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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Incompetence -- and Really Crazy Stuff --on Parade

By Anna Von Reitz

Once again, the honest efforts patriots all over this nation are being undermined and discredited by four or five leaders who are way off center and headed for disgrace and quite possibly jail.

Tonight, on the "Judges and Marshals" call their true colors came out. We heard people pretending to be "State Justices" saying that they don't hold with the Constitution and don't believe in state borders.

It goes to prove what I said last week--- they are representing their own "states of mind" and assuming that their opinions are "law" and that, at the very least, is delusional.

Proof in their own words that they are not acting as "justices" of any American state and are not taking the correct oaths and not defending the Public Law can be had by listening to the call playback. 
Every other word is about God and "Heavenly Father" and it is clear that these myopic individuals think that they are on a mission from God, but religion has been held separate from government in this country for a very long time and for very good reasons. 
As a State Justice myself I find it excruciatingly hard to bear, because for every one of those people claiming to operate as a "State Justice" who doesn't have a clue what that office is or the laws and duties attached to it, there are a dozen of us who do. And we are getting painted by the same brush along with the yahoos in the crowd.

People who are aghast at the things they are hearing coming out of the mouths of Bruce Doucette and Michael R. Hamilton and the so-called "Judge Micky" ----who made it very clear tonight that she is in fact impersonating a State Justice--- have been calling and sending desperate emails: Judge Anna! What do we do? We've got nutcases trying to represent us! Help! How do we shut these people down? They aren't representing our state of the union....and they are making us look bad!

Here's the answer---- and unfortunately, it's an answer I have been giving out for a long time. (1) Get involved. Level heads are badly needed. People with a real knowledge of the law are needed. (2) Form your Jural Assemblies. Run, don't walk--- to this website: The Michigan General Jural Assembly is doing it right and they can help you do it right. (3) Hold your elections for county court officers and assemble your Grand Juries and Trial jury pools. As part of that process try your best to weed out the nutcases, and if you do elect a Bad Choice by mistake, you can recall them.

That just happened in Illinois with a Grand Jury Administrator. You can do the same thing with State Justices who go off the trolley.

These people are occupying your public offices--- or pretending to.

It is up to you to vet them and make sure that they know their stuff, that they are making an honest good faith effort, that they are acting in accordance with the Public Law of your state of the union--- and if they aren't---it's your responsibility to shut them down, and recall them by recall election process. 

That's the way Americans do things when they have to be done.
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  1. This is exactly what I was dealing with a year ago with doucette...It's the reason I and others from COSTILLA COUNTY co started to ask about doucette ... We knew something wasn't right... Doucette has been involved elsewhere as was removed and the people warned to stay away from him... Which I did, and most of COSTILLA COUNTY did. Above is methods of ridding the problem... But and maybe it's elsewhere... How to prevent the problem... Can anyone just get out Thier rolling papers write some stuff, put down a blood seal get bonded and say I'm a justice...If so Charles Manson could be a judge, or any serial killer...Yes, I may ignorant of many details... Judges and posted positions should be vetted somehow someway... And straight forward answers given.. research doucette....And there are major gaps.and I believe he is also connected to the same govt we are up against...

  2. None of this will self correct until we all comprehend our true nature . No man is a "You or Your" he is a me or my.! a single nature see Websters 1828 dictionary for definition of "your" this is a substitute for another.! the defacto never regulated people only firms! business the "you" is a business name applied for. That why they need "you" to identify and claim the firm so they can have authority over the business firm franchise which we ignorantly claim is us. No! it just has the same name please look up the words used here in the 1828 dictionary the firm is not the man it is a substitute or a "you" plural Do "you" know "you" were speeding? Officer are you talking to me? who is you? that's the trick in a nutshell proved by fact of words

    1. If you ever tried asking that question to an officer in the field when pulled over, he would immediately take an adversarial stance and most likely think your some kind of wiseguy. Its not that your wrong, but you cannot teach law to an officer on the street. He has no clue what your talking about using common words which is how we all talk to one another dayly without trying to confuse a discussion by using semantic deceite. Just sign the damn ticket and figure out stratagy later when you receive your official "notice" to appear in the mail. At that point you can either put "Refused" across the front of the letter immediately or prepare to deal with the judge who will know what you are talking about in which case be prepared to outwit him right from the start, because if you arent ready to do that, then pay the ticket and brush up your law skills for the next time. I was pulled over years ago for a minor traffic ticket and all i did was sign it, but added my remedy in the UCC at 1-103(which is now 1-108) simply meaning i was signing under duress(without prejudice). But he saw it and said..."what is this"!! What does UCC mean. I told him its the Uniform Commercial Code and the section code. He took an immediate attitude and said "great, another street lawyer" and got back in his car and scretched out as he left just to show he was pissed. Our fight is never with armed police who have never studied law. And he has no time to be taught then and there by YOU. Unless you really want to escalate the situation and wind up dead. Especially nowadays...!???

  3. Know you know who "you" is when they say Know who "you" are? are is plural . the man/woman is singular not a firm or corporation "if Respondent is not a Corporation he cannot appear and plead." See West Union Tel. Co. v Eyser, 2 Colo. 141; Greenwood v. Railroad Co., 123 Mass. 32; Foster v. white Cloud, 32 Mo. 505; Hobich v. Folger, 20 Wall. 1; Boyce v M.E. Church, 43 Md. 359; Folsom v. Star Union Etc. Freight Line, 54 Iowa 490

  4. It sounds like this Doucette character is bent on obstructing the progress of forming a legitimate form of government...

  5. FIRM, noun ferm. A partnership or house; or the name or title under which a company transact business; as the firm of Hope _ Co. SUB'STITUTE, noun One person put in the place of another to answer the same purpose. A person may be a substitute with full powers to act for another in an office.

  6. Anna's statement "and the so-called "Judge Micky" ----who made it very clear tonight that she is in fact impersonating a State Justice---" is not correct. One cannot impersonate that which they do not call themselves. Anna put your pen to paper and write an Affidavit with your signature stating you know in fact that I am impersonating a State Justice. I have never ever called myself a State Justice and my oath does not state that I am. My oath states: "I have jurisdiction in all matters of all states and estates, nations, and countries..." It further states: "Superior Court Judge for the Continental united States of America." Give your evidence or stop defaming me as well as the others you have defamed. I am a Continental Justice of the People no more no less.

  7. From Anna:

    Well, "Judge Micky"---

    There is no such office as "Continental Justice" in the government of the United States of America and no such oath as you espouse and no authority for you to do anything whatsoever but blow your own mouth and make wind.

    Your opinions are not "law" unto anyone but yourself and your "office" does not exist; therefore, you are impersonating a "justice" and misleading people into thinking that you have an office when you don't--- except maybe in your own mind, which is as delusional as a child riding a bale of hay and claiming it's a pony.

    1. Anna thank you for clarifying. I am a bit confused and would really appreciate your help in gaining further clarity. On Sunday, November 22, 2015, you wrote the article titled
      ‘An Open Letter to Sheriff Ward of Harney County Oregon-and to All County Sheriffs in America from Judge Anna’. In that article you also made the statements: “I am an American Common Law Superior Court Judge in Alaska” and “….. and I also serve as a Federal Postal District Court Judge for the Western Region.” How did you come to declare yourself as ‘Judge Anna’?

      You stated in your post to me on March 17, 2017 at 9:17 PM “… no such oath as you espouse and no authority for you to do anything whatsoever…” You also stated “your”office does not exist...”. My office is the same as yours. I chose the very same path as you and followed what you set up from the day you became ‘Judge Anna’

      Respectfully if what you are saying is true, then the oath you took, the Chief Marshal of the Continental united States Marshal Service took, All the Grand Jury Administrators, All Continental united States Marshals, and ALL Superior court justices of the various Federal Postal Districts of each state took are all invalid across the board and each one, including you, are impersonating the office you hold. I have the Chief Marshal’s signed oath in my file. It is exactly like mine, with the exception mine is for Superior Court Judge of the united States of America.

      You are the first declared dejure judge of the Federal Postal District and every judge since you, including me, has followed your path. Did you lead us all astray?

      Each man and woman may make an oath before God for whatever they desire. The oaths taken by the above named office holders from the first to the last are the same. It’s an oath to the People to protect them and to serve them. That is my oath in a nutshell.

      I am now more determined than ever to fight for the people regarding corruption, even within the ranks of the dejure, that which you have declared you are a part. I am confident now I am on the right track because the corruption in this world is deeper than I thought, to the point of even infiltrating We the People’s dejure assembly.

    2. From Anna:
      About Oaths, Offices, and Civics -- For "Court of Record"......

      You presume--wrongly, that I designed the oath you took and that I took the same oath. Not so. I live in Alaska. Hello?

      The Alaska State Oath is what I took as an oath to serve as an Alaska State Justice, and that is the course I have always recommended to everyone regarding any state court office: take the oath of office required for the land jurisdiction state where you live. Look it up in the early Session Laws of your state.

      How could there be any such thing as a One-Size-Fits-All Oath for all fifty states at the state level?

      And yes, if that is what you've done, then you have all done it wrong and need to go back and do it right.

      I am well and truly stymied how anyone could ever think that they could occupy a state office without taking the public office oath for that state.

      I am also well and truly amazed that you think such an office as "Superior Court Judge of the united States of America" exists.

      If you missed every civics lesson, every U.S. History lesson, every World History lesson, all of it from third grade onward, how in creation could you miss the fact that there are fifty nation-states?

      Earth to "Court of Record".....Earth to "Court of Record"...... Hello, Houston, we've got a problem here....

      I am sorry if you have been cheated by the public school system and I am sorry if I have failed to properly address questions that apparently
      everyone had, but to be fair to me, nobody asked---- and I thought it was obvious.

      Also, I assure you that I am very, very far from being the "first declared de jure judge of the Federal Postal District".

      Up until about sixty years ago what we called "Federal Marshals" and "Federal Courts" were common as dirt and almost all our courts functioned as land jurisdiction courts. It wasn't until crooks took over the administration of the United States Government and refined their racket to an art back in the 1930's that the court system owed to the people of this country was quietly usurped by quasi-military tribunals operated under the Reconstruction Acts and private bill collection agencies operated under color of law.

      The corruption is bad, "Court of Record"---- and that I will grant, as I have been one of the chief commentators on the subject for a long time, but it seems to me that while the corruption threatens us on one side, our own ignorance cripples us on the other, and if you are going to be an effective defender of this country and the people who live here, you need to go back and study very basic information about the history and government of both.

    3. Continued From Anna:
      Start by looking at a political map of the United States and really grasping the fact that those are fifty separate little nations, just like Germany and Italy and France are separate nations. They all have their own history, their own laws called "Session Laws" --not "Statutes"---and their own offices. Our power lies in the land jurisdiction states. That is where the people of this country have their vested sovereignty. And it is only through the actual states that we can apply the Checks and Balances necessary to reform the runaway criminal empire spiraling out of control in the District of Columbia.

      Now look at the big familiar outline of the whole United States--- that whole thing is represented internationally by two entities: the United States which is responsible for exercising the nineteen enumerated "powers" delegated to it under the actual Constitution, and the United States of America which is responsible for exercising the "undelegated powers" that were retained by the states and the people.

      That probably sounds like gobbledygook to you at this moment, but read it over a few times and ponder --- "United States" is not the same as the "United States of America". Say it several times out loud.

      Now get a copy of the Constitution and read it with the understanding that this document set up the so-called United States as a foreign entity on our shores to provide the nineteen government services that the states delegated to it. The Constitution doesn't say nary a word about our court system, because that wasn't the subject of the Constitution. The Constitution sets up the U.S. Court System which is foreign to us and which is designed to only address Maritime and Admiralty issues (because under the Constitution that is the only jurisdiction granted to the U.S. Courts) and its own in-house administrative courts which are designed to deal with its own employees.

      You are now on your way to a firm, basic understanding of who is who and what is what.

      If you want to fight corruption, you have to be able to recognize what the healthy, lawful, fully restored government of the states and the people looks like, how it is designed to function, how it is organized, and where your own power lies sleeping within it.

      Listen, learn, ask questions, and don't be afraid to correct mistakes. If you took the wrong oath, take the right one. If you didn't understand the unique nature and importance of your actual state government, go back and learn.

    4. Anna, once again thank you for clarifying. I now comprehend the problem. You believe that the People are bound by some specific oath in the session laws of each state. The People are not bound by such things. That is where this difference of knowledge comes from. The People are endowed with inherent rights by the Creator. Inherent rights – rights that cannot be taken away and changed. The People have dominion over all the earth. They are never to be dominated by anything – even session laws. The People did not create the session laws. Session laws were from the sessions of the congressmen but not from the People. Also, one must comprehend that being sovereign means that no laws created by congressman are the rule of the sovereign. The sovereign makes the rules for government. The government doesn’t make the rules and impose them on the sovereign.

      No man is an island unto himself, but no man is above any other man and each man is sovereign as the Creator made him to be. Now some might think that this creates chaos but not if one is about the ‘Father’s business.’ This means that the one rule we as sovereign men and woman abide by is the natural law – some call it the common law. Do no harm to another and do not harm their property.

      So all the history taught in the public schools is incorrect. The basis is incorrect. It appears that you Anna are convinced the People are under session laws, and a man convinced against his will, is under his conviction still. You are convinced the People are subject to the State laws, the state oaths, etc. That would be correct if one is claiming to be a state citizen and subject to that state. Subjects are not sovereign. Subjects abide by ‘session laws’.

      What the forefathers created was for limited government. The 10th Amendment states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” The forefathers gave the United States delegated powers – limited powers. All other powers were kept for the States respectively, or to the people. This is evidence that the session laws of each state, particular to that state, are for that state government. We the People kept back all the ‘other powers’ for our personal, special, private use. The power to travel freely, the power to tear down bad government, the power to make each state government follow specific law.

  8. Continued from Courts of Record:

    The People always, in all things, are sovereign. In other words, We the People allow each state to have its session laws as part of its limited powers. We the People are not under those session laws and not bound by the oaths within. The conclusion is that the session law oaths are statutory – a delegated power. So the People can indeed take that oath as a state citizen to become a State Justice, just as one can be a U.S. Citizen, or the People can choose to be sovereign not subject to the session laws of any State. The oath that I took is not a statutory oath. It is the oath of a sovereign, One of We the People, to protect and serve the People; to keep them safe from tyrannical government and State session laws.

    Going further on what you wrote, that the oaths taken are wrong, then by the words you penned you believe the Chief Marshal’s oath is invalid and that she is impersonating a Chief Continental Marshal and that all the Continental Marshals are impersonating their office as well. It is also apparent that you believe you are a State Justice which is a state citizen subject to the session laws. I concur but then you are also not a Justice for We the People. You are a Justice for the State and operate under the corporation the State of Alaska’s session laws.

    The oaths taken by the Chief Marshal, All the Continental Marshals, Justices, and Grand Jury Administrators are non-statutory, not subject to the session laws of any State. The oaths fall under the powers kept specifically for the People.

    You have an awesome handle on history and I have learned much from you over the years. I never throw out the proverbial baby with the bath water. What is sad is the history that is written is tainted by the corporation United States and it is not the People’s history. It is the history of a corporation that has harmed the People and continues to wreak havoc on them, their children, and their private property.

    In closing, the sovereign People as grantees of the inherent rights from the Creator, have authority over every state, its citizen, State Justices, and its session laws.


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