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Monday, April 10, 2017

There Are No Secrets

By Anna Von Reitz

At a deep level you already know that everything that I have told you is true. This is not because of all the proofs and citations and its not because you understood it all, either. It's because you can sense truth. You know it in your soul---whether you want to or not.

The Truth exists just beyond the layer of conscious thought.
And in the Truth, there are no secrets.

Just beyond the level where your mind normally operates is a level wherein everything is revealed and known --- and not just the facts of what happened or what was said or who said it, but what motivated people, what they believed, what they felt.

At the level of Truth, the tiniest nuances of the totality of the experience and the surroundings and the circumstance are known.
Not only that, but the results of what we do and think and say is also known out to the farthest limits of their impacts.

Imagine a rock tossed into the middle of a quiet pond and the waves going forth in all directions from the point of impact? Only the "pond" of the time matrix is infinite.

You will be made aware of the impact of what you have said and done and felt, both good and bad. To your amazement, things that you thought were good will turn out to be evil and things that you thought were evil will turn out to be good. You will see how you hurt people you never intended to hurt and assisted still others with equal lack of awareness.

Those who think there is power in secret societies are doubly deluded: first, because they mistakenly think that secrets exist, and second, because they think that conspiring together in secret is powerful and safe.
All that they try to hide is known---fully, completely known. And it is all recorded indelibly, both good and bad.
Bill Cooper's murderers have not escaped, nor LaVoy Finicum's.

Not one dirty deed, not even one ugly, violent, egotistical thought has escaped detection.
Remember Adam and Eve and their fig leaves?

Literally, the only thing helpful that we can do, is to repent the pain we've caused and the idiocy of our errors.

The time to wake up and know the Truth and repent all this stupidity and cruelty is now.
Just sit back for a moment and know that absolutely everything that you ever do or think or feel----is known----to the entire universe.

Does this change your assumptions? Does lying about anything make sense anymore?
Once you know that there are no secrets--- your life will change. Your world will change. Your heart will open up. Your mind will clear.

Instead of fear, you will know peace and you will be enabled to live a free and upright life again.

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  1. So beautifully stated, Anna. Wise words indeed!

  2. Thank you dear Anna and Paul!

    I think of Mark Twain with regards to "the truth":

    Mark Twain (among other things) was entertaining. What Anna says in regards to truth goes well beyond entertainment. Laughter may be "good medicine" however only the truth will set us free and thereby enable us to live in peace.

  3. Thanks Anna, that was fantastic :)

  4. ALL information is stored in the akashic records, accessible to all in the proper vibratory level, think superman and the crystal cave...

    from the beginning, with God as my witness, i a living soul of God, minister in christ, repent all transgressions against God, acknowledge all blessings given by God and waive all benefits and claims without God.

  5. I might also add that peace and love are can never be achieved if you are living or surrounding yourselves with negative, low energy(frequency) people like i did for 10 years. So called long as i kept giving them money. These people have no energy of their own and therefore are constantly stealing it from anyone around them. They are quite often uneducated and downright stupid besides. They have never put 2 minutes of there time seeking any truth, because their entire reality is in the here and now. Now that i have finally cut ties with all these people, a great peace has swept over me. If you find yourselves in a situation like this, run dont walk anywhere you can for your own health and peace of mind, because you will never be able to change these people. They often think they are the smartest people on earth, but never went to school or cracked open a book ever. You know the type. My frequency vibration has increased by a factor of 10 now that i have my own place. I sleep like a baby every night. But all the other people we were living with have had nothing but trouble and arguements, just like before. And they still dont get it...!!!

  6. I believe Parahansa Yogananda's book, "Second Coming of Christ." The Christ is within all of us if we make the effort to improve ourselves, our thoughts our actions and merge back with our true selves. As Jesus said, "The Kingdom of Heaven is Within." A christ like being has love for all, and loves all people, of all races, and all countries. Even those who do bad to us we are supposed to see them as their greatest potential and know that they have been sucked into delusion. Most likely implanted with the nanotechnology devices they have been putting in water for decades, and most likely sprayed in the air now. If you are a politician or CEO of a company, you are targeted with implants. Know that in the other realms, we are all family, but on this earth, people are taken over because they are not strongly connected spiritually. The demons/ aliens on this planet using humanity as their play things, love to takeover whomever vibrates at a low frequency, and then they use technologies to activate pleasure sensations in the brain when doing evil satanic things. I have worked with a scientist who was getting many calls from insiders and political people for help on getting implants out, and there is one famous name CEO that was so controlled, when the scientist went to her home to help her, it took an hour for this famous woman to go downstairs b/c the directed energy weapons were controlling her. these people we see in power are not in their own minds, they are all controlled via direct energy weapons and implants. Now, who is controlling them? I believe it's the deceptive negative aliens that people like to talk about in these movements. While I think the Universe is inhabited, the ones on this planet are deceivers, the Fallen Angeles, here to take us into their multi-planetary New World Order, that I believe is not just this planet. This is a multi dimensional attack they are doing to us and others with CERN. Good thing there are powerful forces that do watch over us and do help from above. But, this war is a spiritual war. And people like Anna Von Reitz are part of God's team, and many of her followers too.

  7. When One "knows"and doesnt "think",that is being present,when one "thinks"One knows nothing!because thinking is a temporal operation to which evokes psychological time that which appears outwardly as chronological time that which is reflected in the light spectrum.
    When One see's or thinks in chronoogical time and cannot dissassociate from those projections,then One is not aware of a fact or a truth in Ones holistic natural state of "being" "all incompasing multi-dememsional".to act upon time litteraly is in fact a delusion,creating another deliniation of Ones self,this cognitive process is pivital whether in a positive or negative context,any projected state of Ones self is not true,its not found in nature,its merely the limitations of self awareness.
    "Time currupts the true awareness of being whole if acted upon in those projected states.
    Being present and dissassociating from any words cast in any "Time" or Ones mind is cognitively processing those mental(temporal)
    Projections of moving in a linear
    Manner also diliniates the Ones natural states,that of form but not of fact!.
    Those who choose with their free will are bound to being true or false.false invokes scarcity(fear)in Ones most limited states vs being true invokes Ones abundant states(love).
    Awareness of these processes reveals the true reality of all being.
    I remain whole,present and derive all thinking ,knowing and acting from abundance.true love for self.
    The apposing position is obviously everything that isnt true or real from single diliniated stares of not being whole envoking scarcity,not having enough to be whole or truly loved.always consuming in attempts to be whole....
    Everything appearing to be consumed to attain wholeness..
    Those that consume by owning materials,controlling things ,people and knowledge are in fact spiritually deficient to some lessor or greater degree.Thus unsustainable.
    Love sustains ,fear removes one from sustainability.
    Look around, you will see,hear,feel,know or think that which is or isnt being .
    Its always "NOW" continiously in or out of any psychological or chriniligical "times".

  8. Always seemed kinda funny that I use to think and some still do that praying it like making a phone call. You call up God, talk a bit then hang up thinking God is not around or listening anymore. I found God lives right in side me, does know everything I do and the only real true friend I can count on in milliseconds if something I beyond my capability comes up or just good knowing I an not alone. No more temporary phone ins. Full time connection here.


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