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Monday, February 6, 2017

It's the "ISMS"-- Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 31

By Anna Von Reitz

Ever notice how you will be thinking of something, and then your best friend or your Aunt or your neighbor ---completely out of the blue---comes up talking about the same thing?  That happened to me today.  I was thinking about the “-isms”----- imperialism, feudalism, communism, socialism and fascism. 
Those of you who have been following along will remember my Dad’s explanation of communism and fascism to me circa age five:  “The Communists steal everything and pay for everything. The Fascists steal everything and then make you pay for everything, too.”
This naturally gives the Fascists a substantial material advantage over the Communists, which the Communists lament on moral grounds. 
Imagine two bands of thieves arguing over who has the moral high ground?  The Communists saying, “Yeah, we are thieves, but at least we are honest thieves and pay for the upkeep of what we stole.” And then the Fascists answering, “Yeah, but you are still thieves and too stupid to take full advantage of it.”
This ridiculous bickering goes on and on and the rhetoric never changes.
The comparatively panty-waist white collar crooks known as Socialists then start waving their handkerchiefs and saying, “Gentlemen! Gentlemen! We all want a better world…..”
To which the Communists and Fascists both roar, “Go soak your heads! And keep your hands out of the cash box!”  
Nobody ever stands up and says, “Hey, you guys, ---all of you---go earn an honest living! This world has outgrown any need for gangs of thieves setting themselves up as governments!” ---mostly because we are in fact too busy earning an honest living to pay any attention to the flag ends of the political spectrum.
At a certain point Socialism, Communism and Fascism fade together into one big pile of oppression called “the State”, also known as “the Monarch”.
Which brings us to the other, older “isms”----- feudalism nee imperialism. 
Feudalism depended on certain men backed by certain armies having the gall to claim that they are kings by “Divine Right”. 
This amounts to saying, I can beat you up, so God sides with me.  The end.
Faced with five thousand armed and armored knights on war horses, who was going to say anything otherwise?  Only another king with ten thousand armed and armored knights on war horses.
So around and around it went, with this king beating up that king, one gang against another, year after bloody year, disaster after disaster. 
I was just reading about how the bodies of the 50,000 dead soldiers at Waterloo were plundered for their teeth, which were pulled on the battlefield and used to make false teeth known as “Waterloo Dentures”.  The British Crown made the profit on that venture.
They went home smiling. Everyone else got buried in a trench.
This system of things carried right on through the Second World War, but by that time we were no longer dealing with this king versus that king; no, by then, vast alliances of kings and potentates had formed, all lined up on two sides, pushing and shoving.
And for the last 72 years the threat of an all-out nuclear war has kept a simmering lid on things, because even madmen have sense enough to know that if they destroy all life on this planet there will be nothing left for them to rule over.
Instead, we have entered an era of what I shall call “commercial feudalism” where the same Bad Actors play out their war games on a different stage--- undermining each other’s economies and currencies by securities fraud and counterfeiting and other white collar crime gambits to continue robbing innocent people.
When you stand back at a distance, the only difference between a king and a Communist or Fascist dictator or Socialist Prime Minister or President of the United States (Inc.) is the verbiage behind the oppression and the excuses used to justify it.  It all boils down to self-interested gangs of armed thieves setting themselves up as governments to rule over the rest of us, and despite all the permutations and rhetoric the end result is pathetically similar.
Would you like raspberry flavored feces?  Or chocolate?  Maybe gumdrop? How about some key lime poop with a sprinkling of sugar on top?
How long must we suffer this weird insanity before we all embrace and declare the Kingdom of Heaven, where every man is a king and every woman is a queen?  Where each home is an inviolate palace, and everyone has their own good Earth to tend and no need of war or plunder?  Come home, to the only true Republic and the simple Laws of Heaven: peace, free will, and equal consideration.
Getting back to my starting comment, about the odd and yet familiar common theme appearing at the same time for no rhyme or reason, just as I was musing about these topics today---look at what came over my desk?  Follow the link below and watch a ten minute comic summary of what the “isms” are all about from fifty years ago, with my thanks to Tarrin Lupo:

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