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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It's Your Copyright, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 32

By Anna Von Reitz

The rats seize upon your given name while you are still a babe in your cradle, and they establish a false copyright on it, claiming that it is the name of a debtor to their corporation.  They then set up an ACCOUNT in your GIVEN NAME to service the debt.  Then throughout your life they have addressed claims against that NAME and they have hired the American Bar Association to operate their corporate tribunals as debt collection agencies under color of law, disguised as American public courts, to collect those debts.

That is the essence of the daily fleecing of America. 

It is a little hard to wrap your head around the first go, so let's examine it step by step and a bit deeper.

A baby--- let's give him the name "Paul Anthony Mitchell" is born in Hennepin County, Minnesota. 

What should happen is that his name should be recorded as a land asset. He comes from the land and returns to the land ---- "For dust thou art, and to dust returneth". 

This is a recording --- not a "registration". 

A recording is a public record of an event or testimony or ownership interest in private property, etc., while a "registration" involves international commerce and involves giving up all or part of your ownership interest in the asset being registered.

Little Paul Anthony Mitchell is the "Holder in Due Course" of the name and estate.  His interest must be recorded by his parents or there is no public record in his favor.  Instead, the local federal franchise "state" doing business in this case as the "State of Minnesota" registers his name instead, and in so doing, makes him a "ward of the state".

Once he is a "ward of the state" he becomes property belonging to the state corporation and not to his parents.  When he comes of age, if he does not correct this "presumed" political status, he remains a "ward of the state" for the rest of his life----and the state "inherits" all the benefit of his name and estate. He remains a chattel property and dependent.

This de facto process of undisclosed enslavement has been used against virtually all Americans and this form of slavery has been continuously practiced by the "United States Government" since the 1860's, first against black people and "rebels" and later against virtually everyone on this continent. 

In promoting this practice the vermin responsible have violated both international law and the actual Constitution we are all owed at birth----and, importantly, they have infringed upon your Common Law Copyright guaranteed by the Copyright Act of 1790. 

The foreign federal franchise "State of Minnesota" has no natural right nor ability to use your given name.  You have not knowingly nor willingly consented to give your name to them for any such purposes as they propose.  So, what to do?

They have set up a collection account under the trademark "PAUL ANTHONY MITCHELL" or, more recently, "PAUL A. MITCHELL"---- these "marks" or "images" or "glossas" are not names; they only appear to be names.  They are actually trademarks that have also been created by the perpetrators of this vast fraud and crimes of personage.

And once again, they are infringing on your trademark as the natural Holder in Due Course of the given name.

How can any of this be legal?

Well, they gave you an insurance indemnity receipt guaranteed by the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE that your property would not be harmed or lost.  That insurance indemnity receipt is known as a BIRTH CERTIFICATE. 


So how to deal this situation?   Our research thus far indicates that you need to establish by Published Notice and Recording a Common Law Copyright on your own given Name.  This corrects the failure of your parents to do this for you.

You also need to collect at least one, preferably more, Statements of Witnesses, from credible people having first hand knowledge of you and your family, confirming that you are in fact the man or woman whose live birth occurred at such and such a time and place.  These statements must be sworn or affirmed from "without the United States" and further witnessed by a public notary.  

Next, you must give Notice of Fiduciary Relationship (IRS Form 56) to the government officials responsible for the existence of YOUR NAME. 

You return "HIM" via an authenticated Birth Certificate signed over to the Secretary of the Treasury "without recourse" for the benefit of "The United States of America -- Minnesota State" and "surrender" the DEBTOR. 

In this, you are acting as a Bounty Hunter serving the lawful government of your state. 

HE is now imprisoned, legally "dead" and unable to cause any more problems. When the rats start issuing BIRTH CERTIFICATES in the "name of " PAUL A. MITCHELL the same process has to be followed to put HIM out of his misery.

Of course, there will continue to be references made to HIM and ACCOUNTS set up in his NAME, but that is not your concern anymore, is it?  The bills addressed to HIM now go back to the Internal Revenue Service for payment and credit, and it is up to them to establish transparent and user friendly processes to expedite this.

This is not an easy or well-defined process.  In fact, it has been deliberately obscured by those profiting from our ignorance, however, the Internal Revenue Service is the organization responsible for providing you with enforcement and once the Internal Revenue Service has been given proper Notice of the circumstances and your actions to correct, they have proven more than capable and willing to go after the perpetrators of this scheme.

When it ceases to be profitable, it will end. 

Many people feel qualms about "surrendering" the STRAWMAN back to the  Treasury, because they mistakenly feel an attachment to something that appears to be their own NAME. 

In fact, all they are "giving up" is a debt they do not owe and all they are doing is shutting down the mechanisms by which their own copyright and trademarks are being infringed upon and enclosed by foreign and predatory interests. In the process, by returning "HIM" to the Treasury, they also pay off the so-called National Debt and help balance the accounts.

I have often observed that we are owed a National Credit equal to the National Debt--- a credit that is not being applied. When you turn in the STRAWMAN and appoint the Treasury Secretary your Fiduciary, you enable him to offset and apply the credit that is owed.  This is turn reduces the National Debt by an equal amount, refunds the government of your actual state of the Union, and unblocks your own accounts.

Anti-intuitive as it seems, the Treasury Secretary and the Internal Revenue Service are supposed to be your best friends and the means of enforcing your lawful interests.

So if you are sick and tired of "business as usual" in these United States, it is more than past the hour when you must evaluate your actual position with respect to the federal corporations and determine whether you serve the government (that is, function as a "citizen") or wish the government to serve you (that is, claim "state national" political status). 

Realize that some people are obligated to function as citizens by their own choices---- federal civilian and military personnel are all citizens according to occupation, likewise elected officials serving the federal corporations and their state of state franchises.  African Americans were never granted state national status and have to instead claim "equal civil rights".  Likewise, first generation immigrants, political asylum seekers, and people receiving federal welfare benefits are stuck claiming equal civil rights.

In this discussion it is important to note that despite recent federal efforts to "redefine" Social Security payments as "welfare benefits"---- this is not the understanding or representation that the Social Security Administration made at the time you signed up and you need merely object to any such interpretation and require the blackguards to prove that you are NOT retired from any and all federal employment. 

In days to come, our political focus must shift away from such idiocies as transgender public bathrooms to forcing the rats to address the political standing of the American People and the debts owed to us.  There is at present no simple and easy and straight forward method for Americans to record and enforce their interests in their own names and estates. 

The Internal Revenue Service is ready and willing to assist us, if and when we can demonstrate a substantial knowledge of the whole situation and a willingness on our parts to take the actions necessary to prosecute our claims.  

In addition to reiterating and publishing and recording our Common Law Copyright and Trademark interests in our own given names and estates, in addition to re-establishing our true identity via witnesses, and returning the STRAWMAN to the Treasury,  we need to take these issues up with President Trump and the members of "Congress" responsible for the predatory practices of the federal corporations with respect to us----- the people  they are supposed to be serving.

It is more than past time for peace to be declared and for these dishonorable and criminal practices on the part of the federal corporations and their state of state franchises to cease. 
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  1. When immigrating to Australia, one of the options to prove your birth was a family album. So this type of record is still recognized, at least in common law countries. I thought that was interesting.

    1. I thank you for this article. I am a de jure Californian the widow of a Iranian man and mother of two first generation asylum refugees. My social security number is being used to fund two 527 pol corp. I am unsure how to fill out the form for Treasury.

    2. posted by paul from Anna for Dawana Hooper:

      I would first and foremost make sure my divorce was settled and there were no longer any strings or estate matters left hanging. Then I would surrender the FEDERAL CITIZEN to the Treasury Secretary using the authenticated Birth Certificate.

  2. Donald Trumps site of "make America great again" has become absoluty confusing. His sites "format" has changed at least 6 to 8 times , with the last one not even asking us for our comments anymore on how to make america great again. Or if its there, people cant find it. Whoever is in charge of designing his site is an asswhole. Trump has two very bad weaknesses....lack of knowledge of computers and weak knowledge of the law and how our courts function. He should have known that those two judges had no right to disobey an executive order. And his attorneys are either weak also, or intentionally keeping him in the dark when it comes to crossing a line they refuse too help him with. The are nothing but employees working for the Corp. State run by the military who ultimately takes their orders directly from the "commander and chief" of the military....the president. Anyone who blantantly disobeys a direct order(executive) is guilty of breach of duty and can be "courtmarshalled" in a military venue, not a civil venue. Putin misjudged Trump. He saw him as a strong leader that could keep his word. Now he is backing up on his oringinal arrest Hillary, enforce a wall to be built separating Mexico, and promissing Putin to expose the secret that the planet "NIBIRU" Is headed our way. Now he is losing faith in Trumps ability to follow through. He has warned him long enough. He said that if he doesnt tell the American people and the world about planet Niburu he will do it himself. But appearantly, he was also approached by authorities high up in the Vatican that if he tries to say anthing about Nibiru he will be killed. He couldnt have taken the office of president at a worse time. His entire cabinet is under constant fire. He doesnt know who to trust anymore or if he can. Thats how much corruption he has to deal with. Everyone before him went along with the program. They never thought it would end. Im not sure how much more he can take before he breaks down. I believe he really wanted a better America, but i dont think he really knew how deep the rabbit hole went and if he is willing to go all the way down to find out.

    1. As far as Nibiru goes, any interference with earth & its life forms, it will simple self destruct due to protectorate fields in place.

    2. We have been taking on the courts in our own way as best that we can but this is not easy. It isn't just the legal justice system we are dealing with it is a range of other aspects of living in the America that demands these kinds of identity proofs.

      Anna I don't read you data very often because I am a right brainer. I wish you would put together video's instead so that we can see what you have been saying. Then I wish if I respond to your comments that you would respond back. Thank You.

  3. I used a common law copyright to stop a kidnapping case in South Africa cold.they committed me to a hospital for 2.4yrs...theres a price for knowing..

  4. Anna mentioned:

    (1) If executed without the United States: “I declare (or certify, verify, or state) under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed on (date).

    Another step in the process I've recently discovered is to get anything going into the public notarized THEN to get that notarization authenticated by a clerk or other official verifying the notaries authority, this is said to have the effect of an actual judgement. IMO no different then a declaratory judgement they use against you that you never knew existed. That's also another option to actually try to get a declaratory judgement protecting your name and property (create standing) then see who wants to make a claim against you with their proof of ownership. Since your property name or status was never claimed and recorded, the parasites already have general declaratory judgements in place simply based on your status and their weak claims on your infringed upon property they pretend to be trustee for and put you in a position of absentee trustee neglecting your duties, your rail-roaded through the court system because it's running on a template of established judgements and your just along for the ride as cargo with no standing.

    If anyone is familiar with Tami Pepperman she had multiple documents then settled at one point on a "Notice of Patent Infringement" she felt at the time this would kill the whole game at the source from the point of inception where they first infringed on your name. (I'm still looking into this)
    Think "land patent" and record a deed to your land (body and all biological property) this is your state /physical state of being.

    The nexus in my opinion of everything currently going on especially since 1933 is Roman Civil law and quasi-contracts (implied contracts based on hidden benefits) then through operation of law your failure to comply with undisclosed duties is converted into quasi-criminal offences against the state. But all the Quasi..B.S. stem from your status, if unclaimed one will be claimed for you because you are an infant needing care until that presumption is rebutted.

    I'm not even sure at this point if they give a rats ass if your a US citizen, as long as your a US-person contracted with the IRS to pay taxes. The SS system is in over 100 countries, and all the Obama Care crap is an international ins. scheme alongside the WHO and Trade agreements. Eventually they will not need formal wars they will just import regional virus's and if your not registered for care you will die, they will not need your labor they will own your health and you work to pay off the Ins. premiums to stay safe.
    I'm not sure if anyone else recognized right after 9/11 it seemed like all of a sudden the whole health care system was some how a terrorist threat and needed to be hyper regulated then a decade later we are force fed Obama Care, also if anyone has gotten any new Health care through the system all the names are simply FIRST LAST attached to your SS# (international maritime Ins bond account) this is the account your trustees tap into to pay for your beneficial care while your billed as the acting agent to pay-up, I believe any payments on accounts attached to the SS# as with the your 1040 tax payments are nothing but annuity profit payment to the bond holders, all actual administrative fees are taxed to the SS# account and when you die the account is balanced out against the national debt.
    Please remember in The Wizard of OZ the dead witch under the house disappeared from OZ when the "death certificate" appeared, this represents your civil death in the commercial system the antithesis to the birth certificate that brought you into OZ.

  5. With respect to the name issue, I am working on a traffic ticket appeal. Almost got the judge to rule I was not the person on the driver's license, maybe on appeal. The point is to let this go to arrest this living body for driving on a suspended license after a judge has determined I am not the license holder. Hope that makes sense. What are your thoughts on this approach?

    1. Realize the name on the licence is different then on the BC, it is a different entity basically you are operating a State Public Utility and you are the agent (pictured with authorized signature), if the licence was produced or linked to you the presumption is you were "operating" it at the time done deal and if it is suspended then it would seem worse, expired is a different issue almost like an expired contract.
      The simplest route is to focus on the stop (file notice) that at the time you were travelling in a non-representative non-commercial capacity, the licence was not required at the time of the stop and demand them to produce evidence that you were "operating" or "transporting" any cargo or passengers or receiving any compensation at the specific time of the stop, you can also go as far to ask for proof you were even holding any cash or bank cards which could be considered merchant activity ( I've also heard from a good researcher the license # is a bank routing number so now think about transporting in that context or a "transmitting utility"). then demand to close the case if NO facts or evidence can be produced since the licence is only presumption and really not fact of your capacity at that exact time of the stop.
      If there is any confusion about you being the licensed driver "NAME" they will exploit this and there is no contest, but if you attend the meeting (court) in a general special appearance to challenge jurisdiction as a non-representative or agent, not to give jurisdiction (plea) but simply to clear up any confusion in the matter, and know your proper name (first-middle) your not representing anything else and were simply travelling at the time of the stop. If anything is directed to the UTILITY name or "you" simply ask to clarify do you mean "first-middle" or that I'm here for this matter in a non-representative capacity. All you can do is stand on your true beliefs they can't demand you to believe you are the named UTILITY.
      Once you start reciting codes etc. your admitting jurisdiction and claiming those codes as yours even though you don't have licence to use them under copyright so they get you with a double-edge sword either way.

      Just my mind set on the issue my license expired about 4 years ago.

    2. You have the unalienable right to travel on the roadways without the need of a license, registration or insurance in any conveyance of the day - as long as you were not being paid in a commercial capacity. The entire traffic stop was illegal because the officer obviously did not gather any facts or information by conducting any investigation as to whether or not you were engaged in the act of transportation. The Supreme Court has ruled over and over again that we have the RIGHT to TRAVEL the roadways and do not need a license (a privilege) to engage in that right. Taooflaw on Facebook - former deputy sheriff Eddie Craig tells all.

    3. Eddie is great used to listen to him all the time, unfortunately he is still claiming to be a US citizen and last I heard he was still getting his car towed away a trying to fight them in court. You have no real defence on the side of the road with an armed thug you can claim Supreme Court blah blah blah all you want, if your car is tagged and you have a licence you have the right to shut-up or get your face beat in those are your civil-rights your not protected under a constitution and no Supreme court is coming to your rescue.

  6. I would follow these instructions to send authenticated birth certificate to U.S. Treasury. However I have come to a roadblock in the process. I have an authenticated birth certificate from my birth state,Georgia state. I can not make copies of the pen in hand long form birth certificate. It could not be copied by a photocopier. Also it states on the certificate that it is void if copied per statute. If Anna could help with this I would appreciate it. I want to continue the process to reclaim my estate and then submit and return the Strawman to the Treasury. TennesseeGuardian

    1. You must purchase multiple copies of the authenticated BC for each recipient you plan on sending them to , your answer is in the statute if it can't be a copied.

    2. I think the answer is to ask Georgia for another authenticated birth certificate. When I asked for mine from North Dakota I asked for two and they sent me two and charged accordingly.


    3. If I can not make copies then how do I enter it into the public record in Georgia? Anna mentioned not to let the authenticated birth certificate out of your possession. For me it took three attempts before I finally received my authenticated birth certificate from Georgia. They want a long form pen in hand signed birth certificate to be authenticated with the Great Seal. I appreciate the feedback Mike and Paul. I could not find anything in the Georgia statute about making copies. If it will take obtaining multiple copies of the authenticated birth certificate I have much work to do. The birth certificate alone cost me 50 dollars. thanks TennesseeGuardian

    4. TennesseeGuardian, No copies only authenticated BC accepted, looks like you have the innerstanding and just make sure out of the ones you order to always keep one for yourself. 2 or 3 generally required @least for us thus far.

    5. Since on the subject of BC, after sent in to Secretary of Treasury along with other required forms how does one gain access to their treasury direct account?

    6. I don't think you get access to the treasury direct account. From how I'm reading this, you are officially appointing the Secretary of the Treasury as trustee, and declaring the PERSON legally dead(decedent) with IRS form 56. This should in effect, stop statements of account from even showing up in your mailbox. They would be sent directly to IRS for settlement and offset.

    7. Appreciated, Thanks. So much info with lots of misinfo floating around.

  7. An issue for many- around the possibility of Social Security Survivor insurance payments being taken away when one claims nationalist status requires more clarity and asking Judge Anna to explain further. Any previous articles written by her if known by others asking for the article number(s). It is Appreciated.

    1. This is just a phone call away simply contact SS and ask if the receiver of the benefits must have a specific citizen or national status to receive? I know of people that have sent in affidavits of non-citizen national status + have passports as Nationals, are currently living over seas permanently and receive their SS checks every month no problem.

  8. Neat. Thanks Mike for the information!


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