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Saturday, June 3, 2017

It's Spring. Look at the Garden....

By Anna Von Reitz

When you look outside your window at the magnificent Creation beyond, what do you see?
Just one kind of flower?
Just one kind of tree?
One species of insect?
How many kinds of fish in the sea?
Our Creator loves diversity. He loves all the differences.
Isn't it silly to suppose that He values a violet less than a rose?
What is this craziness that people have, when they think and apparently believe, that one man is less than another because his skin is black?
Or think that a woman is less than man?
Or that the old are not as good as the young?
Sometimes I look at my garden with all it's different living plants, all their flowers and fruits and forms, and I see my Father's hand in them and know how He must delight in creating all these different variations.
I think about how they serve so many different purposes, too: to feed us, to delight our senses, to heal us from our ills, to fill our world with color and texture and fresh clean air.
If God were stingy or stodgy or lacking in imagination, why not just plug in a single big grey and black air conditioner and call it good?
Even the common grass beneath your feet is a miracle.
And even the grass you cannot create.
Love the Creator. Learn what He teaches. If you have eyes and ears and heart, then open them up.
Take joy in all your kinds and all your nations, in your rich palette of colors and forms, in your multiplicity of gifts and talents, in your own special, one-of-a-kind self, a creation both like and unlike any other.
Let gratitude and wonder overwhelm your soul and think: there are billions upon billions of stars in the sky, and not one of them the same as any other....

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  1. Thank you! Very well said. It's sad that we even this reminder, but we often do. I'm going to share this with many!

  2. I enjoy being a conscientious observer.😘

  3. Who would have thought when first they read one of your super informative and well researched articles on the present condition of the world, that you would truly turn out to be an advanced spiritual leader...yet, it has come to pass! Well said.

  4. very beautiful. We need to go back to mother nature, and start to take a look, a real look and see the beauty in everything. And see everyone as oneself. And hate no one. And don't partake in any thoughts of division and separation. The wheat is going to be separated from the chaff. There are still a lot of people who think they are awake and are still playing the separation game. A true spiritual warrior can free themselves from all programs of mind control.
    Thanks Anna, you are a true spiritual warrior.

  5. Also, be careful of the water. I started drinking distilled with added back minerals. As if you electrolicize or distill water and bottled water, you will see the black and brown goo. The distilled water is the only one that didn't form goo when electrolicized. you have to always add back minerals. FYI - very important for spiritual warriors to drink clean water.

  6. I think of all the things we see and experience around us of a notice. We may receive a notice on paper, an add in the paper, a video that tells us to notice something. All around about us are the myriads of creatures, bugs, flowers, butterflys of all colors and patterns, trees, water, mountains, plants and on and on. It is like a notice, we are to take notice of it and appreciate that it and draw from it, do our part in responding to the notice.

  7. Replies
    1. there you go again...being snarky. Adds to your discredit. Didn't hear a thing she said did you? You always have to be running your mouth in all these posts...give it a rest!

  8. That's funny, I was just making this very point the other day to my partner. Multiplicity, plurality in multi-form splendor is the Creator's calling card. What a wonder it is!


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