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Monday, April 10, 2017

FBI Informers, the Bundys, and Watering Horses

By Anna Von Reitz

Ask yourself this question: if there are any “FBI Informants” operating in the take-down of the Colorado Grand Juries and State Justices— where are they?

Chances are they are in jail with the rest of the folks, so that they can continue to spy on and manipulate them from a position of trust.

They are certainly not standing here as I have been for yea, so many weeks, giving warning and instruction to people so that they might correct their ways and avoid arrest.

I hear that my name and that of Bella Haywood have been taken in vain and certain parties who are in fact to blame for this debacle have been accusing us of being traitors and informers and so on.

The plain fact is that if these people had followed our advice or even just paid attention to the Public Law they wouldn’t be arrested. There would be no big controversy.

I’ve also been getting a lot of mail about the Bundys. Save the Bundys! Save the Bundys!
The Bundys have had the benefit of my advice and the facts since Day One of their arrest. I explained it to them and I will explain it to all of you again.

United States Citizens and “citizens of the United States” have no constitutional rights. At most, they have “equal civil rights”– but those rights are at the discretion of the Congress and the courts. This is why that federal judge felt that she could afford to laugh in their faces and threaten them with contempt of court for mentioning The Constitution.

They are being tried under false presumptions in a court that is totally foreign to them. They are being tried as “US citizens” and with the possible exception of Ryan Bundy, they have done absolutely nothing to rebut that presumption.

They could get an authenticated copy of their Birth Certificate,  accept it as “Drawee” on the front of the document and then endorse it over on the back to the United States of America, U.S. Treasury Without Recourse— and make Steven T. Mnuchin the Fiduciary responsible for AMMON BUNDY, for example.
That would very neatly separate them from the PERSON that is on trial.

They could also post a very hefty Private Registered Indemnity Bond with the Treasury and use that to insure (indemnify) themselves against any charges brought against AMMON BUNDY—- which is just a ledger ACCOUNT that the rats in Nevada are bent on pillaging.

They could ask to see the Bid and Performance Bond related to their case. If they did this in open court the clerk would poop green goo, but have no choice but to produce the incriminating evidence.

They could then accept those Bid and Performance Bonds for Value, charge them off against their Indemnity Bond, and return it to the same laughing Judge and make her laugh out of the other side of her ugly face.
And if no Bid and Performance Bonds were forthcoming, the Prosecutor would have to pay for the whole proceedings out of his pocket and the Judge would have to dismiss.

There have to be two dozen things that they could do to walk out of that court as free men, but no, they won’t listen.

Just like Bruce Doucette wouldn’t listen. And Michael R. Hamilton won’t listen. And Randy Drew wouldn’t listen. And Terry Trussell wouldn’t listen. And Tim Turner wouldn’t listen. And so many, many, many others.
They all insist on calling themselves some kind of United States citizens. They all insist on answering to names. They all insist that they have constitutional rights when United States citizens have never had constitutional rights in over two hundred years…. They all have to try to snow the court under with fancy common law documents that don’t apply and reams of case law that don’t apply.

They just can’t connect to the fact that they are being dragged through a commercial court in international jurisdiction.

And when I try to tell them this, they pause, stare blankly at me, and then go right on with whatever they were doing anyway. It’s like the information hits a “bumper” in their brain and they just reject it like a pinball being tossed aside.

So, please, everyone, this is what I have had to deal with. It isn’t that I haven’t tried or failed my duty to share information or anything else. I have talked and shared until I am blue in the face—- to no avail.

You can lead a horse to water, but….. if the “horse” wants to go to jail, then at a certain point, you just step aside and let him.

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  1. Please tell me, do you have a method of getting from point A to point b in breaking free of all the b/s? I understand what the B.C. is representative of, I know about the strawman, the all caps etc, and that we don't have RIGHTS under the Constitution, as it wasn't meant for US anyway, but the government. I also know we were enslaved and without full disclosure. I want guidance on getting a directional to get out. I have put the UCC 1-308 on my drivers license to take me out of their statutes and reg's.
    Thanks for all you do Anna, its greatly appreciated. tc :)

  2. Spot on Anna. I had first hand experience using the process you speak of 10 years ago. It was a huge amount of study and a few mistakes along the way but the Judge and the Sheriff who arrested me both lost their Public Hazard Bonds and retired to spend more time with their families.

  3. hello michael this is a friend from the notary days... jeremiah

  4. Well, as a friend of mine used to say...."you can con a con, but you cant snow the snowman..!! Judge Anna, how can you post a Privately Registered "indemnyty bond" on our strawman. Ive been trying to figure this out. The site that was going to show me isnt answering emails or answering at all...they seemed to have it all right...1)A correct UCC-1 filing..2)A properly worded security agreement...and 3) a private indemnity bond of a billion dollars for damages/injuries that our strawman causes. They filled out the UCC using only their first and middle name and leaving the last name blank, plus other things that looked like they figured it all out. Even winning a foreclosure case against a bank with 3 attorneys, simply by handing all that paperwork to the judge and having him read it into the record. After briefly looking at it, he dismissed the case immediately. Do you have this info....???

  5. Psychological cognitive dissonance is why people who are told the truth,sometimes have the blank stare and then dismiss and remain screwed..

  6. Please detail how to post private registered indemnity bonds. It would be helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you

  7. Should be plenty of examples on the internet. Use of postage stamps on instruments and examples of Private Registered Indemnity Bonds. Post Office at first told me that my possessing registered stickers was against the law that only they could stick em on letters and things. I told them they are products just like the other free envelopes and stuff. How could you even use one without going the Post Office put it in the mail? It is after the take possession that all the security, locked bag, chain of possession and delivery takes place. The did look it up and next time I asked they gave me several of the stickers.

    1. I have done a few searches. Do you recommend any particular sites or links? I don't want to use a bad source as there are many scammers out there :/ Thank you for your reply.

  8. Not everyone's name is in all caps on thier birth certificate, like mine from onondaga county, NY.

  9. I hear your birth name with the first letter of your first and last name capitalized is not a public officer, government employee and etc and you own it


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