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Monday, April 10, 2017

The Fifty States Claim -- Update

By Anna Von Reitz

It has come to my attention that there are still a lot of people left out in the dark regarding the Fifty States Claim and even some who woke up in alarm and thought that we'd missed the boat.
When all the crappola of the Civil War came down, there were people in America who were aware of the fraud and who objected to it.

In order to make their own actions "legal" but not "lawful" the renegade Rump Congress agreed to "grandfather in" those who were already in this country, if they expatriated back to their original native state jurisdiction. Anyone who didn't would be presumed to be a "citizen of the United States".
That's how it came down in July of 1868 and that's the way it remains to this day.

So as the vermin were busy liquidating their most recent fabricated government services corporation and bankrupting others in 2015, the American states (together with the people living in those states) were presented as sureties backing all this nonsense and the actual states--- our land jurisdiction states--- were up for grabs. Unless the Priority Creditors showed up and claimed the states back, the Secondary Creditors would be allowed to come in and seize everything in sight.

The banks and various other nations were slavering at the thought.
So I put out the call for white males above the age of 21 (the requirement back during the Civil War Era) who could prove that their ancestors were here back then. I asked them to execute Acts of Expatriation--- which they did. Volunteers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) researched the family genealogies and we invoked the Grandfather Clause and the Expatriation Act to reclaim every sand particle of the fifty organic states of the union for the actual American states and people.

All that got done and done successfully. We made the international claim. We posted the Notices. We posted the Liens. We went back and recorded everything. We posted the sovereign bonds for each one of the fifty actual states and for all the people living in the states.

We also turned our attention to asset recovery, because there were billions upon billions of dollars worth of fungible assets belonging to the actual states that were also in limbo and under threat of being lost. So we alerted the military (which is responsible for safeguarding our money) and they jerked awake.
Since then, the military's Asset Recovery Team has been responsible for repatriating billions of dollars worth of gold and silver to this country. It is estimated that it will take another six to nine months to collect our stuff back from all over the globe and from offshore accounts.

Someone had to deal with the international and commercial issues and someone had to make the effort to get the counties and states organized and the people educated enough to run their own government again.
Why do you think they had all those FEMA Camps set up, folks?

They were getting ready to open the doors and let their Creditors come in and seize your homes and land and businesses and everything else in sight as payment for their corporate debts.
We saved the land and its assets. We reclaimed the actual states. That much is done.

What remains is to educate and organize the American people and get them back in condition to run their actual government--- first at the county level, then at the state level, and finally at the national level.
I have had to rely on volunteers to do this and they have not always known the right thing or done the right thing. It is also likely that to some extent the effort has been undermined by paid agents seeking to keep us all from regrouping and successfully reinstating our lawful government.

Be that as it may, we stand on the cusp of a new era.

Please pray throughout this week in whatever way you can for the well-being of the land and the people of this nation and of all nations.

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  1. 2008 bailout Bloomberg news reported 22 trillion dollars flowed out of the country but Ben Bernanke few used to disclose were it went.criminal banks got a bank attorney Eric holder attorney general and coin the phrase to big to jail. Says who..


  3. I read as much as I can, but have trouble retaining it as I'm damaged goods from being State Property from the moment I was birthed. I've managed to maintain some semblance after all the poisoning I've endured. I'd love to work this for myself but need help t put it together I would love to find someone to help me separate myself from this De-Facto system. my email is

  4. I do keep encountering people who are seemingly waking up. They seem confused but are coming around, hopefully this will come to fruit in realizing we need to be governing on the land and get er done and ongoing. Too long have the depraved committed unspeakable acts against the innocent and those undeserving of such horrific treatment. Fearing a stampede as all cow-drivers know can be a real job in getting the cows back under control, the devious ones struggle being like cowboys only a few and the herd massive. But since we are not cows and our shepherds have been imposters made of the greedy, selfish, ego driven and basically those who care not for love, caring, getting along and life itself, who relied on hiding, once it comes out in the light as it has and is the path is certain as people wake up.

  5. This can seem like waking up from a terrible nightmare at first! Not knowing what steps to make to start coming out of it or who you can trust other then God, to sharing truth and not lies. It can be rough, but we must have hope that not all is lost. Thank you Anna!

  6. Now that is a sediment i can get behind judge Anna. Its only through "HIM" that anything will be truely accomplised anyway. Ive accepted that a long te ago. But if the rest of you are having a difficult time convincing people that there is indeed two separate and independant nations in this country, all you have to do is make a bet with them for $10 or $20 that you can prove it. If they take the bet, then mail them a letter using the original price for a stamp for the rebublic which hasnt changed to this day..... .02 cents. But spell out the state completely, and adding "zip code exempt" without the UNITED STATES and stick it in the post office itself, not in one of their convienent drop boxes. I used to add the Statute, and chapter of the law with it, but i forgot it and i really dont think you need it , but you might be able to google it if you really want to add teeth to it. It has never failed for me. The letter always goes through, it has never come back marked needing more postage. But watch them say or use any excuse possible not to pay you, using their own logic and opinion....they screwed up, or they just didnt care, etc.

  7. Thank you so much for saving our future, it is unbelievable what this corporation has gotten away with, truly criminal. Thanks again to you and your team.

  8. Having the military to collect all this debt will have its consequences, since they were the only ones really capable of recovering it . The "liber code" that Lincoln created to protect the little wealth we did walk away with was placed under the military to protect in the first place. Its only logical that they recover it now. Everyone now sitting in jail with open accounts, now have to be revalulated and released if the only injured party claiming damage was the CORP. STATE and the prosecutors who put them there need to be all prosecuted and do jail time themselves. The jails are all going to be housing a whole new type of criminal....BAR ATTORNEYS. Its high time they learn their lesson too for robbing us blind. They are not going to get away scott free......not on my watch.!!!!

    1. Now now james, Gods will be done. not ours. that is what got us into this mess in the first place. this is what i would say.

      "The message that I have been told to convey is there has been a mistake, where is the proper notice that I may deal with this matter honorably? Since it is true that, “No man can serve two masters,” therefore, it is also true that it would be inappropriate for this Envoy to be involved in matters that do not concern me or my God for the sake of honor and peace. Furthermore, I was told it is my mission to express and convey unto you that there is no claim of ownership or benefits concerning this matter, as I TRUST all things to my God and if there has been any trespass, that forgiveness is asked for as it is also given for any likewise trespass, wherein there may appear to be any kind of fraud or identity theft, so that this matter can be settled by the appropriate parties honorably and without any interference.

    2. FEMA Camps for the criminal cockroaches will do just fine...

  9. Hear, hear, Anna. Beautifully stated.

  10. This article is an eye opener! I did not know about the Fifty States Claim. I thank you for doing what you have done and what you continue to do for America! What can we do to help?

  11. Has Anna or anyone had any contact or dealings with this group?
    I've been following them for a couple of years and they contacted me last year to get involved with their rebuilding of the states effort.

  12. Has Anna or anyone done any research into the Alien Property Custodian and how or if they play into what is going on? I guess holding assets of estates who's descendants never expatriated back to the land and made claims?


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