came at just the right time, since we were in the sciences which were trying to answer the age old question of how did we get here or why. And the next course we were taking was, you guessed it...Evolution! Perfect. What Im saying is Judge Anna is right! There are so many people out there claiming to be christians, jews muslims, etc. but have never even read their own versions of the bible. I was one of them. The best pastor i have ever heard at a sermon, actually said it himself...your faith is why to important to leave in anyones hands including himself. Now heres a pastor that is truely humble enough to tell everyone, get off your butts and study yourself. How do you know im telling you the truth if you don't. GOOD QUESTION. Thomas was only doing what he needed to do as any rationalable person living in a commercial world of fiction should be doing. He wasnt questioning his faith, it was a paraple of the people living in the last days..US..of how to tell who is telling the truth when confronted with such great deception we will face in these days. Our sences, especially our "eyes" are easily fooled. And by people like Nomi Effiah who would use his clever intellicual linguistic diatribe(made up words) as a deception for weak minds, through his "INNERSTANDINGS" of the human mind, is not nor ever will be greater than our "OVERSTANDING" that he is nothing more than a "lost soul" who hasnt found any "TRUTH" at all because hes found his GOD everytime he looks in the mirror. He doesnt need our prayers or grace because he has saved himself through "SCIENTOLOGY"... The Godself! What is really frustrating is he will probably never face the "Lake of Fire" that all religions talk about, but his "innerstanding" will come "face to face" with his savior Jesus, and his "overstanding the instance his eyes meet HIS. There will be no need for innerstanding or words because it will simply be self evident that he was deceived. ALL I CAN SAY TO NOMI IS THAT YOU ARE SO LUCKY HE IS SO LOVING. Just because the religions of the world have been corrupted, doesnt mean original Narritive isnt true Nomi.

  13. Your the one that is wrong. There is overwhelming physical evidence not only in the fossil record but by simple observation. Like so many other people, you try and make sense of the world starting right now. Its like trying to understand a 1000 page noval starting from the middle of the book. You refuse to explain the most basic answer of all...How did human beings arrive here. And there is no way around it. But you keep trying. People who hate all religions just because you think they are corrupt, still have no answer to that one simple did all this diversity on this planet get here. All you have is a phylosophy. Sounds nice, but you have no evidence or facts to back up anything you say. And why all the "order" in the universe. Astronomers depend on all this order to know exactly when Haleys comet will return our way ever 70 years, like clockwork and other comets and meteors. Everyone like you always avoids the beginning of life, so they never have to deal with it. You simply accept the fact that it is what it is and move on so you never have to deal with it. You call that science. What science is it...the science of the accepted "unknown". Now lets move on class...!!!

  14. Yes it is simple....all you had to say is your a "scientologist"!! I take it back. You didnt start in the middle of the created it...!!! Thats the only place i have ever read diatribe like that. Who are you...a producer and director in hollywood. Thats quite a script. It would certainly make for a good movie..."FICTION". But it would make money..!! In fact, didnt it just come out...Guardians of the galaxy...!! And you think im losing it or showing signs of demensia. If we were to tell a group of people who has more crediability who do you think they would believe me or you. You want to chastize all religion, when all you have is just another religion yourself. Because in order to believe what you just said takes "faith". In fact it takes blind faith to believe that fairy tale. We wouldnt be arguing if you would just admit that we are only argueing about our religious beliefs. What "Book" or Bible are you reading. You cant prove your point anymore than i can. In fact , yours would be dismissed immediadely by anyone other than a scientologist. It doesnt matter if you went on and on for two days straight posting on this site. You offered no proof at all in all that ranting. And you didnt come up with that all on your own. You reading something or receiving alien transmissions from galatic sources in the 4 dimension, which is "frequency range" of a lower dimension of "fallen angels". This is not going to end well on this planet like you hope. There is coming a third world war, and even worse , the alien(fallen angels) too. Stick around. It will be an "EPIC MOVIE" never to be duplicated...and its coming to a theater very soon. Scalar waves and all. Good Luck...!!!

  15. I have had enough. This Nomi has worn out her welcome.

    I will count as spam any comment posted.

    Pure fairy tales. If Nomi wants to start her own religion she can do it somewhere else.

    Almost 20 long comments in one day on one post, all completely off the wall is just too much to expect our readers to wade through and detracts from the subjects dealt with in the article.

  16. I stopped half way through.. I wasnt going to confront her anymore after this. People need and are desperate for legal remedies for real life problems on this site which ive been trying to help with because ive been there and done that. What they dont need is philosaphy about different "faiths". Sorry Paul, but i had to confront her once and for all. I can finally consentrate on helping people again with trying to get remedy for these people. Thank you Paul. Again i apoligise.


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