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Saturday, June 3, 2017


By Anna Von Reitz

I am sitting at my desk in tears.  I have been laughing until it hurts.  The same people who were calling me a "Vatican Agent" last week are calling me a "Muslim Apologist" now.  How droll! 

I am an apologist.  My Master was an apologist, too: "Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do." 

Under the circumstance, apologizing to and for everyone--including myself--- seems like a uniquely appropriate thing to do. 

I apologize for all those who have been lied to, and so, have been manipulated and misled and committed terrible sins and crimes as a result.  I apologize for all those who have been forced by circumstance and coercion to do things they didn't want to do.  I apologize for those who are simply ignorant, who don't know that what they are saying, doing, or thinking is evil.  I apologize for us all, including myself.  

Certainly, most of what we have done and are doing is completely wrong or wrong-headed in the sight of Our Father in Heaven.  It really makes me wonder what the churches have been doing the last 2000 years.  

The fact is that even with our best efforts our judgment is hopelessly faulty, and we often cause damage and injury to each other, both intended and unintended. We are beginning to emerge from the Two-Year Old With A Hammer mentality, but it is still an upward climb.  

Such simple lessons as:  "Judge not."  and  "Thou shalt not kill."  and "Love your enemies." still aren't sinking in and we still have an embarrassing number of professed "Christians" who aren't even close to giving any of that a try.  

And when I have the temerity to suggest there is evidence that the Muslims have been purposefully misled just as we have been misled by Satanists embedded in our midst, merely pretending to be Muslims, or Jews, or Christians---then I am an "apologist". 

By the way, people who place God in the center of their lives and pray five times a day and who really, really TRY hard to do what they believe their Creator asks of them, are probably not in as much need of an apology as certain other parties who say they are "Christian" but are estranged from God, never pray, never read the Bible, and make no discernible effort to put the actual teachings of Yeshua into any practical action in their lives. 

I am an apologist.  I do apologize.  I apologize to Our Father in Heaven and to Yeshua and to all the Prophets and Teachers who have struggled so hard and so faithfully--and at such terrible cost--- to lift us up and teach us.  

I apologize to the people we have harmed.  

I apologize for the people who have unknowingly or ignorantly harmed us.  

I apologize for myself because I realize I am too stupid --- just as we all are --- to fully comprehend the consequences of my thoughts and words and actions. 

All we can guarantee is our intent.  Let our intent be pure and good. 

As for the rest, if I see rumors that I am a Vampire or that I turned into a German Shepherd named "Polly", that I am a Clone, that I came from the planet Xenon, or that I am secretly Durga, the Great Mother,  I won't be alarmed or surprised anymore.  

Just realize, people, that there is only one Truth, though there are many Lies. 

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  1. All Good is One Thing. Religions have, unfortunately, distorted this for millennia. You get it, Anna. Namaste.

  2. One day we well all know. No longer will an apology be necessary but we can simply say, Please forgive me, I knew better and will not be doing that again. Forgiveness is complete, no more liablility of any kind for the deed attached and not an excuse but an admission of kind. I forgive people for most everything even if they do not ask. It is not an approval of continuing wrong actions, or approval of any wrong hurtful immoral criminal undertaking but frees me from holding hatred or negative feelings in my heart that really do not accomplish much anyway and frees me to see a more uncluttered path.

  3. What are you doing for the teenagers to get their birth right back before they get their driver's license and voter registration cards. That is who you should be helping. They will spread the news like wild fire. Just a thought!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Lien Claim: Thank you Judge James Clinton B. and Anna Von Reitz for all your good works. Placing a lien claim with Pope Francis is good, but we are not out of the woods yet, until 2023. No doubt, that scares the Pope substantially, but the Cabal will comfort the Pope and intimidate you in July 2017, and finalize their “Fraud upon the court” tactic by Oct-4-2017. They could claim that they are not under your jurisdiction, or no Court higher than they are. But they fail to understand a Mass Population of America represents the Court.
    Judge Anna, in your life’s configuration I see “no life threatening” only financial security threatening the Cabal could play on you. You have plenty of positive powers in your configuration, no worries, the people and other Judge would jump in to support you.
    It is uncommon to see Judges working for people, 98% of them are crooks. This is a proof that God’s system of self-correction is working.
    I like to see people get rid of Fraudulent Corporate Legal systems in U.S. Inc, including the crooked attorneys who help the thieves stealing all our assets. For those who are not convinced that America has been robbed by Banksters systematically, visit this site for proof:!Aqs7zg7dRLmHgitS1wppGBwa2_L7


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