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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Your State is Your Nation

By Anna Von Reitz

The latest mixed-up quasi-patriot gobbledygook is that you can change your nationality on your birth certificate (in some states) and that if you claim to be an indigenous "Moor" you can reclaim your status as a landowner.

I have news for everyone, you don't have to tell a lie--- that you are a "Moor" or any follower of "Islam"--- to regain your status as a landowner.

Go down to the Recorders Office and record your land titles in your Christian upper and lower case name and have the Secretary of the Treasury switch your ACCOUNT (UPPER CASE NAME(S)) over to the United States of America, U.S. Treasury. 

Your state of the union is your nation.  It always has been.

Neither the "United States" nor the "United States of America" have ever been sovereign nations.  They are "unions" or "confederations" or "federations" of sovereign nations operating as "states" in international jurisdiction. 

To reclaim your birthright and landownership requires you to adopt your nationality as a Texan, Wisconsinite, Minnesotan, etc.

You never, ever claim to be a "Moor" unless you really, truly are one---- if you would be dishonest enough to allege that you are a "Moor" while standing there white as Frosty, the Snow Man and having no ties to the religion of Islam, you are all perjuring yourselves in front of Heaven and Earth and deserve to be prosecuted for it. 

So get your heads back out of your butts and get moving according to the history and the truth and reclaim your true nationality---and do not be confused about this again.
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  1. Thank you Anna. This is what has been missing, the solutions. Everyone wants to explain the problem. Ok great now whats the solution. Its important to know what were doing so with every solution should come some instructions similar to gov forms that have a instruction sheet attached. So like this solution any instructions how? "Have the Secretary of the Treasury switch your ACCOUNT (UPPER CASE NAME(S)) over to the United States of America, U.S. Treasury." Letter? some procedure? or just demand? If people know "why" and "how" they will want to learn "What" to do.

  2. Mexicans claim to be lawful americans and get welfare , substance , voting , free health care .worksfor them .

  3. Thank you, Dennis! Spot on. We don't all read all of the prior articles. Believe it's in "Just the Facts" article. Form # 56? I'll get it and come back.

  4. Not only do we know the problem, we now know all the history behind the problem of how it got this way... So lets start helping people with legitamate "Remedies" that really work in a court of law for those truely in need of something right now, especially those facing foreclosure and with families. They dont have the time to wait for jural assemblies, etc. I cant believe president Trump hasnt addressed the problem of "unlawful foreclosures" yet. If he would just do that one thing for people, stopping all foreclosures immediately until something can be worked out in congress, him and the banks, maybe he would start seeing a groundswell of people finally giving him the respect he is desperately looking for. I wrote to him, but never heard back. He is doing good things for the country as a whole, but he hasnt done anything for the people themselves that would give them immediate help right this minute that would mobilize them immediately on his side. The banks have already been paid for all these foreclosures at least 4 or 5 times now. Its their own fault for such outrageous greed through fradulently created derivatives that not one person was able to control....there are no agencies of govt oversite, or police power that can overcome that kind of greed....wall street has to go...wheres that "EXECUTIVE ORDER" Mr. president..?????

    1. This wonderful sovereign lawyer from hawaii is going after them crooks. He has 30 yrs work but hope to complete in 10 years. He has videos to explain. He also has website and instructions to process own i believe. Hugs

  5. Maybe just changing the spelling of your name in upper and lower case on a new deed is enough to set you free. The other fiction on the deed is the legal description. Just as we have a birth certificate that defines us as a legal fiction so too does the lot and block description on the deed which describes most subdivisions. These lot and block descriptions are superimposed over the land and, like our birth certificate create a legal fiction which government can tax at will.

  6. From Anna:

    I'm not telling you to eat cake. I am telling you that in order to understand and use those solutions we have developed---which will probably be short lived because what we are really driving for is a long term, systemic solution, not Band-Aids for individual people to limp through the next couple months---- requires real effort and real study and I don't have any one-size-fits-all solutions, nor can I sit and counsel 360 million people as to what their options are or aren't. I have to keep focused on the Big Picture and finding ways to solve the fraud once and for all for everyone on this planet.

    Let me give you an example--- for MOST Americans, the answer is to endorse an authenticated Birth Certificate and surrender it to the United States of America, U.S. Treasury without recourse, after having named the Secretary of the Treasury their Fiduciary using a letter of appointment and an IRS Form 56, "Notice of Fiduciary Relationship", plus a waiver of any group or limited liability insurance benefit, and the publication of a Private Registered Indemnity Bond.

    If you are like MOST Americans what I just said makes no sense at all--- just mumbo-jumbo, and even if I took you by the hand and step-by-step showed you exactly what to do and how to do it and where to send it, you still wouldn't understand what it meant, why it works the way it does, what it means in terms of your present or future finances, your political status----- it's like taking a pill. Things will be better in the morning, but you won't have a grasp why, and that would leave you open to being victimized again, doing stupid stuff that would land you in jail, and who would you blame then?

    Me, the same person you are blaming for not doing it all for you and handing it to you on a platter. Maybe you expect me to sell you freedom? Only $1500 a pop like some of the charlatans out there?

    No. Either there is a systemic overhaul that solves this criminality once and for all, or you most certainly have to study to make yourself approved. And you have to do your own paperwork and make your own choices to fit your own situation.

    One Size does not fit all in the current system, and as long as this system lasts, never will.

    1. As much as I agree with your solution assessment if people can just work on comprehending that they have 2 birth certificates one hospital COLB proving medically living and the other the birth of their llegal person "the firm" or company both have same name so changing the firm name will divide the two so you can stop using the business name or fiction and know who you are the living man or woman with the creator in heaven as your Law giver and the business person created by man under the statutes and by laws of the parent corporation. When you are the man they have no authority over him and if the name is different the database will not bring up your calling so unless the business firm name is used the man cannot be presumed to be a corporation etc and it the name is not a corporation it cannot plead period case multiple case law on it so the easy solution is to not be the name they regulate when that paper person has no one pushing it it should be liquidated and disolved as it is not the man it is the you or substitute for the man when the firm has the same name


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