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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Truly Off Base -- The Tempest in the Teapot Phenomenon

By Anna Von Reitz

The witch hunt continues unabated.  When will the people supporting this nonsense rebel and do what has to be done to curb this destructive, hateful, ego-driven behavior?

I told everyone what happened when I invited Bruce to my May conference in Anchorage last spring --- he tried to commandeer it and use it to promote his own agenda.

This has been his modus operandi ever since.  He does these rude and ego-driven things while loudly proclaiming that he is doing "His Father's Will".

Another thing came out of the May conference.  Bruce hired two of the team members to do research related to the then-ongoing Bundy case in Oregon.  He promised them $5,000 each to do the work, they agreed---- and then, when they performed above and beyond the call, Bruce nit-picked and refused to pay them.

The situation would be analogous to this--- you walk into a butcher shop and order twenty pounds of hamburger and agree on a price.  When you come back, you are given twenty pounds of fillet mignon, but you get angry and stomp up and down because its not hamburger, so you refuse to pay and stomp out.

That's Bruce Doucette in action. 

I wound up paying the two men out of my pocket, because I felt responsible for the whole debacle. 

Now the same kind of small-minded irresponsible crud is going on again, only this time, the target is Bella Haywood. 

On a teleconference call, Bruce offered to pay for 25 Marshals badges.  He gave $1000 to the Marshals program to cover the cost of this.  No effort was made to ascertain whether or not the people on that call had been through the vetting process and accepted to serve as Marshals.  It was just "assumed" that they were.  Now, several months later, the badges still haven't been produced and some of the people on that call are upset. 

"Where's my badge!  Bruce promised!"

Well, the fact is that whether "Bruce promised" or not, some of the people on that call probably aren't vetted to become Marshals, and since nobody has gotten the badges yet anyway, they have no cause to complain.  But they are out causing trouble and griping and slandering over $35 of benefit they haven't received and casting aspersions on Marshal Haywood's character because of it.

Where's the guarantee that the people on that call were vetted to be marshals?

Where's the agreement for a specific date to deliver the badges to those that were?

Obviously, Marshal Haywood wasn't cranking the badges out of her garage.  She is dependent on the suppliers of such goods.  She didn't make any promises with dates attached.  

And Bruce and his buddy Hamilton are out leading a witch hunt and demanding an audit of the Marshal program funds over this $1000 Bruce contributed to pay for 25 badges.

Except that it would be a breach of security, I'd stuff his $1000 and his 25 badges up his butt, and never speak to him again,  if I were Chief Marshal Haywood.

But all this begs another question--- when you see people doing this kind of disruptive crap time after time, pursuing their own agendas, making irresponsible and ill-defined contracts that they then make assumptions about and go bonkers over --- you have to wonder (1) are they space cadets?  and (2) are they well-intentioned or not? 

Bruce is trying his best to tear apart the whole Continental Marshals Service and Bella Haywood in particular over $1000 split 25 ways.  Where's the common sense in that? Especially given the facts and the circumstance? 

Short answer--- there isn't any.   Short answer --- this whole "drama" is worse than seventh grade.  It shouldn't be happening.  Any adult worth the name should be spitting on the sidewalk and walking away.

Even if Bella Haywood "stole" his $1000 and used it for other purposes in the meantime, so long as there is a $1000 in the program fund, who's to say anything like that?   Money is fungible.  Was that Bruce's $1000 that was spent or $1000 donation made for something else? 

And what the ________ does it matter?  What matters is that we have a competent Continental Marshals Service in the field beginning to do the work that the people of this country so desperately need done. 

Anyone offering to break that up and destroy it for any such petty reason, is truly off-base. 

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  1. I think that being drawn into such endless schemes amongst men and women will bare the weight upon each own's credibility on other more pressing subjects.My time to hear such things is not to be taken for granted,realizing I did not need to know this!and on the other hand some plans to change the country while there will be a million bruce's and all those unable to critically think,shall we all stop at each squabble or?who is driving this Usa boat?turtle island?lets give they place back to the indians! ! !

  2. What am I missing here? Why would Marshal Haywood give just anyone a badge? Was Marshal Haywood involved in the conference call where the 25 badges was promised? If so and the Marshal didn't object, then it would appear the Marshal would be agreeing to distribute these badges to people who hadn't been vetted and the program should be scrapped. We don't have enough information here and, not wanting to be a Marshal anyway, don't have the time to follow up on all of this.

  3. Can't speak with authority but I have follow pratically.all everything transpire . Bruce has a good heart a gentleman all ways but did he screw up ?
    Maybe ,the one stumbling block is bruce didn't pay his help like to hear his take on this he has a company to rely on for income .until he answers I can not say except in public a gentleman and is very religious opening with prayers. Michel hamelton is a bull in a court room don't know the dust up with Haywood but I'll guess he wanted a show down with an obstinate court administrator (fake judge of the corperation) and with the enforcement in the hands it's currently under it was shot down but just a guess.

  4. It appears, at least to the dejure officers and officials that I have contact with, that Haywood is the primary ego. You elude to the fact that dishonest actions occurred in regard to monies that were paid by Bruce for badges. This to prevent hardships for some 25 marshals. 1000$ that was paid into an account for a specific purpose. You stated that it didn't matter that it was used by Haywood for another purpose as long as it was replaced to be used for its original purpose. I've noticed that she becomes very defensive when donations to the marshal fund are mentioned. She is refusing to present records to clear her name so I must deduce that she has misused these donations. They were not given to the Bella fund. This indicates dishonesty which is cause to question her integrity. She has now been accused of publishing for marshals use an oath that was not hers. More dishonesty and increased reason to question her integrity.
    She is rude and crude claiming to be an ordained minister and cursing in the same sentence. She says she went to "nursing school" and was a cna. Nursing school is for educating nurses, a cna takes a few weeks to a couple of months training to become a cna which is a nurses aide. So that statement was either an embellishment or a down right lie. People have requested evidence that either she can't produce or just refuses to produce.
    It seems that like Satan, you want to attack a true man of God and support a woman who's actions are questionable. The Bible says these days would come. But your defense of someone whose integrity is in question brings your integrity into question.

    1. From Anna:

      I would be inclined to put more weight to your reasoning, if I didn't know some simple facts and didn't have experience with Bruce Doucette bungling money and contract relationships before.

      The simple facts I know are these: (1) At this point in its development, there is one check book and one account funding all aspects of the Continental Marshals Service. There is not some sophisticated, separate account structure, where it is possible to set aside "special designated funds"; (2) Bruce Doucette had cause to know that when he made the donation and he has no reason to suppose any thing different now; (3) Anyone who isn't serious and competent enough to pay $35 for their own badge-- and that is assuming that they pass the vetting process-- shouldn't be considering service as a Continental Marshal; (4) Thanks to the fraud our lawful government has suffered, the Continental Marshals Service isn't yet funded or staffed except by donations and by volunteers. Bella Haywood has worked many hundreds if not thousands of hours without receiving diddly-squat for her expertise and service commitment which has nothing whatsoever to do with nursing; (5) Bruce Doucette handed Marshal Haywood the baton and made her responsible for everything concerning the Marshals Service on a national call in front of God and everyone else present; (6) Marshal Haywood set about the task with courage and commitment and has built the Continental Marshals Service ever since. Bruce abdicated the responsibility and therefore also abdicated the authority; (7) This is not the first time that Bruce Doucette has made assumptions about money and commitments and been wrong-headed about both.

      One of his "I-said-he-said-they-said-that-wasn't-my-understanding" boondoggles cost me $10,000 out of my own pocket and I have the Witnesses to prove it. I was willing to think that he was just a bit odd and forgave it, but when he comes out starts doing the same crappola again and allows his second-guessing and false assumptions to threaten the functioning and existence of a valid Marshal's program---- that's another story.

      On the call where all this took place:

      (1) Where's the list of names and addresses provided at that time identifying the 25 Marshals whose badges Bruce offered to pay for?
      (2) Where's proof that the 25 people on that call passed the vetting process and are actually enabled to carry a badge?
      (3) Where's the agreement that badges would be provided by any certain date?
      (4) Where's the agreement that no part of that money could be spent for any other purpose related to producing and distributing the badges?
      (5) Where's the agreement that the $1000 would be kept in a separate fund----or even could be kept in a separate fund?

      None of the things enumerated 1-5 above exist.

      Therefore, this is another case of Bruce Doucette hand-waving and making assumptions without doing any due diligence to nail down the details even to the point of determining who was on that call, who among them was eligible to get a badge, when the badges would be provided, how they would be provided and delivered, by whom, at whose cost of delivery, how the money would be sequestered if it was to be set aside in a special fund--- and yada, yada, yada.

      When you start swaggering around and telling volunteers what you "expect" you had better have some valid reason to "expect" what you are "expecting" otherwise you are just out of line. And so far as I can see, Bruce Doucette and Michael R. Hamilton are way out of line.

  5. the star is the main symbol of witch craft, why would these people be doing as the heathen do and copy their symbol???, yahaweh's people are given one symbol and that symbol is a menorah, a 7 stick menorah, it represents the people walking in the light of the ruach ha qodesh of in lighten ment of the true creator, so i can see this is not happening with this group yet and they want to do as the heathen and the violate take it by force and these people want to do the same??? what happened to the prince of peace in their lives???


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